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FIAT BRAVA 182 Engine misfire at low revs

Can anyone help me I have a recurring problem with my brava 1.4s registered 1997. The exhaust pops when Im slowing down to go round corners etc. I dont know if its significant but I cant get AM stations on the radio because of a constant buzzing. Weve had a new exhaust lambda sensor coil new plugs and leads. Weve had the engine checked with the computerised equipment - nothing shows up. No fault lights are on. If anyone has any suggestions Id be grateful

FIAT BRAVA 182 Jtd engine light mystery

hi posting this as no one on the Marea forum can help. I have a 105 Jtd Weekend with the following problem engine light comes on if you rev the car over 3500 rpm before it has fully warmed up. Once the light is on you cant rev the engine more than 3500 rpm. The engine performance then slowly improves until the light eventually goes off and all is normal again. Once the engine has warmed up (2 clicks

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FIAT BRAVA 182 Bravo - Engine Management Light

Hi all. Just found this forum while looking for some help and everyone seems nice and friendly so thought i would join.. Basically iv got a Y reg. 1.2 Bravo which has got an lpg conversion. to set the scene i think my exhaust ( well i know it ) is on the way out iv used some of that exhaust putty stuff temp cured it for a few days now its noisy again.. once or twice b4 i mended the exhaust i heard

non fiat garage will no doubt be cheaper but fiat garage has dedicate equipment. TallRob thanked for this post

FIAT BRAVA 182 Engine Management Light - Can anyone Help

Hi Everyone This is my first post on this site which I thankfully found on a search engine Today is definately not my day. After spending the afternoon at my local hospital and being diagnosed with a serious infection I proceeded to get into my fiat brava 2001 1.2 engine to drive home via the chemists. I drove about 2 miles to the late chemist and all was well. I stopped got my prescription and set

Originally Posted by T14086 A diagnostic is a routine (set procedure) to locate accurately the fault. A code read is simply reading the codes (DTCs) without proceding further. same capabilities mate diagnostic trouble codes reads and erases trouble codes dealership technicians also read through the OBD II connector these service codes show you such things as knock sensor operation FI pulse width ignition

Originally Posted by FIREsporting same capabilities mate diagnostic trouble codes reads and erases trouble codes dealership technicians also read through the OBD II connector these service codes show you such things as knock sensor operation FI pulse width ignition voltage individual cylinder misfires transmission shift points and ABS brake condition. There can be over 300 readings available depending

There alot available to read and clear error codes to view livestored readings from sensors within the car & to switch off the check engine light this is why i did ask what diagnostic equipment use mate. I do not no the emission laws over in the states. I no all petrol cars sold within europe since 1 Jan 2001 and diesel cars manufactured from 2003 must have on board diagnostic systems to monitor engine emission due to emission laws

Originally Posted by FIREsporting There alot available to read and clear error codes to view livestored readings from sensors within the car & to switch off the check engine light this is why i did ask what diagnostic equipment use mate. I do not no the emission laws over in the states. I no all petrol cars sold within europe since 1 Jan 2001 and diesel cars manufactured from 2003 must have on board

FIAT BRAVA 182 Engine Problem Please Help

Right about 4 months ago car starting burning a fair bit of oil dont know why no signs of leaking or any burining smells it was just disapearing so i kept topping it up every week and carried ona week ago the car started juddering a bit and had lost a lot of power when accelerating took it to garage said it sounded like one of cylinders not firing did compression test one of cylinders was not firing

Weve checked the cylinder head and that is not cracked and the gasket is ok. But it could be the piston rings its just we dont have the equipment or expertise to get underneath and do that job taking it to garage next week so hopefully they can fix it thanks for the reply.

FIAT BRAVA 182 Been Got At

Hi I have a brava 1.9 TD100 ELX engine 182A7.000 equipped with Lucas injection tackle. (sorry I cant read whats on the pump plate) It has come up for its 72000 mile service and in addition the alternator has died - Ive got a new replacement along with a replacement new battery from my ECP factor. Ive also got a new alternator belt timing-belt timing belt tensioner and water pump ready and some Ribe

FIAT BRAVA 182 Brava Automatic Gearbox

Hey Recently put my 1.6 Marea ELX in my garage as it failed its MOT and will be expensive to repair went out and bought a 1.6 brava SX Automatic.... Now... the car has been fine until now in the mornings when the car is very cold when i put it into drive the gearbox warning light comes on and the car simply will not.. well... drive So i read on the internet something about it could just be moisty from

and it needs to be plugged into a diagnostics computer - that sounds propper expensive thats sounds about right NOT. its utter poo to get you to take the car in. ecu starving the engine of petrol how would that have anything to do with the gearbox engaging drive a diagnostics should identify the faulty sensor (i believe its the gearbox temp sensor). dont pay more than &16330-40 for a diagnostics fiat

check that the hose for the MAP is not leaking or blocked. lambda sensor faults do not show up on a diagnsotic and they are well known to cause stalling at idle however the clue to a lambda fault is if the stalling only occurs after the engine has warmed up. if the engine never stalls in the first few minutes of driving that would be a good clue that the lambda is to blame. a diagnostic at a fiat

FIAT BRAVA 182 Magneti Marelli parts for Brava where

Can please anyone tell me where online I can view a Magneti Marelli product catalog online I have a part like a small computer part which is mounted in the console behind the ashtray I think it is a thermal control unit I think it is damaged cos nobody managed to make my heater fan work yet..... Im not able to find one... Can I test it to see if it works Please someone help should I consider selling my car PLEASE HELP GETTING DESPERATE

probably know that . Anyway see how you get on with the electrician guy - hope hes a good one.. Owen. Attached Thumbnails   __________________ Faster Horses Younger Women Older Whiskey and More Money. 01 Bravo JTD100 98 Coupe 20VT   Quote   11-01-2006   13 TheCROW Get Your Own Title   Join Date Sep 2005 Posts 462 Thanks 0 Trader Rating 0   Re Magneti Marelli parts for brava

FIAT BRAVA 182 injection light

Hi all you peps out there Got a question. On my dash board a light which i think is the injection light has came on but it goes off when i turn the car on then of again. Is it something i should be worrying about or will it just past The light looks like a hose with water spraying out.[0][0][0] dag

We use the Diesel version on any vehicle that smokes and it clears it within 15 miles. The importers are based in Coventry but you have to buy it in cases of 24 which isnt cheap. I wont sell you any as I dont think you can post it so try their web site and see if there is somewhere local you can get it. Its not cheap though Nige Angel Tuning Alfa Romeo 156 2.4 JTD (210BHP) fiat

FIAT BRAVA 182 fiat sx 2001 1.3 16v shuts down

I have a problem with my fiat sx 2001 1.3 16v which during the driving when I press the clutch sometimes shuts down with no reason. I have a yellow sign shown that there is a defect in the car. Could anyone be aware of this problem or can anyone please help me to fix this problem Thanks....

Originally Posted by fiat kos dfdfdgdgdgdgdgdgdgdgdg What If you have an engine management light on its best to get a diagnostic done at a fiat garage or a garage with the suitable equipment

FIAT BRAVA 182 ABS problem Bravo sx 98

on my bravo is gloving abs light and brake pad lightbut not working hand brake lighti use handbrake once today and after its startsbefore light for hand brake work when i use itnow its offand abs is not working........i cant found a problemmaybe somebody can help me...... Thanks

your car does not use OBD and there is no OBD connector. there are several 3 pin connectors instead one for the main ecu one for the airbag and one for the abs module. the abs connector is usually at the back left side of the engine bay (left when looking in engine bay not when sat in seat). a local garage may have the equipment to use the fiat 3 pin connector if you ask. most do not.

FIAT BRAVA 182 A little

Advice please peeps. 105 JTD . Since wedsday my injector light has been coming on intermittantly()i did a search here & from wat i read got a bottle of cleaner which i put in the tank. i have waited a couple of days before posting to see if it would turn off. but it is still coming on sometimes.

has gone out of range which means its a value that isnt expected by the ecu . a rusty connector could drop the voltage going back to the ecu for example. it may be worth checking and cleaning sensor connectors if you want to try something before you take it to a garage. most independant garages will have the equipment needed to do a diagnostics check so dont feel as though you need to go to fiat

FIAT BRAVA 182 Remote central locking not working

Hi All I have a lovely 2001 (march) 1.2 brava 16v Formula a couple of things that are stumping my poor old dad. It only came with two blue keys which he changed the batteries for me now the remote central locking doesnt work also the amber engine sign light is on but the car runs beautifully. Being as im a low paid hairdresser im not keen to go to a main dealer. Please can anyone help or point my dad in the right direction. Thanks Best Wishes Ellz

buying the car with that light on is a big gamble you dont know what the fault is or how expensive it will be to fix. you need to get a diagnostic done to read any stored fault codes a dealer can do this but so can some garages. the age of your car means i cant say for sure if it is eobd compatible if it is then you can get a diagnostic done almost anywhere if it isnt then you need to go to a fiat

FIAT BRAVA 182 OBD Scanner Live diagnostics

Hi All Do any of you know if this would work on my 1.2 SX 16V 2001 Bravo iagnostic_Tools_equipmenthashitem45ec620704&_trk sidp3286.c0.m14&_trkparms65%3A12%7C66%3A2%7C39%3 A1%7C72%3A1683%7C240%3A1318%7C301%3A1%7C293%3A1%7C 294%3A50 I have a 16pin connector under the dash Im not sure what

from sensors. If theres something wrong with it the garage will use information from the ECU to find out what is wrong with it. First question was it a private sale or did you buy the car from a garage If it was the latter take it back to them and complain. If it was a private sale so youre doing the work yourself shop around for parts and quotes. A local independent may charge less than a fiat

FIAT BRAVA 182 Dashboard warning light conundrum

Hiya ive got a 98 1.4 12v Bravo a red warning lighy came on yesterday that looks like something spraying water i switched the engine off and the light went off but cant find what it might mean in the handbook. Has anyone had this before and if so what does it mean Is it serious Thanks to all

thats the fuel injection system warning light which means there is a problem with the engine. Its probably not major but you need to get a diagnostic done at a fiat dealers or a garage with diagnostic equipment to find out what exactly is wrong..

FIAT BRAVA 182 injector light on

my hgt was not running well high up the revs i was told to clean the maf sensor. i did this and it has made the world of differeneve the only problem is that the injector light stays on. can i reset this to go off thanks all

Try disconnecting the battery for half an hour and when you reconnect the battery turn the ignition to first position (not start the engine) and leave it there for about 90 seconds and then turn off the ignition. After 90 seconds turn on again the ignition and try to start the engine. With a bit of luck the injector light will come off. If not hten you have to go to a dealer or a mechanic and connect

FIAT BRAVA 182 Problems after cambelt change Please help

Hello. This is my first post so please forgive me. Had the cambelt changed on my car yesterday When I picked it up it was smoking allot white blue ish smoke from the exhaust. It was also not idling properly. I took it straight back and they told me they had replaced the belt. When I drove away this time it cut out on me 500meters down the road and struggled to start. Never had any of these problems

They have done the job badly you may be lucky & not suffer engine damage but if it were my car Id advise them they have 1 more chance to set the valve timing correctly using the right equipment or you will seek legal advice & take the car to a dealer & expect them to pay for their poor workmanship. Plenty in this Forum about the importance of setting the cam -belt valve timing up... its not easy without the right tools...

FIAT BRAVA 182 exhaust gasket

hi my exhaust has started blowing i have investigated and it looks like the gasket between the manifold and the front pipe seems to have gone. Is this an easy fix the bolts etc dont look like they have been removed from new 97 hgt any advice or tips would be great. cheers tony

They are very likely to be studs rather than bolts and they can be a real pig. If you are unlucky they will shear off. If you are going to do the job yourself and do not have oxy-acetylene equipment to heat the studs and nuts up before you start then do the following. 1. Warm up the engine a little it doesnt have to be very hot just run it for a couple of minutes. 2. Spray the nuts and studs with a

FIAT BRAVA 182 Head is dun in

Hello all Totally new to all this. My mrs has a fiat brava 1.6 16v on an R reg we are having problems with the usual injector light scenario and was wondering where the hell the injectors are and how many do they have if anyone knows please let me know my head is hurting with it

Hello and welcome A diagnostic check at a garage with the appropriate equipment will tell you whats wrong with the engine. Are there any clues from noise performance

FIAT BRAVA 182 LPG in a Highly Tuned HGT (Mk1)

Hi Guys Im trying to decide a LPG conversion in my highly modded HGT (Yes I can hear the crowd but because of the rising petrol prices a LPG conversion seems the wise choice) I do have the following mods in my Mk1 HGT engine - C&B Cams 258260 - Double intake Air Filter - Full Custom Exhasut System with 60 mm. exhaust pipes - Chip Tuning - Upper cylinder cover is treated in order to rise the compression

FIAT BRAVA 182 fuel injection

Hi i would like some urgent advice on this problem please. I have recently bought a 1999 fiat brava 16v 100SX. After driving a few days I have found that the fuel injection light on the dashboard remains red even while i am driving. The AA advised me to change the coil which i did at a local garage but that did not help and now i am looking at spending a fortune to get the engine checked. Can anyone advice what could be wrong.

dont guess the first thing to do is a diagnostic it costs &16365 at your dealer but that is cheaper than guessing and spending money on things you dont need. if the engine was not running correctly then you have something to use in your diagnosis but a fault light and no other symptom is more difficult to diagnose without the correct equipment.

ECU settings are changing continuously throughout driving. Settings such as ignition timing are immediately adjusted according to knock sensor vacuum throttle setting engine speed etc. The most immediate settings are stored in ram and destroyed by disconnecting battery. The accumulated averages are stored in NVRAM and are only re-adjusted during running by the uP. The preset values are stored in read

FIAT BRAVO 147 155 bravo hgt engines

Hi guys Ive been bringing my fiat bravo hgt back to life the last 2 years and im struggling to find the final piece to the puzzle. I know fiat brought out 2 hgts for the mark1. A 147 up until 199798 then a 155 after. I was wondering if anyone knows if the engine parts are the same To be more specific the two powersteering pipes leading from the reservoir. Ive found a bravo hgt breaking on a 2000 plate

The aux equipment stayed the same even the 1.8 has the pump in same place so parts might fit. You can use the eper to compare the parts.

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