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fiat brava ecu unit 182

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Maybe you should check the immobiliser unit before doing anythin with ecu . ecus cost around 100 to get a refurbished one but i think you have to exchange your olds one. though the website i was just lookin at has them priced 200 pound. Here i found this thread about ecu an checking voltages. Dont no how relevent this is to you but cant harm to check it out. httpwww.fiatforum.combravo-brava...u-failure.html

FIAT BRAVA 182 Ecu-inmobilizer Decode

Hello I write from chile this post is for you... can help me to decode the password for a ecu unit of my fiat brava the red key is destroy and dont have any key now start the car with the emergency starter process but is too slow. i am electronics engenier and work about how decode the pasword code in the ecu . if you can work in this thread please mail me.

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FIAT BRAVA 182 ECU Fault Code Reader

Has anyone come across a DIY fault code reader that can be used for a brava 1.4 engine. There appear to be various Gunson units available at Halfords etc that do other cars with the Bosch Mono Motronic ecus however no fiats are listed. Is this something that can only be done by a fiat dealer or a tuning specialist

FIAT BRAVA 182 Brava 1.4S Injection Unit

I have recently been experiencing hot starting problems with my car and then the other day it packed up on me at an intersection Called out the AA and after a fairly extensive diagnosis by the patrolman he concluded that it was most probably the SPI unit that was faulty. I think that this probably confirms my own suspicions as I had a Citroen ZX with the same Bosch SPI and it did a very similar thing.

Thanks I am in the process of locating a secondhand unit. A question for those a lot more knowledgable than me in these matters. If the ecu warning light does not come on (i.e. to indicate a fault) is it still possible for fiat or some on else with the necessary diagnostic kit to determine whether there are any faults in the system (i.e. does it log faults or errors that dont cause the ecu light to illuminate) Thanks

according to this pic its definately with the relays and fuses. Attached Thumbnails   __________________ 2.0 twinspark veloce   Quote   11-07-2007   8 D4nny8oy Get Your Own Title   Join Date Apr 2007 Location Yep still here. Posts 2854 Thanks 327 Trader Rating 0   Re Help My fiats Stalled ImmobiliserecuKey prob.... Jug- that pic is for the engine ecu . The keycode ecu is mounted

FIAT BRAVA 182 problems with finding ECU

Hy I am a owner of a fiat Bravo 1.9 TD 75Ps from 1997 a few days ago I lost my only key from the car and now I am looking for solutions to fix this problem. I understand that if I replace the ecu key barrel the keys(also the red key) and imobilizer taken from another car it would be ok(should i need the chip from diesel pump also ). The problem is that I cant find my ecu . In my technical book it

The airbag ecu needs to be powered down. On a scrap car this should be the case as batteries are removeddisconnected. Just ensure that it has been. Basically you disconnect the battery and leave it around an hour id give it a minimum of that. This is to allow any storedremaining charge to drain from the airbag ecu . it can then be removed. This procedure will need to be done on removing and refitting

Thank you I tried looking for the airbag ecu today but I coudnt find it. I took the box of the glove compartment out and I found its control socket instead. I tried following the yellow cables one goes to the passenger side airbag another crosses sides to the driver side another one goes to the floor between the two foot spaces so I took of the little plastic covering of the foot space of the passenger

Hi there all right I found the airbag control unit took some pictures of it too. However I have some trouble finding a identical replacement part on the scrap yards. 46413633 would be the number needed. On later models as about 1996 the numbers have changed. So I suppose a part with a slightly different number from another Bravo (like 1998) would not fit. Any suggestions Thanks Zardo Attached Thumbnails

FIAT BRAVA 182 mk1 hgt ecu

how much would a second hand ecu cost and a set of second hand cams fuse box washer bottle with pump gearbox inlet manifold throttle body maf sensor airbox coil paks radiator crank pistons sump shaockersand springs power strearing pump fuel pump sender unit passneger door wing mirrors thanks in advance mick

assuming you remove all the parts yourself from a scrap car second hand ecu - &16310 (but it will not work on your car unless you get the codebox and red key chip) second hand cams - &16320 fuse box - &1635 washer bottle with pump - &1635 gearbox - &16350 inlet manifold - &16310 throttle body - &16310 maf sensor - &1635 airbox - &1635 coil packs - &1635 each radiator - &16310 crank - crankwhat the

FIAT BRAVA 182 ecu files

Does anyone know where i can get a (virgin ecu map file) to blast into my Electronic Crap unit thanks in advance

FIAT BRAVA 182 Where is the airbag Ecu diagnostic socket Bravo -97

Anyone knows... need to find it desperately I removed the passenger side glove box all the panels around it but no trace of of the diagnostic socket. I need to have the airbag ecu resetted the warning light is been on since the stalks were changed. The garage can do the reset but they or me cant find the diagnostic socket anywhere Anyone help here Its 1997 R-reg apparently its different than 98 or newer ones.

HI all. I have a problem I took off all panels found the ecu unit... theres only ONE yellow cable coming out going straight to the steering wheel. How do you reset this Theres no socket to do it DId they mess with something at the factory or theres another way to reset it ANyone knows THanks... I need this despereately

FIAT BRAVA 182 Eninge control unit fault

Hi folks. I have a recently bought Bravo 1.6 HLX which since purchase has caused me no end of problems. About 4 days ago the wipers developed a fault - the flick wipe stops as soon as you release it (ie in the middle of the windscreen) and the other settings all work at the same speed - its either on (fast) or off. Ive been told that the problem is most likely the relay in the wiper motor does this

yep its true welcome to the world of fix it again tomorrow (or as i prefer to say ferrari in affordable trim but thats just denial) the wiper fault does sound very much like a relay problem. im confident you can easily fix that with a scrapyard part. the engine management light issue cant be related. the wiper circuit is independant of the ecu and when the engine managenent light is illuminated it

FIAT BRAVA 182 Eninge control unit fault

Hi folks. I have a recently bought Bravo 1.6 HLX which since purchase has caused me no end of problems. About 4 days ago the wipers developed a fault - the flick wipe stops as soon as you release it (ie in the middle of the windscreen) and the other settings all work at the same speed - its either on (fast) or off. Ive been told that the problem is most likely the relay in the wiper motor does this

Hi dont know if its same type of ecu but I had same problems with wipers on my dobbie and when the ecu was changed as it decided I only needed to use two cylinders the wiper fault was cured as well.

the original post is 18 months old. ecu has nothing to do with wipers at all so replacing the ecu cant fix a wiper fault it must have been a coincidence.

FIAT BRAVA 182 Air Bag ecu problem

Hi fiat brava 1.4SX P reg. Air bag light is on permanently. Air bag ecu number 464793640 ecu PCB Hitachi GE216450-A Unfortunantly Ive fallen foul of the new MOT air bag rules and being a P reg no one seems to have the right connector to read the ecu . However I have discovered that the airbag ecu did have some slight water damage and have cleaned it up. Even more Unfortunately a couple of components

Hi Have the exact same issue on unit 464793640 and as I took it apart and searched for the PCB I found this post. Mine doesnt look too bad. I read C31A5. Of course Id be interested to know which other components you found to be damaged and let me know if you fixed your unit. Thanks -GP

FIAT BRAVA 182 Pls help identify Brava Airbag ECU model

Dear members I want to clear the error code on an brava SX 1.4 Airbag ecu Using KKL cable and Win7 x86 drivers from Windows Update COM5 port driver setup to minimum delay multiecuscan set to COM5 testing interface is OK (connected to Airbag ecu key on MAR) Select Bravobrava 1.4 12V -- Airbag Case 1 Scan Modules (F11) - Airbag - UNKNOWNUNSUPPORTED - ISO Code 26 86 80 80 01 - COMPLETED Case 2

Hi The airbag unit has certainly another plug. Its best you take the glove box compartment out and behind it youll see a yellow cable thats plugged to a blind connector (leads nowhere is just a dust cover).

FIAT BRAVA 182 build your own diagnostic fault analyzer project

Hi Im gathering some information about how to build my own diagnostic fault interface (hardware) running with some free or demo software... what I found out until now the data link to access e.g. the airbag control unit is based on iso9141 which can have an K and and L data link wire but on most cars (and actually as far as I know on fiat ) only the K- wire is used (I could be mistaken there). Data

FIAT BRAVA 182 Bravo 2.0 20V

Hi all A friend of mine has a problem with his Bravo 2.0 20V year 1999. Sometimes the car runs normal but when it doesnt it revs around 2000 RPM at idle runs very rich and lights up the injector symbol on the dashboard. It also doesnt accept throttle at all until half pressed when it starts behaving badly. Any ideas Cheers N.

Thanks for the reply. Heres what fiatecuScan says ecu ISO Code 7C 86 01 97 EF 01-Jun-12 61627 PM CONNECTED TO fiat BRAVObrava 99 155 20V Bosch Motronic ME 3.1 (2.0 20V) -------------------------------------------------------------- ecu ISO code 7C 86 01 97 EF fiat drawing number 46551744 Hardware number 0261206068 Hardware version 00 Software number 1277356275 Software version 0000 Homologation number

Originally Posted by mommy sue hi am new to this site and i have no idea about cars just got rid of a ford ka that was absoulutley awful ( a real nail ) bought myself cheap run around ... i hope fiat bravo. now it came with one blue key . i was reading these forums yesterday and realise you need a red key so what i have done is bought all new lock barrels ecu engine unit ecu ( something else )

FIAT BRAVA 182 Fiat Brava - Spark Plug light...

Dear all I own a fiat brava SX 1999 model. Last year it had a problem with the stalk unit as I had no lights and wipers but I had since replaced it and now I had solved that problem. However I had been experiencing another problem which is driving me nuts. The spark plug light on the dashboard (the one which looks like spraying) is turning ON very frequently. In fact the car sometimes stops working

FIAT BRAVA 182 Brava 1.4sx problem

Hi guys Recently got a 1996 brava 1.4sx. The fuel consumption is a miserable 23mpg and the engine feels a bit stodgy (and lumpy when engine cold) [(]. Have changed spark plugs air filter and Lambda sensor. Also used Wynns injector cleaner which improved it a bit. Car has 69k on the clock. Local fiat garage claims it might be the IE sensor [] (inlet manifold ) or the ecu unit at fault. Any ideas please [] What should the fuel consumption be around town []

FIAT BRAVA 182 immobilizer over ride bypass

for those who have the keycode fault when the light wont go out on the dash there is way to bypass the immobilizer its not a fix but you can start your car should you have this intermittent fault (the squeeking on the video is my wet trainers on the accelerator pedal inputting the over ride code) fiat bravo immobilizer over ride bypass - YouTube fiat bravo immobilizer over ride bypass - YouTube you

yea i know its the immobilizer but not sure if its a unit or written into the ecu the AA guy never knew ether if it is a unit i guess a new one from fiat would be exspencive as no point getting another 10yr old one and what other bits would i need with it it the barrel maybe i dont know i can conferm you do not have to start the car this way forever more after you use this methed unless ofcourse you

FIAT BRAVA 182 Heater Not Working Please Help -(

hi got a fiat brava SX 100 1.6 2001 the heater has gone dead on me and nothing comes out . no hot or cold air. ive checked all the fuses under the steering column there were 3 sets of fuses and ive pulled them all out. and all are ok. WOT NEXT many thanks inadvance

This is the problem. Anyone can help me fix it If not can I order one online Where Plz help my car is disassembled and its been two months since I last drove it. Attached Thumbnails           __________________ fiat Forum Useful Links Donate to FF    Buy FF Merchandise    Classifieds    FF Insurance    How-to Guides    FAQs   Quote  

Thanxalot Stylers for your reply..... I got sick of it and went to fiat and placed a special quic order for it it will take 4 or 5 days to be here and will cost 100 more..... Its been two months I haent driven my car man..... Its gonna cost me 300 but what can I do The heater matrix change cost me 123 also.... Damnstupid fiats .... thank god my ecu didnt blow... Im gonna have my electrician bag the

FIAT BRAVA 182 No increase in revs whilst accelerator depressed.

Hi all I am having a prbolem with my fiat Bravo 1.4 S (S reg). It started with the car stalling a lot. I changed the throttle body. A garage found the following faults in the ecu and also changed the lower manifold as it was cracked. Control module diagnosis fiat Motronic MA 1.7.3 Error Memory 463A - Immobilizer Engine Control unit - Blocked 0203 - Speedreference-mark sensor - no signal FFFF - Control

FIAT BRAVA 182 Fiat Brava 1.2 16v 2001 MY wont run

Hi to every one this is my first post I have been at my wits end with this car the car starts then immediately cuts out I have replaced the ecu immobiliser & key throttle body coil pack cam sensor & crank sensor the timing has been set with the correct tools the fuel pressure seams okay as well as compression. It will run when we supply easy start to the throttle body & we have put it on a new snap

pressure switch. i know sum cars will shut the engine off if the oil pressure it realy low. not sure if u can do a blink test on the sporting does any lights show on the dash regards ryan The crank sensor can give intermitent problems they dont just fail in an clear cut onoff way. One example is a weakend crank sensor magnet even bad fittinggapping will give problems. None of the petrol Bravos bravas

FIAT BRAVA 182 Key Button Alarm Problem.

My car battery was totally dead and it effected me getting into the car using the button. I didnt know it was the battery till I got the RAC out. Anyway the battery is replaced however the button on the key doesnt set the alarm nor does it do the remote central locking. Someone said that it need to be in Sync Any advise on how i can get to use the button again to lock & unlock and set the alarm Cheers

Originally Posted by jug exactly i believe it uses an algorithm but im not sure which one tbh. no i just checked the key transmits the 4 digit code every time the one on the piece of paper nothing more not rolling in any way atall they are rolling on later fiats but not bravobrava witch brings us back to the start why would it stop working after power is interrupted or spiked i spose theres the chance

FIAT BRAVA 182 Temp Gauge Problem

just bought 51 reg brava 80 after one week temp gauge suddenly reads high in red items checked are no coolant loss engine not overheating fan working kicks in and out. Temp gauge used to read slighty above half way then go slightly higher until cooling fan kicked in then drop to half way again. Now reads in red all the time except when cold. Can anyone help

See this thread here httpwww.fiatforum.combravo-brava...-fan-help.html Its a slightly different problem but I did add some wiring diagrams for the temp gauge and sensors that might help. The guage temp sensor is seperate from the ecu engine temp sensor but combined in the same unit.

FIAT BRAVA 182 bravo 1999- idle hunting idle suck 3000rpm

my car fiat bravo 1.2 16v 1999 is revving itself when idling - when cold it oscilates btwn 1500rpm & 2000rpm then soon after it shoots to 3000rpm and never falls back. there is no engine light. changed the throttle body twice still no effect - traced for any leaks from servo to breathers and all is fine. when i check all spark plugs they are dry sooty black also the lamda sensor is also sooty. the

Originally Posted by jug if its also misfiring under load do a compression test to see if the head gasket has blown especially between 2 cylinders (youd see very low compression on 2 side by side cylinders). its common on the 1.2. if its only an idle problem try using washers to space the throttle position sensor from the throttlebody. that often cures the 1.2s idle problem. Thanks for your attention

FIAT BRAVA 182 Hello just joined

Hi I put brava but it seems Im about to become the bravas ex user I think its croaked So Im upset. Seems its the EC unit (whatever that is ) And the guy cant find one that will go in my car. OK so it drives like a truck got some scratches black rubber bits on the handles are slowly falling off rear wiper doesnt work so its probably a bit of a heap - but it was MY heap and I liked it. So what to do now Anyone with any bright ideas Panda Punto decisions decisions.

ecu is the Engine Control unit (Computer brains for the engine) The bravaBravo ecu s are pretty damn hardy units though. They dont break very often. What is wrong with the car exactly (And what engine is it) Black rubber bits falling off is a known issue. Blame the Italians for being incapable of making rubber compounds that can stand the sun. They can be replaced by Marea door handles though (A full

FIAT BRAVA 182 fiat brava 1.4 revs up on its own

fiat brava 1.4 97 when at its working tempthe car will rev up to 4000 revs on its own and often cut out after and will take some time to get it started againthe single point fuel injection system has been replace but the problem is still on the car..Help

its back on the roadthe fiat garage found a fault with the choke sending unit and a fault with a senser unit of the ecu . thanks for your help.rob

learning -turn ignition on and wait 30 secs -re-establish examiner comms with ecu -set examiner to parameters mode and select idle identification test - executed and idle identification signals - synchronised from the selection menu -turn ignition off for 30 secs -start engine and do not operate accelerator -wait for cooling fan to operate -disconnect examiner -drive baby drive according to the fiat

FIAT BRAVA 182 Magneti Marelli parts for Brava where

Can please anyone tell me where online I can view a Magneti Marelli product catalog online I have a part like a small computer part which is mounted in the console behind the ashtray I think it is a thermal control unit I think it is damaged cos nobody managed to make my heater fan work yet..... Im not able to find one... Can I test it to see if it works Please someone help should I consider selling my car PLEASE HELP GETTING DESPERATE

to pull out but are you sure its not the airbag controller (this is mounted behind the ashtray on top of the tunnel). If it was the airbag ecu then you will probably have the airbag light coming on when you put it back but disconnect the battery for a while before you reconnect it to prevent it going off accidentally. If the light is on afterwards you will have to have the faults cleared by the fiat

FIAT BRAVA 182 brava coolant circuit error - P0115

Hi all Just joined hoping you can help with a problem on a friends fiat brava. Its an 80 sx 1.2 manual no aircon model year 2001. She took it to a local garage a couple of weeks ago as it wouldnt start very well and it ran badly. Also the temperature gauge was flicking up and down. Garage found error codes P0115 and P0340 and had to refill the radiator . They replaced the cam sensor and the temperature

Hi again The sensor is just above the thermostat but is separate from the thermostat housing. It has a black square female plug with 4 pins inside. The top 2 pins feed the dash gauge and the bottom 2 feed the ecu . I believe its called a double sender unit or something like. I bought this unit online from Simpson Supplies. COOLANT TEMPERATURE SENSOR SI1128R ALFAfiat. It fits a whole bunch of cars but

FIAT BRAVA 182 Frustration in more ways than one

I have asked here the other week but progress has not been great. The car broke down and wouldnt start and yes the management light came up. When it was cooled down it did start for a while then wouldnt start when heated up. Garage one thought it was the crankshaft sensor and found it wasnt sent the ecu to Nottingham to see if they could sort it out and they found nothing wrong and that garage just

FIAT BRAVA 182 belt snapped

my 2000 brava 80sx 1.2 16v cam belt has snapped just woundering if its a safe engine as in valves not hit pistons cheers

Originally Posted by arc i gave you a link to my thread it runs from start to finish for my conversion. here is a link to it httpwww.fiatforum.comcinquecento...nt-thread.html here is a link to a 1.4 16v being put into a seicento httpwww.fiatforum.comlets-talk-f...v-project.html here is a 1.2 16v being put into a seicento httpwww.fiatforum.comcinquecento...i-project.html and then replaced with a 1.4


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FIAT BRAVA 182 Stickies

It has been commented on a few times that we have no useful stickies in the Bravoa section. Now with most of us being loyal BOO members who use that website and how-tos for such things you might think we dont need any. But a few FAQs here might be useful. So are there any useful threads that you think should be made sticky or a new thread started oon a particular topic I would be interested to see

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FIAT BRAVA 182 Airbag lamp reset

Hi All I just got finished refitting everything after pulling my steering wheel to sort out my non-working horn. I had previoulsy replaced my stalk unit a few months ago and as it was not a direct swap as the new one wasnt set up for a clock-spring unit so the horn contacts didnt contact anything. At the time I didnt bother sorting it out. Im up for inspection so I decided to fix the horn today. Using

FIAT BRAVA 182 HGT tuning help

Hi Ive been trying to find a company that can chip or remap my Bravo HGT but without success. Ive tried angel tunning and superchips and was told by both that they couldnt help. Ive seen the milenium chips from L and M international but they seem to be more suited to changing between engine maps depending on the type of driving your doing and to be honest im just looking for a simple remap anyone know of anyother places i could check thanks Besty

Originally Posted by Andy_sx reddot maps are the ones Angeltuning use. i cant remember whic hgt it is thaat can be remaped but you could always go down the dastek route as a couple of guys on have done this on their hgts Firstly Angel Tuning do use Red Dot maps on occasion when time dictates but as a rule we do our own mapping on the majority of vehicles. Red Dot do indeed use some

abs lights will come on when a wheel sensor is not working.its a little lasser beam that detects wheel slip.its electrical and will have wires on it.try cleaning the dust off each 1.they do not leak also have a hydraulic unit pumpthat pumps the peddle and stops the wheels locking.when the abs fault lght is on the system is shut down.normal brake remain.the fault light is an mot failure.the chances are it wont be cheap to fix.bleeding is not as easy as a non abs ecu unit fitted when read will give a fault are going to need a good brake equiped garage. if it aint broke dont fix it.purple pain.up the villa.brava 1.6sx. no fag.lighter required.

FIAT BRAVA 182 Injectorengine light

Hi guys On the way home from work tonight my injectorengine warning light came on the car wobbled (almost like it was gonna stall).....was going up a steep hill at the time - i pulled over and the engine kept idling as normal - didnt cut out. When i pulled off again it was ok - although the light stayed on a few minutes later id stopped at local shop and turned off engine. It restarted fine - no light...and

Control unit computer) has several programs to control the engine even with one or more sensors bad. Driveability will be less perfect fuel consumption maybe higher but for a short while thats no real problem. The 16-16V engine in my car ran bad for some time didnt have the time to do a proper search we even went on holiday with it ( Somerset UK in fact....) when we were back homeI went to my fiat

FIAT BRAVA 182 HGT Alarm Problems

Hi first post as a new member and am hoping some of you experts can advise me. I have just purchased a Bravo HGT 155 on a T plate and have received both blue keys and the red key. My problem is the buttons on the blue keys dont lock the dorrs or armdisarm the alarm etc am not sure if there are meant to be seperate remotes for this or not. A light comes on in the key when the button is pressed but nothing happens any ideas or advice will be greatly appreciated.

Originally Posted by damienjames666 I read in another post that the unit above the mirror is not specifically coded to the alarm and if i can find a key and code matched to one of these units i can just replace it and then code in my existing remotes using the new code. Is this the case as i know it will be difficult to find one of these items with a key and code as well but will certainly start looking

FIAT BRAVA 182 Is my Brava Normal or Special

font faceComic Sans MSfont idComic Sans MSfont colornavyfont idnavy I have a fiat brava 100 SX 16V 5 speed manual transmission 1999 V reg. Its my first fiat and have only been a proud owner for 4 months.D What i am expriencing with this car though i have never exprienced before. I have been driving for nearly 20 years. When in gears 1 2 3 and reverse( i have yet to try it in 4 and 5) the clutch will

LJJac Could it be an electronic problem It seems like when the engine is cold and the Electronic Control unit regulates engine revs... But to you happens also when the engine is hot maybe the ecu has some problems a round to garage is advised... Or maybe someone in fiat monted you the box gear of Ferrari F2002... CIAO ) ) Roberto

FIAT BRAVA 182 Bravo Keys

hi i have a bravo 1.4 sx and it wont start its soundin like it wants to but then doesnt i took it to garage and they hooked it up to there compo and it said the keys werent compatible so tryed my spare and still nothing i only have the 2 blue keys and no red key can anyone help me please thanx

thanks for that dude it really helped couldnt seem to get that info from anyone else the cars at a garage at the mo but im sure the orange key light was on ive enquired about sending the ecu off so mite go for that option the garage are tellin me that when hooked up to the compo its sayin no connection to the keys and fiat want 60 quid for diagnositcs and 1200 for new ecu unit ignition barrel and locks so they gan go fck themselves lol thanks again dude

FIAT BRAVA 182 Buying a stolen brava...immobiliser issues

Hi guys I am about to buy a 1999 brava which has been stolen and recaptured by the police. Besides the exterior damages the steering column has been tempered with so i will definetly need a new steering lockbarrel. Is there a cheap way by which i can bypass the immobilser I understand that this could be detrimental to others as someone might get an idea how to steal these cars but if at least i can get a reply through PM it would be great as i am down on cash and found this very cheap. Thanks.

Originally Posted by m20b25 If its a petrol car you need new keys immobiliser ecu etc... Im still seeing if I can bypass one just on a nice to know basis. When you fit aftermarket security devices this is the problem you can run into. Basically a perfectly good immo system has been removed and a poorer one put in place and no doubt realised by the intending thief. You can remove the immo on most cars

FIAT BRAVA 182 Sensor

Hi - i have a problem with my brava 1.6 R reg 1997 - couple of weeks back the engine light started coming on which meant the engine just cutting out most of the time which was usually at junctionslights etc if travelling along the light would come on a cause a very very slight jolt - took it to local garage who we usually use and his test showed a different reading each time first injectors next day

Hiya Jug - well went back to fiat - now they say electronic key code error detected on control unit - he explained in laymans terms kind of about the brains of it basically a new ecu plus other odds and sods - the crunch - new ecu 577.96 and 45.83 to fit it - add to that the diag charge from last week and RPM sensor fitted and it would cost me what we paid for car What are the consequences of just

FIAT BRAVA 182 100TD vs 105JTD

I would just like a comparison really. There doesnt seem to be much about either of these cars around on the net. Reviews are vague and I cant find any decent performance stats. Anyway I know quite a bit about the JTD . I owned a 1.9 JTD Punto. Obviously its sligtly different but its the same engine at the end of the day. What im really interested in the the 100TD. Are these good engines What sort

Ok I know little about the fiat Diesel units but I think the following is nearly right. maybe... The 100 Td I think will be a mechanical driven fuel pump and hence not ecu governed. tuning therefore is done by tweeking the diesel pump and also by tweeking the turbo manually by getting it to hold higher boost. The Jtd engines are direct injection and are ecu controlled meaning they can be remapped electronically

Example offers of car parts fiat brava ecu unit

  • Fiat Brava 182 1.6 Intermotor Intake Manifold Pressure Sensor MAP Air ECU - United Kingdom (70.62 GBP)
  • Fiat Brava Intermotor Intake Manifold Pressure Sensor MAP Air ECU - United Kingdom (66.72 GBP)
  • Fiat Brava 182 Hatch Intermotor Intake Manifold Pressure Sensor MAP Air ECU - United Kingdom (69.62 GBP)
  • Fiat Brava 1.9 turbo diesel 96P ecu e c u - United Kingdom (29.99 GBP)
  • Fiat Brava ECU 46467595/FC014017 - Maidstone,United Kingdom (9.95 GBP)
  • FIAT BRAVA ECU BOSCH 0 261 206 276 012 972100 1037352671 OUR REF EM145 - Kirkcaldy,United Kingdom (18.00 GBP)

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