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FIAT BRAVA 182 injector earthing problems

i have just recently fitted a new engine in my bravo hgt and have done everthing by the book the problem im now getting is that im not getting an earth to the injectors. any one got any ideas please.

Originally Posted by mark clayton i have just recently fitted a new engine in my bravo hgt and have done everthing by the book the problem im now getting is that im not getting an earth to the injectors. any one got any ideas please. you shouldnt be looking for an earth at the injectors the earth is switched by the ECU so you are never going to see it. there should be a constant 12V at the injectors

Originally Posted by mark clayton thank you for your reply. the problem is im not getting any fuel through the injectors i do have a spark and everything else is as it should be. is my problem the ecu its self is the fuel pump priming is the constant 12V at the injectors when the ignition is on if you have a spark it sounds as if you arnt getting fuel through or you have no compression have you checked compression i would very much doubt the ECU is at fault as you have said its sparking. Ry

thank you for the reply again. right here gos im gettin fuel up to the fuel rail so i would asume that the fuel pump is primed as there is pressure in the fuel rail. and i have a constant live feed to the injectors just am not getting any fuel pushed through. being a total novice as have never done this before im not sure about how i would check the compression. your help on this would be a real great help

FIAT BRAVA 182 injector earthing problems

i have just recentley fitted a new engine and have done everything by the book the problem im now getting is that im not gettin an earth to the injectors. anyone got any ideas please.

FIAT BRAVA 182 Injector light and earthing problem

HiMy brava had problems with the injector light coming on occassionally(once a month).I used some injector cleaners...but of no temperature guage is is above the cool level on run...but when i go slow it begins to reach half way.....No problems with starting troubles.i think it all started after i broke down on motorway as the injctor fuse was blown off.i

FIAT BRAVA 182 multi earth point

Hi new on here and pretty new to fiats too so please help. A friend of mine has had a few pretty comical problems with the electrics in her 1997 brava. Ive done quite a bit of searching on this forum before joining and have already sorted out the rear light disco with thanks to this site so thanks all youve been a great help already Another similar problem is occurring with the dashboard controls ie

FIAT BRAVA 182 Intermittent starting problems

Hello new around here. Tried the boo forums but not managed to get my problem sorted yet. A few months ago my gfs N reg 1.4 Bravo every now and again would fail to start up. It would turn and turn but just not spark and fire up. At first it was say once every week or two where it wouldnt start first time. But it got worse and worse where it was a struggle to get it started at all. Started off with

It still sounds like an earth problem to me. When it doesnt want to play try the single jump lead. Cheers SPD Kev0 thanked for this post

EDIT If the battery and earths are ok then - Sounds like there is a problem with the immobiliser. The orange code light should not stay on and should not be on when you drive. When you start the car you should turn the engine to MAR wait for the key code light and ECU error light to go out (about 5 seconds) then start the car. Try your spare blue key. Your not using the red master key are you If the

You were right was just a fiat sticker on the alarm. Managed to disarm it took the receiver fuse out and rejoined the wire in the ignition that was cut. Battery still sounded dead when trying to turn the starter motor. Tested the battery and it isnt flat although it is 5 amphours less than the old battery. Put the new and old batteries on charge anyway both sound flat. Tested the battery while turning

FIAT BRAVA 182 problems starting

hi can anyone please help me i have just purchased a brava 1.2 16v 2000 model and it is suffering when i try to start it its a problem which a friend of mine is have with his bravo also and we are both puzzled by this problem....

I had a similar problem with a fiat multipla. Symptoms were- Intermittant non-starting every now and again for no apparent reason it would turn over but would not fire up. After bump starting it would run fine again for days or weeks then suddenlt not start again. Garage mechanics could not find anything wrong after many checks of fuel & electrical systems. Cause was- Eventually found it to be a faulty

starter motor turning at full speed means it can not be starter motor battery or earth lead. code light going out means it can not be the immob. cold and warm start problems almost rule out crank sensor but this is still a possibility but it does help to rule out compression problems which are common on the 1.2. i would still do a compression test just to see. the fact that it runs fine once stated

FIAT BRAVA 182 New Brava - Electrical problems

Forgive me if this has been discussed before - Im a forum virgin I recently aquired a 1996 brava. Firstly it had no stereo so I pinched the old one out of a Rover but Im struggling with connections - The stereo needs 5 connections - Permanent live 2x Swiched lives earth and Lights. Having tested the ones already there the switched live looks very thin - 0.75mm2 ish - But there is a 2.5mm2 connector

FIAT BRAVA 182 Rev counter problems....

Hi guys Having issues with rev counter on HGT(mk1) intermittently working checked relays and fuses. Had dash out and checked connectors to rev counter all seems fine but still has a mind of its own..... Is there a connection further down the line somewhere that plays up maybe something under bonnet or are the rev counters themselves known to fail.

Originally Posted by Neverth Had that on marea (155) after disconnecting battery usually woke up after an hour or so. Has not appeared after engine and chassis earth from battery were redone. Cheers for that.... Had another go at checking all connections and fuses over weekend and cleaned up earth leads.....worked for longer periods yesterday and has been fairly consistent today.....not sure if just

Had exactly the same problem and once I had cleaned up the earth cable on the gearbox it was better so I installed an additional earth running from the engine direct to the (-) of the battery this sorted the electrical gremlins out

Originally Posted by lownwide Had exactly the same problem and once I had cleaned up the earth cable on the gearbox it was better so I installed an additional earth running from the engine direct to the (-) of the battery this sorted the electrical gremlins out cheers....yeah its still doing it and gone through the dash wiring not getting a meter reading on the rev counter connector so had read that

FIAT BRAVA 182 starting problems and missing

hi i have a brava 1.6 auto on a p plate i have had it now for the last 2-3mths when i got the car it had a very slight mis not a problem you could drive the car after a while this got bad some times not being able to go above 2000rpm and it just coughing and splutering up the road fixed this by haveing to clean the plugs every weekend so the dam thing drives. when looking at the plugs they are full

FIAT BRAVA 182 3 small problems with Fiat Brava 1.4s (1997)

Hello First excuse me for bad english and of course probably stupig questions. 1. Problem The heater cables in the rearscreenwindow works badly. They heat a little bit but here in North of Norway where there is allready snowing bad heating is not god. So if anyone know what can be wrong please help me. 2. Problem I bought som rear speakers for my car some while ago. But when i plug these ones to det

english is good i can understand you perfectly 1. this can be caused by dirty contacts between the hatch and the car. if you open the boot you can see the contacts clean them with sandpaper on the car and the hatch so they are shiny copper. if this doesnt help then also check that the earth in the boot is a good clean connection. 2. if the speaker wires you are using in the rear are the original fiat

To Jug What do you mean about check that the earth in the boot is a good clean connection. About the speaker wires I think they are original because the standard radio was installed when I bought the car. OK very helpfull this I will go out in the snow and try. PS Im very glad I next week will order me a new car

the best thing to do is reomve your radio and then disconnect the speaker wire connector. if it has 4 wires then the rear wires are not there if it has 8 wires then the rear wires are installed. next you should test the wires by checking for continuity with a multimeter from the connector behind the radio to the speaker connectors at the back of the car. there are 4 wires to test. there is a main earth

FIAT BRAVA 182 Lights & Earths

My 98 HLX has grown some un nearving light probs. When I indicate left the indicator sometimes flashes sparodically and some times not at all. I find this usually happens when it is wet which makes me think it could well be a earth problem. Has anyone had any similar problems with thier car was it the earth how did you fix it Any help is greatly appreciated.

FIAT BRAVA 182 Light problems

hi i have been having a bit of problem with my indicater lights when they are on and a press the brake they go off and comes back on as i release the brake. I checked the connection on the black wire on the lights and it seems a bit black scraped it off but still not working right. I know there is a similar trend recently but tried what was said but it doesnt work for me and be greatful for anyone

its down to a poor earth on the need to check and clean the earth connections including those on the bulb clusters. you wouldnt need fiat even if oyu dont do it yourselfany auto electrician could do it

Originally Posted by custard boy its down to a poor earth on the need to check and clean the earth connections including those on the bulb clusters. you wouldnt need fiat even if oyu dont do it yourselfany auto electrician could do it

FIAT BRAVA 182 Brava Starting problems

Hi all In the last couple of months we have had the head gasket done and then a recon starting motor fitted we also had a new battery put in last march but in the last few weeks especially with colder moments we are having difficulty starting the car. It has always eventually started but it takes a good few turns to get it started. Sometimes it feels as if the starter locks but turning the key the

slow starter motor suggest a bad earth. check the condition of the main earth strap from the gearbox to chassis. you could also try fitting a new earth direct from starter motor to chassis. dec murphy thanked for this post

FIAT BRAVA 182 Starting Problems

Hi im finally back after getting my mobo rmad.The car(brava 1.6 16v 1996) is now running fine but has developed a new fault . When its been run and stopped it can be hard to restart it. It acts as though the battery is flat (Its fine) and its unable to turn the engine over. If put in gear and the handbrake is released so that she rolls to a halt against the engine as it were 7 times out of 10 shell start....Briskly. Just cant understand it any ideas anyone

this is usually the earth strap creating excess resistance so current cant pass throught the starter motor. this usually isnt a problem when the engine is running because fewer amps pass through the earth strap compared to the huge amount of cold cranking amps that pass through the starter motor and then through the earth strap when starting. next time it wont start try earthing the engine with a jump

Dead on reaper1988 Thanks for the advice guys ill check the earth strap first (cheapest) and then check out the starter motor if it doesnt appear to be the problem.

FIAT BRAVA 182 Brava - misfire - more problems (

Hi guys - hoping for a BIG help The wifes 2001 1.2 80SX petrol brava was juddering - especially under load. It was occasionally a pain to start leaving the clock and tripmeter reset to zero although it would turn over and start eventually. The judder was similar to a misfire which if you accelerated from a low speed in 2nd or 3rd developed a bit of a backfire in the exhaust ( sort of one pop in the

Thanks for the help up to now - a bit more action on the brava front today while I could at least see what I was doing while getting soaked in the Manchester rain Have today pulled the battery earth clamp off for 50 minutes to try and reset the ECU . Once it was reconnected I put the key back in the ignition and the engine started up OK. I have since replaced the HT leads and it SEEMS to be a bit better

FIAT BRAVA 182 starting problems with bravo 1.6

i have been having some problems with my bravo lately when starting it the car wont start first time when leave off for a long while u turn the key and nothing happens just a click under the bonnet the engine doesnt turn over either but if u continue to turn the key in the ignition it will start up ok and after driving it for a while its fine. At first i thought that this was the symptoms of a dead

Check your earths If it starts fine every time when its warm then its unlikely to be the starter motor. Starter motor isnt so affected by the cold but it needs a lot of current so any resisitance in the supply and it falters Garage puts a new starter in (and redoes you earth connectors) and charges you for a new starter My Bravo has 108k miles and has been started every day around 20 times per day and is still on the original starter. How does that compare with yours

Jay Your starter motor sounds fine dont mess with it. Its a pig of a job to take out and you dont need to remove it anyway to clean the contacts. Thats most likely not the problem. Listen up here Your starter motor needs a lot of power- youve got the power with a new battery- you just need to get the power to the starter motor from the battery and most importantly- back to the battery again via the

FIAT BRAVA 182 problems with my 1.2

Only had the car for 2 days now and I am still testing it and discovering some problems. The Car is behaving strange yesterday while driving it started shaking heavily as if it was misfiring the last time I experienced something like that was when I had a VW golf with a failed Coil ignition lead. Also when I switch the ignition on the injector light sometimes flashes once and remains on until I start

As I mentioned in the other threads my problems have been solved All the problems were caused by a corroded transmissionclutch earth spot the reason it was corroded so badly was because of a leak from a clutch slave cylinder All I had to do is clean it and position away from the corroded spot and all the problems disappeared Thanks to all of you Guys for your Feedback and thanks to Jug for guiding me straight to the solution

Hey very good to hear that can you post some pictures Thanx. Originally Posted by Bravicssimo As I mentioned in the other threads my problems have been solved All the problems were caused by a corroded transmissionclutch earth spot the reason it was corroded so badly was because of a leak from a clutch slave cylinder All I had to do is clean it and position away from the corroded spot and all the problems

FIAT BRAVA 182 more bravo clutch problems

just had the cluch replaced on my 99 bravo 1.4 12v.had a few problems with the engine management light but it turned out it was just a bad earth...thought that wud b the end of the problems but reversed outa my drive the other day and noticed there was hardly any bite at all..had my foot firm to the floor on the clutch and the car stalled with a grinding noise..seemed to affect the brakes too as they

FIAT BRAVA 182 Bravo Hgt Problems Pls Help

the story so far....... ... the mrs was driving along in our bravo HGT and it suddenly just died. i went out to car with petrol(thinking it was that) but wouldnt start. it just turned over. not firing or anything. the AA came and thought it may be crank sensor so i got it towed to fiat . next day fiat put it on diagnostics machine and it came back with phase sensor not feasable. they told me they wanted

i was about to suggest key code light but youve beaten me to it so next we need to do continutiy tests on the wiring from crank sensor to ecu . disconnect the crank sensor connector hold it with the push clip at the top and the following is true left pin goes to pin49 on ecu connector centre pin goes to pin48 on ecu connector right pin goes to earth check that the 2 wires going to the cu connector

FIAT BRAVA 182 Stereo power problems

Hi I hope someone can help me as this is driving me crazy Ive had a fiat Bravo 2001 for some time and two days ago i bought a new Sony stereo to replace the stock one. After discovering Halfords couldnt fit it until January 31st i decided to go ahead and try and do it myself. All seemed to work fine until i turned it off and it lost all the settings. in the leads in the back there are a yellow and

fitting stereos are easy - they only seem hard because of the ammount of wires -think of them as a house stereo - u have the plug wires then the speaker wires on a stereo - locate the red black and yellow red is the live black the earth and the yellow is the ignition - apply this to the same on the new stereo on some aftermarkets there isnt always a yellow to yellow - yellow basically joins the red

if there is deffinately power going to the unit i would say its more a problem with the head unit - the red black and the yellow wire is all that is neeeded to get power to it - as you notice a whirring that would sudgest power is present - with regards to the firework display that happened - check all the connections - most headunits are supplied with a fuse wich should blow if you short the circuit

FIAT BRAVA 182 Whining noise and missing problems

Hello Ive posted a few times before my wifes car is a brava 1.6 automatic 1998 petrol model.Since its last MOT in September its developed a whining noise together with missing problems thats intermitent. For example she will travel say 150 miles back and forwards either shopping school or friends no problem.Then mid week it starts off to Tescos she goes it whines misses parks up starts then no problem

yes we all want a car that looks good and you can relie managed 1 out of 2 with are cars.ive had mine 2 yrs apart form a clutch slave cylinder and earth fault 4 the back lights(wd40sandpaper)every so often its been a good car.but it seems many have all the same sorts of probs.its a shame cus a good 1 is a nice car as we no.alot of your ignition system has been changedthe 1 thing not mentioned

FIAT BRAVA 182 Help - Windscreen Wiper problems

Hi - I have a problem with the front wipers on my brava (2001 1.2) the intermittent is now on constantly but more importantly when I stop the wipers they stop there and then and do not travel back to the bottom of the windscreen Any ideas many thanks

continuous speed including in the intermittent and off settings and not stop if the lights were on. Sometimes theyd stop if you just turned headlights off but left sidelights on but sometimes they wouldnt stop until youd turned all the lights off. Either way thats not a lot of use if its nighttime and its stopped raining. That problem seemed to go away of its own accord thank goodness (after fiat

FIAT BRAVA 182 bravo hgt starting problems

hi im looking for help on my fiat bravo 2litre 20v hgt t reg and have been pointed towards this forum for help as im new to fiats the car has been stood for about 8 months but started on a regular basis till about a month ago it was started up and either the aux belt or aircon pump was loose and started burning out - only the belt was damaged since then the aux belt and aircon belt have been replaced

Its been some time since i looked at a fiat but if memory serves there isnt alot to the basic starting system to get the starter to spin. What was removed when you changed the belts did you check the cambelt hadnt slipped (although this wont prevent the starter spinning) please detail any electrical items you may have disconnected like the altenator there is i believe an earth loop from the starter to the alternator if this hasnt been reconnected you woudld have issues...

agree with bulldog starter system is simple just a main thick wire direct from battery to the starter and a small feed from the ignition to the starter which switches starter on when key is turned. if these are ok then it will at least turn over. My money is on if its definately not battery and connections are not loose and all cars other electrics eg wipers work perfectly then.. A.Starter solonoid

FIAT BRAVA 182 Starting Problems

Hi I have an intermittent fault with my 80sx where it will not turn over seeming the battery is flat. One second it was turning fine then bam just a click. I have had the car checked out by an Autoelectrician who checked the battery and Alternator and Also for bad earths and has said all is fine so would probably be a problem with the starter. I have now put in a new starter and Battery but the problem

can only be the main earth strap if a bump wont work and changing starter motor and battery made no difference. the earth strap may be corroded often due to leaking brake fluid from the clutch master cylinder (present or past leak) or becasue it has not been refitted correctly the last time the gearbox was taken off. id get a multimeter out and start measuring resistance from block to chassis and bat neg to chassis.

FIAT BRAVA 182 Bravo 100TD tickover problems

Can any of you who are more technical than me help with a problem with my 1.0TD 100. It starts fine but will not tickover properly at first. If I hold it on the throttle at about 1000 revs for 20-30 seconds the revs suddenly rise and it will then tickover not well but without my needing to keep my foot on the throttle. It then seems to drive OK though as I am new to this car and diesels I cant be certain.

Im working off a Peugeot XUD engine with a Lucas pump. I think its the same pump fitted to the 100Td. The fast idle is controlled slightly different on my engine. if I pull on the lever it increases revs. It however (on my engine anyway) is not needed unless quite cold. I suspect that the glow plug circuit is at fault. Initially I was thinking that you had air in the system but Stylers has already

FIAT BRAVA 182 X reg HLX Bravo occasional starter problems

Hi Guys I have a very occasional problem with my Bravo HLX which is a complete pain in the arse. Its happened 4 times in 12 months - normally at typically annoying moments - and then strangely the problem seems to solve itself in a few hours. I try and start the car and get nothing - not a peep - from the starter motor but the immobilser light flashes on (the immobilizer and the remote element to the

had the same problem beggining of last year for me it was the battery earth quick tip if it does it again and does nothing when u try to start the car get a jump lead connect one end to a bolt or something on your engine i used the lifting loop and the other end to your battery negative if it starts to turn over its looking like its possibly your earth lead it should be attached to our engine then

FIAT BRAVA 182 electrical problems finally solved

ahh finally the electrical faults have been cured on my 100 sx dials were a bit mad and central locking was not working 2 hours of fault finding diagnostics lead to the earth 3 being connected to plastic connected to a good earth and job done

FIAT BRAVA 182 Fiat Brava Rear Wiper problems

I seem to have a short circuit in my 97 fiat brava 1.6SX Automatic. When I put the rear wiper on the demister button lights up and neither the demister or rear wiper work. How hard is it to fix this How to I get to the wires do i need to find an auto-electrician No one in my area deals with fiats .

i would investigate the contacts on the tailgate make sure theyre clean. then id check the wiring inside the tailgate by removing the plastic trim do continuity tests between the wiper and demister to see if they is a short inside the tailgate. also try getting the wiper to work by wiring it direct to the battery or a known good live and earth.

FIAT BRAVA 182 FIAT virgin with problems -(

Hi all My father has just purchased a second hand Bravo and is having a few problems. Unfortunately its the 1.4 which having done a quick search of this site does not seem too well regarded. Every mechanic hes spoken to has got a different opinion of whats causing his problems. I was hoping that you guys may be able to help me to help him a little. problems as I understand them are Poor starting (starter

those symptoms could be caused by so many things that it is not surprising that you have had several different suggestions. if the starter motor is having trouble turbing the engine there are a few possibilities such as a weak battery dirty battery terminals a rusty earth strap from gearbox to chassis dirty connections at the starter motor. the starter motor itself is almost certainly fine if it is

FIAT BRAVA 182 little problems

Just some problems that have accured Ive got no handbrake light on my dash should i My window Wind deflectors wont stay in the centre of the window My Driverside door lock dont open propely is this common and is there a fix Bravo 1.8 hlx Thanks

ok sorted the steering wheel all went well. but the brake light is being a pain. i found that it had no bulb so i swaped the bulb from my abs warning and the light comes on all the time. would this be becasue the cable is earthing out some where. there for there is a constant connection when the ignition is on

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