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fiat brava door handle 182
fiat brava door handle 182

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FIAT BRAVA 182 Brava door handles again

I have searched high and low on ebay for a full set of affordable Marea door handles - both front and rear - to replace my rubber brava ones. Can anyone please point me to the right direction Many thanks in advance for your time.

Originally Posted by JoskeJTD Theyre not second hand they are brand new. Heres the Link hashitem2a04e1af60ht_1171wt_907 Not a bad price then since they are new. Originally Posted by skaramazoo Thanks for that Adrian but having already done my little research locally Ive found out

Im brand newbie today and look forward to speaking to you lot I have just bought a W reg fiat brava with corroded handles. What do people think is really the best type to replace them Marea brava 147 Would I be right in thinking colour coded (metallic silver) is going to be a much dearer option Do the door backs have to come off or are they fit-able from outside the car Any pearls would be most welcome. Thank you.

Welcome to the forums. If you read through all the threads on this forum about the doorhandles you will find all the answers you need. The 147 handles do fit but leave a gap and do not fit to the door completely correctly. The original brava handles suck. Even if you fit new ones they will fall apart again within a year. Marea handles are your only real option. They are normally not painted to colour

Hey Collette welcome to the forum As Greg says because you have four doors Marea handles are the only real option but its a very good option. This is because fiat 500 handles and Alfa 147 handles only fit on the front doors.

FIAT BRAVA 182 Bravo Door handle(s)

Hi all Im new to the site so just like to say hi(look up ) and that im recently the proud() owner of a 1.6SX Bravo so will hopefully be on here to share my viewsexperiences with you all...quite often Till thentake care pplz

Originally Posted by wimmy welcome. Im guessing by your title you are having a little trouble with perishing door handles It happens. The rubber handles corrode and split after time which leaves them looking a little tatty. The solution is to fit handles from the Marea which can be painted in the same colour of your car and do not perish. A guide on how to do this can be found here Hi there just thought Id tell you the budget way of repair for the Bravo door handles Were selling my wifes 1.4SX so didnt want to go through the time and cost of replacing the handles. Instead I peeled off the rubber around the barrel portion of the handles (not the pull part) and it looked quite good so I carefully applied translucent silica gel (same stuff you use around the kitchen tops) all the way around the black plastic surrounding the barrel. It actually looks very nice and forms a great seal but I was worried about it coming away from the metal so I cleaned the metal around the barrel plastic with alcohol (Isopropyl). There is some movement between the plastic and the door metal when you open the car door but it is minimal and the gel has held well. The overall result is that the lines of the door looks great and the modification doesnt look out of place Only time will tell as to how long itll last but it is a repair that can be done over and over again very cheaply. By the way Im still a fiat owner Replacement car No2 is a brava 115 ELX with all the trimmings

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FIAT BRAVA 182 Fitting 2007 Fiat 500 Door Handles to a 1995-2001 Fiat Bravo

This was the most miserable and difficult job I have ever done on my car because of the lack of room removing and refitting the door handle rods. But its done Before After The 500 door handles are stylish and quality and fit the Bravo perfectly. New guide httpwww.fiatforum.combravo-brava...iat-bravo.html

FIAT BRAVA 182 fiat brava 1996 door handles help

hi i have a fiat brava an the rubber door handle covers are bad so ive took them all of but cannot get new ones to replace the old ones could i paint them with body paint please help xx

why cant you get hold of new ones is it finding where they sell them or the money if you go scrap yard you can pic them up quiet cheeply or a breakers yard or have a look on ebay left door handle right door handle on the paint side of things ive never painted them so i cant help you there sorry but i hope thats helped

FIAT BRAVA 182 chrome door handles

Ive been checking out pics on the internet of Bravos most of the night Im sure I saw a Bravo with chrome door handles just cant remember the website Im having the cracked door handles problem like many others so if anyone knows where I can get these Id be very grateful Cheers Blakey

As far as I know the chrome door handles are simply the standard ones with the black plastic removed. I have this problem on my brava and Im planning on replacing the handles with Marea ones painted the same colour as my car. - the onlin...or fiat owners h6 Click here for pictures of my Uno Click here for pictures of my brava h6

fiat AR parts man has just had a look at them for me. Apparently it is possible as they are the same size but since the AR handle has an extra bolt (or something) the bravao door will need a bit of work to get it on right. Strangely enough no-one had ever asked them this before.... Think Ill go for sprayed Marea ones then....

FIAT BRAVA 182 Door Handles

Rubberised door handles are all cracked and perished. Lots of others have same problem has anyone got any idea where we can get reasonable price replacements

or you can use alfa 147(chrome) handles with slight modification see pic Attached Thumbnails   __________________ fiat Forum Useful Links Donate to FF    Buy FF Merchandise    Classifieds    FF Insurance    How-to Guides    FAQs Last edited by drunknspike 17-02-2008 at 1420 .   Quote   17-02-2008   4 BILLE Get Your Own Title Join Date Feb 2008

marea heres the difference the marea ones really are 1000000 times better __________________ 1999 yamaha yzf600r thundercat   Quote   20-02-2008   11 operationblade2 The I.C.E King   Join Date Feb 2008 Location Gloucester Posts 27 Thanks 0 Trader Rating 0   Re door handles I am so blatently doing that That looks 25000000 times betta Also as a good tip....if you de-badge your fiat

FIAT BRAVA 182 new fiat 500 front door handles fit bravo brava merea

yep its official i have bought some handles for the new fiat 500 and tried them in the bravo and they fit like a glove with only a couple of mods i havnt got any pics uploaded yet but will soon on how to modify them but basicaly you either modyfy the bends in the opening rod and press it in the other way and chop the counter weight in 2 maintaining a bit of weight in it or leve the rod and completly

Originally Posted by kick ass chome can you paint them becouse i think in the heat they will chip off allso do you recone they fit a matalic silver its a pitty you didnt do a step by step guy like fiatboo that would be awsome i wonder how much will it cost to chrome the head of me car probably cost a fortune to chrome a cylinder head the handles could probably be painted as they are plastic but the

FIAT BRAVA 182 Brava door handles and rattling heat shield

Help. 3 of my door handles are crumbling away. Why is this Also the heat shield behind the engine is rattling at around 2400rpm and is doing my head in. Will it matter if I remove it Whats its purpose Finally how much will replacing the door handles cost me. Cheers Carl.

My brava also has deteriorating door handles and a rattling heat sheild. The door handles I keep meaning to replace with Marea ones the heat shield Ive never investigated.

The door handles on my brava are also the same (all four in fact). I think it is just the soft rubber materials used on the outside of the handles which are not really suited to our environment thus erode over time due to wear & tear weather and the like. I much prefer hard plastic. I had thought about getting them changed but did not see the point if the replaced ones will erode later on. Its not

FIAT BRAVA 182 door handle replacement advice

I have a 1996 brava 1.6 SX. Usual door handles rubber falling off. Will handles from a brava 1998-2002 fit my model or do I specifically need to source handles from a 95-98 model thanks

Originally Posted by kenh I have a 1996 brava 1.6 SX. Usual door handles rubber falling off. Will handles from a brava 1998-2002 fit my model or do I specifically need to source handles from a 95-98 model thanks Yes you can use the handles off a 98 -02 model.

FIAT BRAVA 182 door handles

hi i have 99 brava 1.2 80sx. the door handle rubbers have come off every door and it looks awfull.i know ppl say put marea handles on but i havent got time 2 do this is there anything i can do to make them look better.also is it just me or do thes cars have probs with the left front wheel trim falling off lol as mine has and i see alot of bravasbravos with the same missing thanks for reading and any replies i get.

FIAT BRAVA 182 Alfa 147 handlesdoor lock

Ive got a pair of Alfa 147 handles that Im planning to fit on my fiat Bravo 1.2 16V -00. Drivers door was broken into so this is a great excuse to finally go ahead with installing So Ive got a broken drivers side door lock (and handle) that I need to replace with an Alfa 147 chrome one. Question is the Alfa door lock (cylinder) identical to the one found on Bravo I know the handles need some adjusting

FIAT BRAVA 182 Scabby door handles

As with all Bravoas the door handles on my brava are pretty manky. One of them looks like the cover has been picked off (either that or its a different door handle to the rest). Is it possible to remove the manky cover and if so whats the best way to do it I know I could get some handles from a Marea but Id rather work with what I have. Any disadvantages to removing the peeling cover

FIAT BRAVA 182 Brava door handles

Can anyone tell me if there is an alternative exterior door handle to the standard rubber coated ones fitted to my ELX TD.As the rubber is begining to crack

nope theres no other door handles for the brava all i can suggest is that u delock it brava boy 4 life

My handles are also cracking. I read somewhere that they react with de-icer whether or not its true I dont know. Anyone want to conduct a test on their handles - the onlin...or fiat owners h6 Click here for pictures of my Uno Click here for pictures of my brava h6

FIAT BRAVA 182 Brava door handles

How difficult is it to replace the door handles on the brava as mine have started to split

FIAT BRAVA 182 Marea door handles

I have just rung my local scrap yard and they say they have a few Mareas in with the plastic door handles. Would anybody want any because i can get them and post them to you when i go collect mine. I dont know how many there are so just let me know if you would like some. I dont know about price yet but it shouldnt be alot i will confirm with you once i know your interested.

Ive got a Mk2 brava and the door handles seem quite tough and plasticky. Are they different to the Mk1 handles or can we all expect them to disintegrate eventually

Originally Posted by bluejohn125 Ive got a Mk2 brava and the door handles seem quite tough and plasticky. Are they different to the Mk1 handles or can we all expect them to disintegrate eventually mk2 are same handles as mk1. maybe yours have already been replaced with marea handles or maybe they are just still in good condition.

FIAT BRAVA 182 500 door handles fit fiat Bravo

i took a fiat 500 apart just to see what the mechanism in the handle was like and it looks to be completely identical to the bravo and the shape of the hole in door and everything looks the same so i might be trying to fit some of them at some point when i get the bonnet fixed so for anyone that has been looking at the mall fitting alfa 147 handles look no thurther if these ones work they will fit the pannel perfectly as the alfa ones have a crease running through the handle

two the front mounting bolt i was going to put the one i took apart into my car as a test but ran out of time there not actually that expensive new under 30 quid each and you would need a right hand drive drivers side and a left hand drive drivers side to retain both your locks the only thing i cant be sure on till i try is the shape that the but end locks into on the door skin but i cant see fiat

FIAT BRAVA 182 Door Handles

Just recently started a full time job so more cash seems to be avaliable to me. Until i start paying board but am escaping that so far. Just wondered if anyone else has had problems with their door handles corroding If so what have they done or does anyone know anything you can do stop smarten them back up again. Cheers LB.

there are some keyless marea handles in the classifieds section. these would be good if you have remote central locking. otherwise search on ebay for people breaking fiat mareas and call up and get the handles (if they are available) they go pretty quickley for people to replace their bravobrava handles with cal

FIAT BRAVA 182 Door Handles Rotting Away

Hi any of you out there had any problems with the door handles on a brava rotting away. I have a 98 sx and all four handle surrounds are rotting away is it just mineor is it common.

Everyone has this problem. Theres nothing you can do except replace the handles. Marea ones can be sprayed the same colour as the car and wont rot. fiat brava 1.6 HSX fiat Uno 1.1 ieS.

Scrapyard D. Theres also the Alfa Romeo 147 chrome door handles if a. you are handy with mechanics and b. you are loaded. font colorviolet . o O Helz O o . Proud owner of a silver Baby brava with a Smiley air freshener font idviolet

FIAT BRAVA 182 Interior Door Handles

Hello ppl... Ive just purchased a fiat bravo SX80 W reg.. and need some advise... After purchasing i did notice some minor probs with the car 1- cigarret slot not working not sure if its the fuse as no actual cigarett burner was included... 2- lock on the boot is not working with normal and red key 3- interior door handles are really ckuffed I was wanting to replace but dont know the price.. Could

the door handles are only held on with 2 3mm allen bolts and take about 2 seconds to fit and are dirt cheap. Met Cognac 99 brava 100 HSX what do you want cupholders open door warning light grow up

FIAT BRAVA 182 Door handles and headlight bulbs on Ebay Links inside

Im on a tight budget and need new door handles and would really like the white light bulbs you see on cars. I had a look around and the door handles are a pain since most scrappys have them but the rubbers have worn. I found these on Ebay does anyone know if they will fit and if they are worth what the seller is asking They look like they have the plastic surround so theres no chance of the rubber

The handles will fit but if i were you id look for some of an old marea. These are fully plastic and dont have the rubber which will perish. Best thing is to search on ebay for fiat marea breaking and there is a few and just ask about the handles. Then you can spray them what colour you need.I got a set of 4 for my brava off ebay for 25 quid so look around. As for the bulbs id always go for osram nightbreakers they look good in marea polys too

FIAT BRAVA 182 door handle

Have anybody tried to remove rubber from door handle if it is damaged or if it looks fried (stayed plastic handle) and then paint them with same colour as car is I saw something similar on Marea.

-Hello -the doors of the Marea are different than the ones on brava... I have the same problem as you with the door handles... -but either you change them with some new ones for Bravoa or... leave them as they are -Thats what I did

-The Marea door handles fit without problems... without modifying cutting etc... The dealership of fiat here in Greece told me they need some modifying... -If they fit without modifying Ill go and pick some up...

everyone has this problem with those bloomin handles just dont do wat i did. mine was so messed up the scrappy didnt have any marea or brava or bravo handles so i went to the fiat dealer and to get um fitted it cost me a wopping 340 pounds. 340 Pounds i could have bought half a bodykit for that.

Sorry for the quality of pic - weatherphone camera. So this is how it looks like without rubber. Attached Thumbnails   __________________ fiat Forum Useful Links Donate to FF    Buy FF Merchandise    Classifieds    FF Insurance    How-to Guides    FAQs Last edited by krca 15-01-2005 at 2152 .   Quote   15-01-2005   8 Helz Forum moderator  

FIAT BRAVA 182 Door handles. )

Hey guys. I know the bravobravamarea handles are all interchangable. and the Alfa 147s with some modifications but my question is are the fiat 500(I think it was a 500)s handles also able to fit our bravos I had a look at one today and its the same kind of thing same mechanism etc. but cant decide if theyre slightly bigger. Theyre chrome though. ] Anyone tired this

FIAT BRAVA 182 Door Handles

As previously stated I have a 97 5 door 1.4 brava the door handles are rubber coated and split to buggery where can I get some decent replacements are they easy to fit and will the locks swap over or have to be replaced Cheers

FIAT BRAVA 182 Bravo door handles

Hello all . Just a quick question. Does anybody know where I could buy some new front door handles for my fiat 1999 Bravo They are in good working order but the rubber on the handles have perished and looks gross Any ideas

FIAT BRAVA 182 Marea Door handles

Hey guys im looking for two sets of rear marea door handles ive rung about 50 breakers to day and apparently not one has a fiat marea are they just fobbing me off anyway i was just wandering if anyone has a set they want to sell or know of any i know there are a few mareas breaking on ebay but i dont realy trust the people to take them off without breaking them any help would be greatly appreciated cheers

i was always looking for mareas in scrapyards and only ever found one which was bare. went to the scrap yard last week and there were 3 mareas complete with polyecliptical headlights a few door handles and centre consoles... shame ive sold my brava and was actually looking for an early metro to steal parts from.

FIAT BRAVA 182 Loose door handle

Hey guys on my brava 99 I have the drivers handle very loose it jiggles a lot.... I was wondering does this hapens often Im gonna have to remove the inside pannels of the door and the mouldings to tighten it. Should this be a problem or is it easy Thanxall.

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  • Front Door Handle Near Side RIGH SIDE RH compatible with FIAT BRAVA BRAVO 95-01 - London,United Kingdom (21.98 GBP)
  • Front Door Handle Outer Side LEFT SIDE LH compatible with FIAT BRAVA BRAVO 95-01 - London,United Kingdom (21.98 GBP)

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