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fiat brava distributor 182
fiat brava distributor 182

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FIAT BRAVA 182 distributor type thing

hey my coil pack or something like that has packed in. it goes where the distributor normally goes.... anyhoo it got wet and i reckon it needs replacing cylinder 3 isnt firing and its not the lead or plug. it must be this right If i do fit a new one will the engine need to be tuned by a fiat dealer 99 brava 100 HSX with not enough mods

nah just bolt on and go as far as i know) The fiat Cinquecento Fun While It Runs

Custard Boy is right this is just a bolt on unit. All the tuning is in the ECU . The part you are on about is a mere 160 Euro though so make sure it is that bit Alfa Romeo 156 2.4 JTD (210BHP) fiat Punto JTD (130BHP) fiat Barchetta THE fiat Bravo site

just got one delivered for 50 euro second hand. car going like a rocket (as quick as a 1.6 rocket can) and only took 5 mins to fit yipee part is actually 165 plus vat bringing it to 200 euros or thereabouts no thanx plus id have to collect it and get it ordered from England 99 brava 100 HSX with not enough mods

thanks for finding that out though haynes manual is da bible 99 brava 100 HSX with not enough mods

FIAT BRAVA 182 Cracked Distributor Cap

Hi Folks Noticed today that my distributor cap is cracked about 2.5cm along the top and wide enough to get a 3mm feeler gauge into it at the widest point . Have had timing problems with this Bravo t reg 1.6 petrol since some cam carrier gaskets were changed and having the valve timing looked at tommoro.(Timing on the belt already checked). Question is is the distributor cap replacement an easy DIY

doe the 1.6 engine have a dristributor think not mine ( the 1.4 ) has electronic spark timing so.. would bet the 1.6 does to. might you mean the coil pack

View Distributor for FIAT BRAVA

warnings and is amber when lit. no not only only diesles all models. 100% definately on my 1.6 and 1.8 there was no engine management light at all not even the symbol on the cluster. same for my 156. the only bravo or brava models i have seen with an engine management light did not have an injector light at all. it changed to the engine symbol to follow other manufacturers but before that every fiat

FIAT BRAVA 182 Fiat Brava 1.2 Turbo

when i dicovered this site i found a thread about the cinq with a 1.2 (1242cc) turbo convertion done now my car which is a brava 1.2 has the same engine difference being the brava has a coil pack instead of a distributor Im very keen to fit a turbo but not sure if i can all advice gr8full

FIAT BRAVA 182 Brava Thermostat

Hi all I am probably going to sound like a completer doon brain But can anyone tell me where the thermostat on a 1.6ELX P Plate brava is located and are they fairly straight forward to change All help greatly appreciated.

I found this old thread and I liked the sound of replacing the thermostat insert rather than the whole housing. I have removed and tested and verified that the thermostat insert doesnt work properly any more. However Im now completely stumped about where to actually source a replacement None of the usual web based parts distributors recognise the Mera TV-170 when I search for it. Has anyone successfully sourced a replacement insert for their fiat 1.6 engine Where did you buy it from Thanks Joe

FIAT BRAVA 182 Brava Misfire

Hi folks first time post owned a couple of unos over the years and bought a Multipla couple of years ago had no problems. Decided to buy a 1.4 12v brava whos cam belt had snapped. bought 2nd hand engine fitted all running fine. for a week (old engine now in scrappy) today got a miss fire on acceleration found no 4 plug cracked earthing out replace plugs all ok for 10 minutes got another miss fire on

FIAT BRAVA 182 Brava 1.2 16v ht lead sequence

can anyone tell me what sequence the ht leads go for a 1.2 16v brava and before anyonesays anything yes i did mark where they went but my nob head brothering-law who thinks hes a mechanic rubbed the marks of as they were only tipex

Originally Posted by ilsonemo any images of what is what cus 1-3-4-2 means sod all cheers anyway Its the order in which the engine fires or to which order the plug gets the spark. Its looking from the top of the engine down. (Hence in brackets i put 1 is closest the cambelt). 1-3-4-2 means a lot get the leads on wrong and opps I didnt think from the distributor cap as its labelled and im sure youd of noticed that if your changing them.

there is no distributor cap but the coil packs are labelled - the photo i posted above is off a photo of a brava coil pack

FIAT BRAVA 182 no spark

hey i am a new fiat owner. i purchased a 78 spider yesterday. its a restoration project. So here is my deal. I get no spark off the distributer at all. i did the screwdriver frame test. same test indicates that no electricity is running to the coil. (new battery has been installed) There is juice running into the coil off one of the wires. i figured it was a bad coil but usually a bad coil will do

Sorry a bit confused. You say indicates that no electricity is running to the coil. (new battery has been installed) then you say There is juice running into the coil off one of the wires What kind of ignition set up is it contact breaker partial electronic LOW TENSION SIDE If its contact breaker then see if theres a flash at the contacts by pulling apart contacts with a screwdriver with ignition on.

well i am havin trouble finding my multimeter so i used a curcuit test light. it showed no current on the cable that runs to the distributer from the coil. So i assume no juice is runnin past the coil. When the contacts are closed then the LT lead from the coil to the distributor is taken to earth youll only see voltage there when the points are open when the lead is then connected to earth through

got in at the car this mornin...the lead to the run point of the distributor was disconnected and the points were pretty crappy. i set the start at .017 and the run at .019. ran some starter fluid in and rolled it over only to have the starter give out. ordered a new one and will go after it again on sunday (probably). i am also havin a hard time finding the fuel filter....any suggestions

so here it is...i put a new starter in...not a fun task i might add. found out my alternator was also shot but i put the old one back for continuity purposes. rolled it over still no spark. the coil has around 7.4 volts running into it (its new). the distributor has new point and a new condenser (i will have to fight the old one off) when it just sits there aint a lot of power runnin into the alternator

FIAT BRAVA 182 Urgent Help Any Ideas

Just new to the forum - but hoping to spend alot of time here because Ihave just today got a brava 1.4s - however I have had a little problem. Can anyone please tell me the timing sequence and also if you look at the top of the engine with the distributor on the right of the engine - i need to find out which lead goes on where. eg. upper front (towards bumper) - goes to number 1 upper rear - goes to

FIAT BRAVA 182 Please help - Engine Backfiring

Hope someone can help - Ive got a 1997 Bravo 1.4 12v. Car has been stood for about two weeks and when Ive come to drive it there is distinct lack of power (No jokes about it being a 1.4 please) and it sounds like its maybe not firing on all cylinders. At low revs it makes a backfiring sound from the engine NOT exhaust but at air intake. Could it be the HT leads or ignition unit causing this and why does it make that noise

Could be a few reasons that come to mind. I am no garage mechanic but have dabbled quite a bit with engines. Yes it could be the HT leads coil or distributor. I am sure there is something you can do with an amp meter attached to each lead to test them. Also check inside the distributor to make sure the contacts are not black ( normally distributors just pop off with two clips but I am not sure how

If dampness is the problem try spraying WD40 or some other maintenance spray over your leads distributor and coil. tchuey69 thanked for this post

FIAT BRAVA 182 JTD boost

hi all i have a 2000 1.9jtd and its as flat as a witches tit. it seems to have got slowly worse i suspect its the EGR stuck open but i wondered if anyone else has had a similar problem the turbo seems to be boosting ok as i can hear it spool up but it sure doesnt fell like its applying any intake pressure at slow speeds. i worked as a fiat mechanic for 15 years but left the very same week the jtd came

Hi Please be careful with Peter Crago from Probe distributors he never sent me the distributor I payed for. I sent him many mail but I never received the part and he never refund for it.

A friend came and help me but he said that the distributor aint getting no current

distributor they dont have a distributor. i think you mean the coil pack. they commonly fail on pretty much all the bravoa range. its an easy fix so be thankful

FIAT BRAVA 182 Engine Management Light Temp Gauge

After driving for about a hour tonight in my 1.6 bravo 100 hlx the engine management light came on and the temp gauge dropped from about half way up to the C cold indicator and then began to fluctuate as we drove on. Any ideas and i would be extremely grateful thanks in advance

I suppose it might affect the ECU regulation of the fuelair mixture as engine is always coldcool running rich Probably affect engine in the long run Not a particularly difficult job (correct tools always does a Haynes Manual). Most important of all have lots of patience. It can get frustrated at times. This is what I can remember when I had a go myself 1) Drain coolant removal of coolant

FIAT BRAVA 182 Camshaft And Tappets

I want to change the camshaft on the Bravo (1.4 12v) so ive bought this I also need to replace the tappets when i asked the bloke whos going to fit these parts for me he said that the followers in the kit ive bought ARE the tappets. When looking at these I think hes wrong. Is he do i need to buy the tappets in the above link Thanks.

Youre right - these are only followers not tappets Why do you replace the tappets Are they worn or stuck Also - will you replace the oil distributor Dunno the name but I mean the spider. Plus its o-ring seals of course as they cause the loss of oil pressure in the spider.

Originally Posted by Tomasso Youre right - these are only followers not tappets Why do you replace the tappets Are they worn or stuck Also - will you replace the oil distributor Dunno the name but I mean the spider. Plus its o-ring seals of course as they cause the loss of oil pressure in the spider. The tappets are noisy the car is running rough so wanted to get that done first. Do i need to replace the oil distributor

FIAT BRAVA 182 Brava running on 3 cylinders

My 2001 brava 100 SX 16v is running on 3 cylinders. Ive replaced the spark plugs which temporarily fixed the prob but after 5 miles power was lost and it was back to 3 cylinders. The EOBD light is on continuously. From reading other probs on this site it seems the injector is the cause. Ive narrowed it down by taking out the HT leads and it seems cylinder 3 is the problem. Ive tested all the HT leads

jug - you surely have a set of ribe bits if anyone cant get them off the shelf go to a sealey or draper tool distributor they should be able to order you some - if they dont know what they are ask for a catalogue or you can order direct. and buy 2 sets smaller bits will get broken.. Owen.

FIAT BRAVA 182 no spark brava

hi there first time post from me ive just bought a brava 1.2 sx80 for my daughter it was running but my nephew who i bought it off put new plug leads on and now it wont spark at all the only reason its had new leads is because one was damaged im very frustrated can any one help please any advice gladly recieved many thanks... steve

hi is the coil the distributor where the plug leads go in if so ive bought a new one of those and still no spark some one help please

FIAT BRAVA 182 Brava 1.4sx - Car wont crank

Hi All I am seeking for your help once again. Looks like the problem on my 97 fiat brava 1.4sx has come back to haunt me after a year A couple of weeks back I was driving home one rainy day the car just came to a stop at the side of the street. Tried to restart it the engine tries but it did not want to crank (turn over). The next day it restarted again until yesterday it was raining heavily and thundering

I dont understand when you say the engine tries but does not want to crank Is the engine turning over ie cranking but just not starting Or is the starter not turning the engine overat all Have you changedchecked the plug leads Do you have an engine top protective cover on Is that wet underneath Have you tried the car without the protective cover on often itll prevent moisture from actually getting

FIAT BRAVA 182 Yet another Bravo 1.8HLX

Im new on here but some of you may know me from the bravo forum. anyway here are some pics of my car. pretty standard as it will be until boxing day when i can fit the springs front spoiler and induction kitD. Hopefully next time i post pics it will have changed a lot. Chris Bravo 1.8HLX Debadged Black Repeaters

Very pretty - love the colour - I want one Steve 1989 fiat Panda 1000CL Electronic distributor Lotsnlotsnlots of RUST Copper brake pipes Currently immobile with a knackered gearbox Replacement 5-speed box in garage ready to fit ...


Heres my baby seen by a number of you before at various shows. These pics were taken at Donny in the Park last September. The car no longer has the graphics on it D Si. 2.0 20v Black HGT

Tell me about it ... Steve Tries to drive a Panda 1000CL [0] but still has a sense of humour (Im on and 1989 fiat Panda 1000CL Electronic distributor Metamec copper brake pipes Currently immobile with a knackered gearbox ) Replacement 5-speed box and new QH clutch in garage ready to fit and is likely to remain there for some time yet due to my EXTREME LAZINESS (and its cold and wet out there - okay so Im a wimp) ...

FIAT BRAVA 182 Overheating

My car for some reason has started to overheat I did notice water running from the rad area at the front i topped up the rad but water did not run out.... I put some radweld stuff in and two bottles of coolent it still over heated but no signs of dripping. I looked under the oil cap and dipstick all clear. I dont know where the bleeding things are to bleed the cooling system.. i think the fan does

First off I dont agree with the tone of Bluejohn but I do kinda agree to his message. Things like a cold radiator while the engine is cooking over are indications of SERIOUS problems. You shouldnt have been driving the car at all. (Even to a garage it would have been better to get a tow) The way he gives his message is not really the best way to do it. But his sentiment of this could have been avoided

FIAT BRAVA 182 Starting engine problem

Hi I recently bought a Bravo on an N reg. Sometimes it will not fire up when you try to start it. The dizzy is producing sparks no problem. I think that the problem is to do with the fuel cut off system. When you turn the key the lights on dash come on then the key warning light goes out and I turn ignition key to the start position the engine turns but no start. Yesterday whilst somebody operated

the thing youre calling a distributor is a coil pack. they dont really cause occasional starting problems. id suspect the lambda sensor could be the cause if it only occurs when the engine is warm.


Been having a look at Celtic Tuning & Angel Tuning and they both offer the CDA and the DIAS - which is the better one to use Yes the CDA is made from carbon but does that really make so much of a difference in performance...

Originally Posted by MagnaMorbius Nige Im loving the advertising plug So pound for pound the DIAS is more effective correct You said the DIAS is being tuned for very similar results to the CDA - does that mean that the CDA will give better performance (to be honest if Im going to be spending over 300 notes for an mod and paying more for the insurance I might as well spend a few extra quid to get the

FIAT BRAVA 182 Bravo intermittent starting fault

I have a 1999 Bravo SX which is showing an intermittent starting fault when the engine turns over but doesnt fire. This occurred more in the winter when it was damp and on one occasion the AA mechanic I called out got it going after cleaning out and drying some electrical connectors at the lower front of the engine. (sensor cable) I even got it going myself one damp day by blowing a hairdryer on the

it tells the ecu what position the crankshaft is at and what the speed of rotation is (rpm) which is critical for ignition timing. no signal means no sparks and if your sparkplugs arent sparking it will never start. cars that use a distributor do not need a crank sensor so i guess youve previously owned older cars.

FIAT BRAVA 182 Help urgently needed

Hi Guys Urgently need help with my Bravo HGT147 - starts from cold and runs for approximately 30 mins brilliantly then completely cuts out and will not restart at all. Leave it for approximately 10 mins and it will begin to fire on a couple of cylinders but wont accelerate leave it for another 10 mins or so and it will start and run excellently as before. Red injector light seems to take a few seconds

Originally Posted by goodgirl156 .why do you need photos Hi Sometimes people have modified engines under the bonnet. Sometimes people get rid of the ignition coils and go back to a ignition distributor. The photo just saves time all round. The mileage tells you what the chances are of the components reaching the end of their useful life.

FIAT BRAVA 182 starting problems with bravo 1.6

i have been having some problems with my bravo lately when starting it the car wont start first time when leave off for a long while u turn the key and nothing happens just a click under the bonnet the engine doesnt turn over either but if u continue to turn the key in the ignition it will start up ok and after driving it for a while its fine. At first i thought that this was the symptoms of a dead

wat about distributor it may need cleaning had similar problem with my last car

where about is this distributor thing located and is the starter at the top right of the engine on the bravo or is it located at the bottom

The Bravo 1.6 doesnt have a distributor does it If the battery is new and the alternator is fine then check for a good electrical earth contact at the battery and engine. Its pretty cold so it puts the biggest strain on batteryalternator and starter motor at ths time of year so poor electrical connections anywhere there wilol show up. Once the car warms up then the dampness disappears so end of problem

Originally Posted by Deckchair5 The Bravo 1.6 doesnt have a distributor does it Aint that old mate Uses neg trigger from ecu . Stick a jump lead from the neg battery to engine lift bracket(or bolt etc)& see if it startsquick way of checking the engine earth.

FIAT BRAVA 182 spark plugs

Hi Ive just started to experience something like a flat spot when I push the throttle but its not always in the same place or all the time. Is this a plug problem Thanks.

Hi Just change plugs and took it for a spin and did it again when I replace leads do they come off at the end where it would have been distributor cap or are they factory fitted to the cap Also have been reading about over things that might be causing the flat spotdie but they all seem to indicate a backfire as part of the symptons. any ideas as mine is not backfiring. Thanks.

Hi Beefy Yeah the leads just pull off where it would be a distributor but its a bit of a fight. That is actually a coil pack. You can do a resistance test on the coil pack to check its condition. They can cause missfires. Click for bigger image.

FIAT BRAVA 182 Bravo is ill advice

My bravo has all of a sudden become ULTRA-sluggish It was perfect yesterday and this morning it just wont move it wont got above 50mph and it takes forever to get there Ive been flat out all day just to try and keep up to traffic on 30mph roads The engine seems to rev ok but for some reason there is no delivery of power to the car anyone have any ideas what this could be I know what its not the clutch

first couple of possibilities to check Either ECU is in safe mode (although resetting it should have counted that out) Sparks are gone distributors packed in Spark leads have corroded Cam belts slipped and timings now out (if its drinkin petrol and feels sluggish it could well be that) last one as stupid as it seems is check the handbrake cable and brakes arent draggin sounds stupid but it does happen fairly often hope you figure it out Donny

FIAT BRAVA 182 Preparing for winter

Hey guys Winter time is around the corner and this year I plan to be fully prepared to it. What do you think should be done to the car in order to cope with the huge amount of rain and cold itll be getting Maybe putting the rear wiper motor in a plastic bag what do you think Tell me what else can we do engine electrical and body-wise. Thankyou

The HT leads ( each with a spark plug on the end lol ) First use a nice dry cloth and wip any oil muck and stuff of them then from end to end spray the WD40 along the wire to the distributor and allow to dry normally . Also do the same with the coil and anything else you can find under the bonnet with the exception of anything computerised im not sure what WD40 would do to the ECU WD40 is a

FIAT BRAVA 182 1.4 hydraulic lifter died

Hi All My 98 1.4 Bravo has had valve tappet sounds when starting for as long as I can remember but it always went away after a few seconds. But now one of the lifter has died. I popped the cam cover off and I can push the faulty tappet down about 1cm right above the lifter. Its springy. The other ones dont move when I push them down. It seems like the lifter is stuck down. Is it possible to pry the

I was just at the dealer and ordered some. He said the distributor had only 4 in stock at a price of about 14 EUR (110 NOK). Prices here are so insane I wont be surprised if it is per piece but that would make my day if it was a complete set. I ordered all 4 figuring that was better than none. It looks like I only NEED 2 so Im hoping this will sort me out.

My 1.1 ieS had a similar fault. It was the distributor. A common fault as mentioned above. fiat brava 1.6 HSX fiat Uno 1.1 ieS.

FIAT UNO II some help please

right... i aint got a clue on this one and it might not be a problem ever again but its wierd and i wanna know whats going on ... I just had to goto the shop to get something and got into my Uno 999cc fire and started it. started fine first time (as usual) but was idling a little bit higher than usual... nothing to be concerned about (i thought) and didnt pay any attention to it. Drove off upto the

Possibly your distributor. It sounds just like what happened to my 1.1. - the onlin...or fiat owners h6 Click here for pictures of my Uno Click here for pictures of my brava h6

not holding out much hope for your engine. The Lampredi engine is a non-safe engine so the valves often hit the pistons and bend when the cam belt brakes. Of course if you have a FIRE then you are sweet with a broken cam belt and they are really easy to replace. If you have the OHV engine then you wont have a cam belt. Attached Thumbnails   __________________ Current 1987 Uno (1580cc) 1997 brava

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