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fiat brava diesel engine 182
fiat brava diesel engine 182

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FIAT BRAVA 182 my diesel engine sounds really bad problem

At first I would like to say hello to everybody Im new here on the fiat Forum ))) I have a fiat brava since 4 years its an brava TD 100 and since 2 days Im having a bad sound on my diesel engine It comes after a fast drive on the highway before the engine get off during the drive The engine doesnt have much oil inside because of the defected turbocharger... Ive checked the head of the engine and there

FIAT BRAVA 182 pumping diesel to engine after running tank dry on btava 100jtd

friend ran brava jtd fuel dry how do you get the fuel to run through to engine

Originally Posted by Impact62 friend ran brava jtd fuel dry how do you get the fuel to run through to engine Not knowing the bravoa But most cars with a basic lift pump in the rear tank that humming noise on first ignition Turn ignition on and off about 3 to 4 times Then try cranking However running dry has its problems It means gunge may be sucked up - may require filter change Fuel pumps use the

fuel diesel on fiat brava 100jtd has been run til empty.does anyone know how to prime fuel to there a manual priming pump on the vehicle. Most Easterly Pandas disliked this post

Originally Posted by Impact62 fuel diesel on fiat brava 100jtd has been run til empty.does anyone know how to prime fuel to there a manual priming pump on the vehicle. This is your second thread on the same issue in 2 hours. Youve had an answer here on your origional thread httpwww.fiatforum.combravo-brava...mlpost3268068

There is a liftpump in the back. Prime it with the key couple times and the do 10sec start and let the starter cool down for half a minute. Repeat. On old TD you would be cracking the injectorspump open to bleed them but do not even consider it with JTD as it is commonrail type. You could bleed water out of the fuelfilter should have a point somewhere under the housing. Ive poured etherbrake cleaner

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FIAT BRAVA 182 bravo 1.6 engine petrol engine runs like diesel

Hi I bought a 2000 model 1.6 Bravo Sx In a reasonable condition. I had lots of problems with the engine sound runnig also exhoust leakage. But I still have some problems. Like 1) engine does not run smooth It runs like a diesel engine lots of sounds coming from the engine. Firts I tought that the sound came from the exhaust heat cover. I toke it sound was gone a little but it still make sound. And

your problem sounds exactly like injector failure which is very common on the 1.6. you can check by measuring the resistance of your inejctors any less than 13ohms should be replaced. there is a connector at the right hand side of the fuel rail disocnnect it and then use a multimeter to test the resistance of the injectors use the centre pin as earth and the other 4 pins are each for an injectors test

I checked injectors after your message. Resistances are 16.616.516.816.6 . What else could it be

Youre right We also get suspicious about badly replaced timing belt or non-functioning belt tensor. Now we decided to open the engine and look all the things cams pistons valves intake & throttle on monday. PS Ill put a turbo and independent 4 throttle bodies on my machine. I bought a second-hand intercooler from an Alfa. These are pictures of the Alfa image2.sahibinden.comphotos912big_6382359_77676_y4wy912.jpg

Hi again we opened the upper-end of the engine cams springs valves etc. We saw that valves guides inside diameters are not in the limites. Some of them are bigger than it should. So we replaced all of them. Alse we changed water pump because its belt disc was vibrating and lost its balance. And we put all the parts back to the engine. It runs perfectly now no vibration at all. Goes like jet Thank you again. See you in a different Thread.

FIAT BRAVA 182 brava turbo diesel missing and smokey

can any one helpi have a 1999 brava TD100 that developed a miss and a puff of white smokeits at the stage now where you cant drive it coz the smoke and it dies then picks up againi have had the injectors tested and their okcompression checkedokit seem to do it most upto 2000 rpmany help would be great coz its doing my head in now and i dont like garages

Especially when using crappy supermarket diesel. My tipo (same engine as 100TD brava AFAIK) suddenly had a loss of power on the A1M. Would just about rev in neutral but engaging the drive would bring on engine braking. Changed the fuel filter and found lumps of white solid all around the top of the filter. Changed and ran fine after that until the head gasket eventually started to give way.

FIAT MAREA 185 td75 brava no diesel at injectors

My car broke down at lightsAA man thought cam belt may have slipped.Took of rocker cover to see belt no lost teeth on belt and tension seems goodturned engine over no problems but engine would not start Undone diesel pipe at injector turned over engine no diesel came out just a sucking noise at fuel filter for about 3 seconds .Thanks to everyone that replyed to my previous enquiry .My car is a brava td75 1997 any thoughts would be a help

FIAT BRAVA 182 brava diesel dies

hi all Right here goes the vehicle in question is a fiat brava 1.9jtd elx 105 you can be driving along perfectly fine and pull up to traffic lights and with no warning the engine dies no coughing no spluttering no lights on dash just dies. just time she fired staright back up but yesterday it did it again and wont fire up for about 3 mins. its completely random it went on a very long jouney and was

FIAT BRAVA 182 Problems with diesel Brava

Hi I have a 1999 fiat brava TD100 Everytime I start the car (starts fine) a few seconds later the revs start going up and down a few times (almost to the point of stalling) and then after 5 or so seconds idling returns to normal. Also as the engine is cold the revs hang around 1000rpm and as it starts to warm the revs drop to 900. It has been doing this for a few weeks. There seems to be no problem

The noise of the engine hunting when cold and idling is perfectly normal. You may not have noticed it but I would suggest it has always done this specifically when the ambient air is cold. I did read once why it was but I cant remember the reason other than it was something to do with it being unhealthy to idle a modern diesel engine at constant revs when it is cold. Im sure someone can come-up with

FIAT BRAVA 182 Brava 1.6 16v engine problems

Basicly my mother has a 35000 mile Y plate 1.6 16v brava she called me late lastnight to say the engine was making funny noises and she didnt want to carry on home so i went out to have a look. The engine sounds like a diesel when running knocking like mad Called the AA and hes said the cams arent getting oil either its blocked or fooked so he towed it home. The downside is after checking the receipt

FIAT BRAVA 182 All bravo brava owners need to look at this power loss and engine destruction

ok not sure if this has been brought up before but i will try make this one a stiky as im sure it affects allot of peoples cars or will do with time as it is only a matter of time on a large number of cars firstly if your car has one of these style inlets be it diesel or petrol doesent matter most of them did read on thurther more if it has bonnet sound deadening you will need to make a simple mod

fiat actually released a service news about diesels about this and told dealers to cut it as they had a serious risk of sucking oil due to the turbo petrols were not done but as i have found out you can blow a petrol engine with this fault also it seems from your posts that fiat modified the mk2s in order to fix the fault but i still think cuttting the part out is better as even pinned up with a plug

FIAT BRAVA 182 1997 Bravo Diesel

Anyone know where I can purchase the manual for this car its not the petrol engine its diesel so I cannot find the manual for this any place on the internet Help

There are a few you books you could buy however i recommend getting the following.... 1. You can use the Haynes manual for bodywork interior some mechanical and most electricals. 2. You can use the The porters Manual to cover the diesel engines but it isnt really the best book for the Bravoa Marea. 3. Your best bet is to use the fiat workshop manuals. Heres the LINK . I can put the fiat Bravo Haynes

FIAT BRAVA 182 Coupe turbo engine in Bravo

Just read on either ebay or autotrader of a bravo with a 220hp turbo coupe motor in it. is that a bolt in job or a cut and weld the chassis job is there any other larger motors within easy reach of the Bravo Did fiat give the Bravo Leather seats Many thanks - John

let me help you out the coupe bravo brava 155 tempra 145 146 delta hpe are all based on the same car the tipo. The engine bays are all the same size a 1.4 bravo had the same amount of space in it as a 20vt coupe. the wish bones are not all the same length but the the subframes are. You can fit any engine from any other tipo based car into any other one ideally you need a whole donor car. Some things

FIAT BRAVA 182 uno 1.7 diesel timing marks pleeeeessss

Hi can anyone enlighten me cant see any marks on inj pump i have cam pulley and crankshaft sussed .a diagram would make me eternally gratefull .thanks for looking Steve

As to my very vast(not) knowledge of the fiat diesel engines. At work we just use tippex to mark 1 tooth by they tend to move. Have a look for a hole in the pulley if it has try putting a 10mm head bolt in the hole. It may lock in position. Ill have a look for a diagram for u. Good Luck ) Pete K&N Induction Kit On A Panda Never

FIAT BRAVA 182 Brava Diesel Injectors

Hi does anybody know if the injectors in my brava 100 td elx are single or multi point thanks

Multipoint means having 1 injector per cylinder as opposed to singlepoint which means having 1 injector shared between all cylinders of the engine. All common car diesel engines have 1 injector per cylinder so its multipoint.

FIAT BRAVA 182 Ford Fiesta engine sound

Hi. New to this forum and would like some help. I have a brava 1.4 S -97 that sounds a bit like an old Fieasta from the engine. Almost like a diesel. It is not a knocking sound and the car runs great. Is this how these sounds thanks JD

FIAT BRAVA 182 New Engine

First off Happy font colororangeSt.Paddysfont idorange day to all the Irish guys and gals Recently had to replace the engine in my 1997 bravo 1.9TD (due to 2 cracks in the block). Got the new one dropped in last night but wont start. There is fuel getting to all the injectors etc... I have a feeling it may be a electric thing. Does anyone know if the ECU needs reset or anything When u connect the battery

hey im just wondering if a 1.9 TD engine from a fiat bravo would fit in my fiat punto mk1 1.7 TD so do you have a photo of your engine i would like to see it so I can determine if it fits in my car. Thnx walter Power to the diesel

FIAT BRAVA 182 1.9 JTD Engine problem....

Hi All I have a real problem with my 2002 1.9jtd. The engine will start and run fine but it will cut out after about 30 seconds to a minute. As the engine cuts there is a Click from the passenger footwell area . . Codes checked and NO faults are stored.....but the red injector light is on ALL the time on the dashboard. . When the OBD data is viewed in live mode Both the IAT and the ETC are 215 Degrees

A second with google Used to be called fiatECUScan so try to guess what it does. Ive used a cheap USB-KKL with it you can find those cheap everywhere on the net. Also tried ELM327 bluetooth but windows is complete crap with bluetooth. Some sensors have their own ground cables form sensor and the fact that it runs 30seconds suggests the power should not be an issue. Usually

FIAT BRAVA 182 excellent engine cleaning technique

hi all i work with a guy that has an r32 skyline and he was tellling me a really good way of cleaning your engine that he found by complete accident. all you do is when you need to change your oil fill it up but add two litres of diesel into it. then ruint the car for about half an hour. next completely drain all of the oil and diesel from the system and put in the new stuff. the reason this works

FIAT BRAVA 182 Diesel wont switch off

Hi All I just got a 100sx turbo diesel i drove it home after picking it up and she drove like a dream but when i got home i turned off the ignition and the battery light stayed on and the engine carried on running i had to stall the car for the engine to cut off The guy i got it from had said that the car needed a fuel pump sensor now 1) I thought diesels had injector pumps instead of fuel pumps and

I heard this can happen when diesels starts burning engine oil S

Originally Posted by justin.accurate I heard this can happen when diesels starts burning engine oil S I dont know about this my dad had a diesel pickup (non turbo though) that used a bit of oil but it always switched off on the key

Yeah a diesel can run on oil mist from the sump usually if its ringsbores are trashed or if a flame trap has gone. Usually this results in it revving up to valve bounce and running on until all the oil is gone and it siezes. Yours sounds more controlled than that so I would vote for the fuel pump staying on. Ive driven older diesels with engine driven pumps that had a valve lifter fitted to stop them.

FIAT BRAVA 182 1.4 engine blew up

Hey all my mates 1.4 engine in his bravo blew up a few weeks ago. Any ideas on where i can get him another 1.4 engine You recon i should just rummage threw a scrap yard lol. How much do you think ill have to pay for it (just the engine not to fit it)

Originally Posted by jug theres no real price difference between any of the models. it depends more on age and milage. Only model really holding their value are the JTDs . I personally dont think the reliability between the petrol and diesel versions is that bad. Most fiat petrol engines (apart from the 1.4 12v) seem well built and good for maybe 200k Guess people really apreciate the extra mpg and slightly lower tax and consumables.

FIAT BRAVA 182 Engine chek light on

2001 1.6 Had some very poor running problems replaced Lambda and running well engine check light went out on its own but has returned engine still seems to be running normally there is an exhaut leak at the join between cat and flexi. Could you give me some advice on what to check. Reluctant to have garage investigate due to cost and lack of trust.

Bad news fiats are not ODB2 supportive. Good news if i remember correctly reader u bought supports EODB too written by joske (soemthing) The Bravoa and Mareas are not ODBII they are EODB however they use the universal ODBII connector. fiat started to fit EODB connectors to cars before the auto legislation changed to make it compulsory for ODB and ODBII all-in-one diagnostic ports to be fitted to new

is the in tank fuel pump running the whole time . Does the engine die suddenly when the light comes on or does it slowly die . And how does it restart - straight away or does it take a bit of cranking . You may have to get another diagnostic done to see whats happening here - watch the fuel rail pressure live data when its starting and running.. Dont attempt to strip any of the pumpregulator down. or take it back to fiat and tell them to fix it properly this time - kick up a fuss.. Owen.

5secs. till relay clicks it will restart immediately That was what used to happen now it dies within 5 - 10 secs. with same restart. You may have to get another diagnostic done to see whats happening here - watch the fuel rail pressure live data when its starting and running.. OK weighing up options on how to get it there Dont attempt to strip any of the pumpregulator down. OK or take it back to fiat

FIAT BRAVA 182 Bio diesel conversions

hi anyone know of the bio diesel conversions .If so what engine sizes types are compatible .Next what are the conversion costs and what side effects do they have on engine wear type issues.

biodiesel works on any diesel engine without any modifications some pumps here already have 2575 mixture of biodiesel available.

FIAT BRAVA 182 My engine wont switch off - please help...

I just bought a 96 fiat Bravo to learn to drive in. It started up great but we soon realised the clutch was on its way out then when we got home with it and took the key out we realised something was up with the car as the engine was still running all the electrics were off but the engine was holding fast. I really like the car and would love to keep it but I am not sure how the problem can be fixed

This is a suggestion to the diesel experts. Could a shut off valve of sorts be plumbed into the diesel line a secondary solenoid Thus shutting off the engine by being tapped into the feed to the solenoid.

FIAT BRAVA 182 Bravo Turdo Diesel

I have a just recently bought a Turbo diesel Bravo but I can only get a top speed of 90mph out of her. Is there something wrong or am I missing something. The engine is reponsive through gears 2-4 but bottoms out in 5th. HELP

FIAT BRAVA 182 hands up diesel owners

i just wanted to know what is your MPG like as i am considering a Bravo TD many thanks Sammi

Well if you get the TD 100 or 75 its the same engine in the Tipo.. Not much goes wrong with them. They just keep on going. Good on the diesel. Get it a KN panel filter as good breathing is the key to power and economy

FIAT BRAVA 182 Can someone post HGT engine bay pictures

Simply want a top a few pictures of the engine bay from above and below (especially between the front of the engine and the radbumper) to see if my plans will work out before I buy one. Thanks

Originally Posted by StoneNewt Ryan you know Id love to take that engine but Ive got no use for it sorry dude... Hellcat... doesnt that engine on the heavy side of life compared to the 2.0 20v dont think the weight is much different actually would like to try out a 2.4 20v diesel but you could also get a stilo 2.0 20v petrol in aswell

FIAT BRAVA 182 engine conversion

i would like to know if it is possible to put a punto gt engine into a 99 bravo and how much i would be lookin at

Unless youre asking if a Punto GT engine would fit in the boot for transporting (which it wont unless you put the back seats flat then the answer is Why Bravos are available standard with a 155bhp petrol version or you can get a 100bhp diesel and have it remapped to 150bhp. If you absolutly had to do an engine swap why not take a 2.0 20v turbo from a coupe and fit it in

FIAT BRAVA 182 bravo hgt engine noise

Ive got a 1998 bravo hgt its developed a knocking sound on the engine sounds like a cam or a piston possibly oil pump has gone if anyone has had the same problem please help thanks

if its really a knocking sound then most probably you have an oil pump failure and theres no oil circulating in your engine block anymore. chances are your conrods have gone south on you. if your engine sounds like a diesel engine during cold starts in the morning minus the knocking sound then it may just be your cam variator.

FIAT BRAVA 182 HGT - engine oil by throttle body help

took throttle body off to get to starter motor bolts and when i took it off there was oil in the inlet manifold . what could be causing this any ideas it doesnt sound good. have been having problems with the car. will only rev when i disconnect the MAF . and there was a gaping hold just before the throttle body letting in excess air but how could oil get in there

smart. thanks for your help and on the other thread was gona be seriosly annoyed if i found the engine was completely knackered even after i bought and fitted a new clutch. what could i clean the pipes with engine degreaser or wd 40. that kinda stuff and just make sure its dry before i refit them got a new pipe that comes immediately off the throttle body - with the flexible rubber bit at one end thats

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  • Oil Air Fuel FILTER Fiat Brava 1.9 D 100 8v Diesel TP Service Kit Engine - Enniskillen,United Kingdom (20.13 GBP)

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