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fiat brava corrosion 182
fiat brava corrosion 182

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My wife complained of spongy brakes on our fiat brava 1999 SX 1.4. As per usual it took me a week or so to test drive the car... Well serves me right comming up to a x roads I jumped on the brakes and the pedal went to the floor And I went sailing across the junction doing the longest hand brake skid I have ever done in my life ... (thats including my yoof Capri days ) Couple of beeping horns but otherwise

FIAT BRAVA 182 Will this subframe fit my 2001 Brava

Just had the car for a pre MOT check and it needs a track rod end and a front subframe which has too much corrosion. I have submitted an enquiry to a few of the online parts folks but also saw this on Ebay. It looks the same but will it fit my 2001 1.2 brava Thanks in advance.

FIAT BRAVA 182 MOT this friday

my car has got its mot this friday morning at 10.30 is there anything i should do to prepare it or anything

do your own MOT its better to spend an hour checking you car instead of going to the MOT station and then failing for a bulb. go though this list and do as much as you can Lighting Equipment All lights are tested for OPERATION CONDITION & SECURITY. SIDELIGHTS and HEADLIGHTS - Are of the correct type. - Are correctly aimed (headlights). - Operate dip & full beam (headlights). STOP LIGHTS INDICATORS

FIAT BRAVA 182 Terminal fault with my Bravo Any ideas (

Went to start my car after Id been to the pub after mitcar I started it and it once it was on it was trying to stall. When I revved it there was the sound of water rushing through something fast if that makes sense (this could of been fuel though) once I let it idle for 5 mins (so it had warmed up) the fault disappeared... The next morning (yesterday)... Went to start my car again and as before...strugglng

certainly see a small corrosion like mark near the edge of number four cylinder. You will have to get the head skimmed and on this engine the valves will have to be removed. If its a deep defect it may need welding first. I have been told this is a common problem these days known as cylinder head pourosity which results from cost cutting and poor quality controle in the manafacturing process. fiat

FIAT BRAVA 182 Funny things people have said about your bravao

Bravo It looks like an alien from the back It looks like a Frog lolzzzzzz any more

I get very polarised comments on the Bravo (much like most of the fiats Ive owned now and in the past). The negative comments are usually generalistic snobbery based on very old news about fiats being unreliable and rust prone. Of course these snobs seem to forget that most 70s and early 80s cars from Ford to Vauxhall to Renault to Alfa all suffered terrible reliability problems and severe corrosion

FIAT BRAVA 182 Brava 1.4 12V R Reg

Hi I am usually on my own site for Hyundais but I need a bit of advice on a fiat . I usually use a Snap on Scanner for any Euro Vehicles I repair. It has fiat diagnosis(codes and some data) and works okay. Usually I can figure things out once I have a code but this car is different. The code does not register when the light comes on. When I got it the plugs and oxygen sensor had been replaced. One

FIAT BRAVA 182 after some advice- brava sx

hi basically ive owned a p reg brava sx for a couple of yrs but it recently failed its mot. a few fixable things but mainly for corrosion underneath which sounds as tho alot of weilding would be needed so ive taken it off the road and bought a new one same year but a brava s the main difference is that the excelerator pedal seems to need quite a bit more pressure before anything happens. is this just

FIAT BRAVA 182 Brava lights

Hi everyone I have a 2001 brava and the following lights fail to work glovebox light boot light and the the brake light on the boot any tips

Glovebox light dont have one on brava should be same as on Marea remove glovebox and see that the plug is attached (and the bulb is intact). Boot light dont have one so hard to say boot switch. Brakelight if it is original the bulbs might be okay but the whole bulb assembly is pressfit and has corroded the leads off the bulbs. Diassembled and replaced mine with normal 5mm white leds. Or the contacts on the boot are bad but my money is on corrosion damage.

FIAT BRAVA 182 1.4sx 12v Brava - s reg

Hi guys looking for some advice. My ignition sysytem failure light has started comming on in my brava. No rhyme or reason to it. There is some drop in power when it comes on but not significant. If i stop the car and restart it the light goes out and power is restored. If i dont restart it the light stays on and lack of power stays. Any ideas

almost always due to intermittent sensor failure (out of range value or loss of signal) that can be due to a worn dirty faulty or loose sensor a wiring or connector fault (corrosion wire damage). a diagnsotic check is the best way to find the fault be beware intermittent faults like this are often very difficult to find even for a fiat dealer.

FIAT BRAVA 182 1998 1.4S Brava Brake Pipes

Time has come to replace the steel pipes on the car given the fact Ive had advisories the last two MOTs for the amount of corrosion theyve got. Theyre in a fairly shocking state. A couple of questions a) Are the union fittings of a standard type I want to avoid getting the pipes from fiat with the fittings attached to keep it affordable. b) Are the pipes a standard diameter for example if I buy a roll

the correct size for the car is 1855515. if you want 195 width you use 1955015 as this has the nearest sidewall size (195x.50 97.5) (185x55 101.75) 1955515 would have a sidewall of 107.25mm which would give incorrect speedo readings. I have the sunroof problem too its the worst when you close the boot nothing much to be worried about. its more of a design problem than anything The wiper problem could be caused by corrosion on the contacts on the boot sill. give these a sandingfiling and check that the rear washwipe pipe hasnt come loose and wet the motor. Is there a repeated clicking noise when you switch the wiper on hope this is some help. have had all these problems myself. 99 brava 100 HSX with not enough mods

FIAT BRAVA 182 Engine Management Light - Advice needed

Hi All I have a 2001 (Y Plate) 1.2 brava it has done 42006 miles. I know absolutely diddly squat about cars other than topping up the oil and water and changing a fuse On my way home last night the dreaded yellow engine management came on . I left the car overnight and this morning topped up the oil which needed about a pint maybe and topped up the water for the cooling system. It wasnt low but not

Originally Posted by simon7685 Hi All I have a 2001 (Y Plate) 1.2 brava it has done 42006 miles. I know absolutely diddly squat about cars other than topping up the oil and water and changing a fuse On my way home last night the dreaded yellow engine management came on . I left the car overnight and this morning topped up the oil which needed about a pint maybe and topped up the water for the cooling

Sounds like the main thing is all the rear brake pipes and bits they clearly want doing. I think they are famous for corrosion. Maybe the calipers are bad too. On my 2001 brava I needed 1 doing in autumn 2007 (NS) I think the tank needs dropping for this. Then in autumn 2007 during the MOT the OS pipe actually burst during the efficiency test (it had been noted as corroded but even so....)


Well it happened. The car failed its MOT. The guy said that there was excessive corrosion on all 4 metal brake lines. Has anyone any idea where I could pick up a full set of brake lines for the brava And how much would I be expected to part with Cheers Carl

FIAT BRAVA 182 How to remove abc-beam panels

My brava has got the common corrosion problem on the abc-beam panels. Thought Id have a go at them but cant seem to figure out how to remove them. Is there some special tricks or hidden screws or just a matter of pulling until they give in

FIAT BRAVA 182 Clicking from steeringwheelfusebox (with pics)

A friend just got a 00 fiat bravo Theres a good few problems with it Horn not working Rear wipersrear water not working and the annoying one is the constant clicking when driving. If you lean on the wheel at all it just ticks very fast also when you press in the horn it ticks and the horn doesnt work. So i checked the fuses to the right side under the steering wheel and all is good but when i opened

FIAT BRAVA 182 Bravo rear lights dancing around

Hi all My bravo 1.4s has developed a rear light problem. Today it was noticed that when you press the brake pedal the rear lights go mental the rear fog lights reverse lamps etc all flash in different times and then some stop on. I suspect an earth fault or corrosion on the tracks of the rear assembly but ......... is this a common bravo problem with a common cause just to save time in the morning lookng for earth points etc Thanks Roseyp

Originally Posted by fiat_-_bravo fiat boo has a guide on how to fix this problem. Its only contacts that need cleaning. Perfect The problem was the connector block had corrosion on the earth pin causing the Disco Lights Many thanks to all concerned Roseyp

FIAT BRAVA 182 isit ok to top up coolent like this

Hi I had a problem with my heater matrix and it looks likes its all fixed now but when the problem was there i had the usual coolant spilling into my footwell in total i would say my engine lost about 0.75-1.25 litres of coolant over this time. I topped it up with just water as this is all i had at the time however i just got a 2 litre bottle of antifreeze (ready mixed) i just wanted to know isit ok

Originally Posted by fiat_-_bravo My Bravo uses red anti freeze. I always use Paraflu from fiat and they always give me the red anti freeze off the chassis No. But tbh it would not come as a suprise of they have been giving me the wrong one I would recommend you go back to blue as using the wrong stuff can lead to corrosion of the radiator andor heater matrix fouling and death of the water pump etc. Its something to do with the rust inhibitors or something. Im sure google can clear it up.

FIAT BRAVA 182 Need an engine cable harness connector

Can anyone help with this nasty issue somehow moisture crept into the ECU engine cable harness causing fatal corrosion at the ECU connection. I was able to repair the ECU but do need a new cable harness connector. fiat does not supply these connectors and a new harness is VERY pricey. Does anyone have a spare connector A Bravo or Marea connector would also fit. Next question how could this happen Anyone see this happen before

FIAT BRAVA 182 Ticking wondows

Hi guys.before my car was off the road 3 months agoeverythin worked.I replaced the passenger side motor as it wud work but get stuck half way down and u could her it grindin.basically its been fine sinceeven my switch worked on my side... Now whilst bein out todaythe gf went to wind her window down only to find it wudnt workmy switch wouldnt work eitherBut my window switch does . So wen i got home

Trying taking the relay out and giving it a clean. Also the door switches are really easy to take out maybe theres some corrosion I dont know whether checking fuses would help It seems theres more than one for the windows. Just guessing away...

FIAT BRAVA 182 Bravo pulling to one side when braking at speed and knocking noise

My Bravo p reg 1.6 sx pulls to the right when I brake over 50 MPH. I also get a knocking noise when I go over a bump. Also when I turn right it feels like the car is turning weird. I jacked the car up today and spun the wheels. None of them seem seized. I then found a thin bar running horizontal from back middle of engine compartment to a suspension component. The thin bar has two bushes at each end.

Could also be one of the brake pads stickingseized in the reaction frame (I think fiat call these the Brake Caliper Mounting Brackets). Solution is to strip down the brakes wirebrush out the corrosion on the sliding surfaces and put a dab of copper grease in the right places. This used to happen frequently on a Renault 5 I once owned & the front brakes needed stripping & cleaning each spring to keep the car stopping smoothly. Hope this helps.

FIAT BRAVA 182 M.O.T Due Anything I Should Look Out For

hi right my MOT is due on my 1.4sx brava in the next week lucky i noticed its the first one since i owned this car and i have checked the Vosa website and mot certificates and there where no advisories last mot so except for the obvious tyres and break pads bulbs (although my test garage are really fair) is there anything else i should look out for also im worried that the stupid injector light will come on during the emitions test as i assume this would cause it to fail

Brake Hose corrosion seems to be common mine has just failed due to nearside rear hose corrosion Its had the same bloody problem 3 years ago nevermind though at least the brakes shouldnt fail on me now

FIAT BRAVA 182 All good things must come to an end......

Well after 6 years and 60000 miles of dutiful service it would seem that Shabashs love affair with her trusty brake pads and discs is over. Shes just failed her MOT for the first time on rear brake efficiency advisory stating that the rear pads and discs are too thin. Still I think 6 years and 60k miles on one set is still value for money and having phoned Rog at Powerfiat a world record Apparently the front brakes are still fine as is everything else.

Excellent news Al Im on my third set of discs and pads at 65k but there is more wear from corrosion than use - the last set were barely worn in but I couldnt get enough corrosion off for it to pass MOT no matter what I did

FIAT BRAVA 182 Battery renewal procedure

Heres hoping some of you guys can give me a step by step guide on the procedure for fitting a new battery.The old battery has been out of the car(bravo jtd 105) for a few days. On reading thro the forum I see that things need to be reset and somewhere that the car should be left to idle for about five min. I would be grateful if anyone could walk me thro the correct procedure. Cheers DEEZEL57

Originally Posted by deezel57 I assume it will return to normal as the ecu stabilises. yes as it learns to adjust the ignitio and fueling the economy will improve and go back to normal. a slow starter motor is often due to corrosion or damage on the main earth strap corrosion on the connections at the starter motor or a loss of cold cranking amps in the battery. the battery charger could show the batterys

FIAT BRAVA 182 thermostat or something else...

hi guys my cars currently knackered on saturday i was driving and my temp gauge was off the bar. there was smoke coming from the engine bay. after i let it cool down it does start and will drive but it overheats so quick. just wondered if any of you knew what the problem is before i take it somewhere thanks

Originally Posted by willy31031988 thanks for replying i only got the got car 2-3 weeks ago but i had put just water in there. its a 1.4 petrol. i couldnt tell where the smoke came from it wasnt billowing out so maybe was just steam. i spoke to a friend and he thinks its the thermostat but i thought id ask on here first. put more water in the bottle and when the engine is started up the bottle gets

FIAT BRAVA 182 Fiat Brava heaterairconditioner fan broken

i own a fiat brava my fan stopped turningi think it needs replacing but i cannot reach it How can i get to this fan

Manual heater and nonauto aircon direct power direclty to then fan when switched to 4. Since you say MAX DEF its the automatic aircon which has variable speed controller (and auto position for the fan speed). MAX DEF should engage the fan at full speed and engage the compressor. With the variable speed controller the fan motor is always getting the 12V feed check that against some known good ground

FIAT BRAVA 182 One Headlight not working HELP PLEASE )

Hello All I need some help please as my fiat brava 1.2 80 16v (51plate) is due for an MOT later this month and I have a headlight out. I think I have an earthing problem but dont know where to start I have replaced the bulb but it still does not work. I know the bulb is ok as I tried it in the other headlight and it works fine. I did notice that when putting the new bulb in I touched the metal of the

Are you sure all the connectors in the head light are corrosion free its a case of if you suspect an earth fault replace the black earth wire from the rear of the connector straight to an earthing point theres on near both headlights just at the front sides of the engine bay. I had something similar in a friends car but it was blowing bulbs turned out water had got in and corroded the contacts a good

Originally Posted by andybeta If fuel (petrol) lines are leaking you will smell it. What with oil leaking from the cam covers as well you are driving a pretty major fire risk ........... I would have checked plugs when viewing the car as they tell you a lot then when purchased changed oil and filter as a matter of course. Would also change cam belt tensioner bearing and water pump. Have you checked

FIAT BRAVA 182 help my exhaust fell off

i bought an x reg bravo in dec 07 with a 3 month dealer warranty i was driving today and my back box fell off onto the road due to severe corrosion on the pipe leading into it. having a quick glance underneath the exhaust looks like it is a complete system and is not a bolt on cat-back backbox. Could anyone confirm this. do you think the whole system will need replacing or do i just need a new back

FIAT BRAVA 182 Fiat Brava 1.6 failing to start

New engine has been fitted to fiat brava 1.6 but car will only start when towed and then runs well. Can anyone solve the problem

When starting it by towing does it run ok How does it behave Is your battery fully charged and in good condition Have you tried starting with jump leads More information is needed really but based on the small amount of information The problem is most likely a faulty crank sensor. At low rpm (ie when starter motor turns the engine) a faulty crank will not produce a good enough signal but at higher

FIAT BRAVA 182 MOT - Place your Bets

Well its not due till middle of August but because i have the car tax due in august and the insurance then i thought i would get it in early Its booked in at Motormech the nothern camping trip weekend - so will be taking it on 7th and collecting it on the monday. Its a certain it will fail on the breaks so i am going to get these done before it goes in. Now I have never had a fiat that has passed its MOT so place your bets now what it will fail on

i always try to do a thorough inspection before an MOT but it seems as though my cars always fail no matter what i do. when i take other peoples cars to get MOTd they always pass first time. my girlfriends punto passed last saturday with no problems not even any recommendations. her previous car (saxo) also passed its MOT first time. ive never had a car pass its MOT first time in nearly 9 years of

FIAT BRAVA 182 Fiat BravoBrava 182 lowering springs -10mm to -40mm

Got a few of these ready to shift. Please quote PN FKF109 Made to DIN EN ISO 9001-2001 on CNC winding machines from chrome-silicon steel and plastic-coated for high-quality corrosion protection they will give a drop in the range abaove models already lowered will see a lower drop. Price includes P&P to the UK France & Germany come with TUV certificate If you are interested please send payment by paypal to prolexuk at gmail dot com or PM me for bank details

FIAT BRAVA 182 brava trouble still

hi my brava still wont start ive tried a lot of things new battery new crank sensor ive been advised it could be the fuse box and wiring have taken in water as there was a slight leak on the driver side and also been told it could be a loose earth wire i had a new one fitted a few months ago but this may have worked loose does anyone have any opinion on this problem any help would be very appreciated

try pressing the fuel cut off switch under the passenger seat. Sometimes it can pop up and will stop fuel getting to the injectors. Also check to see if you have a spark at the plugs. Does the code light go off on the dash too Check all fuses and look for any signs of corrosion

FIAT BRAVA 182 Brava leaking water.

Hi All I have a 1999 fiat brava 1.8 EXL. After a heavy downpour the drivers footwell can have as much as an inch of water sloshing around in it I couldnt see any obvious sign of where the water was coming in. But the other day I took the car to the car wash ( the drive in type ) - and water was streaming in on the front pillar near the door ( the one between the door and the back edge of the windscreen.

There will be 4 drain holes one at each corner of the sunroof undertray. When you have cleaned all the junk out of tray that may be blocking each of the drains then use a long spout house plant watering can and pour a little water into each corner. Check the water a) drains away and b) appears under the car. It is also worth checking that the hose has not become detached from the tray. To do this you

FIAT BRAVA 182 Brava slow starting

Hi I have a brava 1.2 formula.......2001. Problem is when starting from cold the engine turns over quite slowly almost as if the battery is getting flat when it does eventually fire up it runsstarts up fairly well throughout the day. Ive had the battery tested and it seems fine. can anyone throw some suggestions in thanks

the connections on the starter motor will be easily accessible and are almost always bolted on to the startermotor often with a rubber shield over the live contact. inspect them for any signs of corrosion and just in case take them apart clean the metal faces with something abrasive (e.g. sandpaper) then grease them with copper grease or similar before reconnecting. definately do the same to the battery terminals its amazing how often thats the problem.

FIAT BRAVA 182 Brava 1.8 misfire- what am i looking for

My mate has a 1.8 brava late model w i think. anyway it has got a misfire when pulling off is fine on idle and no warning lights and recovers at speed. apart from the usual (HT Leads) what should I be looking for I understand that this engine uses coil packs one for each cylinder. If it was a pack would the light come on Also if it was an injector fault would a light come on

cheers jug had a look and its misfiring from starting and through the rev range to 4000rpm then fine. No engine management light or injector lights so to test that system i unplugged the MAF sensor (i think- in airflow pipe and connected to ignition wiring) and created a fault critical to performance and got errors on the dash so that system works. Plugged it all back in and faults cleared immediatly

FIAT BRAVA 182 Brava 100SX Mileage Creeping Up - Keep or Let Go

106500 miles on the clock and running quite well. Its had a new clutch cambelt & tensioner auxiliary belts water pump alternator front shocks and front brake hoses in the last year (phew). In the next year its likely to get another 30000 miles put on it the MOT is new but advisory on brake line corrosion. The question is do I plan a rolling maintenance to get another 50000 odd miles out of it or ditch

FIAT BRAVA 182 Brava wiper probs

I have just bought a fiat brava 1.4s r 1997 nice car apart from problems with the wipers. the rear one doesnt work at all the front works on fast or manual wipe nothing else can someone advise me if there is a relay in the fuse box that could be faulty. Regards

Ok sorry that did not work Ill go through what I know and hopefully something will work. The wipers and washers should be on the same fuse so its unlikely to be a fuse issue. Only other thing on switches could be the connector block. As Helz says it is worth checking the rear contacts. Check that they are clean and that the springs are ok. Check that the rear door closes properly. Check behind the

FIAT BRAVA 182 am getting a 1.2 16 valve Brava sx

going looking at a Bravo 80 sx 1.2 16 valve with 30000 on the clock tomorrow. what do i have to look at to make sure it is okies and that am buying something real special. any help would be fabulous

I would suggest checking the exhaust for bad corrosion and holes

FIAT BRAVA 182 Brava 1600cc Brake fluid Loss

Im losing brake fluid problem is I dont know where from. Ive had the car up on the ramps and the the usual culprits like rear pistons seals rubber brake line unions are all bone dry. Ive checked all the lines as best I can without removing covers etc and can find no damage or corrosion. The res looks ok too. Wheres the servo Needs topping up every week. Brakes feel fine not spongy or weak What next Kev

FIAT BRAVA 182 Brava 1.2 gearbox end cover

I was rotating the wheels today on my 2001 sx and whilst having a good look while they were off i noticed that there was a very slight seepage from the end cover of the gearbox it looks like a sump on its side Anyone know what it is called Obvoiusly corrosion has set in and it will need to be replaced. Is it a main stealer part or can they be found elsewhere. All my searches have so far drawn a blank.

FIAT BRAVA 182 my fiat bravo is running erratically

bought my bravo last week off a family friend she had owned it for 6 years with no problems i then started to drive and filled up at the petrol station with premium unleaded the next day i started the car and it was ticking over high at 1500 revs and was difficult to drive as the tick over remained high even as the engine got warm there are no warning lights showing on the dash board i have since found

Hi I often put meths as an octane booster the car runs much better these cars like good petrol and the higher the octane the better. This problem sounds fimiliar. What year is the car And do you know what injection system it has This engine had 2 different injection systems (well kind of different) in the Bravos the early 1.2 had a cable throttle and the later ones had a fly by wire system. We have

FIAT BRAVA 182 Fiat 1.6sx

Hi earlier on today i noticed that my engine was running a little too hot so i re-filled the engine coolant with de-ionised water. When i was driving i noticed that my exhaust was ratling when i accelerated and changing into 2nd gear was also a bit rattly and problematic. I managed to make it home with the car and i noticed that there was a trail of water (i think 90% sure) running behind the car.

if you use water youll suffer head gasket failure every winter guaranteed the water freezes so the water pump cant pump ice and it fails quickly then the ice and broken pump prevents coolant circulation so the engien overheats and warps before the ice even melts. also the coolant system will rust away and block pretty quickly even in summer as the antifreeze contains corrosion inhibitors. basically a lack of antifreeze is very very bad. only a fool would do it.

Over the weekend I swapped out the old Engine Coolant Temperature Sensor for a new unit. Its an Intermotor branded component but is identical to the old unit. After checking for corrosion on the cars electrical connector I put everything back together. Unfortunately the car behaves in the same fashion its cold start window is about 10 seconds. It will start first time and seems to be happy to idle

FIAT BRAVA 182 MOT and Fiats dont mix

Bravo goes in for its MOT on tuesday. It passed its MOT last year but I am pretty certain it will fail this year. I have to change my brake light bulb but the exhaust has been a little rattly so think it might fail on the exhaust. brakes and tyres should be ok they are new but place your bets on a fiat passing twice in a row

well the exhaust is a tough one it was the same last year and it passed just was advised that it needed new tyres and brakes. Only had them changed in march Brake pipes are prone to corrosion so this is a maybe..... I am now conjuring up a list of what could fail

FIAT BRAVA 182 Help every battery dies in the cold

Hi everyone well i really need some help with my 1.2 fiat bravo. Every time it gets cold my battery dies ive jumped it and it runs then dies again the next morning heres the strange part - this is my 3rd battery in 2 years because i obviously assumed the battery was dead and got a new one but they cant all be defectivelacking power It only happens when the weathers cold and the alternatorbattery light

the battery its posts and terminals look clean no corrosion etc but maybe a little grease on the terminals so i will give them a clean later (just scrub with water ok then dry) ill also check the earth

FIAT BRAVA 182 Poor 1.2 Running.

Changed my spark plugs later found out a cracked HT lead was causing it to occasionally misfire no problem got a new set of those fitted. That was monday has run fine up untill today coming back from the dentist. Its started too misfire and judder alot. First thing i did was check the leads are on both ends properly which they were. Disconnected the battery to reset the ECU just went outside connected

a shot in the dark but have you tried testing the coil pack s had this prob with mine. caused all sorts of probs with low revs stuttering etc. also there should be a fuel filter under the car roughly about the front of the rear drivers arch. usually hidden by bracket and body moulding this is prone to corrosion where it meets the bracket holding it and usually shows by a faint smell of petrol near the filler. hope this helps.

FIAT BRAVA 182 picture of relays...whats what

Ok heres a pic of the relays in the box on the battery tray. Which one is for the rad fan Thanks __________________   Quote   30-06-2008   2 bulldog5046 faster FASTER   Join Date May 2005 Posts 4752 Thanks 74 Trader Rating 2   Re picture of relays...whats what id like to say the big one but honestly i dont know. my 147 uses a thermostatically controlled rad so all it has is a constant live feed i assume the 155 i different Ry

Sorry its a different relay box to the one on my Marea however on the Marea it was a black relay. I have always found that the problems are due to poor contact between the relay and the socket so take them out and clean them is good advice. If you can spray the blades with switch cleaner or even WD40 it will help clean off the corrosion. Plugging the relay back in with the solvent on the blades washes

FIAT BRAVA 182 Please Help

Hi everyone found this forum and was delighted im having real problems with my car. Bought it 4 weeks ago its a brava 1.4 1996 two days ago the temp gauge started going up to just below red. Checked engine pipes are hot engines hot but the rad is cold and the heater has started blowing cold. PLEASE PLEASE help as cant afford to take it to garage. Many thanks

im pleased you havent lost any coolant thats a very good sign. looks like youve been lucky and noticed the engine overheating before the head gasket was affected well done. did you manage to get any hot air out of the heaters yet if you get heat coming out of the heater vents you can assume you dont have air stuck in the cooling system and dont need to bleed it. i dont see how you could have air if

FIAT BRAVA 182 New Exhaust

I need a new exhaust for my 155 HGT as the rear mounting point has snapped off from corrosion. I want to put a performance exhaust on it nothing too loud just subtle but liberating more power. Anyone got any ideas of where I should start looking Ta

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