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FIAT BRAVA 182 Fiat brava problem

Hello everybody I have a fiat brava 1.4 12v 99 and I have a problem When the motor is cold I have to touch the gas pedal for the car to start but if I give to much gas the car will not start. when the car is at his temperature it just stops then I have to wait for 15 minutes for I car drive a little bit more. I had somebody from the ANWB(netherlands) and he said that it was the computer of the car.

FIAT BRAVA 182 idle problem fix

this is an easy (sorted guide) on bravaos stepper motors and map sensors. if you are suffering with the usual high eratic idling and power heres what to do. First of all you do NOT need to fit washers in between the stepper motor housing and throttle body all that does is make your car drink fuel running extremley rich. Tools Required small flat blade screwdriver can of brakeclutch cleaner (must be

FIAT BRAVA 182 Fiat Bravo 1.4 Airbag Problem

I have a problem with my airbag The red light (for airbag) doesnt want to turn off after i turn the car on. I went to a fiat car service and they said that the main plate for airbag is dead...I am not so sure it can be only the problem with some bad connection at connectors (like in Renault clios case where the connectors are under the seat). Namely my light has started to lit after i have washed and

Here you go. There are 25 or so pages on the airbag in the service manual. __________________ fiat Forum Useful Links Donate to FF    Buy FF Merchandise    Classifieds    FF Insurance    How-to Guides    FAQs   Quote   28-07-2006   6 da_risk Get Your Own Title   Join Date Jul 2006 Posts 13 Thanks 0 Trader Rating 0   Re fiat Bravo 1.4 Airbag

FIAT BRAVA 182 Would love somebody who can solve the problems with my brava

I have two hot issues One problem Ive had it for 4 years now and nobody can solve it for me so I would love your help before I have to buy a new ECU like Ive been advised. Each morning I drive off with my brava with no probs but if I stop and drive off after an hour (and generally this does not happen after 3 hours) the injector lights come on and only 2 injectors work. The injectors are ok and I feel

Nothing has been changed as each time I took it to fiat garage they tell me that they did not detect anything on the computer I have tried but now I have found a mechanic who works on fiats and he told me that it needs repairing - he thinks it is the ECU and told me that probably I need to change it - but besides it is expensive I want to try other cheaper possibilities which might work. Thanks for your interest.

not sparking are due to coil failure - they generally work in pairs. Dont know about injectors though... About the oil light you say if you brake and stop it comes on - do you mean if you stop and the engine idles then it comes on And if you just rev the engine without driving off does it go out If so then it could be a worn bottom end of the engine or a faulty oil pump. Or the switch. So the brava

FIAT BRAVA 182 Annoying intermittent problem

My car is very temperamental when it is cold its fine but as soon as she warms there are times where she struggles to pull of and she has a flat spotuntil about 3500 rpm and then she will start pulling like crazy there are other times where even after she has warmed up she is perfect there is nothing wrong with her tis problem is very intermittent any suggestions as to what this might be i have already

Originally Posted by bandido41 the mechanic put the car on the computer and the computer said it was the knock sensor and the map sensor is this posible andor likely both are possible but if the diagnostic wasnt done on a fiat examiner smart machine then you cant have any confidence in the results plus you dont know if either of the fault codes are simply old codes left in the ecu from previous faults.

FIAT BRAVA 182 1.2 16 v problem

Hi i want to buy a 1.2 16 v brava fire 86hp (2000) but the man doesnt have the ecu anymore. Even if i found one there is a anti-steal system with emettor in the key that I wont have... Is there a way to by pass this system of the ecu without using fiat computers which will cost a lot Thanks a lot for answers NLK

FIAT BRAVA 182 bravo 1.4 problems

pewrson i know has a 1997 bravo 1.4sx which is very jerky and obviously has problems. took it to dealer who said they couldnt get the computer to read the ecu in the car cos the airbag light is on... is there a probable cause for this 99 brava 100 HSX with not enough mods

FIAT BRAVA 182 jaminfrosty- cold idle problem

hi peeps ibeen lookin around this furum for weeks now and finaly registerd. erly wornin i cant spell for sh.t. and my keyboard needs some work. my name is ben and i have a fiat bravo 1.4 sx everyone ses there not worth buyin and i can tell u i agree i bourghtit fo 920 quid bargin i thought but no i reasently had a new head gasket the alarm and imobiliser changed a new clutch and i just replaced the

Hi Ben Now im no expert on fiats but am used to other makes of car and am quite logical... Sounds to me like the cold start system isnt working. I assume that once warmed up the car re-starts ok Normally my first point of call would be a CTS sensor (Coolant Temperature Sensor) This sensor registers how cold the car is and sends the signal to the ECU (computer) this then applies more fuel and less

FIAT BRAVA 182 Problem Excessive fuel consumption

18L per 100km I almost froze myself when I spotted this Any ideas Authorized fiat service center suggested that they should rinse injectors Maybe I havent translated this properly (but they sure suggested some washing). Anyway they also said that everything appears to be normal (so the board computer says)...The point is that they are not sure if this washing will help. All filters are brand new

FIAT BRAVA 182 Major engine problems over heating wont start etc

Hi everyone fiat Bravo 1999 1.6 16 valve. First of all the problem started 2 days ago when my engine overheated when i was in traffic managed to pull over with steam coming out the bonnet i waited for it to cool down then topped it up with water and drove home. Seemed ok Then the next day i drove 25 - 30 miles and it started overheating again so i pulled over and checked the water coolant level and

FIAT BRAVA 182 Engine upgrade to gasoline on Bravo.... problem

Hi there I have fiat Bravo 1.6 16v from 12.96. Everything was fine. Because I make about 20-30 kkm during year I decided to upgrade my Bravo on BRC gasoline. It all passed OK but after a while I noticed strange sound on benzin. On starting Bravo on benzin it sounds like it works on 1 cylinder When I turn it on gasoline it works just fine. I went to mechanic and he put the Bravo on bosch softweare

Originally Posted by mountainmachine Did he tell you what the error codes were theyll be logging some kind of problems which when they build up to enough of them sometimes impede the function of the car due to systems running at default or safe values. It seems to me that this errors are irelevant because car works perfect when they are erased from computer. It is all about computer of Bravo and computer of gas Isnt it M.

FIAT BRAVA 182 Brava 1.4 cut out problems

Have only been having this problem for a few days but already its starting to annoy me seems that when the car isnt warmed up to normal heat (and sometimes even when it is though because of the following problem it doesnt seem to warm up at all sometimes) whenever i put my foot down in any gear and pass what i believe to be 3-4 krevs the injector warning light turns on and the car seems to hit the

well........ took it in yest and they had a gander at it think it is definatly a problem with the ECU Sensors in some way as they checked all the mecanics and stuff and couldnt find owt but unfortunatly the computer they have there isnt compatible with my car as my car is slightly 2 old you would have thought that new technology would have enough space to hold info for all old cars really but still

FIAT BRAVA 182 bravo eobd problem

hi plz can anyone help I have a y reg(2001)fiat Bravo 1.6 hlxlove the carjust got it back off my ex after 2 that time it stood for a while and was never i immediately did a oil and filter changeas it was well over due.and put some stp petrol treatment in the fuel tank to clean things upjetsd etccar running brilliantly never betterhowever only problem is a few days ago the eobd

Same engineset up as multipla 1.6 16v. EOBD warning light is for emissionsso will come on if fault in EGR misfirelambda sensorscatalyst fault etc etc In America cars have the EOBD warning light mounted on rear of car so police can see it & stop you(its illegal to drive a car knowingly with EOBD light on)not only that but connecting car to examiner(or vehicle specific computer)will tell operator whendistance

FIAT BRAVA 182 Fuel Injection Light Intermittant Starting & Power Problems

Hi everyone Just joined this forum in the hope that someone can give me some ideas what is going on with my fiat Bravo Trofeo (W-reg). Im no mechanic Im afraid so my descriptions are bound to be limited Id noticed a few days ago that the power to accelerate would disappear when driving (scary at junctions roundabouts etc). Seemed to happen more often from cold than when the car had warmed up. No warning

Hi Jug Yes all pretty scary at the time... the airbag warning light had come on just prior to the car needing a service (and before we were planning to go on holiday to Ireland) so I had specifically told the fiat garage to look into it when I put it in. I was then told that they hadnt had time but that it is was OK they see this type of thing quite often and it was safe. I was told to get it booked

FIAT BRAVA 182 Problem after problem (

hi all bought a fait bravo (1.4 12v p reg) last month around 7th of nov with 118000 on the clock. took somone with me to see the car it ran great sounded great seemed to have no problems. So i bought the car an drove it about 40 miles home. When i drove home i noticed one of the lights stayed on looked like this An that the temprature gaugue didnt seem to be working (temp of car was always at bottom

FIAT BRAVA 182 bravo hgt 155 20v keycode problem.

hi guys.i have a bravo hgt.the car keeps cuting out for no reason and the key cde light stays on the dash and wont start.i brought it to my local fiat garage they ran the computer on it and it sais the altennator was gone.would this cause the car to cut out.and key code light to stay on.i gave the go ahead to replace it but is my bravo finaly fixed.

FIAT BRAVA 182 Help Immobilizer problem after battery change

A rainy saturday sees me driving through the countryside when the keycode light comes on. [I now understand thats a diagnostic indicator]. Anyway as many of you will have already guessed the battery had died so after a jump start I had a new battery installed and car started fine at the garage. But I get home - and no restarting. Code light comes on and stays on and starting is lots of turning over

I think its all been said really. Though if you turn on ignition and code light comes on it means the keyimmoECU are not communicating and it only needs about 4 wires to accomplish this task. The fiat dealers are going to say computer says immo fault no red key so cant change immo alone therefore you need ECU immo lock and keyset. What ECU you have I might have one here.

FIAT BRAVA 182 Alarm Problem & Irractic Idle

Well to cut a long story short was with my gf in the motor listening to music etc then went away to start the car but i had drainned the battery so out comes the yellow card of the A.A. A third party mechanic came and started the car but unknown to me has used a battery charger so send a surge through the E.C.U unit frying the alarm system. So letters and fone calls to A.A but aint got no where had

FIAT BRAVA 182 Bravo 1.4 12v problem

Ive got a problem that keeps occuring & my local garage just tells me that there is no problem according to their computers. Its winter so i let the engine warm up to circulate the oil before i set of as i only realy do short journeys to work. Ever since the cold weather has started though & i do a longer journey the temperature gauge drops rapidly when im travelling at around 60 - 70 mph. after a

FIAT BRAVA 182 hlx powerloss problem 1.8hlx p reg

hi all not only have i popped a tyre and had to replace my cam today im now back with the usual power loss ive been reading about on here. Bassicly it seems to move off fine in 1st with a bit more revs then soon as you hit 2nd it kangeroos then sorts it self out another thing when your going say 30 for a while in 4th.. it starts to loose all power so you need to drop down to 3rd with higher revs to

FIAT BRAVA 182 Injector Problem

I have a T reg brava 1.6 100 HSX and recently the injector light came on prior to it coming on it came on intermittantly but not for long and this lasted about a week. it sounds like it is only firing on 3 cylinders and I was thinking that in could be a damaged spark plug or dirty plugs or maybe some dirt in the injectors themselves. i am going to be giving the car a full service soon and for the time

i agree engines were a lot easier to work on in the old days. id still prefer a twin carb. these days its more like fixing a computer than a car. sensors everywhere ecu controlled everything. its a nightmare unless you have a diagnostics computer.

FIAT BRAVA 182 Starting Problems

Hi im finally back after getting my mobo rmad.The car(brava 1.6 16v 1996) is now running fine but has developed a new fault . When its been run and stopped it can be hard to restart it. It acts as though the battery is flat (Its fine) and its unable to turn the engine over. If put in gear and the handbrake is released so that she rolls to a halt against the engine as it were 7 times out of 10 shell start....Briskly. Just cant understand it any ideas anyone

Mobo Motherbaord i guess for a computer RMAd Return Merchandise Authorization (When you sent somthing back)

FIAT BRAVA 182 Same problem.....

different forum member I brought a second hand brava a few weeks ago and the problems have already started with the ECU . My friend has taken it back and when the diagnostics machine was plugged in it said that we needed 2 blue keys to be reprogrammed (we were only reprogramming one). So she spoke to fiat got another key sent through took it to a local key cutter and went to reprogram the key. Keys

When you go to a good key cutter they have a machine to read and transfer codes. All that the ecu does is learn the codes it doesnt transfer the codes into the key. ECU is a computer whose codes sequence keeps on changing (its all complex electronics). All that the red key does is that opens the programming circuit of the ecu to make the ecu learn the new codes in the blue key. I am not sure but just

FIAT BRAVA 182 Injector light Read Here

Hi so previously I was having problems and decided to register here for help however due to email trouble i couldnt complete registration. Anyways I now have fixed on my car what seems to be a fault that is plaguing these forums for so many people and I thought I would shed some light on the situation... So I bought this brava 1600 16V Automatic V Registered (992000) and got it cheap on the knowing

FIAT BRAVA 182 sunroof leaking again

after almost a year of leak free driving the sunroof leak has returned. theres a small damp patch on the roof lining above my head and when i braked hard today i got a single drip that hit the steering wheel. then to top it off i noticed 2 drips on the inside of the rear passenger side window. WTF thats a new one. the seal on the glass looks perfect brand new even so i dont know what to think about

Originally Posted by Negotiator the bravao is full of annoying little faults thats my main problem the faults are all the type of things you would not expect on a car from that era. nothing major but also nothing that should happen on a car that has had decent research and development put into it. Originally Posted by distortionrockets Maybe fiat had reasons in making the door handles from rubber perhaps

FIAT BRAVA 182 Brava will not rev past 2k

Hi guys was driving around in the rain today when the car suddenly started shuddering and the fuel injection warning light came on. Car still runs smoothly upto 2000 rpm then refuses to go higher shuddering back and forth. Ive had a look round the forum and google but no luck as most people seem to stallmisfirehave problems starting. Car runs perfectly other than not going over 2k rpm. Any suggestions

FIAT BRAVA 182 Sluggish behavior HELP

Hey guys I have a fiat brava 99 1.6 litre 16 valves. I have a problem Often when I dont wait for it to get fully warm just after a couple of minutes wait (sometimes even when I start it and its already warm after a drive) the acceleration is sluggish even after it gets fully warm. This means that when I press the gas pedal slow acceleration happens and the car doesnt react as usual and theres a delay

FIAT BRAVA 182 Intermittent power loss on 1.6 petrol engine

My 1999 brava suffers from power loss. Sometimes the power is normal sometimes weakened regardless of weather or engine temperature. Spark plugs and lambda sensor have been replaced recently. I took the car to an authorized fiat service center they said computer shows bad knock sensor but they didnt have a replacement on stock so I took the car home. The knock sensor seems well fastened. I disconnected

part of ecu . On the picture only 2 rows of pins are shown. There is obviously something wrong here because my ecu has 4 rows of pins as you can see on attached picture. And the wires from knock sensor are attached to the other ecu compartment (the small one) I just cant tell to which pins. Could anybody with a Haynes manual look this up for me please Attached Thumbnails   __________________ fiat

FIAT BRAVA 182 Sony T69 Installations

Hi All Wonder if anyone can offer some help. Having read some quite interesting info on the Bravo Guide I decide to go for a Sony T69 CD Changer - seemed quite straightforward enough...but I seem to be missing something quite crucial. I got a Sony T69 CD changer for my fiat brava 1.4SX which came with the 5m ISO () bus lead and audio leads. I looked in the boot of the car and I found the dangling CD

FIAT BRAVA 182 bravo 1.2 16v misfire pls help

Hi all been having a problem with my 2001 1.2 16v bravo its stated misfiring under load so changed coilpack leads and plugs didnt cure it so had it scanned where i work ( garagemotorspares shop) no faults stored but ignition was retarded when engine was revved changed knock sensor which also didnt cure it... cam belt needed changing so changed that while double checking timing so know thats ok nearly

Misfiring in a modern ECU equipped engine is almost always ignition or fuel injection failure due to bad sensor(s). So you have to be a computerfreak to read the ECU or you have to go to the dealer to have it done. I did the last took less than 10 minutes and was free of charge Did you go to a fiat dealer already with your misfiring problem If you didnt I suggest you do have your ECU read by the fiat Factory Examinizer computer its the easiest way to solve the problem

FIAT BRAVA 182 Air Bag Light

I Have fiat brava 1.8 Elx P Reg 96 The Air Bag Warning Light Has Just Come On. The Fuse Is Ok Just Wondered If Any One Has Any Ideas Any Info Would Be Appretiated

yeah my brava has the same problem and so does my dads Bravo...its a problem with the cars computer...very very common problem with most bravas and bravos...had it replaced a second hand one and the problem came back after a few months very pissing off

FIAT BRAVA 182 CMP sensor

Hello people I think my problem is in CMP sensor Im not sure what it is but the diagnostic tool or as we call it in my country THE computer (you know to see the problems in the engine to check the engine how is it working sorry for not knowing the real name of it) showed that the engine is not working OK and the mechanic said that it could be the CMP sensor. My brava is very poor in accelerating in

FIAT BRAVA 182 fuel pump

hello again to all the good people on this forum..if you can remember i have the problem with hesitation on my 98 1.6 16v brava...the problem is still there ..anyway i was at the mechanic shop yesterday because i was thinking to go on diagnostics..when i arrived there they ive explained my problem to the mechancics..and then he started to plug computer on my car but then the other mechanic came on

FIAT BRAVA 182 Looking inside the 1.4 12v Throttle Potentiometer Position Sensor

Point of this thread The throttle potentiometer is not a serviceable part as it is calibrated from the factory. But if someone wants to have a try this thread will let them know what to expect. Here we go So many 1.4 owners seem to be suffering from similar problems at the moment. I found my solution in a replacement Throttle Body. My symptoms where Erratic Idle. Stalling. stutteringlight kangarooing.

FIAT BRAVA 182 Judder when moving off from stopped.

Hello all Ill thank you first as Im new here and have found some solid advice already. I have a fiat brava 1.6 SX which I have been happy poodling about in but it has an annoying habit of really juddering from stop on mild acceleration. The scenario is stop at traffic lights start pulling away slowly and it begins to really shake if I add more power and drop the clutch more well then its relativly

member of staff who really knows about dualogic. if they have people whove worked with alfa selespeed that would help but at the end of the day the performance of your clutch depends on the quality of the computer programme that controls it. youre doomed to join the thousands of people who have also learnt the hard way that a clutch should be operated by foot. But then again you would think that fiat

FIAT BRAVA 182 Pressure Sensor Fault

Hi there... I have a fiat Bravo about 6-7 years old. Recently the service bulb is on from time to time... I went this morning to the mechanic and he told me that the computer reads a pressure sensor fault. He suggested to monitor the car because there is possibility it could be something else... The car does not give me any problems during operation. Could it be the pressure sensor or what else could

FIAT BRAVA 182 brava14 12v

can anyone help ive just purchase a brava14 12v on a r reg bring it homeit cut out and would not restart so got it towed home once it cooled down it started ok until it got warm then cut out again and this has happen since once it cooled down it will start for about 10 minutes HELP ANYONE PLEASE

As mentioned you cant replace the ECU although it does sound like a problem with the engine management system. Also as mentioned you can go through the system replacing sensors until you resolve the issue starting with the crank sensor. Alternatively you can pay fiat to plug a computer into your car and do a diagnostic so you know exactly what part to replace. There is a third way if you have basic

FIAT BRAVA 182 Injectors repaired

Ive solved the problem I mean finally got a hand to some cash went to mechanic and he just cleaned the injectors and now my car drives like crazy Now I know how my brava drives because when I bought it th injectors were broken and now fixed Also changed the fuel filter and now Im on the ninth cloud Just to see in close future what is with my front left wheel and nothing else to fix I think that it

in my language and probably this is test bench. The resistance was good and he out it in the maschine and they were cleaned But there is a new problem computer says that RPM sesnor is broken but we changed it and still it is reporting this problem but I dont have no problems except that when the engine is cold it goes like the injecotrs are gone but later it goes fine. I have a friend who has a brava

FIAT BRAVA 182 HGT 155 electrical woes

Well woes is maybe a bit strong. But got you looking. Hi there - Ive been a member here for ages but only post in a blue moon. Im currently enjoying my sixth Bravobrava which happens to be a 155 HGT - 2000 on an X plate Steel grey recently acquired from a more mature owner in Northants (top bloke). A very nice 1 owner car with 75k on the clock. However - inevitably it has a few electrical maladies.

FIAT BRAVA 182 Fuel Injectors Cleaning

Hi all A few months ago i posted a thread about a missfire problem i have on a 2001 Bravo 1.6 ( httpwww.fiatforum.comshowthread....hlightmissing ) . Needless to say the problem still persists (all be it intermitentley clears sometimes when the engine is hot and its switched off and then restarted) but i have definatley narrowed it down to a fuel injector problem. A guy from the AA spent the best part

FIAT BRAVA 182 Power Steering Bravo

Coming back home today from a long trip my power steering just cut out. I have a bravo JTD 1.9. Felt like trying to turn a tank around Anyone have any ideas why and how much Im looking at damages wise Ta muchly. Em

Hi had the same problem with my grande punto 1.4 16v. After a trip to the garage and being hooked up to the computer problem persisted only happened when it was really cold outside and went over bumps or round corners fast (g force)...... making sense yet stupid battery connection are renound for coming loose on fiat cars RAC bloke found the problem with mine in seconds..... check your battery connections x

FIAT PUNTO brava engine into punto

i have a 1.2 sporting punto 16 valve i want to replace the 1.2 engine with a 1.6 16valve brava engine.. i was wondering if anyone can help.. how do i go about changing the wiring loom do i need to change anything else aswel as the loom any info appreciated

First check with the insurance to see what they demand. You will need as much as possible from the brava - Engine box driveshafts hubs and brakes ECU body computer dash panel (speedo etc) wiring loom. It will probably always have an ABS problem as systems wont be compatible. If you dont have the fully running brava dont bother. If you do why bother to do the swap. Sell them both and get an HGT Punto.

FIAT BRAVA 182 Bravo running too lean

Hi Because of some alternator problem of my car the battery was left disconnected for weeks. The alternator has been changed recently. After reconnecting the battery I noted - an unsteady idling (the revs drop until the motor almost extincts itself but then the ECU kicks in and makes the motor rev again only for it to slow down again shortly after...) - for some minutes during initial driving the motor

for the window washer liquid in parallel. So does the motor take too much current Is it broken Is the 085 Ohms of resistance too low Or was this already the Fast mode wiring Its a Magnetti Marelli wiper motor TGE 134 A 12V 17368 0333 So now I have disconnected the motor and put a new 20 A fuse back in. By the way I discovered that this motor is water cooled on demand This must be a very special fiat

FIAT BRAVA 182 jtd injector light

Hi everybody I have question concerning the injector light that is on in my turbo diesel jtd fiat bravo. I bought this car with injector light on but it was canceled with computer connected to ECU by mechanic. After driving about 200km the light switched on again. What could be the problem The engine is in very good condition (120k km runned) no shaking on idle run - everything seems to be OK. The

FIAT BRAVA 182 Help needed misfire fiat Bravo

I have a 51 plate fiat Bravo with a misfire I have replace the plugs leads and coils still have the same problem the garage say its missing on number 1 and 2 cylinder and put on computer it say misfire. They say it could be cylinder head has gone but this sounds a bit drastic to me read somwhere it could crankshaft sensor or another sensor. Anybody help with this

FIAT BRAVA 182 Engine misfire at low revs

Can anyone help me I have a recurring problem with my brava 1.4s registered 1997. The exhaust pops when Im slowing down to go round corners etc. I dont know if its significant but I cant get AM stations on the radio because of a constant buzzing. Weve had a new exhaust lambda sensor coil new plugs and leads. Weve had the engine checked with the computerised equipment - nothing shows up. No fault lights are on. If anyone has any suggestions Id be grateful

FIAT BRAVA 182 Mileage counter not working correctly

Hi My s reg (98) 1.6 16v brava recently developed a running problem which seems to have been solved by fitting a new coil pack. This was done at a garage after using a diagnostics mahcine. Since then (a few days ago) my mileage counter will only increase by 4 miles no matter how far I go The trip counter works correctly but not the main mileage counter. If i drive over 4 miles then the counter goes

FIAT BRAVA 182 Help Injector warning lights

HI all i have just bought a fiat Bravo nothing special 96 N reg 1.4 sxi 50000 miles metallic green. Few minor scratches and a couple of little dents but only 2600 might have had a respray at some point but it all looks very good so who ever did it put a lot of time into it. Anyway I have had it for just over two weeks and 600 miles (very pleased with it reasonably pokey for a 1.4) however the injector

the raditor to cool things down so inevitably the coolant temp starts to rise. This will continue until the electric fan cuts in and draws cool air across the radiator or you start moving again. This is all quite normal. The injector light is lit by the ECU whenever a sensor is not providing a signal within the correct range or not providing a signal at all (i.e. wire broke off). On most modern fiats

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