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FIAT BRAVA 182 Engines engines gearboxes

Hi all I have a 99 1.2 bravo. Ive replaced the engine before (old one was completely STUFFED) with a 01 1.2. It has the 01 setup minus the fly by wire downstream sensor cam sensor etc. Was just wondering would a 1.4 16v fit in A hgt or 20vt conversion would be too costly and messy for the moment. And those cars are rare here... I aquired a punto sporting for spares and im wondering about the 6 speed

FIAT BRAVA 182 Fiat bravo 1.2 16v swap to 1.6 16v

i have a lot of problems with my 1.2 engine...(2000. year) so i will maybe do a swap with 1.6 engine... if there will be a big problems i know that I must buy a new fuel pump (for 1.6 engine)... will I have a problems with solid axie or with a gearshift mechanizam or maybe with electrical p.s. sory because of language im not very good with english On croatina language jebo mu mamu

i will praise your wisdom and proving me wrong. I dont mind seeing pictures of your conversion with a Stilo engine into a Cinq. Not 100% what i meant. I was just implying that all your info is based on what youve read in part catalogues where as what i am saying is based on experience with working with the engines that we are talking about. My stilo engine into a cinq is documented here httpwww.fiatforum.comcinquecento...nt-thread.html

FIAT BRAVA 182 Injector light Read Here

Hi so previously I was having problems and decided to register here for help however due to email trouble i couldnt complete registration. Anyways I now have fixed on my car what seems to be a fault that is plaguing these forums for so many people and I thought I would shed some light on the situation... So I bought this brava 1600 16V Automatic V Registered (992000) and got it cheap on the knowing

FIAT BRAVA 182 help with antifreeze guys cheers

alright guys firstly thanks for all ur help with my threads of recent cars almost runnin like new just one more thing i was wondering...with winter on its way i wana sort out my coolantantifreeze...its gettin abit murky and iv had a radiator leak recently cured so was toppin up with water regularly so i think my cars in need of some coolant. i need to know how to remove all the old watercoolant from

Well Im sorry to disagree here.... It IS completely safe to switch to the (orange) long life coolant no problems are to be expected. In fact you dont have any choice today as long as you keep it original. The old fashioned green Paraflu G11 is no longer available at any fiat dealer (they ALL use orangered long life coolant today in all engines). Instead ALL fiat engines can run on orange long life

Originally Posted by Peter Pick-Up Well Im sorry to disagree here.... It IS completely safe to switch to the (orange) long life coolant no problems are to be expected. In fact you dont have any choice today as long as you keep it original. The old fashioned green Paraflu G11 is no longer available at any fiat dealer (they ALL use orangered long life coolant today in all engines). Instead ALL fiat engines

I agree surely the best bet is to fix the headgasket unless something else is seriously wrong. People repair bent valves etc when the timing belt fails. Find a decent garage mechanic. Not all 1.2 16V engines are the same I swapped an engine into my 2001 brava (car 106 K miles). The earlier ones are crank sensor only the later ones (like mine) are cam and crank sensor. If it has the cam sensor it will

FIAT BRAVA 182 New Engine. Which should i choose

I have a 1.2 Bravo 2000 model. I am planning to change the engine because the 1.2 is too slow for me and with my temperamental way of driving doesnt seem like its gonna hold much longer.. The answer to my question is not straight-forward but I want to hear as much as possible. What engine should i install (Buying another car is out of the question because of the extremely high fiat Bravo prices in

youre forgetting the real pain of a conversion modifying the loom. the wiring is completely different betwen different engines making an engine fit in the engine bay is easy getting all the sensors wired up correctly and getting the immob to work with a new ecu is harder and requires a lot of time. there will be at least 100 wires to modify in terms of position length and changing connectors on them.

Originally Posted by id12586 Will it be possible to do some tasks in a different time. i.e. Installing the immob after a month or so Jug would be better to go for the Bravo 1.8 or for an AlfaLancia Engine you can fix the immob whenever you like but the engine wont start until you do. if the donor car doesnt have the red key chip this will be a headache. an alfalancia engine will be far more difficult if you use an engine from a bravo you know you can get any parts you need easily if you fit an alfalancia engine youll have to fabricate any parts you need (all hoses possible engine mounts what do you do about driveshafts etc) and the wiring will be completely custom and need to be made by hand it would probably double the difficulty of the job so i strongly recommend you stick to bravobravamarea engines only.

Originally Posted by Courty89 not sure if the marea Ive got is a VIS or not still learning about all the models and I hevernt had 5mins recently to check the idea was to take all chassis items from the marea aswell as the engine if it is fly by then couldnt I just remove my dash and change the whole wiring loom etc completelyand fit to the brava I dont intend for any of the standard 1.2 running gear

FIAT BRAVA 182 a little help...please

hi so i just got a brava 1.2 sx on a 2001 Y. one or two niggles.... 1. high level brake light inop bulbs removed when i stripped it. what sort 2. wipers dont work on intermittent unless i hold the switch. 3. temp gauge reads halfway all the time and has gone all the way to red but the car has been ok otherwise a great little car and am very pleased with it - just got rid of a ford cougar for it and it really is so much better. get the above sorted and ill be well happy

Hi there Good luck with the car but you MUST immediately check your cooling system (water and antifreeze). It sounds like it is too low anyway so top it up but you have to be very careful that you dont overheat and blow the cylinder head gasket. Its a common problem on these engines if they arent looked after properly and with older Bravos and bravas this is often the case. If its running OK then hopefully

FIAT BRAVA 182 strange idle problem.

i have a small problem with my cars idle.. when i drive down the motorway or say 5060 mph when i come to a stop the idle sticks at about 1500 eventually lowers back down to 800 after a few miles off normal driving. i have changed the idle control valve and cleaned my throttle housing out..any ideas guys its becoming a painits like having cruise control when i dont want it. 1.8 hlx p reg. cheers alex

HI guys.. just bought myself a fiat bravo and i seem to have the same problem. Idles at 1500 then it drops to 1000. Where can i find the ICV unit on the engine Sorry its a bit stupid question but i am a complete novice when it comes to fiat engines.thanks for your help..

FIAT BRAVA 182 Air Pressure Sensor Camshaft change

Hello all I was at a fiat dealership yesterday concerning a problem with the air pressure sensor... (second time in 9 months) and some of their answers troubled me... They charge me 180 euros and I found it at a friend for 100 euros... And now my question... is it a straight fit or I need to adjust anything else Also when I mentioned to them a reset of the ECU by disconnecting a battery lead overnight

Originally Posted by MadbravaDriver Hello all I was at a fiat dealership yesterday concerning a problem with the air pressure sensor... (second time in 9 months) and some of their answers troubled me... They charge me 180 euros and I found it at a friend for 100 euros... And now my question... is it a straight fit or I need to adjust anything else Also when I mentioned to them a reset of the ECU by

FIAT BRAVA 182 14 12V engine trouble after cam swap

Hi. I recently acquired a 1997 brava 14 12valve with cam failure (one lobe had 5mm ground off giving almost no valve lift). I bought a cam kit and started what I thought was an easy job (looked that way...).However when I was trying to fasten the new cam the treads in the head (for 4 of the cam fastening bolts) gave way even before the cam came in contact with the head leaving me with no other option

CHANGE CAMS ON THESE engines WITHOUT USING TIMING TOOL KIT If the cam belts one tooth off youll probably bend at least one valve... You may try to set the new cam at exactly the same position as the old one but the problem is that you can adjust the cam wheel at least one tooth back or forwards once loosening the bolt which means you can never be shure youve got it right. Buy a timing kit for fiat

FIAT BRAVA 182 Knock Sensor

Hi. May sound a silly question but Im looking into fitting a 16v head on the Cinq (1242). Eventual plans involve turbocharging with an element of boost control. This boost control will need a knock sensor so to simplify my choices of head does anyone know if any of the MPi 1242cc 16v Bravoas had knock sensors on the Engine Management side of things Cheers

Originally Posted by paw just over ride the sensor and u will have no problems cause u dont need it do.. theyre helpful when trying to get the boost right - and avoid pinking Originally Posted by paw just stick a push button or a flick switch on ur dash to operate the turbo eh Originally Posted by dave i was told my punto had a knock sensor It does on the back of the block i think Jug.. youre

FIAT BRAVA 182 Croma turbo motor in a brava

Anyone out the put a 2ltr 8valve turbo croma motor in a brava I can score one for pretty much nothing and just curious about how much effort it would be and how similar that motor is to the later 16valve coupe motor.

I think its much more difficult than the 16v enige. the 8v engine is based on the old twin cam engines while the 16v is mostly a complete new engine. So with the 16v you can use engine mounts from the coupe since that one has almost the same subframe as a bravo while with the 8v you probably have to build your own mounts.

FIAT BRAVA 182 Water leaking

Hi guys firstly I am new to the forum so that I would say hi I have a fiat Bravo 1.2 SX 80 on a 51 plate Please can you help me my car is suffering from major leaking. It is literally dripping out of the bottom of the engine as fast as I am topping it up. I have looked at all the hoses and they are all attached and do not appear to have any splits. The water is leaking directly from the bottom. Please find attached a screenshot of where the water is dripping from Any ideas guys

Plan on spending some money to get someone who knows what theyre doing to look at it and fix it before you wreck the poor thing completely. Ignoring major noises and just fiddling about with the symptoms of probable neglect and damage will not get you anywhere the same with asking for help on the internet without giving full information... These are good cars and engines but unfortunately they reach

FIAT BRAVA 182 My clutch packed up on me how much to replace

Ive got a mk2 HGT It started making a strange knocking sound when pulling away as though the wheel was clipping the arch liner but then 5 minutes later it made a horrendous noise and i lost drive. really hard to pull away almost like im trying to pull off in 3rd. lol and no i didnt drive it away like that i limped off the road to wait for the AA. Im guessing thats the clutch the AA bloke said it probs

errrr the mech is obv a complete and utter waste of time then... yeah ok its a bit awkward but get the mount yourself and do the work yourself its not a hard job just time consuming and fiddly as i say... pluys get a new (or scrappy) driveshaft i may have one on offer from the hgt but i wont know until the engines out i know the crash demolished the steering arm on the drivers side soo im not too hopeful

FIAT BRAVA 182 Engine Replacment queries please help

ok i love the bravos i have had 3 in 4 months and all i have had is engine trouble..... ive finally found the bravo of my dreams a black bravo 2001 abrath kitted etc....1.2 after about 500km it was fine i got the valves replaced seals gaskets belts pumps etc all replaced so it would be a fresh sort of motor but engine has no power (cylinders 14)pistion rings lambda sensor coils sump leaking

No worries glad to help Do however get the head tested for warping and a pressure test tho I might be a wee bit late sayin now.... Originally Posted by bluejohn125 I cant quite follow what the hecks been going on... you seem to have complicated things quite a lot... Surely if you had a straightforward head gasket failure (fairly common) the easiest thing would have been to simply fix that problem.

FIAT BRAVA 182 Bravo 1.2 16v Engine problem

Hi My Bravo 1.2 16v developed a strange problem. When I try to pull of hard from a junction engine sounds like its running on 3 cylinders and sporadically catches on. Sometimes it backfires. This is not the case if I accelerate with minimum input or at high rpm. Problem seems to be related to air temperature. Near or below 0 C it runs almost fine but not perfect. Also its less noticeable with cold

Congratulations on figuring it out and fixing your car... these engines are fantastic when they are running right. What you have seen is a typical problem with modern cars... a simple fault somewhere will screw other things up and make strange symptoms somewhere else. So if the fuel is not burning right then the engine management lambda sensors will see a mixture fault and try to compensate and then

FIAT BRAVA 182 replacing wingmirror and turbo question

1) need to replace the passenger winmirror on my 2.0 20v hgt that is electric. only need the outside plastic bit as bits are snapped off of mine. can i get one off a manual wingmirror are they the same and just swap them over and where can you unplug the heatedelectic adjustment wires that go into the mirror are there plugs somewhere you can undo or have i gota cut the wires then re-wire. 2) on a completely

FIAT BRAVA 182 Adding Horsepower to My Bravo

Ok i have a Bravo SX 100 16v which offcourse has 103bhp. I have been thinking on adding more horsepower for a faster car not that i am saying that the car is slow but i want it a bit more faster than it is right now. I recently taked to my mechanic about adding an induction kit and he didnt advise it he prefered adding a chip. So what do you think guys i want something that will boost up the HP by at least 20 bhp or more without ruining the engine. Thank you for your time

Originally Posted by dillinger39 Jug just another thing can you not put a 1.2 or 2.0 litre ecu on to the 1.4 or 1.6 to enable them to be remapped or are they completely different no the engine management for different engines uses different algorithms and different sensors are used with different return voltages (and feedback circuits) so its not possible.

FIAT BRAVA 182 major overheating problem help

i have 1.8 16v bravo i need any help i took it to a local garage to check the head gaskit but its fine so is the water pump so am a little confussed to what the problem could be the is fine for so long then it seems like the fan is not coming on when the car 34 on temp gauge second there is no heat coming through the heaters any help on this will be great

Originally Posted by stuntman323 i noticed that i am losing coolant but only sometimes this happens my tempature gauge goes up and down when moving i also know that the small pipe has no water coming throught it even when reving it ok that explains the erratic temprature readings the pipe is likely blocked in the way i described and needs sorting asap to make the cooling system bleed properly and remove

FIAT BRAVA 182 Engine Change

Hi all Thecam belt went on my 1997 brava 1.6 16v. I have managed to buy a 1.6 16v engine from a 2000 Marea. What do i need to change in order to fit it into my brava is this straight forward or not. Thanks Mick

Originally Posted by micksimari Thanks for your reply but i refer you to a reply by Jug 6 days ago to a postreading Can a Mk2 engine be fitted into a M1 Jug says that all is needed is to swap the fuel rails the throttle body and the upper inlet manifold complete with all its sensors and that the lower manifold attached to the head doesnt need to be changed. Any further adviseinfo would be helpfull

there are only 2 types of CDA Type 1 (for engines up to 1.6) and Type 2 (for bigger than 1.6). Each type is also available in different diameters for connecting to the intake (diameter is given in model number). as a general rule of thumb you can make any CDA fit any car especially a 1.6 bravo but its easier of you get one with the correct diameter for your intake pipe. since the CDA is an enclosed

FIAT BRAVA 182 Battery Light on dashboard

In a recent overhaulupdate to my bravo I changed the alternator as the old one suffered horrendously when my oil cap loosened itself off and destroyed the engine bay. It ruined the old marelli alternator beyond and having so many 1.2 engines lying around i used a very late and clean 01 denso marelli 60ah. Now after 5000rpms the battery light blinks on and off or stays on completely untill the revs

Sorry to say but its a con. Nasa may use similar systems in rockets but they do work in a completely different way to internal combustion engines. Any Hydrogen generated will be tiny and make no difference to the fuel you use. You will get a bigger difference by over inflating your tires by a few PSI .

FIAT BRAVA 182 cylinder issue

after numerous fixes to my car an underlying issue has come to light on my car perhaps anybody could shed some light After changing the coil leads and plugs i can 100% vouch for each cylinder getting spark however ive noticed on cylinder 4 it doesnt make a difference to the engines running if the ignition lead is plugged in from the coil or not if you unplug any of the other 3 leads it runs like a

oh yeah those things are my own estimates and people on here with better experience with cars and engines would probably be able to offer better and more complete advice

FIAT UNO II fiat ie start

what other fiat engines will fit into my uno 1.0 start will punto fit and is there much to change ecu etc as i now i might be able to get a punto 75sx or any is there others that will fit brava stilo etc up to 1.4 cheers

Originally Posted by NORRIE what other fiat engines will fit into my uno 1.0 start will punto fit and is there much to change ecu etc as i now i might be able to get a punto 75sx or any is there others that will fit brava stilo etc up to 1.4 cheers Punto 55 Cinq Sporting 1108cc FIRE Punto 60 1242cc SPi Punto 75 1242cc MPi Punto 85 Sporting Bravo Stilo 1242 16v MPi Panda (and Bravo Stilo) 1.4 16v MPi

FIAT MAREA 185 1.9 TD Airbox

Hi Ive got a 98 (S) fiat Marea Estate 1.9 TD (100) Ive attempted to change the air filter but found the 2 bolts that hold the top of the air box are just turning and the top of the air box only lifts about one inch (the 2 side bolts are missing as well). Ive removed the air box mounting bolts (front and rear) and lifted the air box out a bit and saw that the 2 bolts that hold down the top of the air

FIAT PUNTO mk1 engine in mk2

hi all if u hav read the other threads u kno im havin problems wit a mk2 1.2 punto 8valver and i think we hav come to the conclusion she had fried her pistons rings or has piston damage now i kno wot im doing wen it comes to rebuilding them so my question is this i had a mk1 b4 and to look at them the engines are spot on so usin the wiring from my mk2 could u just drop in the the mk1 engine still using

personally i wouldnt do this id pull the head off the existing engine and take a peek and repair that one or get a 2nd hand one thats correct for the car. Its much simpler and you can recon the head while its off which is generally a good thing to do once the car starts clocking up miles. Also keeps the original engine with the original car and saves the hastle of finding another 1. Reason being is 1) its a mk1 engine and your current one is from a mk2.. and although they may look identical.. manufacturers often reviseimprove the engine. 2) 1 engine is a multipoint 1 is a single point. so the fueling requirements of the engine would be completely different.. and you may even find the camshafts are different for different valve opening and closing times and durations. Compression could even be different and as pointed out manifolds are different so the studs bolts maybe in different places. 3) if the fueling requirements are different the cars ecu will be trying to fuel the car as a multipoint engine when it was designed to run as a single point engine which can have consequences. Its hard to say without physically comparing both engines side by side and pulling out the camshafts to ensure they are in fact identical. 1 thing that would work.. assuming the blocks are actually identical and the stroke is the same.. is swap the head from a mk2 block to a mk1 block... then you would be in a better position to mount the multipoint injection system and you know the cams are correct etc. fiat brava jtd elx 105 thanked for this post

kebabs right. wirings completely diferent. evenn if you were swapping engines a larger unit would make more sense given that youll spend so much time on it. 99 brava 100 HSXMet Cognac Toyota Company Car Bargain 1.2 Bravo

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Seicento Mk2 1.2 16v Conversion Advice

Hi All Im converting my Sei P75 engined car to the 1.2 16v in the coming weeks. I have already bought a fiat brava 1999 low mileage engine. My question is please How can I get around the lack of a Cam Sensor on my brava engine whilst keeping the Seicentos wiring (LengthenedModified) loom and ECU - Will it run without ideally - probably giving error codes and displaying the engine light - Can I bypass

mariocinq - Hi Mate I hope youre right but Im guessing that the problem may come about due to the Seicento engine mount being a different shape Well find out soon enough we have all the required bits from the Seicento 1.1 8v Punto 75 Punto Mk2 1.2 8v and brava 1.2 16v engines that Ive got so we can try all the different permutations. ricky seicento - Im afraid that Ive already got someone who wants

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