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fiat 500 oil filter II
fiat 500 oil filter II

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FIAT 500 II TwinAir oil and filter change

So Im planning to change the oil and filter on my TwinAir when it gets to 3000 miles just to help with the running-in process. Does anyone have any photos diagrams of the job Otherwise Ill have to wait for Mr Haynes Illustrated Book of Lies to come out in April

Originally Posted by jrkitching ...Actually they just might be able to - at least the first time. Both my 500 & Panda left the factory with a different oil filter to the OEM part used by the main dealer network for servicing. ChrisSouls kindly ran the part number of the original filter through the computer & whilst its recognised by the system as a genuine fiat part its not orderable by the dealer

Originally Posted by jrkitching Im not familiar with the 1.4 engine but you only need 2.9 litres for the 1.2. There have been plenty of reports on the forum of fiat dealerships significantly overfilling the sump and I have first-hand knowledge of one of them. IIRC it was 2.9 litres for the 500 1368cc. Havent got the figure for the TA. Screensnap courtesy of fiatUSA500 Attached Thumbnails   __________________

Well not necessarily. If the consensus is that it is a bad idea I might just take it back to the dealer and ask them to do the oil and filter change to stay in the warranty. Then again I might just risk it . Good point about the sump washer -- any ideas as to the guage diameter Had a check on the FF and there does appear to be a sump washer on the 1.4 but I dont know about the Twin Air.

say that there was an outstanding maintenance campaign on the car regarding the turbo and theyd need it for half a day. They were polite and apologetic and arranged for a free courtesy car. The book has now been stamped with the service and also in the campaign section with a reference number. I know they should build it right first time but these things do happen occasionally and I dont see how fiat

FIAT 500 II Engine run in - oil & oil filter change

My A500 is coming slowly to 1500km (940 miles). Do you usually do first oil change at his time I did it in my previous 1.2 500 at about 1875 miles. I think it may be essential in order to remove any residues left in assembly process my A500 was produced in March 2012 (I bought it new in February 2013). This means that she has been standing at Abarth dealer without engine running almost a year - oil

it in my previous 1.2 500 at about 1875 miles. I appreciate hearing your thoughts about oil change in new engine. Im in favour of an early initial oil change to get rid of any bits of detritus left over from initial assembly & the early running in period. Id suggest either doing it yourself or taking an OEM filter the correct specification oil to an independent garage & keeping quiet as far as fiat

when less than 6K miles has been done in one 1 year. Hopefully Tony or someone will correct me on this but I remember reading somewhere that the oil in new A500 that come from the factory is 5W40 as opposed to the warranty compliant 10W50. I would be of 2 minds as to which one I would use. Given that the summer is coming in Id probably get the correct spec 10W50 and the oil filer directly of fiat

Originally Posted by grimwau Michael funnily enough there is no mention of the 595 needing a 6K oil and filter change in the handbook. We all know that the 595 and esseesse should have identical servicing requirements but what about the less informed 595 owner Going by the book the 595 variants have the same servicing intervals as the std 135 NP A500. fiat really need to start adding an addendum to

Originally Posted by loveshandbags That is surprising Tony - so are you going to stick with the 6k or the 9k oil service intervals As always very much appreciate your posts On the US A500 they have 8K but I havent checked the fiat 500 Turbo model which would be equivalent to the output from the standard A500. The Garrett turbo on the A500 is less stressed than the IHI for the equivalent outputs but

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FIAT 500 II Oil Filters from 500Madness

Are they the OEM version from fiat My mechanic cant get any from his filter makers except for FRAM but itd cost me 40 for 1 filter. I saw on that theyre 7.99. Anyone know what it would cost to order them from Chrysler themselves

I have the 1.4L US model. I was just wondering because I can get them for 8 online and offline I cant get them any cheaper it seems I just want to know if theyre warranty approved from 500madness.

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