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FIAT UNO II The hottest Id ever seen the engine oil

As in attached pic... snapped with my phone months ago. Took me this long to get the phone working (formatting the memory card) so that I can remove the pictures from the phone memory Interesting how most of the time the oil temperature gauge barely registers but after a few full-throttle laps of Taupo this was the reading - 110 degrees. -Alex Attached Thumbnails   __________________ SOLD 03 Stilo

110 degrees is pretty hot for your Uno Alex. My mk1 only ever got to about 100-105 but 110 is ok. I would not let it get any higher though. It makes a huge difference how you drive it. If you rev it just another 500rpm more it will run a lot hotter oil temp. I ran my mk1 to about 6000rpm max no point reving more with the standard turbo my mk2 can rev all the way to 7000 if I want but the oil temp

FIAT 500 II 500 diesel - heater takes ages to get going

First of all is there a search function anywhere or am I going blind The heater in my 500 diesel takes ages to get up to a reasonable temperature. It was like this even when brand new although I think it has improved slightly with age (2 years old now) but it takes at least two miles to feel even a whiff of heat and several miles to kick out reasobale heat. Is this normal for a 500 diesel or should I replace the thermostat

Im looking into this as well on my doblo httpwww.fiatforum.comdoblo29204...ld-starts.html Utilising an electric pumpheater to preheat the coolant. Trouble with modern diesels is that they are too efficient & so take forever to warm. Radiator muffs or blocking the rad can be problematic. The coolant system is a 3 part affair running coolant around the engine heater matrix & rad. Coolant will only run

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FIAT PANDA Low oil level on new engineis it normal

I topped up the oil on my new Active Eco the other day.I was surprised to see it was only at a quarter.Yes I know I should have checked the oil level before but im afraid I had blind faith in the dealers to make sure it was full on the PDI.Anyway its now topped up to just over 3 quarters and I will be keeping an eye on it.I was just wondering if its normal for a new engine (just done 500 miles) to use quite a bit of oil while running in

Pandemonium I topped up the oil on my new Active Eco the other day.I was surprised to see it was only at a quarter.Yes I know I should have checked the oil level before but im afraid I had blind faith in the dealers to make sure it was full on the PDI.Anyway its now topped up to just over 3 quarters and I will be keeping an eye on it.I was just wondering if its normal for a new engine (just done 500

FIAT 500 II Arbath - Geneva 2008


Took these pics yesterday. In Geneva for press day but returning to the UK tonight. Attached Thumbnails     __________________ fiat Forum Useful Links Donate to FF    Buy FF Merchandise    Classifieds    FF Insurance    How-to Guides    FAQs   Quote   05-03-2008   7 Ulpian Ulpian Join Date Sep 2006 Location My flat mostly Posts 3377 Thanks

FIAT 500 II Hows the Heater

Hi I believe the Panda has a fairly quick heater in the way that it gets hot pretty quickly one the car is started If so is the 500 the same - how quick till the heater is blowing hot air on a cold day Cheers.

Originally Posted by JamesL Most cars now (if not all) heat the interior through the heater matrix which runs of the engine coolant temp. therefore the speed the car warms up depends on how you drive as this will affect how the engine warms up. the dervs take longer to warm up in pretty much all cars presumably due to the thicker heavier oil and fuel they use and the different combustion I suppose

FIAT 500 II In Dyce Aberdeen

A white 500 with a fiat forum sticker spotted in Dyce at about 615 pm I was in the red GP behind you from the Asda junction to the roundabout beside kwik fit

Originally Posted by lkc Only cars from England can have an FF sticker Salright I knew what you meant Fond memories of Aberdeen the Granite City when I used to attend North Sea Offshore oil Exploration meetings. My only recollection was it was 3 overcoats cooler on the day than down south


Just completed latest journey in the turbo bringing her total mileage under my ownership to about 400-500 miles however we have a hiccup with the engine.... Shes got bit of oil coming out the dump valve is this normal no blue smoke so wouldnt have thought oil seals when i first start her up she idles about 500 revs and oil warning light comes on then she picks herself up though this may be alternator

into the top of the air filter like some do (Every van Aaken turbo s like a snowflake - delicate beautiful fragile and different to all the others) Puffs of white smoke could just be normal steam and condensation but keep an eye on your water levels. Red hot a normal cento runs under 10psi of oil pressure at idle it doesnt need to be high as theres no hydraulic tappets etc. If the revs drop to 500

into the top of the air filter like some do (Every van Aaken turbo s like a snowflake - delicate beautiful fragile and different to all the others) Puffs of white smoke could just be normal steam and condensation but keep an eye on your water levels. Red hot a normal cento runs under 10psi of oil pressure at idle it doesnt need to be high as theres no hydraulic tappets etc. If the revs drop to 500


Hi uno lovers ive just posted a thread and pics on turbo collective about bleed valves as im fitting my new techniclutch and lightened flywheel before xmas and want to turn the BOOOOST up but theres to many valves to choose from idealy want to fit under the cig lighter ashtray flap on the mk2s so is adjustable from the cockpit then a friend of mine said the proper way is the performance actuator which

Originally Posted by oldskoolmk1unoturbo Andy what do you class as modified internals This is from Sporting fiat Club. You cannot use unleaded in your Uno T unless it has the later red black or green spot on the ECU . Modification In General What sorts of power and performance can you expect Here we are going to focus on the initial steps of tuning to bring the cars up to around 130 - 140bhp at the

FIAT BRAVA 182 1996 Fiat Bravo 1.8 HLX - Ink Black

Thought I should finally post a few pictures of my new car. My goal is to keep it very tidy and well maintained. Keep the looks standard while improving the small details. And uprate m echanical parts as I go. Specification -1.8 16v 113BHP Mk1 -Metalic Ink Black 820 -HLX. Fog Lights Heated Seats Heated Mirrors Electric Sunroof Electric Windows Electric Mirrors Remote Central Locking Alloy Wheels Immobiliser

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 How to cool the coolant some more

Right....since i did the 1.4 I have had very high temps....may have been partly to do with the last fail. Now i have ported it and put some hot cams in its even hotter.....saw 97 the other day am not risking driving it until the temps are sorted. Ive had new water pumps thermostats radiator how can i make it better I have an oil cooler to try (arrives wed I hope) and drop the temps but

has the engine run in how many miles Have you used over sized pistons etc which oil are you using Done 100 miles now standard pistons and 05W40 Fully syntetic. Originally Posted by fingers99 Ive read that over rich can cause knock (as well as the more obvious issues of bore wash). Wonder if something in the 131 (stoic is 14.7) range might be better. 12-12.5 isnt that rich and we are talking 4000-5000

really matter what as long as its 1040 dont fit the oil cooler yet drain the syth out and put the new 1040 in dont bother changing the filter itill be fine. dont bother with the oil cooler either yet using somthing as thin as 5 is why u may have been seeing smokehigh temps id stick to 1040 i used to put 1550 in my cinq to shut the cam up just cruise it around no more then 4000rpm then after 500

FIAT UNO II Uno Diesel 1.7 - Timing Belt Broke - replaced - Engine Wont Start

My fiat Uno 1.7 Diesel broke its timing belt during idling (at 45000 Kms). I was in 1st Gear trying to park the vehicle when this happened. The engine stalled and would not start when cranked for 2 secs. Immediately i realized that its a timing belt failture. After installing new belt I cranked the engine but it wont start. Is it a free wheeling engine or have i snapped twisted a valve or two. I opened

First of all thank you FF for the links wo which removing the head wouldnt have been possible. Id like to post my findings for the benefit of others 1. Bent valves Bought a new set of valves guides oil seals. Took the head to a machine shop to set up the new set of valves at recommended valve clearances. fiat recommends intake at 0.30mm and exhaust 0.4mm. The guy at the machine shop set up my head

FIAT PUNTO Italtechnicatuning Supercharger kit 1.4 16v

As promised I am posting the feedback I have had from Italtechnicatuning regarding a DIY Supercharger kit which is a direct fit to fiats 1.4 16v 95bhp engine as used in the Punto mk2b Sporting Stilo Panda 100hp and the new fiat 500. I asked them some questions- 1.) How much does it cost 2.) Does any modification have to be made to the ECU Fuelling setup for the extra power the engine is producing

FIAT COUPE smoking on cold

my coupe 20v turbo badly smokes on a cold start but when warmed up nothing at all even when you put your foot down when warm only on a cold start any ideas ie turbo or steam seals had mot 2 weeks ago and went tru a cat test as if it was a new car the tester said

they found a crack in the head on the centre piston so i also replaced that. i had cambelt done head gasket kit new valve stem seals and the oil cooler as the pipes were in a bad way withthe good old corrosion finally got the car back. she was running like a dream. for the first coupe of days still a little smoky but to be expected i guess burning off the oil from in the exhaust. was told to do 500

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 My seicento Project

heres current pics of my sei thats going through a modding stage still lots of work to do (especially uno turbo conversion) at the mo its sideskirts are off the car as i need access to remove the wings and front bumper for when i drop the new lump in (next month hopefully) also going to badboy the bonnet drop it 30mm and fit a scooby vent or somthing in the bonnet when done. pics are below Side View

boy cheers mate was full lambo but had 3 attempts at getting them to work right but no luck so off it came had to buy a new door and 2 new wings interior isnt finished yet lol got to build the sub install and should look good (hopefully) when done spent nearly &1632k on it so far. havent got a new bonnet yet just kicked it back down for now its creased as hell still need to find a genuine fiat


has anyone every fitted a STS rear mount turbo to a sei or cento just wondering do they work and is it worth it

room under the hood. Future repair work or modifications will not require the expense of removing the turbo system to allow access to engine components. Lowest Intake Air Temps. Low IAT s equate to more horsepower per pound of boost than any other forced induction option. STS intake piping provides built-in intercooling. Add the optional intercooler and IAT s drop even further. Approximately 500F


Can anyone recommend a good rolling road that can cater for cars that would need a MF2 fiddling with Just come off the phone to van aaken and they cant do it as they only do diesels now

Latest RR prints i have from donny are below it was well down on power (with a bigger TB than before) and the torque and power curves both buggered off somewhere... although he didnt push it as had a split oil return from the turbo and didnt want to wreck his rollers or my dont know if he gave it full throttle or not... plus only took it to 5500 rpm which would really indicate he wasnt

Originally Posted by smokeme The only problem i have to not reach 200hp is that i want it reliably With the mods i have at the moment i can already push the 200hp mark for brief periods but only on racing gas i want to do it on pump and on the street tires . Yer laughing gas is cheating. street tyres LOL. Originally Posted by smokeme If i can make a kit for around 500euros plus turbo ill have a lot

FIAT BRAVO What BHP is stable for a 1.4 T-JET 150

Just want to know what BHP you can take a 1.4 T-JET 150 to with it still being stable Would 200BHP be fine or would you have to change certain things

You wont get near or over 200 bhp with the IHI turbo its just not big enough. Im just back from England after spending 2 days converting a 500 Abarth to the Garrett GT1446 turbo from Punto SS full Milltek stainless exhaust high flow cat induction kit remap uprated oil cooler uprated water pump. First dyno run made 226.4 bhp and 405nm This had a trough in the graph though because we need a stronger

FIAT MAREA 185 Why the Marea

So as we all know the Marea isnt the biggest success fiat ever had. But as owners we also know its not because they arent good cars. My Orion was condemned at MOT due to terminal tinworm. At the time I worked at a fiat dealership and the next car I worked on after getting the fail sheet back was a surprisingly cheap for its age and spec red HLX. 3 days later it was sitting on my drive and it has been without question the best car I have owned. So how did you end up in one

for a house that was undergoing a full renovation job. It was used as a builders Van and micracously passed an NCT (MOT equivalent) which has delayed the watery scrap yard. Still going today with 118K on the clock but will decide if the cam belt should get changed next Feb when the NCT is due up again. Lucky to have it. Its a petrol 1.6. Attached Thumbnails   __________________ Still a 500

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 cinquecento 899 big miles

Hi early next year me and some friends are driving 5000 miles round europe in 7 days in 899cc cinquecentos for charity (their idea bloody goodun too ). My mum has had a few of these before so i know a bit about them but i want to know a bit more.Tried searching the forum for things but failed to find what i want. Fingers crossed i have sourced a car (off this forum r reg 899 sx with 52k) will it have

BMW SERIES 3 E90 E91 E92 E93 Sorry to disappoint - but car did not overheat

For those that cant sleep at night for wondering if the E9X might overheat wife and I made a quick trip to Las Vegas to check out a F430 for a friend at the Wynn. Four main items became apparent as we crossed the desert. The Car E93 335i with SP & AT and no extra oil cooler (Jan build). Wife did the driving. 1) A bit surprised that the car was noisier (wind) at 110mph than expected. Still quieter than

car on a decent roadtrip. It is not a bad ride. Sweltering heat may have been a poor choice of words considering our Texan and Floridian brothers. It was actually only 108F and 65% humidity in a 3-hour 70 mile crawling commute. Temp settled on 250-255F on the guage. Rereading my post I misspoke about the Running SpringsBear Mountain run that is up behind my house. The wife and I were in the red fiat

How old were you when you bought your first Corvette

How old were you when you bought your first Corvette I was 25 when I bought a 1964 roadster for 1800 in 1975. It was a driver but not original for a 11 year old car. 327 was replaced with a 283 4 speed T10 Camaro seats needed a new top and body had been repainted. I rebuilt the rear end and all new parts in the front end. Built a 1966 327 365 HP that I had from highschool days. Sold the car for 3600.

I noticed that there was hot oil pouring down on my foot from the crappy line to the guage (PO had really cobbled this thing together). Next after about 3 months the powerglide gave up because there wasn&8217t any kind of cooler on it What did I know dad bought a trans rebuild and the shop put in a cooler. By the time I finished HS I had used the car some but went to college (in my Mom&8217s fiat

BMW SERIES 3 E46 Where to go after ZHP

I think like a lot of ZHP owners I love the car but eventually (after 7 years) Im itching to get something new. But Im all over the map 2012 Golf R 5 door - always wanted a hot hatch used 135i - a used 335i makes more sense but i love the 1 series 2006 M3 competition package - always my favorite but too played out 2003 E39 M5 - the surprise 4000 repair bills scare me 2013 Mustang GT or Boss 302 - I

call reliable. Anyways heres my recommended list 1. Lotus Exige or Elise NA or SC versions- light weight car on steroids using supercharged or na Toyota engines. Bulletproof reliable 2zzge engines. 2. Mitsubishi Evo X MR- E90 with the n20equivalent engine. 3. BMW F30 328i M-sport- looks like the next closest thing to the ZHP. 4. Porsche Cayman S- 911 performance without the sticker shock. 5. fiat

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