fault code p0235 fiat doblo

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fault code p0235 fiat doblo I 119 223
fault code p0235 fiat doblo I 119 223

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FIAT DOBLO Doblo Engine Management Light Error Code P0235

I own a fiat doblo Dynamic 1.9JTD Estate Diesel Recently I have noticed that when moving from stationary i.e. from Traffic lights or out of a junction roundabouts etc. the car can sometime lack severe power for a few seconds before returning to normal. The car has been recently serviced and just after that I noticed the Engine Management Light came on intermitently but now is on all the time. After

and bought some cleaner which improved the problem. Also I use to fill up the car at Tesco and noticed the problem after that in fact my mechanic showed me the fuel filter contained water which was probably from bad fuel. The car is now using hi quality Diesel from Shell but that too has not made a difference. My mechanic is going to check the sensors around the Turbo tomorrow so if we find the fault

Thanks again Andy for your valued help. The mechanic couldnt find anything and the light wouldnt reset either the fault p0235 still persists. He is going to remove those parts tomorrow morning and have one last go before I book it into fiat Service. Without being rude how much approx. did fiat charge you to replace these sensors just to give me an idea of what to expect if I have to book it into them.

Glad it got sorted andy and the pic on the right is my turbo sensor valve not left lol the one on the left was replaced as well as it was also at fault on my vehicle as it wasnt sending the signal to heat up the dpf to burn the soot so I was told

Hi Andy that makes sense not sure if I should get this replaced myself as although the Engine Management Light is out now I still find the car hesitates sometimes from start before the turbo actually switches in. Its almost as though it is starving itself of fuel and then - whoosh the turbo kicks in and off I go. I find it risky to pull out of a junction as the fault is so intermittent. I have read

FIAT DOBLO fault codes

im getting 2 fault codes poo69 and po180 relating to fuel temp sensor on my 2006 doblo 1.3 multijet anyone any ideas on where and what to replace

i have the same problem and have replaced my MAP sensor and turned the EML off with no luck. the same error code comes up with error code p0234 and p0235 as well now.....clueless...

FIAT DOBLO I 119 223 Non starting 1.9JTD 105 05 reg

Plea for advice and help please Ive got a 1.9JTD 8 valve 105 doblo diesel that doesnt want to start. Initially my suspicions are fuel starvation. A couple of weeks back I was starting to get problems with it cutting out after start up. Car would start and run OK until I came to a junction and it would just cut out with a flashing glow plug light evident. Car would restart no problems straight away

feed. Got the free level MultiECUScan software on the laptop and bought both the code reading transponders (ELM327 and KL). With the ELM327 got the readings P0704 (Clutch switch) P1555 (Signal low) and p0235 (boost pressure sensor). Got to admit my thoughts are how can it read the p0235 Boost pressure sensor if the car isnt running. Had a trawl through other posts and this combination of fault

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