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JEEP WRANGLER Dodge Durango Steering box swap

I would just like to say that for 27.99 plus gas to go take it off at the local pick and pull I have the best steering upgrade a YJ owner could ask for for the price. It was the easiest bolt on swap that I have ever done. No modification what so ever. My steering is absolutly perfect now steers like butter and I can 1 finger my 33s lock to lock. I would like to send out a personal thanks to everyone

Quote Originally Posted by Castr8r When I changed out the complete power steering on my 89 YJ due to a bad pump and a worn out gearbox I didnt like the limited steering from the Dakotadurango box. The pitman on the Jeep box swings thru an arc of nearly 90 while the dodge box swings only 40-45. I noticed this immediately on a test drive and since I had a club ( trail riding event the next day

JEEP GRAND CHEROKEE dodge durango steering box upgrade

i cracked my steering box last weekend at logandale and it moves around horribly now. i plan on plating the frame and getting a durango steering box along with hydro assist. they say that it is a heavier duty box and it has 4 mounting holes vice the 3 of a stock grand. but does it have the same spline count pitman arm edit also if i buy a remaned one from autozone or whatever will they take my grand one as a core or will they try and give me a hassle

though Straighten the steering before removing the old box . Once removed take the new box and center the steering on it . This can be done by rotating the steering shaft input counting the revolutions and going to center rotating it back by 12 the revolutions . Now when you bolt it up everything should fall into place . Wheel alignment I see no alterations from the previous alignment durango

by newfieZJ Straighten the steering before removing the old box . Once removed take the new box and center the steering on it . This can be done by rotating the steering shaft input counting the revolutions and going to center rotating it back by 12 the revolutions . Now when you bolt it up everything should fall into place . Wheel alignment I see no alterations from the previous alignment durango

View Input for DODGE DURANGO

JEEP WRANGLER Dodge Durango Hemi donor. What to takeleave

Hi guys Im starting my Hemi swap soon. So Im buying a working 20042005 dodge durango as a donor. I dont have a large storage space. Therefore I will need to disassemble what I need and sell the rest to a junkyard. The following is what I thinking of taking 1- Engine with all accessories injectors spark plugs rails .. Etc 2- wiring harness 3- transmission 4- PCM 5- Evap canister What else should I take Note my Jeep is a 2006 6 speed manual LJ.

Are you using the 231 t-case You might need the durango transfer case input shaft assuming it swaps in to the 231.

Quote Originally Posted by Wheelin98TJ Are you using the 231 t-case You might need the durango transfer case input shaft assuming it swaps in to the 231. Good Point. I might go with atlast 4 speed. I have not decided yet so Im keeping the whole durango transfercase with me.

JEEP GRAND CHEROKEE Dodge 242 D (HD) & 231 D (HD) transfer case options.

Thought Id start a thread about what I have found out about the 98-04 dodge durangoDakota 242 D (HD) & 231 D (HD) Transfer Case to keep info in one place. Thought it might be helpful for those trying to find a 242 HD since the Jeep 242 HD is scarce and the dodge ones are more common and usually cheaper. 231 D is in second post. I have included some pics too. First it looks exactly like a Jeep 242 HD

JEEP GRAND CHEROKEE Dodge 242 D (HD) & 231 D (HD) transfer case options.

Thought Id start a thread about what I have found out about the 98-04 dodge durangoDakota 242 D (HD) & 231 D (HD) Transfer Case to keep info in one place. Thought it might be helpful for those trying to find a 242 HD since the Jeep 242 HD is scarce and the dodge ones are more common and usually cheaper. 231 D is in second post. I have included some pics too. First it looks exactly like a Jeep 242 HD


What are the odds that i could swap in a TC from a similar year dodge pick up i have a 95 ZJ 5.2L 26RE currently running good 249 but want to install aussie locker front and rear

Quote Originally Posted by Joneser74 Thank you for the correction on the typo. Could you please tell me what the difference is betweeen th 46re and the 46rh. I have discovered that full size dodge pu TC will definately bolt up the your jeep transmission but the rear output shaft is bigger. It seems that the Dakota is a good option for a 231 and if you are looking for a 242 then the early durango appears

JEEP GRAND CHEROKEE Will Dodge T-cases work in our Jeeps

I have a 2002 dodge t-case that says 272 on it and it has the right length input shaft. I would love to use it. Theres a 99 durango with a clean 242 in it at the local junkyard will that work

dodge durango 1998-2000 DTS315-2 NP242D 23 Spline input 27 spline slip rear two piece tail housing wo speedo hole two wire indicator switch .840 exposed input gear 1998-2000 DTS315-1 NP242D 23 splines front input 32 spline rear slip wo speedo hole fixed front output yoke four wire shift indicator switch

FORD F150 Expedition vs Durango

I have noticed that the Expedition is a powerful large SUV and that it is highly recomended by many ford owners. The durango however offers a bigger engine for about the same money and it offers a higher tow rating and is not the hassel to drive in big citys. I am sorry that i will bring dodge in this ford site but this is really a close race. If you had the option of a 5.4 Eddie Expy and the 5.7L

JEEP WRANGLER II TJ Swap Durango 5.2 into 4 cylinder 97 TJ

I heard that you can put a durango 5.2 engine and tranny into a 97 TJ to replace my 4 cylinder. Is this possible. I saw it somewhere on the forum before but cant seem to locate the thread. I live close to the Mexican border and the mechanic my in-laws go to said he can do it for about 800 including the engine mounts. Do I need the durangos wiring harnesscomputer ect or can they be spliced in. He replaced

10. Power steering hoses 11. Fuel line (stock line can work if it is saved) 12. Throttle Im probably still forgetting a few things. It would be really tough to get it done for 800 including labor. the parts alone 50 in fluids will quickly cut in to the budget. So im not sure what to do here stick with the 4.0 swap and get the ax15 and 231-t case(23spline) or go with the v8 option of the dodge

MERCEDES BENZ 124 124 Hi CAn I get some input on buying a used car from you guys

Well Ive been looking in the craigslist for a cheap car to buy to drive around in. My current is a 2003 dodge durango and it is eating up waaaay to much gas. I came across a 1988 300E for sale. It supposed to have only 87k original miles. Some other info that was given to me is that the car has ac automatic everything power interior is in very descent shape with the acception of normal ageing the extior

JEEP WRANGLER Inputs needed on PSC Steering Box and Pump.

My Powersteering pump is shot and my steering box is leaking and moaning like a SOB. I looked up PSC because I read that they rule the world in steering. I know they are expensive though. Are the boxes bolt on I am only running 33s atm but in the next 2 years or so im gonna step it up to 35s when money for a d44 arrives and syecasetc. Would this box be overkill. I add to completly fill up the resevoir

Quote Originally Posted by MountainMan864 Yea i know it is but you need a cooler and a resevoir too and lines and stuff. like the kit costs 400 and then prob the box is gonna go out and thats another 400 then install cost is proably gonna be 200 or so. I little much right now I think ill just try my luck and get another one from Oreillys they make direct bolt on steering box similair to the dodge durango

JEEP WRANGLER Steering Boxes - which one to use as replacement

So i have the typical dripping steering box. Ive read on another thread to replace the stock TJ steering box with the 98 durango 4x4 318 model steering box. But there was two to choose from a standard one and a snow plow model. On the thread I read... both people bought the snow plow version. Is that really needed I have a NAPA store across the street from my house and they give me excellent discounts

this is from another thread on another board... Its from the originator of this swap... My steering box started leaking on me a couple of months ago so I started looking to see what others were doing when replacing then on TJ&8217s. Many were going to the durango steering box. The 98-99 dodge durango 4x4V8 was said to mount up to the TJ with no modifications. It has a larger Gear inside which will

JEEP GRAND CHEROKEE 5.9 engine swap.

Just found out that my 5.9 head gasket blew so I been thinking just to go head n replace the whole engine. It already has 237k so I think its time for a new one. I know 5.9 r rare so it goin to be impossible to find one in a junk yard around here ....what other truck can I pull the same engine from n what all I will need to make it work. I know certain rams....durango rt.... Use the same 360 engine correct me if Im wrong.

DAKOTA 98-99 8-360 (5.9L VIN Z) DAKOTA 00-01 5.9L (8-360 VIN Z) dodge 150 PICKUP 93 8-360 (5.9L VIN Z or 5) dodge 1500 PICKUP 94-01 5.9L (8-360 VIN Z) dodge 250 PICKUP 93 8-360 (5.9L VIN Z or 5) dodge 2500 PICKUP 94-99 8-360 (5.9L VIN Z) dodge 2500 PICKUP 00 5.9L (8-360 VIN Z) dodge 2500 PICKUP 01 5.9L (8-360 VIN 5 or Z) dodge 350 PICKUP 93 8-360 (5.9L VIN Z or 5) dodge 3500 PICKUP 94-99 8-360 (5.9L

JEEP WRANGLER II TJ 1997 Alternator ReplacementUpgrade

So the alternator my Jeep needs replaced and I need some input from those who have done alternator upgrade on a 1997 (since some of the stuff Ive read indicates that different years use a different style alternator). I know there is the durango alternator swap and after lots of searching I found this list [I]These alternators bolt into a TJ 1997-1998 dodge B.Series Van 1997-1998 dodge Dakota 1998 dodge


Can I use the nv242 tc out of a v8 Darango in my jeep v8

is a standard 272-1 241 J with a 32 spline output. I think there is six or eight different input shaft lengthsspline count combinations for that T case its been around a while. Jeep Wrangler EngineTransmission 2007 - 2011 3.8 L EGH 4-speed 42RLE automatic 2012 to present 3.6 L Pentastar 2012 5-speed W5A580 automatic W5A580 (also built by Chrysler at Indiana Transmission II plant) 2005&82112008 dodge

JEEP WRANGLER Black Magic Brake Questions

Im looking into purchasing a new set of pads and rotors for my TJ in a few months(sometime in February) and am looking at the Black Magic pads and Centric rotors. I have a few questions regarding this setup. From the reviews Ive read there is no doubt on the stopping power and performance the Black Magic pads and Centric rotors have over the stock setup. How long has this setup lasted for people (wear

stops or anything. if im wheeling it i use neutral to stop better so i dont have the drive train power behind the petal too. really sketch. and i know it shouldnt be like that. with that being said... My Jeep is a 00 TJ I have 40 BFG KM2s on it. I did a ford axle swap HP44 front and 8.8 rear. Not the best axles for tire size but it works for my low budget build so far. I have upgraded to a dodge

Quote Originally Posted by mrblaine Essentially what you have done with that stupid dodge master is reduce pedal travel by 50% at the same leg input pressure increase bore size by 50% and in doing so reduced line pressure to the caliper by 50%. As stated you need to go back to either the stock master which is probably too small or the 98 dodge durango master which is 1 116 bore. If the larger one doesnt


So I finally bought a 242HD but having a heck of a time finding a driveshaft for it. I was under the impression that the only V8 selec-trac WJs with that option were limited and overland models from 2002-2003 right Now the only driveshaft I can find is out of a 2001 Larado sport V8 with the full time selec-trac Im a bit lost with this and still not sure if the one I found will work Here is the VIN from the driveshaft I found 1J4GW48N61C738805 Thanks guys

Found this for the dodge 242D. It is has the same 1 14 chain as the Jeep 242HD. And only difference I can find is input shaft is short like a 242LD. Info on 242D chain. This is a New Transfer Case Chain for a dodge Np 242244 Fits 1998-2004 durangos with Full Time NP242 or NP244 Transfer Case HV072 OE Supplier Borg WarnerMorse 1.25 wide 98 pitches 49 Links

JEEP WRANGLER Pre-mods in prep for V8

Hi guys Ive been reading through the lengthy v8 swap posts and Im convinced Im going to make this a project once my 2.5L bites the dust. It may not be for a few years down the road when Ill have a separate DD and some time and Ill definitely pony up to do it under the guidance of someone with experience. Establishing a 10k fund to be on the safe side (40week for 5 years) and leaning towards a dodge

&8221Power-Tech I4&8221. AMC 4.0L I6 (242ci) 1987-06 (91-06 Wranglers).190hp235tq 300k life 1.5k. (AMC purchased by Chrysler in 1987) AMC 4.6L4.7L Stroker (Stroked 4.0L I6) Golen Stroker 4.6L 275hp320tq (-9900) 36004000 turbo 350hp 50005400 AMC V8s old school only for pre-72 Jeeps use TF727 tranny. parts obsolete poor mpg. Chrysler 5.2L LA 318 1967-1991 Carbd some TBFI 88-91. dodge

JEEP WRANGLER Steering box compatibility

Will the OEM steering box from a 1996 XJ with power steering fit a 99 TJ also with power steering. I searched on Advance Autos site and found that there are 3 models that fit on an XJ. For the TJ there are 2 different models. The Lares Power Steering Box part 1353 claims to fit both. Im confused because the other 2 XJ boxes dont come up as a match for the TJ.

Hi Guys Thanks for the input sound like the dodge durango box would be a good option just a bummer that there are not too many of them in these here parts. The dodge brand has only recently surfaced over here and we have the newer ones Challenger Nitro etc but not the older ones. I may have to try and find one of another TJ with less kms on it. At least I now know that the newer TJ ones wil NOT fit so I will not make that mistake.

KIA SORENTO I JC 2007 Sorento EX - Front wheels feel like theyre slipping

Im not sure if this will make sense but here goes. When accelerating from a dead stop or turning out of a driveway or side road it feels like the tires are spinning or skipping a little then they seem to grab and the vehicle is fine. Also when coming to a stop and turning the wheel ie. going to back into a parking space it feels like the wheels slip or skip just as the vehicle is coming to a complete

to realize. But that is ok I will give you your hollow victory. Mine has where the 2wd4wdAWDAuto buttonknob would be a knob that has OFF and SNOW. Which is for transmission program. I looked now. 1) 4x4 Part-time 2wd4wd4wd low 2) 4x4 Full-time LOWAUTO 3) 2WD SNOW onoff P.S. I have seen Fulltime systems that did have a 2wd knob setting but am not sure where. The more I think it was probley on my dodge

LEXUS CT tips for better gas mileage...

Hey guys. Im a newcomer to this site and Im enjoying everyones input so far. But i was curious to see what peoples tips were on how to get better gas mileage. Such as accelerating faster braking sooner etc. I used to have a dodge durango so the difference in MPG for me has literally been cut in half if not more. Also i was curious to see what mode people drive in. I use the normal mode but does anyone

JEEP CHEROKEE Odd t-case swap help

Vehicle is a 2000 Xj 4.0AW4231. So that should be 96 gear cut 0.840 input gear 23 spline I am looking at installing a 231 D HD from a 1998 dodge durango. Problems so far -the 231 D HD seems to have a short (0.750) input. It protrudes 1.2 inches from the case. -231D HD has the extended tailshaft housing. I cant afford to do a SYE at this time. Can I use my driveshaft (stock internal slip yoke woextended

KIA SORENTO II XM 2011 Sorento steering

Just purchased a new AWD EX V6 Sorento and took delivery 5 days ago. Had to go back to service the next day due to a pull to the right. They said it just needed tire rotation (weird). Seemed to not pull anymore driving around town (mostly under 40mph driving). Had to go out of town this weekend and took my first drive on the interstate. What a stressful experience I pretty much have to always drive

moving on to a Borrego (while they last) or Pathfinder or Fourunner or Sequia or Armada. P.S. I have driven many like your Tahoe. And I have the 2004 RWD version of the Sorento. And NO my 2004 is not Caddy like and one finger drivable. But it is as have been many vechs I owned drivable by ONE HAND with random inputs. Thou it is tighter in the steering then most and I like it that way. My 2002 dodge

KIA SORENTO I JC Confused about AWD function..

Me newbie. Trading in my Subaru Legacy turbo wagon next week for a 2011 Sorento AWD 3.5. All I can find out is there is lockunlock for the rear differential (). Since it doesnt appear to have a antislip rear axle the effect would be the rear wheel with the least traction would take all the torque and just spin helplessly.. the front wheels run through a pinion so each can spin independently as in turning

then the rest of most everything else in world has a version of one of the three. Some models have more then one version of the three aval in the same chassis. Just like the 2010 Subaru Outback had one version of AWD in the 2.5L H4 6spd stick another in the 2.5L H4 CVT (6spd in manual mode only) Auto and yet another called the VDT in the 3.6L H6 5spd auto. Note I said ODDBALLED before as My 2002 dodge

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS C I 202 Accelerator Problem

I have just purchased an 07 c230 that seems to be in excellent condition except for the following problem. From a dead stop it takes quite a bit of accellerator pedal movement (around an inch or so) before anything happens. The engine does not rev. Nothing. Then when the pedal has been pressed that inch or so all of a sudden the engine will pick up. It is very annoying. Drive or Reverse ESP on or off

Ok just got back from the dealer. Yall are all correct. That is just the way that Mercedes drives. I was being too anal about something that was at best trivial. They were very polite and helpful. The car was test driven put on the computer and then put up on the rack to check out everything else. No problems with the car whatsoever. Thanks for your input and advise. I really do like the car. Made a weekend trip and got 30 miles to the gallon. Lots better than our old dodge durango Wayne

KIA SPORTAGE I K00 1996 model having electric trans issues. Need diagrams

Hey everyone. I have a 1996 model sportage (ex I think) that runs great except it wont shift into overdrive. It has runs plenty strong and has a new exhaust on it. Ive checked the codes and nothing comes up. Trans runs great and doesnt make any weird noises or vibrations fluid is clean just no OD. I know from other posts that they dont shift until they hit 150 degrees or so -- mine doesnt shift to

transfer case Theyre pointing into each other near the top. The upper sensor in 1112111430a.jpg and 1112111431a.jpg is one of them. The other is in 1112111431.jpg. They each are fed by two green wires. The pair green wires on each sensor goes to a connector one of which leads to yellow and black wires the other to red and black wires. Id really really appreciate any help on this. I drive a 2003 dodge

JEEP WRANGLER Brake upgrade for 33 tires

Sorry if theres multiple threads of this but my money pit Jeep has another issue approaching. I replaced both my wheel bearings yesterday and took a good look at my front brake pads and they are super thin. I dont know too much about brakes still learning so I figure this thread will probably help some others too. A little background on my TJ Running 33 tires with 15x8 steel wheels. It has stock front

FORD F150 Time Sensitive Bolt Pattern help PLEASE guys

Hey guys im faced with a chance to upgrade my rim size and get almost new tires in a package deal for a steal.. i need some input here guys..Here is the break down I have2001 f150 scab 4x4 16x10 on 315 ATs 3 inch BL & 2.5 inch LVL kit my wheels are 5x5.5 Im being offered 20 inch rims with 3055520 ATs off a 2007 dodge durangoi know the wheels are 5x5.5 as well but im reading some conflicting info online


Im looking to swap out my aging nv247 transfer case for a 242. I just want to make sure I get what I need when I find one for a good price. Does any 242 swap directly in Or does it need to be from a 4.7 like mine What else do I need to make sure to get besides just the TC Anything else anybody can think of to look out for I plan to get a 242 and rebuild it before swapping it in. Or would it make more sense to just throw it on and rebuild it if it fails

I am also looking to swap to a 242j and why would you have went with the hd version is it only because of the input shaft swap . i have looked around in the junk yards in my area and the only 242 available is out of a dodge durango. Thanks

JEEP WRANGLER Upgrading the alternator

My alternator isnt charging the battery anymore so time to get a new one. I did I little research and found out I can upgrade with a dodge durango alternator. I just wanted to post it on here and see if everyone thinks this is the right one. Also will I need to change or upgrade an other parts to accomodate this upgraded alternator Link to alternator from httpwww.rockauto.comcatalogmore...496&cc1314473 Thanks for all your input.

Quote Originally Posted by smuggymba 1.) Ugly sides and back (looks like dodge durango) 2.) Popup Navi - borrowed from Audi. Maybe we will see Audi LED lights in the next years LCI version. 3.) Im glad I bought an E70 2 years ago which is handsome. The current one looks tacky. The Nav probably is fixed and not popup. Thats how BMW did it in the new 3-series. It looks a bit goofy imho like the designers

JEEP WRANGLER More brake issues -help needed

Sorry for posting another thread on it but Ive read the brake bible and have been searching for days and I cant get this thing fixed. What I have 99 TJ Waggy D44 front disc brakes D60 rear disc brake converted -using the same waggy brakes as on the front. when I went to the waggy front axle i had to upgrade the master cylinder. The brakes were spongy just like now. So I bought a brand new dodge 1 ton

with the prop valve has only done one thing. Mess with the bias and drive up the pressure to the rear calipers making them prone to locking up. Your sponge is due to the fact that youve got an unbalanced out of bias system and you wont fix it until you address a few things. 1-get some smaller piston calipers in the back. 2-put the combo valve back into the system with o-ring in place. 3-use a dodge

JEEP WRANGLER II TJ TJ one ton swap brake problems

So there are extensive discussions in different threads here and some specific ones on Pirate with it basically boiling down to the stock master cylinder crowd vs. the larger MC crowd. The general consensus for the stock MC crowd is that the smaller bore of the stock MC puts out more pressure than the larger even though the larger ones push more fluid causing a harder pedal. While the stock MC probably

There is alot of input in my build thread httpwww.jeepforum.comforumf9si...lpost13172994 .ill let you know my results as i will be running a 98 dodge durango mc on my 1 ton swap

Quote Originally Posted by babyhulk There is alot of input in my build thread httpwww.jeepforum.comforumf9si...lpost13172994 .ill let you know my results as i will be running a 98 dodge durango mc on my 1 ton swap Thanks I read through it and even commented myself. I am just hoping to compile all the info in one place and possibly come up with some more solutions.

JEEP CHEROKEE A decade of diffrence Motor Swap 87 to 98

I have a chance to pick up at 87 2 door XJ thats a little tired for a song and also i have access to a 98 motor and trans thats fresh as a daisy.. What kind of pain am i going to face trying do do this motor swap with more than a decade between then The things that were running though my mind are.. Will the t-cases have the same spline outputs Will i need to put a new harness in the 87 or just swap

Will the t-cases have the same spline outputs No 21 spline on the older 23 on the newer. You can swap the input gear though. Will i need to put a new harness in the 87 or just swap out the ECU New harness unless you want to convert the new engine to use all the renix electrical. Will this all work with the current gauges in the 87. Not with the 98 computer. (edit Actually the 87s gauges are all dumb so maybe...) I assume I need a new rad to convent it over to an open system.. Not really. You can get a filler neck from a 2001ish dodge durango to convert the current one.

JEEP WRANGLER Steering box rebuild.....has anyone done this

i have the dodge durango steering box on my TJ was replaced after the stock one crapped out.... now unfortunately this on is leaking out of the steering colum input shaft. smyth has a rebuild kit for only 30 bucks but i have no idea what is needed or how hard it will be to do the seal kit on this box.

TOYOTA TACOMA Ouch 2013 DCLB damaged

I need to vent of what happened to me 4 days before my birthday. I was on my way to get a iced coffee 1 block away from my house. There are two entrances into the shopping center I was going to enter the second one. Some idiot started to enter the intersection and struck my new truck. My truck is a 2013 taco limited with 2k miles I am now driving a Nissan Altima rental. I miss my truck already. So

Hey everyone Thanks for all the input. I would like to add a few details. The iced coffee was for my passenger (My Mother) and which is the reason why I drove over to the shopping center. Man law never broken lol Yes it was a woman who drove her dodge durango with bush guard into my truck. We were driving around 25-35 mph at most. After the accident I still got her the coffee and I went to the liquor

Example offers of car parts dodge durango input

  • New Dodge Durango Jeep 45RFE 545RFE Transmission Input Output Speed Sensor Trans - Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika (84.99 USD)

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