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JEEP WRANGLER Dodge Durango snow plow steering gear question..

It looks like the snow plow model is cheaper than the regular steering gear. I was told the snow plow one has a tighter steering radius are there other benefits to it Or should I get the regular gear Also If I do buy the snow plow steering gear is there addition things to hook up to it or is it the same as the other durango steering gearjeep gear link to steering gear --- httpwww.jeepforum.comforumattac...1&d1320081397

Quote Originally Posted by -ShockWave- It looks like the snow plow model is cheaper than the regular steering gear. I was told the snow plow one has a tighter steering radius Neither box will give you a tighter steering radius. However there is a difference in the ratio between the two durango boxes. If I recall the snow plow model is the same or close to the TJ steering gear as far as the number of

Quote Originally Posted by MO2500 Neither box will give you a tighter steering radius. However there is a difference in the ratio between the two durango boxes. If I recall the snow plow model is the same or close to the TJ steering gear as far as the number of turns of the steering wheel from lock-to-lock. The standard durango box has a quicker turning ratio (less turns of the steering wheel from lock-to-lock). Thank you.

JEEP CHEROKEE durango vs cherokee

i have a bet going with my dad that his durango isnt as good of an off road vehicle as a cherokee it being an ifs and being really heavy. please help end this on going argument i think the cherokee is superior offroad but he insists it isnt

well here is how they stack up. dodge darango. curb weigh avg 4wd 5132 4.7L 235hp 300ft lbs stock tires 30.5 on 17 or 18 inch rims 3.55 rears 8.25 chry. IFS front awd with selectable HILOW Jeep xj curb weight 4wd avg. 3250 4.0 190hp 220 ft lbs stock tires 28 on 15 inch rims front d30 rear d35 3.55 gears np231 2wd 4wd hilow this is just quick info. but its a start. you compare the numbers and see who wins.

JEEP WRANGLER Steering Boxes - which one to use as replacement

So i have the typical dripping steering box. Ive read on another thread to replace the stock TJ steering box with the 98 durango 4x4 318 model steering box. But there was two to choose from a standard one and a snow plow model. On the thread I read... both people bought the snow plow version. Is that really needed I have a NAPA store across the street from my house and they give me excellent discounts

this is from another thread on another board... Its from the originator of this swap... My steering box started leaking on me a couple of months ago so I started looking to see what others were doing when replacing then on TJ&8217s. Many were going to the durango steering box. The 98-99 dodge durango 4x4V8 was said to mount up to the TJ with no modifications. It has a larger gear inside which will

KIA SORENTO I JC New maybe kia owner here questions about sorento

Hey guys. The 07 and up sorento has caught my eye I am looking for a mid sized SUV looked at the equinox also but not sure which I like better. Any bad areas on a 07 sorento other than the breaks I currently have a 04 dodge ram and I just need something with more room for people and better mpg 12mpg is not cutting is. I would want to be able to tow a small boat like a 18 or 21 footer maybe 3000lbs

overall is the same. This is not the Rear Diff Ratio either. Final drive ratio is TRANS gearING and REAR END DIFF RATIO Combined. Yes the 4spd auto has diff gears then the 5spd auto. And the 4spd auto truck has different rear end ratio then the 5spd auto truck. So overall they are the same with in a few hairs. All that is different is the number of steps to get from 1-D. If you had the 4.7L V8 dodge

JEEP WRANGLER Suspension Lift Tire FAQ thread.

Id like to build a thread that had some general knowledge about Suspension lifts tire sizes and at what point they affect the drive shaft and other parts on TJs specifically .. I usually know a little about the subjects when I do these types of threads so I can usually find the info I dont have . Butt I know almost nothing and I havent gotten a lot of good answers so far and am not finding the info

like the Currie Antirock. Steering If you push your jeep there is no doubt you will end up with damage to your tie rod. Heavy duty tie rods can be had for under 100 and most work with stock tie rod ends(TRE). More extensive steering systems such a Curries complete steering system are a little more expensive but also replaces the drag link as well as the tire rod and includes stronger 78 TREs. dodge


Howdy folks My wife drives an 03 Sorento AWD LX and it is acting very strange. When you turn sharp at parking lot speeds as if pulling into a parking spot the car grinds to a complete stop... Infact if I am turning a corner at low speeds I actually have to give it gas so it wont come to a complete stop. Its painful to make those turns because I am afraid Im doing more damage by doing it. I thought

are as well. The Honda PassportAcura SLX were never. As they were made by ISUZU and a rebadged RodeoTrooper. Range Rover is god knows what and frankly for 70K who cares here. So it is really very simple you fit into one of teh three to date axioums and that is what you have. Forget what it tells you on the back this is what you have. PART-TIME 4X4 FULL-TIME 4X4 AWD The only noteable exception is dodge

MERCEDES BENZ CLK II 209 Is my trans. going bad or a sensor problem Need help please

Hey guys something weird happened today. I was driving and my car seemed to be stuck in second gear. Putting the car in Park and back to drive didnt fix it but shutting the car off and back on fixed it. My car has 64.000 miles so im not sure if this is a common problem. Thanks for any help

in a premium vehicle and then be billed for it nor will I be lead to believe it&8217s &8220normal wear and tear abuse misuse or neglect&8221. This is a flaw that compromises safety period. I bought my GL450 because I love my Mercedes Benz E55 AMG so much. I bought another Benz because of the quality previously displayed and that one would reasonably expect. Maybe I should have kept my dodge

JEEP WRANGLER Problems with my Steering Box Replacement

My old steering box was leaking so I replaced it with a remanufactured one. Now Im having a couple problems 1.The steering wheel is not centered and I cant adjust the drag-link any further together. So the steering wheel is about 30 degrees left of center. 2.The steering wheel is stiff to turn it even jerks a little bit but the control is sloppy overall. You can turn the wheel 20 degrees from center

Quote Originally Posted by Shorty You cannot MOVE the pitman arm. It is keyed to only go on one way. Try adjusting your drag link the other way. If its all the way out move it all the way in. httpwww.stu-offroad.comsteering...gearbox-1.htm You can always use a dodge durango steering box. Pretty much a bolt in. The pitman can go on 1 of 4 different locations. There are slots at 4 places on the sector

PONTIAC G6 Spark Plugs

Hey guys i have 70k on my G6 and have noticed my gas mileage isnt very good. I have a clean air filter good tires and pressure so im hoping changing the plugs will help. I got the factory AC Delco plugs. I have a 2.4is there anything i should know before changing the plugs Will changing them help my mileage or what else could i be missing I thought maybe an o2 sensor but no check engine light is on. Thanks in advance.

sale. Taurus Pros over the G6 - roomy - well geared for modest 145hp - large trunk - trunk pops fully open when activated remotely - better winter driver (using winter or all season tires) - OEM speakers are still flawless Taurus Cons - heavy for size (over two tons) - minimal aftermarket radio selection - no engine oomph over 4000rpm - 62 rear passengers rub headliner in back seat (my smaller dodge

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