bmw x1 rear suspension spring

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bmw x1 rear suspension spring E84
bmw x1 rear suspension spring E84

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BMW X1 E84 My review of the x28i after 600 miles

Ive had my AW x28i Sportline walmost all options for nearly 3 weeks and more than 600 miles and wanted to provide my review of its proscons based on the short time Ive had with it. FWIW I came off a 2011 X5 to the X1 so I am adapting to some things on the X1 myself. Reason for the switch is my wife refuses to drive the X5 (she drove it 2X in more than 2 yrs of ownership) due to its size and weight

BMW X1 E84 328i F30 vs N20 X1

I recently put a significant number of miles on a two courtesy F30s one a 2012 and another a 2013. The 2013 did not have any options other than met paint. I believe the MSRP was about 38K. The 2012 had the Tech Package Power Seats and a Sunroof which put it about 40400 MSRP. The base price on the 2012 was 35K. I thnk the price on the 13 was increased to account for the standard power seat. Here are

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BMW X1 E84 Test drove x35i X1 from service dept loaner

Oh yeah - what a BIG difference going from a basic stripped down s28i to an almost fully loaded M Sport line x35i My previous post of a stripped down s28i was just awful - steering handling performance and features were about to turn me away until..... I got to drive a service dept loaner X1 x35i and absolutely loved it This X1 had just about everything M sport line with 19 M wheels plus Technology

I custom ordered mine from them since I wanted paddles. The performance on curves could be attributed to Performance Control torque vectoring (exclusive to M Sports on the US). 1 nospam I am glad there are people like you that have the same level of sophistication & specific needs I have. Never thought the X1 M Sport line would be such an improvement over the standard lines. Over the past bmws

BMW SERIES 5 E39 Labor Estimates for Suspension Overhaul

2000 528i sports pacakage. Will replace shocks and key control arms am interested in what a reasonable range of labor costs wouldshould be. Specifically (the following have been purchased estimate for labor only) 1. front and rear Sachs shocks 2. shock mounts (also pads absorbers boots) 3. front thrust arms (curved ones) [yes got the HD bushings] 4. front control arms (wishbonestraight ones) 5. front sway bar end links 6. rear control arms (curved ones) thanks for all the valuable info.

rear Strut Bump StopAbsorbers..............33531093094....x2 spring Pads UPPER Front.........................31331091867.....x2 spring Pads LOWER Front........................31331096664.....x2 spring Pads UPPER rear..........................33531091924.....x2 spring Pads LOWER rear.........................33531133671.....x2 LEFT Front Swing SupportSway Bar..........31351095661....x1

BMW X1 E84 328i vs. X1 s28i

Given the resources Id be more interested in the 2012 328is but the options Id prefer would drive the cost to nearly 50K which is out of reach for me. I can get most of the options I want on the X1 for about 10K less which is appealing. Here are my questions how much would I be losing in handling ability and grunt by getting the heavier and taller X1 Should I instead look for a used 328i sedan. At

The F30 sedan is softer and quieter than the X1. Cant really tell the diff in acceleration. The X1 engine is pleasantly louder but the wind noise is also louder. The F30 gets significantly better MPG like 3-4 MPG on the highway due to better aero at least at a cruising speed of 75-80 MPH. The suspension is much more taught in the X1 which makes it handle better in some ways than the sedan but that

BMW Z3 E36 spring pad thickness - any harms and limits

i would like to raise the rear for about 10-15mm with thicker spring pads (feel the rear a bit too low after changing suspension) the current rear spring pads were 10 years old and they look like 5mm thickness -is there any limits of how thick the spring pads could be as i know people could stack them up if not enough...i think for my case i might consider combination of one 15mm (not sure if that

haha i would like to raise it as i think it looks a bit unbalance with the rear sag a bit too much the -ve camber is also sth i want to improve as i think it is quite it seems adding spring pads do no harm to the suspension mechanics and geometry i also remember the x1.7 factor...but just that those pads would compress a bit after installed and my garage keeps telling me the effect on ride

BMW Z3 E36 bottoming out

This is my first z3. It has 160000 miles on it. The ride and handling are fine except that the front bottoms out frequently. Is this normal for the z do the front springs need replacement after 100K Struts

Quote Originally Posted by TommyZ3 Struts in the front. Shocks in the rear. Once its on the lift you will see the difference and know what you need. Look up the Boge and Sachs brands. They are original equipment manufacturers for bmw. Higher pricequalityoptions come into play when you look at the Bilstein Touring class suspension. With your mileage it is recommended that you replace the rear Shock

BMW SERIES 5 E39 Meyle HD bushings installed ON VEHICLE

03 E39 sport 113K Ive had the front end shudder for a while now but its getting worse and Im planning on trying to eliminate it this weekend. I have the bushings sitting on my desk and NOTHING ELSE. I plan to replace them on the car without removing the thrust arms. . I have read the posts warning against this but Im an engineer and we seem to believe we are capable of things that others are not. Its

Quote Originally Posted by cn90 Since your budget is 0 dollar....Go to Advance Autoparts and rent the following - spring Compressor use only the bolt and the threaded part because it is beefy (deposit 40) - Ball Joint Tool set (deposit 150) You will get a refund to your credit card once you return the tool. Problem is I dont think the spring compressor bolt will fit through the bolt hole on the HD bushings. The bolt on the rear ball joint has the giant bolt that fits through the rear carrier and integral link. The bolt hole on the thrust arm bushing is much smaller than that. IIRC 21mm head at least on the 540i. Realoem shows the suspension rear ball joint uses a M16 x1.5 bolt vs M14 x1.5 bolt on the thrust arm.

BMW SERIES 3 F30 F30 vs e90 questions.

I had written off possibly buying an e90 in favor of the F30 however this weekend I have been driving an e90 loaner and it is growing on me. In the e90s favor I like the steering handling smaller size and seems the doors are more substantial then the F30. Another thought is an e90 can be bought cheaper as the e90 has less technology and lots of available trade in cars with super low milage. In favor

328 or 335d. The loaner is a 335d with ContiProContact 17 tires and the ride was only smooth on the best of road surface while steering and brakes inspired confidence. The driver seat felt hard after an hour of driving . So the question is would the F30 be improved in ride and seating. My preferred dealer has a 328i wagon with manuel which now is very tempting or do I wait several months for the x1

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