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bmw x1 rear quarter E84
bmw x1 rear quarter E84

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BMW X1 E84 BMW X1 rear passenger door OEM sunshade

Has anyone installed these on their car The rear window and rear quarter window sunshades are easy just snap in but the passenger doors require you to install these small clips with double sided 3m tape on the window frame. Problem is they dont sit quite flush so Im a little hesitant to just stick them on if its not correct. You get the impression they arent meant to be removed one installed. Wanted to see if anyone can give me some guidance on this Thanks

I actually installed the rear window and rear quarter window shades on my X1 already. Youre right super easy since they dont use the clips took I think 1 minute for all three. They just use these slide in clips already attached to the shade that go between the frame and the window. I think its easy because the windows dont open so dont need to worry about needing anything sturdier than that. The bmw

BMW X1 E84 rear wiper radius

I noticed the rear wiper blade rotates to just over three quarters instead of a full 180 degrees. Does anyones rear wiper rotate the full 180 or do you know if the dealer can code this to do so

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BMW X1 E84 Le Mans Blue M Sport

Picked her up Saturday. So far so good except that it didnt have the standard paddle shifters. Still waiting for resolution from bmw since the dealer refused to do squat but so far Im not impressed by how its been handled. To my surprise the window sticker shows fuel economy ratings at 2233 which conflicts with what Ive read previously about the xDrive models. The configuration is as follows Heated

Quote Originally Posted by faustas Car looks good and really makes me want to reconsider the M sport A few dumb questions... did bmw add the 3M film to your car Why just the front bumper (and not front part of the hood as well) Is it possible to take some pictures (or link an illustration) on what parts of the bumper and rear wheel area the film covers I had the film installed by a specialty shop that

BMW X1 E84 Another newbie looking into the X1 w Qs

Hey there. Im thinking of an upgrade from my 09 wrx. A friend of mine who is very into bmws turned me onto the X1 and Im very interested. Im not really into SUVs but from what I can thell the X1 really isnt one. Dimension-wise its basically a cross between an 06 and 09 wrx which is perfect. I read somewhere that the M line lowers it a little - does anyone know by how much Are there any moonroof fans

Oh also what do you people who own it feel about visibility I didnt have enough time to fully adjust and get comfortable with it but the two places that seemed like issues were the big B pillar next to the drivers head and the rear passenger window and C pillar area. I think I was able to get the drivers side mirror to a place that given more time I would have been comfortable. Over on the passenger side it seemed like Id have trouble seeing low cars in my rear right quarter.

BMW X1 E84 X1 Driver Side Mirrors

Is there an issue with driver (left) side mirrors on these cars. I test drove an X1 and notified the dealer that the mirror could not be adjusted enough to the right (Could not see the car door).In fact it warped the mirror glass as I moved it to the right stop. I ordered the car anyway and when mine came in I have the same problem. Going in for repair but two cars with the same problem seems strange. Anyone else with this problem

I feel like Ive asked this before Why do you need to see the drivers side door I guess I just adjust mirrors to see traffic not my own vehicle. A bit of my rear quarter panel is all I need to see.

Quote Originally Posted by nospam I feel like Ive asked this before Why do you need to see the drivers side door I guess I just adjust mirrors to see traffic not my own vehicle. A bit of my rear quarter panel is all I need to see. Thats my point I cant see anything of the car unless I move my head closer to the window. The curious part is that the passenger side mirror moves freely left to right to any position.

BMW X3 F25 BMW X3 xDrive28i to Get N20 Motor this April with Deliveries Beginning in May

bmw continues to update their model line-up and has announced some changes to the X3 including a switch over to the N20 motor in the xDrive28i starting production in April 2012. The N20 replaced the nominally aspirated inline 6-cylinder engine add produced upwards of 240 horsepower and 260 lb-ft of torque. This is the same motor found in the new 328i which was just put on a dyno and show to produce

Id talk to your dealer... it appears some markets get earlier production runs. Quote Originally Posted by dtc100 Can we order the N20 X3 now This is an extract from a MT review of the 3 series with the N20 Quote Ill admit it I didnt like the idea of a turbo-four in a bmw 3 Series. I know it has precedence and all that but as someone who used to have a poster of an E46 M3 on my wall to me the inline-six

BMW SERIES 3 F30 My Apologies to 3GT owners

Ive dogged the looks 3GT on here on multiple threads. Well today saw a glimpse of this one in the flesh. I have to say it is a much more attractive car in person. So I apologize and in the future I will refrain from besmirching the looks of this car from now on. Sent from BimmerApp mobile app

but she just hates wagons. I think the Touring is as good looking as any of the 3 series cars. I considered the X3 but I do not like the handling and high riding position. X1 is great but too small. The GT is a nice compromise. The back seat room is surprisingly huge. I like the frameless windows the spoiler and the look of the front and back. The rear side quarter could be smoother though but bmw

BMW SERIES 3 F30 Any BF Members with Wagons

I am really really really attracted to the 328i wagon. My problem is that I am 2 weeks from lease end there are not many out there and my wife will not consider an M Sport. (Lets not go there...) Anyone here with a base wagon who could comment on ride handling and seats Also anyone with a Sport Line wagon who could share their experience (either with or without Dynamic Handling) My dealer did a locate

Thanks Floyd. I will check out the F30post thread. I liked the GT a lot but my wife did not. (rear quarter visibility was an issue). Similar fact pattern with the X1 I loved the way it drove (though not the early generation electronics) particularly the steering which feels like a traditional bmw to me. But my wife hated the steering (then again she hates the steering on our 2011 X5 35D which I greatly prefer to our 535 M Sport).

BMW SERIES 3 E36 Slammed into curb Suspensiontirewheel questions

Hey guys Brand new to the fest joined up recently after I bought a second hand 96 328is with 118k on the clock. Anyways I wish my first posts werent regarding something bad but there are some things you cant help To the point I was driving today took off from a red light I take off from every single day after school nothing out of the ordinary the next thing I know my car looses all grip and Im struggling

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