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bmw x1 petrol engine E84
bmw x1 petrol engine E84

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BMW X1 E84 The new BMW X1 xDrive28i with BMW TwinPower Turbo

While the X1 has been delayed coming to the US and there is no guarantee that Americans will get this engine option the thought of a twin turbo four cylinder small SUV it exciting With its powerful sporty and elegant styling supreme agility luxurious functionality and innovative equipment features the bmw X1 is a trailblazer in the premium compact segment in terms of driving pleasure. Yet again bmw

BMW X1 E84 X1 with a manual transmission in the US

I know this has been beaten to death but Im hoping there may be some new intel out there. Any chance of getting an X1 in the US with a 6-spd manual My 2006 X3 is now 7 years old and itching for a change. The X1 (either in 28 or 35 xDrive form) would be ideal for my needs. Talking to a salesperson at bmw of Bellevue (WA) today he said the 4-cylinder turbo couldnt be built with a manual transmission

Quote Originally Posted by AzNMpower32 For me the X1 makes no sense. The future DH-bike has to go outside regardless of SUVsedanHatchback so a crossover is not needed for me. The X1 has no real cargo space no diesel no manual gearbox and isnt as up to date as the F-series bmws. It drives very well like the E90-series vehicle but then why not just buy a E90 or E91 in the first place I mentioned this

View Petrol engine for BMW X1

My 335d is my sixth bmw and Im loving my 335d over all of them. Even over my 335i 328ci and X3) So much that I wont be buying another petrol engine. Im addicted to the torque and gas mileage I wanted a X1 diesel to go along with it Why cant we have a choice when both are being made So after20 years behind nothing but bmwS I have begun looking... gasp. at Audi and VW TDIs So bmw is that LOUD ENOUGH

BMW X1 E84 Poor pick up

Hi everybody - great to be posting on this forum - i remember getting some very vauable tips on my bmw 320D earlier... After keeping a bmw 320D for a year i was very excited with the diff look of the X1 that i instantly decided to buy it. Unfortunately there was a big cost difference between the petrol n diesel model here so i opted for the petrol one (even though i knew the diff in the torque of the

I have the 2.0L petrol and compared to other models its pretty gutless (and compared to my earlier 3 series too) however I didnt but my XI for performance but for the higher driving position. The 23d has great performance a very perky engine and is fun to drive too

Hi - thanks for your post - i agree theres a huge difference between a NA (naturally aspirated) & a turbo charged engine - in fact my last 3-4 cars were all turbo charged including the petrol C200 (kompressor) so the initial disappointment with the X1 petrol was huge. Gotten around it now - manage the meagre torque output to get the best of this rather average engine. Honestly have decided to sell

BMW X1 E84 pics from Welt

pics from Welt

Quote Originally Posted by iamthewalrus And of course the big question Will either engine offer a manual transmission in the US If not Im just not interested. But perhaps Im not a large enough market segment to matter In Europe the petrol and the 23d are only available with the automatic transmission therefore its unlikely that NA will receive the manual unless they offer the 20d version (itd sooner snow in the Caribbean before that comes here).

BMW X3 E83 Mercedes GLK diesel announced.

httpwww.autoblog.com20120322m...d-of-new-york Quote The biggest news however comes under the hood. While the existing GLK was only offered with a single engine the new model will be available in two specs the GLK350 with direct-injection 3.5-liter V6 now good for 302 horsepower and 273 lb-ft of torque (up from 268hp and 258 lb-ft) or the GLK250 BlueTEC diesel that at 190 hp and 369 lb-ft offers less

bmw diesel engines are absolutely marvelous... Have driven the X1 with the twin turbo 2lt engine (2.3d) and you forget that it is a diesel... Anslkutelt a joy to drive it.... I couldnt stop accelerating hard and then braking nard to enjoy the feeling. I think that bmw at the moment is leading the way for diesel engines as it used to do with petrol engines 15 years ago. So I wouldnt venture away...

BMW SERIES 5 E34 Opinions-i3 and i8

I know this forum is for our old school e34 cars and how to maintain or enhance them. However what does the forum members think of the new bmw I series currently the i3 and i8 I am particularly fascinated with the i3 and the range extender concept. The i8 has the drive train concept that may be more main-steam that we may see version of in larger I series sedans and related. Opinion. BTW I do not like the two-tone look on any of the i cars..

Quote Originally Posted by _Ethrty-Andy_ anyone that can afford one can afford a garage.. but for those that really dont and wont you can get a petrol powered hybrid version Incorrect. First the i3 is one of the cheapest bmws on the market. It starts in the low 40s. In the US with Federal and state tax credits that should bring the price well into the 30000s. That means its in the same price range

LEXUS GS Lexuss product offensive in Thailand

Within the next three years the Lexus division of Toyota Motor Thailand is embarking on a product offensive to help build market share in the Thai luxury car market dominated by Mercedes-Benz and bmw. At the Thai launch of the all-new GS executive saloon earlier this month Lexus announced its intention of moving in more than 1000 cars this year with additional help coming from the RX sport-utility

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