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bmw series 5 camshaft system E39

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BMW SERIES 3 E30 Is a performance camshaft worth it

I have a 1988 325is and I was wondering about putting a performance camshaft in it. Does anyone know if this would increase the power by very much Im guessing it would have pretty cool sound to it but if I wanted a bunch of noise and no power I would have just installed a performance exhaust system. My mechanic has worked at a bmw dealership for 20 years and he told me that I would never be able to

BMW SERIES 5 E39 E39 2001 525i Sport WagonExhaust Camshaft

2001 525i Sport Wagon 43k miles Code for Exhaust camshaft Position Sensor The Service Engine Soon Light produced an Exhaust camshaft Position Sensor when checked with a Peake code reader. The sensor was replaced with a BorgWarner sensor and the code erased with the Peake device. After one driving cycle the service light and code returned. I erased the code again and this time disconnected the negative

BMW SERIES 3 E46 Exhaust Camshaft Position Sensor and What Does it Do

Seriously I like to know these things. I just replaced mine this morning after the ol P0369. My guess is that it senses the oil temperature and makes adjustments to something How far out is this What does position have to do with anything BTW I removed the radiator fan to make room for my clumsy hands. The screw is a 5mm allen head not a Torx bit for anyone who cares to DIY. Im relieved to say that

It does just what it sounds like it does - measures the position of the exhaust camshaft . The camshaft itself will have a little magnet on it that the sensor picks up on each rotation. First all cars with electronicdistributorless ignition systems have CRANKshaft position sensors (our car also has one of these). This measures where the crank is and with that information tells the ECU when to fire

BMW SERIES 3 E46 Camshaft sensor problem

Hello all This is my first time using this forum and i was wondering if anybody can help me out with this problem. I recently took my car to bmw to have a diagnostic test on why check engine light came on. It came out with camshaft sensor fault fault code 0041 catalytic converter fault fault code 00EA and also control-module reset fault code 0033. The problem with the car was it kept cutting off sometime

So i took it to autozone to get a diagnostic test and turns out the camshaft sensor is still giving fault problems. Do the system reset itself after i installed the new sensor or do i have to bring it in to bmw to set the check engine light

BMW SERIES 3 E46 SES light came on after coolant system replacement

Hello All I replaced my entire coolant system in the car. Cooling system seems to be working well. Engine sounds good. One hiccup SES (Service Engine Soon) light came on. Four codes came up P0161 Oxygen Sensor Heater Circuit Bank 2 Sensor 2 P0344 camshaft Position Sensor A Circuit Intermittent (Intake Sensor I think) P0117 Engine Coolant Temperature Sensor 1 Circuit Low Input ( Brand new part) P1351

Id also start with camshaft position sensor. But first Id make sure all these things are plugged in and the contacts not soaked in coolant or otherwise fouled. Clear the codes and see what comes back. The coil pack can be swapped with another to see if the code moves with it indicating it is in fact the problem.

Quote Originally Posted by ahull Id also start with camshaft position sensor. But first Id make sure all these things are plugged in and the contacts not soaked in coolant or otherwise fouled. Clear the codes and see what comes back. The coil pack can be swapped with another to see if the code moves with it indicating it is in fact the problem. Very good point I should clean the contacts first and

Quote Originally Posted by Shoalin Very good point I should clean the contacts first and see if that makes a difference. It is very possible that coolant got into the contacts. There was initially a leak from the lower radiator hose thermostat sensor (thats why I had to get a new sensor) It squirted out to the surround parts. Would a shot of brake cleaner work or should I a use a different kind of

BMW SERIES 5 E60 E61 E60 Susceptible to Traditional Cooling System Weaknesses

Hi Guys Got a biggie question for you My 2004 530i is just now topping 130000 and it has been a love affair from the start - now though I begin recalling the cooling system blowups I experienced with my 98 M3. As you all know we needed to replace most cooling sytem components as early as 50000 miles and certainly by 100K. How about the E60 Same issues I currently have no symptoms at all but it is my

system on these cars anyways I know a coolant recharge has been recommended on my 08 535 w 35k miles but so far as I know they havent recommended replacing any parts. When to start replacing parts Thats the question I would like answered. If a component gives you some kind of warning before failing then its OK to wait until the warning. From personal experience from the E46 world (1999-2005 3 series)

BMW SERIES 3 E46 P0491 code - secondary air system

I recently had a mechanic replace the secondary air pump air valve electric control valve and rubber hose (total cost of 1050) because a P0491 and P0492 Check Engine code appeared. After the mechanic cleared the codes the car ran for 1 day before the Engine light and same codes (P0491 and P0492) returned There is nothing else to replace. Anyone have any suggestions on how to resolve this code problem

Several weeks ago the OBD reader displayed three codes P0344 - camshaft Position Sensor P0491 and P0492 which are related to the secondary air system. Shortly after reading the codes the car would not start. My son replaced the OEM pulse generatorcamshaft position sensor and was able to get the car running. The codes were erased and have not returned. Is there a direct relationship between the earlier diagnostic codes (P0491 and P0492) and replacing the camshaft position sensor (P0344)

BMW SERIES 3 E46 Bentley E46 manual owners HELP -- pages missing -- Camshaft sensor replacement

Hi everyone Got back from a ski trip and the car has trouble maintaining idle at cold start. The car was home and wasnt running for several days (its cold here in Chicago). By the way its behaving looks like its a camshaft sensor failure. I had one of them go around 80K and now I have 130K on the car. But here is the problem. Bentley E46 manual that I bought last October is MISSING PAGES And guess

BMW SERIES 5 E39 Timing chaincamshaftsvanosneed ur help

hello gents several months ago i opened a thread regarding a pingingknocking sound that i have been hearing since i bought the carand if it is possible i need your help skilled mecanicsconnaiseurs . the car is at the garage now with the valve cover openedwe have centralized the timing from the sprocket to 0 position from under the engineand when dismentling the double vanos system we noticed on the

Our expert is Beisan systems. They have plumbed the depths of things VANOS. Contact them at httpwww.beisansystems.comindex.html They do both sixes and eights. Do you have a copy of the bmw TIS The later versions cover the VANOS.

Quote Originally Posted by edjack Our expert is Beisan systems. They have plumbed the depths of things VANOS. Contact them at httpwww.beisansystems.comindex.html They do both sixes and eights. Do you have a copy of the bmw TIS The later versions cover the VANOS. thank you this is talking about seals replacementi went further than thatthey just remove the vanos and cover the cam wheels with a plastic

BMW SERIES 5 E39 Camshaft Position Sensor problem after CCV replacement

Hi guys I tackled the CCV system today in about 6 hours with many breaks in between to watch the WGC match play and grab bites to eat. I would say that I worked about 3-4 hours to complete the job not including the time it took to prepare and clean up my work area. This was for a first-timer with some moderate mechanical skills. I used Fudmans 16 step guide along with BavAutos 3-part youtube videos

But the idle is not a problem. It holds steady at around 750. I only noticed once or twice that it dipped below that number coming to a stop but quickly adjusted itself back to the normal range. I attribute this to the computer adjusting itself to the new CCV and a DISA that may be working properly. The old DISA definitely had a broken flap so it should have been useless at idle (flap not closing but

BMW SERIES 5 E39 System Too Lean Error Codes and Others

P0171 - system Too Lean (Bank 1) P0174 - system Too Lean (Bank 2) P0300 - RandomMultiple Misfire Detected P0301 - Misfire Detected (Cyl 1) P1344 - Misfire During Start Cylinder 2 P1349 - Misfire Cylinder 4 With Fuel Cut-off P1353 - Misfire Cylinder 6 With Fuel Cut-off Got all that So basically the car after warming up acts like it is about to die at idle (sitting at a light for example). I did a bunch

We really should pool our combined resources as what youre asking Ive been asking ... which is ... specifically for misfires or rough operation ... for every potentially culpable part ... point to a simple DIY test for operation of that part. Heres a start of that - How to diagnose a bmw E39 engine misfire ( 1 ) Heres one of the diagnostic trees in that post bad fuel [ airfuel ratio ] clogged fuel

BMW SERIES 5 E39 01 530i I-6 Intake Camshaft Position Sensor Problem

Ok cars been running a little rough. Starting hard a little when its cold Im getting throttle lag on acceleration and it feels a little like its not quite in the right gear sometimes. I ran a Peake ODB-II scan and came back with a code for a intake camshaft position sensor. I got an Ekon aftermarket sensor from Pelican Parts and put it in about 3 weeks ago. The symptoms immediately seemed to go away

I bit the bullet and replaced the Ekon CPS with an OEM bmw sensor a couple of days ago. I havent plugged the Peake back in to see if the code cleared but the engine is performing much better. Im not going to haggle with PP about returning the old one it was 50 and thats a cheap lesson on when not to use aftermarket parts. Ive already replaced my VANOS seals with a set from Beisan Im good there. Thanks. Cameron

BMW SERIES 5 E39 540i Camshaft Vanos Control Knock Sensor Fault

Well today was a good Monday. I go outside to start my 99 540i and it sounds like Fred Sanfords truck. It is running real rough and knocking. Almost sounds like the exhaust is gone. Anyway I used the Peake Code Reader and I got a couple of faults. The 1st fault was camshaft Vanos Control Cyl 1-4 and then I got two faults for knock sensors Knock Sensor Cyl 1-2 & Knock Sensor Cyl5-6. I cleared the faults

sent me to and i got this for the 998-1298 540i The 540i does not really have a vanos unit as you have noticed. It uses a gear with some type of enclosed pinion to change the cam timing. Its not the same type of system that the single vanos 6cyl cars use and is not easily replaced or repaired. Here is a photo of the system 1 in the picture is the vanos part... httpwww.realoem.combmwshowparts...65&hg11&fg25

BMW SERIES 3 E36 Double vanos camshaft removal replacement

Hello Has anybody in this forum tried to adjust the Dual Vanos system without the factory or aftermarket VANOS tool set The TDC tool and the compressed air vanos tool are cheap enouh for most people but the double vanos tool set is 450 I was just curious as to whether anyone figured a way around it kinda like they did with getting around the camshaft removal procedure without special tooling.

BMW SERIES 5 E39 Just changed camshaft position sensor and have another problem

Hi guys Last night i replaced the intake side camshaft position sensor. After the replacement the code cleared. Today while driving I got two codes one for exchaust camshaft position sensor and another for intake. My question is is it common to second sensor fail right after the first one and why the code for intake side appeared again. Is the posibillity that the new sensor got damaged during replacement Thanks For any advice....

Have you replaced the Vanos seals in the engine. The Besian systems write up for camshaft sensor codes can be because of failing Vanos seals. Check their website for further details.

You think that could be the problem Did it happen to anyone here. I read the Besian systems DIY and first they recommend changing the sensors to eliminate that problem if it does not help it is a 100% vanos seals.

The seals control valve timing--the sensors react what the proper timing should be--if the timing is off then the sensors will not give proper info to the ignition system. Thats what I suspect your problem is. This is something that needs to be changed in all of these vehicles. Once you tear into the job and see just how bad these seals have become hard a plastersized you will wonder how the car ran

BMW SERIES 5 E39 Camshaft Upgrade on a 530i

A buddy of mine told me that he put M3 Cams in his 2001 530i. I know this can be done with an M5254 2.8L but on a 3.0 Can anyone out there clarify this

Quote Originally Posted by bluebee I never understood how changing cams could improve an engines performance overall. The keyword of course is overall. Im sure you can improve some aspect of performance with cams but I would think that bmw has extensively tested their cams for overall performance (the entire band). (Of course bmw M A R K E T I N G could arbitrarily detune certain engines purely for

BMW SERIES 5 E39 Do VANOS Seals along with Cooling System

Hi all First things first. A BIG thanks to you all for the content and DIY in this forum Am new to bmw and have come in via a second hand machine so all the hints and tips for DIY in here has been really fantastic to read and am sure will come in handy. I hope to contribute over time as my machine needs work. So I took a 2002 530i for a test drive last month and was greatly impressed with the way it

It might not be a bad idea to replace the camshaft Position Sensor(s). One of them (intake I believe it is) requires much of the same disassembly as what youll do with the seals. One word of advice is to only use genuine bmw CPS as other aftermarket brands are unreliable.

BMW SERIES 5 E34 No codes for faulty camshaft sensor

Hi guys hate to post a problem as my first post but cant seem to find an answer anywhere. So I have a 1995 525iT automatic with 133k on the clock. It runs pretty well except about a month ago it started to develop this hesitation and stuttering with any more than 30% throttle from off-idle up to 3k rpm. There are no codes and I checked the MAF when unplugged the car idles a bit more rough but otherwise

models have a valve on fuel rail to confirm adequate 94 540 does not so dont feel bad if yours doesnt either. Fuel filters are like 15 at Oriely and fairly easy to change but expect a gasoline bath if you dont have jack stands (ive done this on the ground after pulling up on a curve). My car has two filters in parallel to one another ive never seen this on any car.....two in series

BMW SERIES 3 E36 98 BMW 328i Engine shakes after 2 O2 sensors and Camshaft positioning sensor replaced

I replaced both of the upstream oxygen sensors (bosch brand) and replaced my camshaft position sensor (duralast brand) Im not a fan of duralast but my plate sticker in Chicago was expired and needed to fix it asap as I failed the emission test.. I took it for a test drive and at the red light as I stopped the car begun to shake a lot. I released the break a bit to see if it would stop if the car was

OK so here are the monitor test that this thing could not complete (Inc for incomplete) 1. Catalyst Mon. 2. Evap system Mon. 3. Sec Air system Mon. 4. Oxygen Sensor Mon. 5. Oxygen Sensor Hrt. And current codes after a whole day of using the car. (I did a Erase Codes in the morning there were 10 now theyre only 5) 1. P0305 cylinder 5 misfire 2. P0141 oxygen sensor heater circuit bank 1 sensor 2 3. P0161

Good news 2.0 The shaking finally came to an end. And the car now runs like a beast again 0-60 in 7 secs Replace both new emission relays for new ones replaced the faulty coil for a new bosch coil bought the two downstream o2 sensors they should be in my mailbox soon. I spent quite some cash on all this stuff and tools I bought. So my girlfriend was like oh couldnt you just have taken it to a mechanic

BMW SERIES 5 E39 97 540i6 Camshafts question...

I was wondering if anyone makes performance camshafts for the E39 540i. I have looked high and low and can only seem to find performance engine parts for the 6 cylinder engines. I love the performance of my 540i just looking for more power. I dont want to jump into a SC but 30 - 50 HP from cams would be nice. Is the ECU capable of learning or would it need a custom tune (if I could find camshafts)

Quote Originally Posted by chivas ask him where he got his.. i am interested. funny i was thinking about this the other day. Here it is still has part numbers so I think its still available. I will call them this week... httpwww.racdyn.comLocalizedInte..._E39_Motor.htm 140 62 39 441 R44 Power system for the 540i [M62 B44] 540 62 39 100 Installation of the Power system on the M62 motor

Quote Originally Posted by sikryd Here it is still has part numbers so I think its still available. I will call them this week... httpwww.racdyn.comLocalizedInte..._E39_Motor.htm 140 62 39 441 R44 Power system for the 540i [M62 B44] 540 62 39 100 Installation of the Power system on the M62 motor yeah please find out where to get and how much. thanks

Quote Originally Posted by sikryd Here it is still has part numbers so I think its still available. I will call them this week... httpwww.racdyn.comLocalizedInte..._E39_Motor.htm 140 62 39 441 R44 Power system for the 540i [M62 B44] 540 62 39 100 Installation of the Power system on the M62 motor find out if its compatible with non-vanos M62s.

BMW SERIES 5 E39 Need help p0365 Camshaft Sensor B circuit Bank 1

I have the code P0365 for my 2003 530i.. I have read the forum and found its the exhaust cam sensor Malf.. I bought a new sensor PN 12 14 7 518 628 and installed and clear the Sevice Engine Light... The light comes back on at the seconde start up... What else could it be.. I might have a bad sensor.. please help.. anyone..

May be Vanos related --check out Besain systems website for more info

BMW SERIES 5 E39 Help Check Engine Light Code P0343 Camshaft Posistion Sensor A

Okay Ive got two problems. One.. Car alarm is going off all the time armed or disarmed. My neighbors are starting to hate me. Two Check engine light just came on Im at 102k Miles. I went to AutoZone and borrowed their code reader. This is what I get P0343 camshaft Posistion Sensor A - Bank 1 Circut High Input. I called the parts dept they said there are two sets of sensors (left and right) Im thinking

Well. I went to the stealership and bought a Crank Posistion Sensor. It was 80 bucks after using my friends dealership discount. I asked them which side was Bank A (Rail 1) and the dealership said that was Passenger side of the motor. I changed it. It was extreemly easy. I reset my cluseter the error hasnt came back. BTW the New Crank sensor looks different than the old sensor. The old sensors diameter

BMW SERIES 3 E36 i have 2 camshaft positioning sensor codes

just picked up a 96 328is for a steal it has a 125.000 but the cps is geting worse i plan on doing it this weekend crazy thing is there is 2 codes for it yes ive done my reserch ... it was serviced under recall in 98 any info would be great

Does anyone no were the diagram for the electronic ignition system is a sticky maybe i cant find it

Quote Originally Posted by jeffreybradley Does anyone no were the diagram for the electronic ignition system is a sticky maybe i cant find it Yes there is a link in the Useful links sticky. It is the first link in that thread.

BMW SERIES 5 E39 How to properly set the Vanos system

On my 97 528I I replaced the head and set the camshaft using the tools required. Its still throwing a code for the Vanos being retarded. Does anyone know how to set the Vanos correctly

BMW SERIES 5 E39 orderd camshaft position sensor from

hi im new to the website and my check engine came up i ran the code and it was a intake camshaft position sensor so i orderd the camshaft position sensor from want to know is that a reliable website and will the part work how its supposed to aslong as it is installed right has anyone orderd parts from that website and should i be worried that part from rock auto is not good enough Thank you i have a 2001 bmw 525i with 80000 btw

The CPS is one of those parts that really should be OEM. Do a search here for peoples experiences. Aftermarket CPS either dont work properly or fail rapidly. I have used RockAuto for many parts for my Civic and Explorer but NEVER for my e39. Great selection and pricing. When it come to your e39 stick with OEM branded parts on the critical systems.

BMW SERIES 3 E36 Question about s50 camshafts

Hey fest Their is this guy who is selling cams from a 95 s50 m3 and i want to buy them but not sure what im looking at. Im talking in the means of what do i need to operate them i talked to chad about them he says i need a turner chip but i already have a dinan chip.. i need the turner because the car wont know what to do with the cams does anybody have any knowledge what so ever about the cams let me know Thanks guys Revive the fest

If I have it right the M3 cams arent agressive cams but it might have a bit more lift than your standard cams. As I understand it the thing comes in with the dual vanos system which has a 36deg adjustment where your single vanos only have something like 18deg.( I stand to be corrected on this) I have heard that 272deg cams works very nice so maybe if you can find you such a set it will work better for you its also not too agressive so you can use it in your daily drive.

BMW SERIES 5 E39 Cute little trick to diagnose blocked CCV system...

I just came across this interesting little trick for diagnosing blocked CCV in the Volvo forum With the oil cap sealed engine on stick a balloon over the dipstick tube and see if it inflates. If it inflates you need to service the PCV system. ...Lee I think he meant with the dipstick removed so the balloon goes over the dipstick housing. No balloon no problem get an old dish washing glove cut a finger off and tie it with rubber band. httpwww.matthewsvolvosite.comfor...hpf1&t28322

The crankcase valve cover dipstick tube are all connected by wide open space. Remember the oil on the camshaft has to drain back down to the sump. According to the TIS the vacuum should be between 3-6 of WATER no Hg (mercury) which is the measurement used on a typical vacuum gauge. 3-6 of H2O is not very much. The goal of the CCV as others have stated is to maintain a slight vacuum under all conditions.

BMW SERIES 3 E46 SES system too lean misfire

2001 330ci. The SES is on once again (after replacing the camshaft position sensor a month ago). The car ran for about 3 weeks wo the SES on then last week it came back. Its throwing 3 codes P0171 - Bank 1 too lean P0174 - Bank 2 too lean P0313 - Misfire detected low fuel level (Assuming this is bc of the first two) Anyone have any ideas The most I got out of the search was maybe the MAF but wouldnt

BMW SERIES 5 E60 E61 Increased Emissions SES Camshaft Position Sensor P0348

The increased emissions warning along with the SES light came on on my 04 545i today. I took the car to AutoZone and they read the codes which showed p0348 camshaft position sensor - bank 2. Anyone had this occur on their 545i. I had it on my E39 528i and the car ran like crap at times so I replaced the exhaust and the intake ones with success. Any ideas on the 545i Car seems to run fine. Thanks.

Thanks but I dont think that is the answer to the issue here. I dont use regular gas. I use Shell 93 and havent used anything else since I got the car which has been from 61000 to the current 70000 miles. I usually go to the same gas stations but sometimes switch it up Always Shell 93 though. I did however perform your recommendation. I added a fuel system cleaner and performed quite a bit of highway


Whats Up everybody..I need some help today I did a fluid check on my car and I noticed that there was oil in the coolant tank..I checked the oil and it was fine no sign of coolant in there also I have noticed the past 2 or 3 days when I first start my car up after the oil pressure bulids up the car starts to let out white smoke out the tail pipe. I know that theses are signs of a blown head gasket but can there be anything else possible that can be causing this to happen

Since im gonna have to take the head out i mine as whell build it whats a good cam to get. And is there a big differnce between the zhp cam and the Schrick camshaft

Quote Originally Posted by EuroTunner04 Since im gonna have to take the head out i mine as whell build it whats a good cam to get. And is there a big differnce between the zhp cam and the Schrick camshaft I answered this in your OTHER cam thread....

BMW SERIES 5 E39 Re-timing of camshafts

I am having the P1519 code on my 2000 540i6. Ive had both camshaft position sensors changed recently and the code comes back everytime . The tech who replaced the sensors told me that the solenoids could be bad and that camshaft might be way out of time due to bad solenoid valve. Ive priced the solenoid valve and I need to know now if anyone has heard of putting the camshaft back in sequence manually

Poolman thanks for the response. 2000 540i DIDNT have VANOS seals Does that mean that my single VANOS system would not be as large issue like the I6 Mark Im gonna have my tech look at the chain guides next weekend. Thanks for your input.

Im not sure but thniking that the Vanos on the V8 is more complicated than the i6 cars--never worked on the V8 engine so I dont have a clue about that part--but have talked with Rajaie at Besian systems at length about the V8 Vanos problem--as to date he doesnt have a fix for your problem as he did for our 6 cylinder engines.

BMW SERIES 5 E39 A long list of BMW CEL codes......

bmw Check Engine Light Codes Welcome to the bmw Check Engine Light codes page. Below you will find the most complete list of bmw trouble codes available. The code definitions are a good starting point when determining the cause of the service engine light but where do you go from thereWe have a large number of resources to help you repair the problem. Here is how we suggest you proceed. Look up your

BMW SERIES 5 E39 A long list of BMW CEL codes......

Manufacturer Specific Codes P1083Fuel Control Mixture Lean (Bank 1 Sensor 1) P1084Fuel Control Mixture Rich (Bank 1 Sensor 1) P1085Fuel Control Mixture Lean (Bank 2 Sensor 1) P1086Fuel Control Mixture Rich (Bank 2 Sensor 1) P1087O2 Sensor Circuit Slow Response in Lean Control Range (Bank 1 Sensor 1) P1088O2 Sensor Circuit Slow Response in Rich Control Range (Bank 1 Sensor 1) P1089O2 Sensor Circuit

BMW SERIES 5 E39 Complete BMW OBD II codes

I guess my first attempt didnt work due to the length of the post. So I will cut it in a few posts. This is an extensive list with all the OBD II codes not just generic. Found it on the internet. Might be a good idea to sticky this so anyone can access it for reference. DTC Database (OBD-II Trouble Codes) Definitions for bmw diagnostic trouble codes. bmw Trouble Codes P1083 Fuel Control Mixture Lean

BMW SERIES 5 E39 Ill try this another way...

Ok i tried not adding another thread by just replying to the original one but i have NOT GOTTEN ONE response Here is the deal... (in case you wanna see the other thread here you go.... httpwww.bimmerfest.comforumssho...d.phpt257055 ) Now that I have my tranny fixed and my car is running great I still have this CEL code problem... After changing the 02 sensor and and fixing the tranny i cleared the

Leakage (DM-TL) Pump Too High P1450 Diagnostic Module Tank Leakage (DM-TL) Switching Solenoid Open Circuit P1451 Diagnostic Module Tank Leakage (DM-TL) Switching Solenoid Control Circuit Signal Low P1452 Diagnostic Module Tank Leakage (DM-TL) Switching Solenoid Control Circuit Signal High P1453 Secondary Air Injection Pump Relay Control Circuit Electrical P1454 Secondary Air Injection Pump With series

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