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BMW SERIES 5 E39 timing gear to pieces

In an intorduction I asked about metal piece through valve cover. Now we know that the upper piece (sensing portiont) of the timing gear broke off into 4 pieces. Two big ones found next to gear one in the valve cover and a small piece missing. No obvious damage and you are talking about great luck here. Mechanic of 40 years have never seen anything like it do not even know how this could happen nothing

I do not know the technical classification on this bmw. It is a bmw 525i 2001 w 90k miles mostly highway at about 60-65 milesh. Try to describe the thing. On top of the timing gear is a ridge (wider than the gear) almost 180 degree on the wheel the area that is sensed by the timing sensor as I understand. That whole piece came off the wheel and broke in 4 pieces it seems. Two were found next to the

You guys realize I was incredibly lucky that these pieces did not get into the gear mechanism of the car how they missed it is beyond me. That would have resulted in a complete engine failure with the need for a rebuilt engine. Out of curiosity I checked what the extended warranty covers (5 years 100k miles) and the timing gear is not mentioned as parts covered probably because they did not think about

Mr--I dont know from much--but if I had an extended warrenty-and paid money for it and it includes the engine going south--the timing gear is in the engine and should damn well be covered. Im not so sure you out of the woods yet--if that gear went--what kept the valve from hitting the pistons Something just doesnt sit right about this-- Good Luck

no photos sorry. How this upper portion could come off is the question. He took the part from another motor and did not charge me for it as well as giving me a valve cover also - quite generous guy. The whole thing cost me 1046 that included new camshaft sensor exhaust valve cover head gasket sparkplugs V belt towing exhaust camshaft pickup wheel that broke (timing gear wrong term) oil filter bmw

BMW SERIES 3 E36 Broken Timing Guide Replacement on My First BMW

Gentlemen Ive come into a 1992 318i (M42 engine) made in 0892. I got it for a good price because the man who owned it didnt have time to make it the track car he wanted to. It was in the middle of a timing chain replacement because the stock drivers side timing guide broke. Im working on fixing that and need advice on how far to go as well as other things to look out for. CONDITION Engine Headcamscam

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BMW SERIES 3 E30 another timing belt thread.. oh god

haha but this one only is a quick question. i put the car all back together (dicided to take a break from the tranny swap) and then remembered (trying to get to sleep) hearing something about the 31 pully turning once for every two turns of the headcams. is this true i lined up the markings but i fear that maybe i was ment to turn it another crank or something thanks

It is correct. Remember how small the crank gear is as compared to the camshaft gear. The vibration damper covering the crank gear creates an optical illusion of sorts. httpe30world.comenginebmw-E30-t...and-water-pump (last photo bottom right shows both gears uncovered). The crank has to rotate twice to get the piston to top dead center on the compression and exhaust strokes. The camshaft timing mark

BMW SERIES 3 E36 Resolved M42 louder after installing new timing chain components

Problem After replacing timing chain components on M42 engine louder after warmup. Attempted resolve The detent clip from the tensioner had worked itself out of its groove and was causing friction not allowing the tensioner to work properly. The driver side guide rail was broke. The tensioner guide rails and gaskets.were replaced. The tips of the cam gears and crank gear and sprocket were rounded with

BMW SERIES 3 E30 Timing belt - how can I be a half-tooth off

Hello Bimmerfest veterans Im trying to help my son with his 1990 325i. Weve torn down the front of the motor and replaced the timing belt and water pump (heard that was the smart thing to do). However - I put a 22mm deep socket on the end of the crank to rotate it CC a few times after replacing the timing belt. Now the crankshaft marks are perfect but the camsharft mark is off by a HALF TOOTH too far

Quote Originally Posted by jp5882 Hello Bimmerfest veterans Im trying to help my son with his 1990 325i. Weve torn down the front of the motor and replaced the timing belt and water pump (heard that was the smart thing to do). However - I put a 22mm deep socket on the end of the crank to rotate it CC a few times after replacing the timing belt. Now the crankshaft marks are perfect but the camsharft

BMW SERIES 3 E30 Timing help on ETA

Ok so I have a new shortblock from a good running parts car with 80k. I have a head from another car with 64k. same year (87) and they are going into my 87 325e. Now I dropped in the block set it to TDC on 1. The timing marks on the crank lined up with timing marks on the inner timing cover. I put the damper on and the OT mark is lined up with the mark on the outer timing cover. The head was then installed

BMW SERIES 3 E30 Time to cahange my timing belt

I am getting ready to change my T-belt. I have researched it a bit and it seems that I can handle it. I have changed a T-belt in a dodge stealth and an older honda civic. I have researched it a bit and have printed out the timing belt replacement procedure on the pelicanparts website. I do have a couple questions Besides the water pump and the thermostat what else should be changed while I am in there

Quote Originally Posted by Cletonius Good to know on the cam seal I have oil starting to drip. So theres supposed to be a mechanical fan then I was all exited that I didnt have one. Where does it bolt to Water pump or something else And is it really necessary to have the coolant go through the throttle body Seems odd to me to have it doing that. Yup you need to replace the cam seal while youre in there

BMW SERIES 3 E46 Timing chain broke after 27k bought new in 06 engine overhaul

So last night while driving home from errands my car died on me with a big bang had it towed to my dealer and apparently the timing chain snapped and the entire engine needs to be replaced due to damage to the cams and the computer timing system. Im calling around to figure out options but basically they say the 4 year warranty on the car is out since I bought in 06 even though Im only 27k total miles

Cam gears as a rule dont fail. My bet is the cam gear bolts backed out and the chain jumped off the gear. Failures like this are rare some might say exceedingly rare at that mileage. Ask to see the parts. Ill bet some of the bolts are either sheared off or very chewed up. bmw NAs zoneregion rep may make you an offer to cover half the retail cost of an engine. For a vehicle with 27K miles I would be

Just got a call from the service manager (left him a message after talking to my SA) very nice and helpful this time. I explained my plan for the few diagnostic questions to ask to determine the root cause and we will meet tomorrow morning at 8 on my way to work 1. Inspection of the VANOS cam bolts for shearing 2. VANOS hub breaks and verifying that the tangs intact180 degrees from each other 3. timing

Quote Originally Posted by smolck So this is on an 06 M3 A little different animal than a normal E46. Have you have the valves adjusted regularly Id be willing to bet that his car met the infamous cam-bolt issue. It is unfortunately a fairly common issue on the S54. bmw did release updated bolts that (supposedly) dont back out but they werent phased in until after the E46 ceased production. I think

Ok so I have to agree about the SA. Last Friday when I asked him if they bore scoped the cylinders he said hes never heard of that before and they dont even have the equipment to do that. Today I got to go in with the Service Manager and the Tech Manager and the Tech that worked on my diagnostics heres what we found. The cam gear didnt break as the SA said they bore scoped and every valve was bent

BMW SERIES 3 E46 Timing Chain Tensioner Spring DIY

So I was inspired by BlueBee and Doru and their discussion found here.... httpwww.bimmerfest.comforumssho....phpp6169504 My ZHP has 189k miles on it now and I figured Id do mine. I have already done Beisan seals and the rattle fix but what could it hurt And the parts only cost me 5.00. The original post shows an E39 however the E46 is obviously identical and the tensioner spring is in the same spot.

Quote Originally Posted by SJBimmer I use to replace the timing chains completely with Pete Jackson gear drives back when I used to street race. timing would jump all over the place after about 10k on a new chain but was rock steady with the gear drive setup. I dont believe there was a tensioner back then. You just replaced the chain when it became sloppy. I had a few cars that had phenolic sprockets

BMW SERIES 3 E46 E46 Timing chain

I have been through everything with this car trying to figure out what is wrong with my 99 323i. Talked to the owner my grandpa got it from and they said they had the head replaced when it overheated from a water pump going bad and it nebver ran right every since. I am going to pull the vanos and valve cover back off. I have the camshaft locking tools but not the camgear jig. Anybody know how to make

BMW SERIES 5 E39 Timing chain tensioner replace for i6 (DIY)

So after 8 years and reading some pretty nasty stories about the cousin v8 chain tensioner and related guide rails I decided to change the spring of the chain tensioner. You need the coil spring pn 11411706809 and the aluminum crush washer pn 07119963418 (gasket ring). The procedure is trivial at best. I did it while doing the oil change. The Chain tensioner is located on the passenger side in front

Oh so the TENSIONER is much easier to replace than the GUIDES correct What happens when the TENSIONER starts to fail Spring loses tension and the chain insider the valve cover starts to flap around Can you just replace the spring Seems unnecessary to replace the metal parts. The timing chain GUIDES are on the inside of the valve covers know where youre looking at the oily orange gears and chains.

BMW SERIES 5 E39 timing and pinging

hello gents i have been suffering since a while ago regarding the engine pingingi have reached the point of timingeverything was done regarding this issuefrom playing with the octane grades till full servicenow there is no faults storedand tomorrow i will park my car at the mechanic as he will check the chains and timing.if the timing is forwarded or retarded due to the teeth jumpingwouldnt that cause

I dont think the timing gears chain will jump a teeth if it does there is no way you are not going to bang a few values against the piston. If you are going to open the value cover to check the cam position you are just a few minutes away from taken out and replace the vano seals and they are cheap. And of course it felt like pinging as the vano is not putting the cam in the correct positions for the

BMW SERIES 3 E36 timing chain noise

may as well start a new thread on this. i have a noise coming from the front of the valve cover that sounds exactly like a timing chain slapping the valve cover. its the slap slap sound is consistent with the rpms and it never goes away. so far ive changed both chain tensioners. the vanos unit is original (204k miles) and is still working. i dont think its the vanos though because it doesnt sound like

Its more than likely vanos noise. If your timing chain was loose enough to slap the cover then it would never be able to stay on the gears.

BMW SERIES 3 E30 HELP Timing Belt problem HELP

Need Help big time.... I undertook changing the timing belt on 87 325ic. Got everything off per multiple threads on how to do this. From there once removed I removed the water pump and changed that out and put on a new tensioner and put the belt back on. After getting it on and getting the tensioner tight I tried to crank it clockwise and had a decent amount of resistence. I cranked it counter clockwise

BMW SERIES 5 E39 2000 540I Broken Timing Chain

So I went out and tried to start my car today and it sounded like the starter was not ingaging on the flywheel but spinning. Upon further inspection I saw that the motor was still spinning and the accessory belt was spinning but I took off the oil cap and saw that the top camshaft chains where not spinning so I assuming one of the timing chains has failed. My question is can I just replace all of the chains and tensioners or is this motor a boat anchor Any help will be very much appreciated.

I found out the issue. A timing chain tensioner broke. result chain fell off gear and went crazy It broke many things in the cover plus valves got bent

BMW SERIES 3 E90 E91 E92 E93 need help. finished valve cover gasket and now wont start

hello and first let me say thank you to all of you and I appreciate any help or ideas... I just finished a valve cover gasket replacement on my 2006 325i now the car wont start the starter spins it over but no fire and no start normally I try to figure out if its spark or fuel but I realize on this car it could also be timing... with no spark plug wires Im not even sure how to check for spark and fuel

was hard to send from my phone but now theres a little time to explain. The tool I was reffering to was one of the ones mentioned above not an ohmmeter. The words resistance in my earlier post should be pressure as you have up there somewhere. Now the fact that you did the job means you have some kind of mechanical skill. But you NEED to know that it takes equipment with these new cars (not just bmws)

BMW SERIES 3 E46 When is timing chain water pump belt replacement required

Normally Id run outside to look at my service & maintenance booklet but the dealer has my car right now... and I cant find it online. If bmw recommends it be done 90k miles and I buy the 6100k maintenance plan will it be covered

Quote Originally Posted by Rick Lee I cant sleep at night knowing my car needs something and I certainly cant imagine letting something go until it breaks. Years of DIYing everything on my Porsches has taught me that preventative maint. is always cheaper than doing it after it breaks. Warranty or not I wouldnt want to risk a huge bill not being covered because of some fine print on wear and tear stuff

BMW SERIES 5 E34 Leaks on oil pan and gearbox with pictures

Hi all thanks to all your help been throw smog test and annual inspection with almost no problem. The new spark plugs rebuild injectors and fuel pump must have something to do with that. Also right pedal happy. The only problems raised by the kind sir was some leaks and a failing flex disk which already noted and ready to change. The leaks were mainly on the bottom of the oil pan and I have a picture

Hard to see the pics they seem to be thumbnails. As far as oil leaks one common place is the drain plug on the oil pan. Then there is the oil pan gasket itself. another place for leaks is around the oil filter. Then there is the valve cover gasket and the timing chain (If your car has one) cover gasket. All of these gaskets should be replaced. I will be doing the same shortly. My oil pan gasket is done along with the rear mail seal. I just need to do the rest o))

Hi all. Hi CarDriver. I think its related with oil pan gasket. And for the main rear seal if between the motor and gearbox there can be the problem. Are those DIY Mine is a M50B25. Ill check for the timing chain cover. Best regards

BMW SERIES 3 E46 BMW 2003 E46 316i timing chain replacement

Hello I am a new member and need some help. My friends bmw timing chain has jumped somehow. When I crank the engine over I hear a crack and the chain at the top of the cams bows up. I assume it has jumped a link Any suggestions on what would cause this Any help would be much appreciated. Carl

Sounds like part of the chain guide broke off and is maybe binding between the crank gear and cover. You may already have what you need but thought Id toss this out httpwww.realoem.combmwshowparts...89&hg11&fg25

BMW SERIES 5 E34 Leaks on oil pan and gearbox NOW with pictures

Hi all thanks to all your help been throw smog test and annual inspection with almost no problem. The new spark plugs rebuild injectors and fuel pump must have something to do with that. Also right pedal happy. The only problems raised by the kind sir was some leaks and a failing flex disk which already noted and ready to change. The leaks were mainly on the bottom of the oil pan and I have a picture

Lots of potential leak areas. It does depend on which engine you have to some extent though. Power steering was leaking on mine mostly the hose clamp on the bottom of the resevoir. M30 engines seem to work a front timing cover bolt out. I check mine regularly and have to tighten somtimes. Valve cover gasket can make a mess of the bottom of the engine too. As advised clean it up start fresh. It is probably very minor it was just let go for a long time.

BMW SERIES 5 E39 This oil light and shifting gears

I drive a 97 540 with about 97k miles on it.... So about a hundred miles back i started noticing that my oil light would come on when the car wasnt in motion but the engine was running (so like at a red light). But it wasnt on consistently it would sort of flash as if it were trying to come on but it wouldnt STAY on. The moment i press the gas the light turns off and doesnt consistently come back on.

ive had the same problem with my car for around a year now still runs still scares the sht out of me ALL the time. run the ac to keep rpm higher i guess. another thread about the same thing httpwww.bimmerfest.comforumssho....phpp4713614 look at the last post he reported that changing the thermostat fixed the issue for him does your car run a bit hot run test nr-7 to see if thats the issue. and make

BMW SERIES 5 E34 Valve timing adjustment M50 non vanos

Hi Everyone Is it possible to adjust the valve timing on an m50b25 non vanos engine thats run on a timing chain If so how would the mech do it Can it be done via the computer or something else required I think mine needs some adjustments. Thanks. Roberto

Hi Everyone The valve covers gasket was just fixed today. All hoses and possible sources of vacuum leaks were investigated as well and found to be absent. The car drives better idles smoother responds more readily to the throttle drives just a tad smoother. And youknow what My gear shift is slightly better too...less hesitation at certain points. Yes i guess the best word to use to describe the improvement

BMW SERIES 3 E46 possible timing chain tensioner gone e46 318ci 1.9 2001

Hi iv had a rattling noise coming from the engine for some time now used to only do it faintly if i held it at 3000rpm or inbetween gear changes but has got alot worse. Iv taken the rocker cover off to see if I could notice anything obverse and found the chain is loose more on the right-hand side. I believe its the chain tensioner but dont know where it is or how to replace would anyone be able to help. Thanks

BMW SERIES 5 E39 just got done with valve covers

well the car had been leaking oil into the spark plugs lately so i finally got around to changing the valve cover gaskets. the total ran me roughly 90 for both sides along with 22 Rubber washers. it took my dad and i about 6 hours to do the job since we decided to sand and repaint the valve covers. id recommend doing this on ur own if ur pretty decent at DIY stuff its not really hard just frustrating

did you clean the oil off the cam gears and timing chains If i recall thats not really a good thing to do. Dexron III is correct. You could get the correct stuff from the dealer its one of the few things thats not too expensive.

Quote Originally Posted by bimmerd00d did you clean the oil off the cam gears and timing chains If i recall thats not really a good thing to do. Dexron III is correct. You could get the correct stuff from the dealer its one of the few things thats not too expensive. no i didnt even touch that stuff i left the oil on there like it was suppoe to be i mnent i took the oil and sludge out of the engine bay. -so i go ahead and put dexron 3 into the place where it says ATF only

BMW SERIES 3 E36 The E36 3 Series BMW

The E36 3 series bmw Background The replacement for the classic E30 was introduced in late 1991.It is larger than the E30 and all models except the Compact have the Z-axle rear multi-link suspension developed from the E31 850 csi. These are good handling cars and all have roughly 5050 weight distribution. Models The saloon appeared first and was followed nearly two years later by the Coupe. Shortly

BMW SERIES 5 E60 E61 Route 66 Main St extended warranty worth it

Im new to bmw ownership and just purchased a 2006 530xi sports wagon with 45K miles. Im considering purchasing an extended warranty from Route 66. Due to the age of my car its not eligible for Easy Street coverage so Im looking at Main Street. The cost for 4 years or 48K miles of coverage is 2381. Shorter terms are available at approximately 200 less for each year of coverage dropped. Heres what Main

BMW SERIES 5 E39 Bentley Publishers - Repair Manual for the E39 5 Series 1997 - 2003 On sale in Feb

The bmw 5 series (E39) Service Manual 1997-2003 is a comprehensive source of service information and specifications for bmw 5 series models from 1997 to 2003. The aim throughout this manual has been simplicity clarity and completeness with practical explanations step-by-step procedures and accurate specifications. Whether you are a professional or a do-it-yourself bmw owner this manual will help you

BMW SERIES 3 E90 E91 E92 E93 Detailed Extended Warranty Information

I am getting ready to purchase an extended warranty for my 2008 bmw 335xi and was putting together some information to help me choose what plan was best for me and thought this could be useful to some of you on here since our cars are getting aged. If someone has the pricing information to go along with all these please post and I can edit this to include those. I got this info straight from the bmw

BMW SERIES 3 E30 Master list of all repairs to do on a newly acquired E30.

I went though a couple of for sale ads and compiled a master list of all things one might need to address when buying an E30. A subset of this list could be used as a checklist to give a PPI mechanic. Or it may be used as a guide to assist in prioritization of DIY projects. To that end is there any way you guys can comment on the list Can we sort the sections into priority order (1 is more urgent or

BMW SERIES 3 E46 Opinions on this extended warranty - bumper to bumper - 5 yrs 100k for 2100

I checked BBB on They have complaints which is normal and most of them resolved. I got a quote from them Bumper to Bumper coverage for 60 additional months or 100000 additional miles which ever occurs first for 2099.00 on your 2005 bmw 325i with less than 20k miles. Any opinions on the price for the coverage listed below Basically its 420 a year for an additional 5 years coverage.

BMW SERIES 3 E90 E91 E92 E93 Selling my 5er...for an 07 335xi sedan....

Am wading through the info on this car but there seem to be many more variations of the e9X series as compared to what I am used to researching for my current e39 540i-6. Some questions if you all dont mind or can help point me in the right direction as to the specific vehicle Im looking at--comments as to price reliability (esp. as to twin turbos) alternatives to run-flats opt for extended warranty

Here is what the extended warranty covers through 125k miles (has 88k) or 7 years (probably 3 years value for me) at 100 deductible for about 1800 for the plan I think I will opt for this..... What MaxCare covers MaxCare provides comprehensive mechanical protection. To find out more about whats covered click on the categories below. To find out what MaxCare doesnt cover click here. 1. Engine Gasoline

BMW SERIES 5 E39 Does better gas improve mileage

Im getting my dads 99 528i in June and he uses regular gas. My mom uses premium in hers and she claims she gets an extra 2-3 mpg. I think my dad will start using premium if its true that you get better mileage with it. Basically what are the advantages to using premium gas in this car

Here is an answer that I got from Bimmer Tech QA a while ago. It doesnt address milage specfically but does cover other areas of interest. 1. Most bmw produced from about 1992-on and all produced from 1994-on employ knock sensing ignition systems. Knock sensors detect detonation aka knocking or pinging caused by low octane gasoline and signal the engine management computer to retard ignition timing.

BMW SERIES 5 E39 Extended Warranty

I have a 2001 540 in which the CPO warranty runs out this November. so I found this ad through bimmerfest. Continetal Warranty. So i decided to give them a call. Heres what they offer. I have 65k in my car. so theyre giving me 5yrs100k on top of my 65k miles. so basically coverage till 2012 or 164k miles. Heres whats coveredEngine and Water Pump All internally lubricated parts of engine including pistons

planetaries sun shell and sun gear bearings shaft rail forks and synchronizers. All interally lubricated parts. Transfercase All Luricated Parts. Heres the Price 1695 170 down 64.00months for 24 months most of all..... 0.00 deductible. theyre giving me 30 days to reveiw to decide whether to take it or not. it also includes roadside assistance with car rental and towing. it can be taken to any bmw

BMW SERIES 5 E39 My new project - 2000 540iA - progress thread (lots of pics)

I just finished my previous project - 2001 330ci 6 speed manual swap ( httpforum.e46fanatics.comshowthread.phpt901286 ) and I was thinking to get another project something like Z3 or maybe even Mini. Or e39 touring (I still want it btw). So on last Sunday I was browsing the local craigslist when I found this 2000 bmw 540i - 1900 Quote 2000 bmw 540i. Orient BlueTan Leather 128K miles. Engine needs timing

BMW SERIES 5 E39 E-39 540i 1997 Engine and parts FOR SALE

I am parting out my 1997 E-39 engine from my 540i. Take a look at the pictures and if you see something you can use please let me know and I can give you a price. Hope you find what you need. I did include a list of parts below v-8 engine block has everything except the heads have been taken off 160K 2 cylinder heads with all 4 cams and gears Harmonic balancer Both belt adjustor tensioners timing covers

BMW SERIES 5 E34 Unconventional car maintenance (that works time after time while saving money)

Hi Everyone Ive been using these methods for years. And Im not the only one either. Please check them out and please do add your own tips and tricks youve learned over time as well to this thread if they have not been included thus far. 1A. Diesel engine flush. Method Add 1 quart of diesel to your crankcase when youre about to change the oil. Run the engine at idle for 15 minutes. Drain fully and

doing 60-70mph on third gear. Enjoy the engines roar. Oh yeah switch to sports mode (probably not significant but hey why not). Ideally do this after every oil change but I generally do this whenever I feel the need for speed like it Ive run my car at 6k rpm consecutively for 15 minutes at 3rd gear with no problems to the engine and transmission no overheating nothing. IOW this is normal for a bmw

BMW SERIES 5 E60 E61 BMW E60 545i N62 Engine Removal Rebuild Installation

This thread is for the removalrebuildinstallation of my engine. The title to my previous thread was about a head gasket which was no longer really the case I will go back and add the early pictures and more detail to this thread later. Below are all the ones from last weekend and this weekend. -------------------------- Alright ENGINE IS OUT Here are pics from the day--will go back and add text later.

And here is a list of parts I have ordered. Some of the cheaper items I ordered more than I need just in case.. I still have to order new head bolts and head gaskets. I wanted to wait until I have the machine shop look at the heads before ordering new gaskets to see whether Ill need standard or larger head gaskets I wrote the descriptions so apologies on any typos Part Number Description PriceEa

BMW SERIES 5 E60 E61 Is this warranty any good for 545i

Offered by Penfed credit union - real company is route 66 httpswww.penfed.orgproductsandra...lbreakdown.asp 545i - 5yrs100000 miles - 1875 ----------------------coverage------------- ENGINE Internally lubricated engine parts consisting of Crankshaft and bearings oil pump oil pump pickupscreen and tube pistons piston rings wrist pins connecting rods and rod bearings timing gears and chain or belt timing

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