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BMW SERIES 5 E39 R&R on rear wheel bearinghub

Hi All. Wondering if anybody has replaced a rear wheel bearing hub on a e39 5 series I am wondering how you managed to seperate the bearing from the rear drive half shaft. The bentley manual shows a special tool that I dont feel like buying. I dont see why I cant just pull the bearing hub off by hand. If that doesnt work Im thinking of using a three leg puller or slide hammer type puller via rental from autozone. I dont care if I destroy the old bearing while removing it.

Well went ahead and swapped out the wheel bearing (and wheel carrier) today. In the end I did not need any special tools to seperate the bearingcarrier from the axle. Here is the basic process I used. My goal was actually to remove the entire wheel carrier so if you are just replacing the wheel bearing you wouldnt have to go this far. - Remove brake calipers. - Disconnect all suspension components

I have a question. Why did you feel the need to replace the rear Wheel bearings Were you experiencing problems The reason I asking these questions is I am experiencing noises from the back rear suspension. I have narrow the noises are either from the axle or the wheel bearings. But I am not sure since I cant duplicate the noise once I have the back wheels in the air and test drive.

I actually needed to replace the entire wheel carrier assembly. I had tried to press a new ball joint into the carrier assembly (my old ball joint was completely destroyed) while it was still attached and damaged the aluminum surrounding the area where the BJ goes in ... basically I made the hole a little larger and the BJ would just flop around in there. Replacing the wheel bearing just seemed to

It took me plus a random friend or two about 50 hours 6 or 7 day here and there over 8 weeks to complete my front and rear suspenion overhaul. Spent alot of that time reading making mistakes fixing mistakes and learning. Some time was also spent outside the garage on finding all the right parts to order. I relied on the Bentley manual and this forum almot exclusively having very little

BMW SERIES 5 E39 Rear bearing always replace hub too

I have a noisy rear right wheel bearing. From this diagram its easy to see there are 2 main components... the bearing and the flange hub. Is it possible to replace only the bearing and use the existing hub Or is this one of those situations where you always do both together Assuming the hub can be reused what kind of time does this typically take

rear bearing Replace bearing only. hub lasts the life of the car. FRONT bearing bearing and hub are bolted together from factory as a combo. So for FRONT when you buy the so-called front bearing you get the combo of the actual bearing hub.

There is a quicker easier method on YOU TUBE using a series of washers and bolts but I used a Harbor freight 5-ton hydraulic gear puller 50. to get the hub and flange off and then took it to a machine shop for 20. to separate the bearing and flange. Toughest part is getting the E bolts ( female torx socket ) off. You need to move the axle the axle around a bit and the short E sockets from Harbor Freight

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BMW SERIES 3 E36 Frozen Hub rear wheel bearing

Hello all Im in the middle of a DIY rear wheel bearing change on my 92 325i and Im stuck. Ive got the drive axle detached from the differential. I cant get the axle out of the trailing arm. I have also attached a slide hammer with a slide hammer flange to the hub to try to get the hub off. Ive beat the crap out of the slide hammer and the hub wont come off. I guess the hub is frozen. Ive sprayed WD-40

well I am only going to say this because you are all ready going to be replacing the wheel bearing. Heat the hell out of the hub with a plumbers torch

I just started on my Left rear bearing today and ran into the same problem. I need help Axle is stuck in the hub. Does the axle have to come out before i put the slide hammer on to pull out the hub Do i need to use heat

Now that i think about it I might just take the trailing arm off with the axle still atatched use hydraulic press to press axle out of hub flip it over press the hub out of the trailing arm.

Ok so i dont know why i didnt think of it earlier but i hit the end of the axle with a air hammerround chisel and BAM 3-4 blows and it was out I got it done today finally. All in all i had about 5hrs in just the LEft rear bearing but I took my time and made sure i did everything right. I went the route of taking the control arm off and over to the shop press. Very Very easy to get old bearingshub out

BMW SERIES 3 E36 Rear Wheel Bearing Trouble Frozen Hub

Hello All Im working on a DIY rear Wheel bearing replacement on my 92 325i and Im stuck. Ive got the axle off of the differential. The caliper and rotor are off also. I cant get the axle out of the trailing arm. I have attached a slide hammer and flange to the hub. Ive slid the crap out of the hammer but I cant get the hub to come off. If anyone knows any tricks or has any advice it would be much appreciated. Thank you all for your time.

look at your 1st post

BMW SERIES 3 E30 Rear Bearing and Hub Repair Cost

Hi I have my bearing and hub (in case) but need to know approx cost for having this repaired. Ive heard anywhere from 90 for labor to 750...can someone give me the average cost. im going to get it replaced but dont want to get screwed on cost of labor since most of the videos ive watched look to only have taken at most 45 minutes total to replace one side.

i think that calls for 2 hours labor. so an good average of about 300 range laborshop costs and i dont know cost on the hub assembly. some shops wont put on parts you bought where some will if you provide receipts and what not

Quote Originally Posted by KenBavAuto It all depends on if it comes apart easily. I did one on mine last year in less than an hour. The one before that on a rusty E36 I had (same exact setup) took me about six. Having the tools to do it and experience with this style bearing goes a long way too. I was dreading doing mine last year and was shocked it went so smoothly. only wheel bearing i experienced

It really depends on your car the shop you go to and what the tech sees when they write the estimate .If your car is a mint condition low mileage garage queen that has had extensive maintenance if will be cheaper than if your car is a 300 mile beater that hasnt been in a shop since its warranty ran out .You see what I mean Im sure your car isnt that one but the closer to the first one the easier the

I agree--if it isnt broken dont fix it. If you get rear-ended tomorrow will it matter that you blew 300 on a wheel bearing that wasnt worn out yet

BMW SERIES 5 E39 DIY 1998 528i REAR Bearing the Easy Way

DIY 1998 528i rear bearing the Easy Way - When replacing the rear bearing of E39 most procedure books call for Special Tools etc. Also pulling the hub off the Axle Splines can be difficult etc. So when people hear about rear wheel bearing in the E39 they sweat. - With this DIY it is no sweat at all If you follow this simple DIY you should be able to replace the rear bearing in 1h per side. The key

Quote Originally Posted by bluebee ...BTW would someone kindly skim this E46 article from today which also proposes to show an easier way to do the rear wheel bearings... Bluebee The E46 rear bearing setup is exactly the same as in the first diagram of this DIY thread The Outer Race is held by press-fit (into the carrier) circlip . This makes the job much more labor-intensive when compared with E39

Hi folks Thanks to the OP for this great DIYer thread Im in the middle of replacing my left rear bearing. Taking a break to celebrate that my inner race stayed in the bearing when I pressed out the hub Woohoo I hope this resolves my 528i rear end grinding noise. I thought it was a rear diff. After a torturous swap it wasnt the problem. Curious has anyone had a rear axle fail Seems rare and I dont even find replacement axles at most online sources. Well back to the rear bearing. I just wanted to add that I didnt need a 14 drive industrial E14 socket as suggested in the first post. Once the bolts were broken free with the 38 drive E14 socket (Harbor Freight Impact E socket set 8.99) I switched to a 6-point 14 drive 11 mm socket and 14 drive extensions to spin off the bolts. The 11 mm socket fits snugly and since no torque is required during this step it worked superbly. BTW I purchased my bearings from the cheap source posted originally. Their price has dropped to 28 each BUT when I received them they are no longer Timken branded bearings. They are unknown Made In China bearings. The unit looks fine but only time will tell if this turns out to be a short-term savings. Addendum I ran into a snag when my gear puller was too short for assembling the hub to new bearing as per instructions. Hmmmm. Light bulb went on above head I used a length of threaded rod that was part of a set of spring compressors. Ideal length and size with a pinned nut at one end. I had the right spacers needed but the old inner race wouldve worked as suggested. I pressed the hub in successfully with this set up. I proceeded with the install as instructed and everything went back together without drama. Thanks again to the OP. Unfortunately Insult to injury a test drive proved the new bearing didnt correct my rear end noise and vibration. Damn Back to the drawing board Repairing bmws are proving to be just as much a PITA as repairing Audis. Dont ask.

BMW SERIES 3 E36 DIY Rear Wheel Bearing Brake Dust Shield Ebrake SS Brake Lines & More.

Yes this is a work in progress I will be editing over the next couple of daysadding pictures etc anyone have any other links that helped them The background Quote Originally Posted by SCANDINAVIAN13 ... [sounds like its] running on off-road tires This is most likely a failure of the rear wheel bearing (RWB). The rear wheel bearing failures sound can range from a grumble to a growl to a roar.

You might get lucky and have the bearing break free as in the video or you might have the experience I have had doing this countless times which takes considerable force to break the 12 shaft out let alone the bearing. There is no way that a 4 PVC would stand the forces that I typically experience doing this job on E30s and E36s. I have broken the gear puller shown in the video and bent my B90 bmw

BMW SERIES 5 E39 Rear Wheel Bearing Replacement on a 1999 540i

Despite finding no one who had done the work in the local chapter I decided to take a chance after reading the Bentley which just parrots bmw nonsense. I felt 500. for junk specialty tools was ridiculous. All the advice I got from the web was wrong. The major fact that makes this repair possible is momentarily putting a piece of 2X4 under the forward part of the differential - only The rear is aluminum

BMW SERIES 5 E39 Working on my rear wheel bearing

I can hear a noise like snow tires coming from the rear once per revolution. When Im driving pulling gs turning left the noise goes away because weight shifted to the right so bearing on the left is bad. Parts that I ordered came in and I started so far so good. This is a good thread - httpwww.bimmerfest.comforumssho...wheelbearing Heres what I experienced may help others. Ill add to it later.. Blocked

update Oh yeah baby I got one out Heated with propane torch (happened to use MAPP gas) and applied wax. Then cooled then did it again. In between also hit the bolt and the bearing housing near the bolt. Also put in Liquid Wrench again. Used impact gun back and forth. Nothing moved but then I switched to a socket wrench and braced the head of the wrench underneath by putting a spanner across the top

BMW SERIES 3 E46 Stuck in a rut. Rear wheel bearings

Im replacing the rear wheel bearings on my automatic 328i. The DIY Im using is courtesy of teamdfl httpteamdfl.combmwe46rear_whee...ingindex.html My issue driving the axles out of the hub assembly so I can expose the bearings. Ive removed both rotors cleared both cv joints dropped the sway bar and now Im attempting to drive the stub axles out (toward the inside of the car) of the hub. Neither one seems

BMW SERIES 5 E39 advice for rear wheel bearings

I have a 99 540iA with the sport package and Im starting to get a humming sound from the rear end and it gets louder the faster I go. Im getting all the tools together to start this project but Ive recently read that I need to remove the axles to reach the E14 bolts on the back. So my question is how hard is it to remove the axles and is there anything else I should replace since Im taking the axles out. Thanks

with the treads. I got the nut to go on so well see how it holds up in the morning when I put everything back together. Thanks man No problem. The key to removing the hub is just a heavy duty puller. Small cheap pullers are useless. The guy at the car parts store counter was amazed at how did I manage to break the puller. I told him I was trying to pull out the rear wheel bearing on a 5 series bmw

BMW SERIES 5 E39 Are there any cheap decent generic brand wheel bearing hubs

For those of you who used non-OEM brand front wheel bearing hubs (wbh) did they work out okay Im looking to replace my front wbhs and Ill be satisfied if I can go another 5060k miles on them before I trade-in or sell my car (currently at 233xxx miles). I do need to replace the fronts due to wheel vibration when braking hard. I saw some online parts stores offering front wbh (BMG brand) for half the price of Timkens tempted to try but not sure if theyll last around 50k.

Quote Originally Posted by cn90 Sorry but the link you gave is Timken 513179 for Pontiac Grand Prix This is a bmw forum. You like it or not the quality Front bearing (F.A.G. SF or Timken) is about 100 give or take. Youre right that is odd. Id put in 2002 530i into the search and it came up with only three results including that one. Now that I do it again it comes up with 16 options for wheel bearingshubs

BMW SERIES 3 E30 Rear Wheel Bearing replacement issues

Hi everyone. I have a 1988 325ix. With a great deal of effort I got the left rear wheel bearing off and a new one installed. The hub gave me grief. I may have made a mistake. I used a hammer and bearing driver to put the hub back into the bearing after I got the bearing in. (the threaded bolt I used to install the nmew bearing with pressure wasnt long enough to do the hub. so I used a hammer and the

Quote Originally Posted by rtwaits Hi everyone. I have a 1988 325ix. With a great deal of effort I got the left rear wheel bearing off and a new one installed. The hub gave me grief. I may have made a mistake. I used a hammer and bearing driver to put the hub back into the bearing after I got the bearing in. (the threaded bolt I used to install the nmew bearing with pressure wasnt long enough to do

Quote Originally Posted by rtwaits Hi everyone. I have a 1988 325ix. With a great deal of effort I got the left rear wheel bearing off and a new one installed. The hub gave me grief. I may have made a mistake. I used a hammer and bearing driver to put the hub back into the bearing after I got the bearing in. (the threaded bolt I used to install the nmew bearing with pressure wasnt long enough to do

BMW SERIES 3 E90 E91 E92 E93 DIY 330i rear wheel bearing replacement

My out of warranty 06 330i (40k miles) has been making some loud road noise above 50 mph. Today I jacked up the rear of the car (used jack stands and wheel chocks) and had my wife run it up to 60 mph (hold stability control button for 5 seconds to turn off). I then used a mechanics stethoscope to poke around. It was then very obvious that the right rear bearing was making the noise. Has anyone seen

stethoscope to poke around. It was then very obvious that the right rear bearing was making the noise. Has anyone seen a write up on how to DIY this It looks like a normal bearing replacement to me. Remove wheel brake parts collar nut use puller to pull hub remove lock ring use puller to pull the bearing off the end of the half shaft. I will need a new bearing and collar nut. httpwww.realoem.combmwshowparts...31&hg33&fg40

Sorry for the late response on this one. Thanks for your replies. I eventually got the bearing replaced and MOT tested at a different test station. Passed OK. The bearing was replaced by a local bmw independent specialist and I think they must have regretted the quote they gave given the problems they had. Apparently 528 tourings rear bearings are rather difficult to access. The bolts were extemely

BMW SERIES 3 E46 Rear Wheel Bearing DIY (only used a slide hammer)

Guys and Gals Greetings from the smolck house So I just finished my rear wheel bearing DIY (ok almost) but I have some time while waiting for a tool I need (3 jaw puller my neighbor has) so I am postning pics and videos. I did the old bearing removal and re-install with nothing more than some good old fashioned redneck ingenuity. I have read for two weeks all the DIYs saying you have to have the special

Quote Originally Posted by thumper_330 Smolck Ill join the masses here and say well done old chap. I have done wheel bearings before I owned a Subaru SVX and they ate rear wheel bearings about every 30K miles. So often in fact that I invested in an hub Tamer set and still have it to this day. Very nice... but your method looks quite fun and would probably help release a little more agression. Must

BMW SERIES 3 E30 Rear wheel bearing replacement dunno

hey fellas.. Im getting ready to replace my rear wheel bearings. How difficult is this job The most difficult job I have done thus far is the timing belt and water pump. What tools do I need I have nothing except a tool box and plenty of space. How long will it take I have a 87 325is(manufact. 487)

Ok so heres my issue I have an 87 325is. I took her in to see about the rear wheel bearing. The guy said yeah it needs to be replaced. He quoted me a labor price of 171 to put it on for me. No problem. I take it there the following morning sign the repair request and head on home. I get home and maybe 20 minutes later I get a call. The guy says WE took off the tire and saw that the brokendamaged wheel

Ok.. heres the update. I purchased a bearing and hub for the drivers rear wheel. Its pretty much shot to hell hence the replacement. The question I have is 1- Do I put the new bearing on the new hub BEFORE installation or do i put the bearing on and then put the new hub on 2- Is 175 a fair price for the job 3- If I put the bearing on the hub before I pay for the job would it really be a hub replacement job

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