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BMW SERIES 5 E39 E39 Rattling Rear Brake Pads

Gday One of the other members of bimmerfest a guy by the name of DZeckhausen posted a topic (actually he responded to one) back in 2006 regarding the rattling of E39 brake pads. In his response he mentioned a product called Permatex grease Id like to know exactly which Permatex product he was referring to so that I can use it to stop the chatter of my inside rear brake pads on my 1998 528i. According

Starting with the obvious make sure your caliper retaining clips are in place. After replacing my front brakes I had a rattle and discovered one the clips had fallen off and disappeared due no doubt to my over-bending the clip on removal.

them rattle with my finger when the brake calliper is assembled but I can still get the interal pads to rattle...or I could do. Ive since applied a bit of Ultra disc brake caliper Lube a product produced by Permatex. It appears to be working a treat. No rattles although not too sure if this will turn out to be a temporary fix or not Ill have to wait and see. One thing I did do is ask the local bmw

BMW SERIES 5 E39 New brake pads and discs

I have a bmw 525i 2001. I need to change the brake pads and discs on it. Can somebody suggest me a compatible and reliable aftermarket brand for the parts and where I can buy them Thanks

Quote Originally Posted by David Suri I have to change the front and rear brakes on my 2001 540I. Anyone here got directions. I have changed brakes before on my old 1500 Dogde Ram Truck and 1998 Honda Accord but never on a bmw is it pretty much the same or am I way off base Thanks David It is pretty easy Jack up the car Remove the wheel Pop the spring loose and set aside On the backside of the caliper

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BMW SERIES 3 E46 new pads and discs front and rear

does anyone know the size disc and pads i need for a bmw 2001 compact e46 n42 316tise 1800cc i can see they are vented on frontand also are they easy to fit ive replaced pads on my old e36 some years ago are there any links thanks

Quote Originally Posted by darran does anyone know the size disc and pads i need for a bmw 2001 compact e46 n42 316tise 1800cc i can see they are vented on frontand also are they easy to fit ive replaced pads on my old e36 some years ago are there any links thanks search for the proper discs for your car dont forget your build date located on driver side door sticker by latch. As for

BMW SERIES 3 E46 Changing discs and pads front and rear

Hello good people of Bimmerforum A hopefully easy question for some of you to answer... Need to replace pads and discs on all 4 wheels - my question does the E46 need its brakes bleeding after changing pads And are the discs bolted to the hub by bolts

Quote Originally Posted by rgk330i bluebee do you do these references from memory Naaah. I use this method to find things in a split second - How To Easily Find Information on Your Topic Before Posting a New Thread Summarized I set my control panel long ago to 80 posts per page and then I open up this one thread (commonly called the bestlinks) and type KEYWORD F3. For example brake F3 nets me among others the following (which I then edit down to answer the specific question of the OP) - What street use brake pads ( 1 ) and rotors ( 1 ) and suppliers ( 1 ) ( 2 ) are most often recommended & how to do a complete four wheel brake job DIY ( 1 ) ( 2 ) ( 3 ) including the parking brake drum shoes ( 1 ) ( 2 ) ( 3 ) & exactly what lubepaste to use and not use ( 1 ) & where to lube ( 1 ) and not to lube ( 1 ) & what six brake hoses to check for wear ( 1 ) & how to do a preventive brake system & caliper rebuild ( 1 ) ( 2 ) & what tools are needed for a brake job ( 1 ) ( 2 ) and supplies for doing brakes ( 1 ) & what brake specifications you must know ( 1 ) including minimum specs for the brake shoes ( 1 ) ( 2 ) taking care to measure torque accurately ( 1 ) & how to crack friction material edge codes ( 1 ) & how far you can go once the brake wear sensor trips ( 1 ) ( 2 ) ( 3 ) ( 4 ) & how long do rotors last ( 1 ) & whats the real difference between drilled slotted and solid rotors ( 1 ) & whats the difference between various brands of solid rotors ( 1 ) & how to clear the check brake lining warning the right way ( 1 ) ( 2 ) and how to hardwire the sensor ( 1 ) ( 2 ) & how to diagnose brake-related vibration ( 1 ) ( 2 ) ( 3 ) & the truth about rotor warp ( 1 ) & how to rebuild the calipers ( 1 ) & how to measure runout ( 1 ) & should you just turn the rotors ( 1 ) & how to remove stuck rusted-on brake rotors ( 1 ) & how to remove a stuck 6mm brake rotor set screw ( 1 ) & how to replace the anti-rattle spring ( 1 ) ( 2 ) & what about unsightly rust ( 1 ) ( 2 ) ( 3 ) ( 4 ) ( 5 ) & how to bed ( 1 ) ( 2 ) & bleed or flush ( 0 ) ( 1 ) ( 2 ) ( 3 ) ( 4 ) ( 5 ) your brakes & what brake & clutch hydraulic fluid to use ( 1 ) and how much it will cost if you do not DIY ( 1 ) ( 2 ) ( 3 ) & a textbook on friction brake theory ( pdf) & the bmw_TIS_34-11-00-replacing_brake_linings_and_lubricants.pdf

BMW SERIES 5 E39 So Frustrated. I need a Recommendation for Rear Brake Pads (AGAIN)

My brakes are rattling again. I took them apart a couple of weeks ago tightened the clamp up and re-fastened them thinking I had solved the problem. Over time they started rattling again. Im convinced its just a poor fit. I bought these from NAPA and theyre probably just not OE brakes pads. The rattling is coming from the ends of the pad bracket hitting the calipers. I can wiggle them with my fingers.

Try disc brake Quiet made by CRC. Its a silicone based product that cures like rubber. This along with spreading the clips that insert into the calipers worked for me.

Where is this CRC product applied Between the calipers and the back of brake pad I would imagine Quote Originally Posted by BigCo540i Try disc brake Quiet made by CRC. Its a silicone based product that cures like rubber. This along with spreading the clips that insert into the calipers worked for me.

Quote Originally Posted by usedbimmer Yes with the wheel off of course. That is how I discovered what was rattling. I removed a rear wheel and grabbed the ends of the pads and noticed move just enough to make the rattling noise I hear while I drive. I do have the anti-rattle clip installed. 1. Does it do it on both sides 2. Do you still have your old pads If you do how about taking the rattling one

BMW SERIES 5 E39 On the 7th day of Christmas my e39 gave to me - new rear brakes & new air filters

On the seventh day of Christmas my e39 2000 Biarritz Blue 540iA with Sports Package gave to me... rear brakes all new air filters and its first trip up on the lift I decided to document my adventures to replace my daily driver with a 2000 e39 bmw 540iA Sport.  It is long and you cant get your time or money back so read on at your own risk.  I am cross posting to my favorite forums so

Quote Originally Posted by 02bmw530 Id do a pseudo write up This is a great start. I find that I always intend on doing the writeup but after the fact its so hard to get back in the mood Quote Originally Posted by 02bmw530 I heard the unmistakable crunchinggrinding sound Youll find out what the rotors look like when you remove the wheels but crunching and grinding is not a good sign. Hopefully it was

BMW SERIES 5 E39 Ready to purchase new brake pads and rotors. Whats the best setup

Ok yet another thread on this but Im looking for recent info and experiences with good setups. Im considering Zimmerman drilledcoated rotors and either Akebono Ceramic pads or Hawk HPS or Hawk Performance Ceramics. Thoughts

Here are more details. Gather these fluids BEFORE you begin your bmw brake job So that the next bmw brake job DIY has all the information handy Ive collected the best of your recommendations in this simple brake job fluids tips and tricks ... Summary of recommended fluids for a typical bmw E39 brake job - 1 liter ATE Super Blue DOT 4 low-viscosity brake fluid (note 1) - 75 ml tube of ATE Superlube

BMW SERIES 3 E46 Lubrication points on brake pads

I found a DIY that says to put Plastilube high temperature grease on the lubrication points of the pads when doing a brake job. Has anyone lubricated their brake pads Could you give me more information on this

Quote Originally Posted by jcourcoul Official word from the source... In addition there is an entire thread devoted to the myths and proper lubrication procedures for a typical bmw brake job in the E39 bestlinks - What to lube & where and what not to lube in a typical bmw brake job ( 1 ) Excerpt Quote Summary of recommended fluids for a typical bmw E39 brake job - 1 liter ATE Super Blue DOT 4 low-viscosity

BMW SERIES 3 E46 BMW Brake Pad Installation Lubricant

Anyone know what bmw is selling as brake pad Installation Lubricant in 3 gram packets Is this caliper grease or backing plate antirattle compound or what Do I need it for a brake pad swap Thanks

As additional information I researched brake-related lubricants when I first joined Bimmerfest on my very first post here - A users very first complete 4-wheel brake DIY experience on the bmw E39 ( 1 ) Despite the huge amount of wrong information out there this summary is what I came up after reading the Bentleys and scores of threads (referenced therein) ... See post 65 of this exploratory thread

BMW X3 E83 DIY Rear Brakes - Pads and Rotors [BETA VERSION]

The following is writeup that describes the process for replacing the rear brake pads and rotors on a 2006 X3. discLAIMER What follows is meant for entertainment purposes only. The author is not a certified mechanic and is not qualified to provide advice regarding vehicle maintenance andor repair. Readers should seek the services of a qualified licensed professional when performing any brake repairs.

BMW SERIES 3 E90 E91 E92 E93 how many pistons per caliper for e90 brakes

How many pistons per caliper does the e90 come with stock Brembo brake kits come with 4 piston calipers and 8 piston calipers. I was wondering if we had 2 or 4.

Quote Originally Posted by BMRLVR There is a little more to braking power then the number of pistons in the caliper. Granted opposed piston calipers do affer more even pad wear and more equal pressure on the pads then a reqular sliding caliper but some regular sliding calipers like bmw uses offer great braking performance too. One good thing about bmw is they use very large rotors on both the front

BMW SERIES 5 E39 Mushy Brakes After Changing Pads

I just changed the front pads (and wear sensor) for my first time on my 2003 525i with PBR Deluxe pads. Ive changed brake pads on other cards before and followed the process described in a Haynes manual. It went without a hitch (except for having to run out and buy a 7mm allen wrench) but when I was done the brakes were very mushy. The pedal feels very soft and if I hold steady pressure it travels

the caliper. or after. or not. its most likely going to be replaced if the light came on) for reassembly i use a wire brush and brake cleaner but warm soapy water can also be used if you wish. the key is clean everything. i use synthetic brake caliper lube on the slides (VERY lightly with this stuff a little goes longer than you would think. 1 pak for 1 will do my front AND rear brakes on the bmw

BMW SERIES 3 E46 Brake rotorpad change

Im planning on changing my brake rotorspads soon with 49k on the meter I figure they wont last too much longer. The parts are on order and Ive been reading the DIYs online and I have one concern if I was to do it myself.. the rotor retaining bolt - how difficult is it to get this off and what do you guys think is the best penetrant to use for loosening up bolts any tips for this part The changing procedure doesnt seem hard but Im worried about not being able to remove tight bolts.

Mmmmmm....Going to be in this situation when my parts arrive... Will be doing both front and rear rotors and pads...Currently 47.7K on the E46. To the OP - since we are both probably going to attempt this at the same time please can I chime in with a few questions of potential interest 1) The kit I bought apparently has a container of brake fluid in it - I should not need this since I dont plan to

the caliper - make sure the cap is removed and you watch to make sure it doesnt overflow and spill (brake fluid is nasty stuff). Use a turkey baster to remove excess if necessary. Although you dont need to change the fluid its a good idea - fluid is hygroscopic (absorbs water which lowers its boiling point - and once it boils you get air in the lines) and should be changed every 2 years (per bmw)

BMW SERIES 5 E39 Where is the published brake diskdisc lateral runout specification for the BMW E39

In this thread today the topic of the true effect of E39 lateral runout came up Steering wheel shaking while braking (thrust arm bushings) Quote Originally Posted by rdl I agree that one would not expect rotor runout to cause pedal pulsing nor a variation in braking effect as the wheel rotates which is what I assume you mean by feel of the brakes. But it seems to me that rotor runout could cause vibration

BMW SERIES 3 E46 Repaint calipers and change discs or replce both also advice questions.

Hey so I recently bought a bmw E46. Apparently I bought it for cheap 1500 Euros for 2001 year. Invested 2000 Euros into it to get few parts changed cooling system radiator rear tires hoses for radiator thermostat and head gasket read coils filters and standart servicing. Runs perfect now and clean so I am gonna do few changes such as brake disc change etc.. Apparently my current brake calipers are

BMW SERIES 3 E36 Brake pad recommendations. . .

Im planning a DIY on the front pads of my 96 328i. I got one recommendation for ceramic pads. Rotors were replaced with last pads so Ill check to make sure they are in good condition. Any recommendations on brake pad suppliers brands types Also is the sensor to be replaced each time you get new pads or is it just a good idea Is there any issue with doing one side at a time as opposed to putting the entire front end up on axle stands Thanks for any advice

thickness are missing. I know on some cars you can get into a lot more problems with rotors than just a simple pad replacement. (Used to do my own brakes on Toyotas etc.) The rotor surfaces look in good shape and the car breaks beautifully even in some simulated panic stops. Wear on the rotor face seems to be about 13 to 12 the thickness of a dime. Rotors are ventilated and probably original bmw

BMW SERIES 5 E39 E39 Front Brake Caliper Rebuild DIY

Hello folks My 2001 530i had the infamous steering wheel shimmyshake and the culprit was actually a sticky front drivers side brake so I decided to rebuild both of my front calipers and replace the rotors. Below is my first DIY written here so bear with me. I hope it helps a lot of people. It is really not a hard process - the hardest part is just getting the caliper off 1) Jack up the front end of

BMW SERIES 3 E46 Brake pad dosent fit over entire surface of rotor...

Hello everyone. This weekend I replaced my rear brake pads rotors and sensor cable. This is the first time I did brakes on this car and I must say...SUPER easy. -) Just had a quick question though. I used regular Brembo rotors (not drilled or anything) and textar brake pads. Im notcing though the pads are not over the entire surface of the rotor. They are only covering about 90% of it. There is a small inner portion (about a centimeter) where the pads are not touching. Is this normal or ok

from the factory on them). Mine were nearly rust free and last night we had a rain storm now they look like crap. I know driving them will get rid of it on the surface but around the hub it will rust like crazy. One of my buddies says he has no rust at all which makes me wonder and his were Brembos too. I really have never seen any rotors that do not rust except for those painted ones. The OEM bmw

BMW SERIES 3 E46 Brake Pad Anti-Rattle Clip

Just replaced pads with PBR Deluxe Plus. While performing the bed-in the front passenger side Anti-Rattle clip flew off (me and my son heard it as we were going down the freeway). Can this part be purchased seperately What exactly does this clip do Thanks

I replaced the brakes on my wife 2003 525i a few months ago. After I was done we discovered a loud rattle. I tracked it down to the rear brakes. After some research I determined it must be the anti-rattle clip. I asked around the bmw parts counter the mechanic and anyone else who would listen. The part rep. had new anti-rattle clips for about 6. She said she rarely sells any. The mechanic said usually

Quote Originally Posted by lodilakers I replaced the brakes on my wife 2003 525i a few months ago. After I was done we discovered a loud rattle. I tracked it down to the rear brakes. After some research I determined it must be the anti-rattle clip. I asked around the bmw parts counter the mechanic and anyone else who would listen. The part rep. had new anti-rattle clips for about 6. She said she rarely

BMW SERIES 3 E90 E91 E92 E93 Brake pad smell - new 2010 335 SP

I have done my first fast run with heavy brake use through some roads with some rather fast twisty bits. Getting out of the car I could smell a very different odor coming from the brake pads and rotor. And more of the same from my previous thread there is no more heavy brake dust. The wheels in the past would have had a heavy covering in brake dust not now. Guess I need to find out at some point what

Quote Originally Posted by thekurgan west I thought the bmws used the drum-in-disc type parking brake and that the actual pads dont come into contact with the rear rotors no you are correct sir the parking brake has nothing to do with normal brake calipers and pads

Quote Originally Posted by Orient330iNYC you are correct sir the parking brake has nothing to do with normal brake calipers and pads Fascinating. I didnt know this. Does it apply to all of our cars for all production years 2006-2010 325i 330i 328i 335i Ive never heard of anyone changing their drum brake pad. I honestly cant even tell where that part of the assembly would even go (comparing that diagram

I havent obsessed over them. The fronts do 80% of the braking. Nevertheless it doesnt change the fact that youve got an extremely hot brake and hub assembly. You probably dont want to press any pad against that rotor. Ive noticed on really high end cars like Ferrari and Maserati they have their own mini-caliper with a single piston to grip the rear disc. Take note next time you see one parked. bmw

BMW SERIES 3 E46 E46 323Ci Smell from rear brake i think plz help

Hi there i need some help from you bmw xperts ther was smell coming from my rear passenger side brake ( i think ) so i had the rear discs pads and shoes changed and the smell is still there i think it might be a sticky caliper or something like that but i just dont know. wondering if anyones had the same type of problem or can help me i might just go get a new caliper but i want to be sure that thats what it is first.

BMW SERIES 5 E39 Brake Pad Question

Replacing the front and rear pads myself (DIY) on my 2003 525I as the Check brake linings message is being displayed on the message center and they are due. I ordered and received pads from Autozone and have a question about the pads. The front set came with 4 pads (2 with caliper clips and 2 without) which makes sense and is typical. These pads are pretty large and look correct. The back set came

BMW SERIES 5 E60 E61 Brake Discs replacement pages from Bentley Manual

Can someone scan in a a copy of brake disc replacement for the E60 from the Bentley Service Manual Im going to buy one but just havent yet. Ive replaced the brakes on the previous E39 that I had with success however I just want to verify things in the service manual before I tackle the E60 brakes. Ive read DIYs and though most consistent some details seem to vary such as what to put anti-seize on and

Thanks everyone. I did locate the pages. Here are documents for the rear and front discs and the front pads. Of course rear and front is similar but I noticed the read disc document added information about adjusting the parking brake. What I was talking about was in the documents as well. Here it is 2AZ brake caliper to steering knuckle (screws lightly oiled contact surfaces between brake caliper and

BMW SERIES 3 E46 Changing Brake Pads - Do I Really Have to Bleed the Lines

I need to replace the brake pads on my 2003 330i. I bought the pads and new sensors planning to do the work myself. But now Ive discovered that Im really supposed to bleed the brake fluid as well. I know its supposedly an easy job especially with a power bleeder but Ive never done brake work before. I only have regular tools (i.e. non automotive specific) and just a standard jack - no jack stands or

First a little trivia. When the engine starts and the console is displaying the miles to next service if you push the right side button the display will change to show monthyear to next brake fluid change as per the 2-year recommended interval. I have yet to discover how to reset that timer when you change the fluid yourself (the dealer will happily reset it when you go over and assume the position...

BMW SERIES 5 E39 How to check & replace your BMW front disc brakes and rotors

Can you guys give me quick advice on checking and replacing the pads and rotors on a 2001 bmw 525i that I bought recently from a friend The check brake light went on about a month ago. I read all I could on the topic including the shop manual that came with the car. I tried the job near the end of the day today. In the end I failed to replace or fix anything. But I learned a bunch. Since I felt this

Quote Originally Posted by bluebee Ive been on vacation with the bimmer up in the snow so sorry I havent posted recently. May I ask how much does a couple of thousands of inches matter The rear rotor thickness limit is 0.720 inches and a measurement in a dozen places shows it is above that by a few thousandths e.g. it was from about 0.724 to about 0.730 inches. Since Im at best four thousandths above

BMW SERIES 3 E36 Rotors and brake pad suggestions.

Good afternoon everyone I was looking to see if anyone can recommend some rotors and pads for my 94 325is. I am leaning towards blanks since I currently have slotteddrilled. I have had them for about 2 years now and do get some vibration upon braking. This occurred about 3 months after I purchased them though and it happened after I stomped on my brakes hard because a dumb driver at an intersection

Quick way to check if your caliper is sticking is to go for a drive pull over and quickly touch your finger to each of the brake rotors. If you have a sticky caliper one of the rotors will be WAY hotter than the others. Thats how I discovered my sticky caliper. Of course you may burn your fingertip and there are smarter ways to do this (with a thermometer for example...) but it shouldnt be too bad if youre quick about it. Also FYI the fronts will always be warmer than the rears.

BMW SERIES 5 E60 E61 The Truth about Brake Pad Replacement

I just got the red warning light and iDrive notification that I need to replace both front and rear pads on my 08 535i with 57K miles. Talked to an Indy shop and Dealer...both told me that the E60 requires not only pads but rotor replacement. True Indy says job will cost 1100 dealer is 1500. My brakes dont squeal and my rotors are not grooved. Seems excessive to me but if I just replace pads am I asking for trouble Thanks in advance for any infoexperience

There is a minimum rotor thickness specification. A competent repair shop will have brake rotor calipers that can measure the thickness of the rotors and make a recommendation based on fact. The minimum rotor thickness is usually stamped on the rotor somewhere. EDIT Attached are the specifications for rotor thickness. TD Front brake E60.pdf TD rear brake discs E60.pdf

BMW SERIES 3 E46 Sticking Brake Caliper or busted differential

Im getting a vibration almost like a flat tire when driving driving my 2002 325i with 125K miles on it. Theres a burning smell coming from the rear passenger side tire. The car pulls to the left. A search on this forum suggests a sticking brake caliper. I checked for signs of a sticking caliper worn on one side of the pads more than the other and everything looks normal....... What I did notice was

You have to determine if its sticking yourself. There are tell-tale signs... discoloration of the brake rotor uneven pad wear when comparing each rear corner to the other excessive heat at the suspected wheel after driving the car. It should be very obvious... smoke billowing out of the wheel well is a good clue too.

BMW SERIES 5 E34 Akebono Rear Brakes

Dear new friends I have a 95 525i with 80000 miles. Purchased the vehicle about one year ago. Recently purchased a set of akebono ceramic brakes. Front were fairly easy however I find that the rear pads have too much meat on them making them impossible to install. Is there something I am overlooking Presently riding with front akebono and rear OEM. Thought about filing the rear pads down a little. Thanks for the help.

Quote Originally Posted by bimmer dot info Try pressing the piston back into the caliper with a large C clamp and a bit of wood. After that if you still have too much material you can sand a bit of it off. Apply a sheet of coarse (80 grit or so) paper to a flat surface (granite tile works great). Carefully hand sand the pads a little at a time untill they fit. Make sure that you do both sides evenly

BMW SERIES 3 E46 rear disc removal

I know this is probably a daft I have to remove the hub nut on my 2001 2.2 tourer in order to get the discdrum off I have got the caliper off and the small csk screw out but dont have a 12 point 30mm socket to remove the nut Any help appreciated.

Make sure caliper is off remove 6mm Allen screw. Tap it with a mallethammer to free it up a bit. Remember your parking brake assembly is in there you need to slide it off without binding it up on the pads. You dont want the P-brake assembly grenade-ing on you. Just work it back and forth it will come loose.

BMW SERIES 5 E39 Rear brake quote

Just wanted to see if this is fair I just got quoted from an indy 315 (plus taxes) for rear brakes with new rotors (which i do need) and pads all OEM. car is an 03 530i and thats 315 canadian dollars so like 335 US.

Save yourself 100-200 and do it yourself... only 8 bolts to remove on each side. (5 lugs 2 caliper bolts 1 hex screw holding the disc on) pads - 80 Disks - 47 to 86 depending on brand (OEM is most expensive) x 2 if you go all OEM then the indy shop is charing about 100 in labor.

BMW SERIES 5 E39 Tools for replacing disk rotors and pads

Bluebee has browbeaten me into believing that this boy can butt his way through the fear and trepidation of replacing all four disk rotors and associated pads - as his first DIY major repair on a 2002 e39 540i. After searching this forum is it really that only four tools are needed 1. lift 2. stands 3. 7mm wrench 4. caliper spreader

that you see in these pictures - the metal was bone dusty dry. Not a single slippery shred of evidence of my past slobbery mistakes was evident. Since it all (seems to) wears off ... why do we even bother with the lubricants in the first place Anyway for argument sake here is the summary of the correct brake fluids to use based on my research Quote Gather these fluids BEFORE you begin your bmw

BMW SERIES 3 E46 Brake Question after a DIY job.

First thanks to this forum I was able to change my rear brakes. After changing them I bedded them as per the instructions. I am noticing two things going on. First and maybe it in my head I heard what sounds like a rubbing noise of some sort. Secondly today when stoppinp there was some squealing. So thoughts THANKS PS Ordered everything from Turner Motorsports. New rotors(Not OEM) guy said they are pretty much OEM and he sold me on Axxis PBR Metal Masters. Once again THANKS

Quote Originally Posted by chansta it could be that you didnt put any high temp grease on the contact points on the brake pads. I dont know ifwhy the E46 would be different than the E39 but for the record at least on the E39 a Bentley-dictated brake job is almost dry. Details from the VERY best of E39 Links - E39 4-wheel brake DIY fluids Quote Gather these fluids BEFORE you begin your bmw brake job

BMW SERIES 3 F30 StopTech big brake upgrade - F30 328i

A few months ago StopTech released a big brake upgrade for the F30 335i. This new kit is specific to the F30 328i with slightly smaller caliper piston sizing for proper brake balance and a smaller diameter parking brake drum than the 335i kit. This is the worlds first installation of the new 328i kit. (Well - its the first permanent installation. Obviously the test car StopTech used had one installed

I installed the rear BBK just before Hurricane Sandy hit so I didnt get a chance to put up the photos until now. We only just got power at my house 2 days ago and power was restored Zeckhausen Racing on Monday. What a nightmare. Part 2 of the StopTech 4-wheel big brake upgrade on the bmw F30 328i. Front brakes were installed Thursday night (Oct 25) and now (Oct 27) its time to do the rears. These are

brakes. Ill bet they throw you through the windshield if youre not careful Quote Originally Posted by DZeckhausen I installed the rear BBK just before Hurricane Sandy hit so I didnt get a chance to put up the photos until now. We only just got power at my house 2 days ago and power was restored Zeckhausen Racing on Monday. What a nightmare. Part 2 of the StopTech 4-wheel big brake upgrade on the bmw

BMW SERIES 5 E39 Brake judder warped rotors

I installed a set of Brembo brakes about two months ago with pads that i do not remeber (shop guy swor by them). Now i have a problem with brake judder when slowing down from 160-170kmph to 30-40kmph the steeringwheel shakes so much that i almost stop braking since it feels like i will destroy the frontend of the car. I did read Davids article on this subject httpwww.zeckhausen.comavoiding_brake_judder.htm

brought me to this site.. and im really glad ive found it anyway heres my tuppence worth.I bought a 2000 520i just over a year ago and had 10 months of wonderful driving.Then two months ago I developed judder from the front end while braking which got progressively worse from 50 mph down to 30 mph at which stage it disappeared completely.I returned to the garage with the car (not an official bmw

BMW SERIES 3 E46 Question about BRAKES

Firstly I drive a 2004 330CI. I took my car in for an oil change and was told both front and rear brakes required changing. I was told the front had 15% and the rear had 10%. I was also told that anything under 20% required changing. This is my two part question 1. Why didnt my brake sensor come on When I inquired about that I was told that the brake light doesnt come on until its at 5%. I am a chick

- you could get 80000 miles on a set of pads 15% would still leave you about 12000 miles. If you drive in the city and are hard on the brakes (or trackautoX the car) you might only get 20000 miles to a set of pads. 15% of 20000 miles would be 3000 miles. The pad wear sensors are only on one caliper of each axle the other calipers pads may be more worn and need replacing sooner. That is why bmw

BMW SERIES 3 E46 Lesson learned brake sensor light... Long

Im certain the brake sensor light issues has been discussed before but I would like to share with all of you my experience with this light just couple of days ago on rather beautiful afternoon. As soon as my (Dummy) light came on I started to panic. Ok not much time left and I need to get this taken care of ASAP The first thing I did was to read my manual and then came on to this forum and did the

BMW SERIES 3 E46 Brake change question

Does the pad wear indicator come on when its desperately time to change brakes or when your are close to the end of the pads life I want to change mine but am not sure if I should wait until the light comes on

to check the brakes as mine at about 25K miles (75K to 102K miles) were worn to the nubs and unfortunately the brake wear sensor did NOT trip Quote Originally Posted by Variocam is it really really absolutely necessary to replace the rotors each time you do the brakes The answer is in the numbers. For the rears on my bimmer 0.720 inches is the wear limit. Quote Originally Posted by marinekilz bmw

BMW SERIES 5 E39 To Lube or not to Lube Brake Guide Pin

I understand that bmw specifically said do NOT lube brake Guide Pin (for fear that the grease swells the rubber seal --- sticky caliper which I am not sure is true) -------------- To set the record straight - I do NOT lube my E39s brake Guide Pin but..... - I have applied a small amount of grease on guide pins on my other cars (Volvo Honda Toyota etc.) over the years without any problems. I am just

Quote Originally Posted by Fast Bob I think the reasoning behind the no lube edict for brake pins is that any oil or grease will tend to attract & hold dirt and other abrasives on the surface of the pin causing excessive wear and possible binding.... Actually when I apply lube in my non-bmw cars I apply lube INSIDE the Plastic Housing where the 7-mm bolt resides. There is a cap to cover this bolt so

BMW SERIES 3 E46 Servicing the BRAKES on all 4 - Here is my shopping cart..

I have been wanting to do my brakes for a long time and yesterday my light on the dash came on to remind me that. I have done a quick search and here is what I came up with -Rotors Brembo (Autohausaz) [Dont know if Zimmermans would be better. I heard of rust issue and the new zinc coated ones are not in stock) -pads Pagid (Autohausaz) -Wear sensors (Whatever Autohausaz sells) -Anti-Squeal compound

I didnt quite understand the difference. We might be confusing compounds. Antisqueal is a removable adhesive used to glue the pads onto the calipers to prevent their motion and squeal. caliper grease is a thick and gooey molygraphite based grease with high durability meant to lubricate the sliding metal parts within the floating calipers. See attached PDFs for recommended locations to apply bmws

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