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BMW SERIES 3 E46 Crankshaft sensor tied to ABS computer

The yellow Service Engine Soon abs and Brake lights were all on my dashboard. Car would take a little more to turn over on ignition and it ran rough at first. Codes showed it was a crankshaft sensor problem so got that replaced. When the mechanic replaced it he said the absBrake lights also came off. I asked him how the two were related but he was unable to explain. The car runs much better now but

Shouldnt be related.

Some clarification... they initially said the brake pads were worn down to 25% left so they replaced those.. said the brake sensor may be off. So they replaced the pads but the lights stayed on. Then they replaced the crankshaft sensor. When I got to the shop the car was ready to go back up for a few minutes and I noticed the service engine light was off but the absbrake lights were on. He was working

BMW SERIES 5 E39 ABS sensor

Are all 4 sensors that are near the 4 wheels the same part number. I have the abs and the triangle coming on and the cruise control works intermittently. Should I just replace all 4 on my 1999 528i It has 185K on it. Thanks

I went to the top of the page but didnt see Blue Bees post. The mechanic told me that the right m(passenger) front and right rear sensors were bad. I only have one issue and that is that the cruise control is intermittent so I dont know what the other sensor is doing. That being said and by reading your post Id have to replace all 4 anyway since one front and one right is bad. The strange thing is

by reading your post Id have to replace all 4 anyway since one front and one right is bad. Huh Quote Originally Posted by lsrguy98 The strange thing is that when the mechanic was testing out the sensors with his computer the language was in German so he had to translate it using his iphone. Read this thread to see how to get the information in English - Making sense of the most often recommended bmw

Quote Originally Posted by lsrguy98 Forward Biased Reversed Bias Pins 13 and 29 1.728 Open Pins 30 and 31 1.712 Open Pins 28 and 12 1.724 Open Pins 15 and 16 1707 Open Hmmm... I dont remember at which year they switched the type of wheel speed sensors (its in the thread we already referenced so I wont bother looking it up) but if yours is like mine (in the engine bay) you should definitely have very

Quote Originally Posted by lsrguy98 Both the abs module and connector are in the engine compartment. Good. Thats what I have so thats the experience I can help you with. Quote All of the modules read the same. About 1.70 volts in the forward biased direction and open in the reversed biased direction. Aha Thats perfect. I thought you had previously said they read the same in both directions. That would

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BMW SERIES 3 E90 E91 E92 E93 ABS sensor pinouts

Hi Could anyone kindly give me the pinout numbers for the four abs speed sensors on a 2008 year 330D (E91) together with the appropriate diode voltage readings Thanks.

Quote Originally Posted by xfidel Hi Could anyone kindly give me the pinout numbers for the four abs speed sensors on a 2008 year 330D (E91) together with the appropriate diode voltage readings Thanks. Best practice is to tap into the abs sensors thru the abs sub-menu on the ALDL connector using a scanner. Drive the car and you can see exactly what the waveform looks like which the abs computer is getting. Short of that disconnect the sensor at the wheel where each sensor harness joins the main harness. Plot the graph while spinning the wheel. You will see either no signal a broken signal or a degraded signal. All no good. Unsure what diode voltage readings means. I will add this though voltage alone will tell you nothing at worst and is inconclusive at best. Most bad sensors meet the voltage spec but crap out in signal duration or presence. How will you detect bad teeth by measuring voltage That only works if you can parade the waveform and spot a voltage drop in a series of waves.

BMW SERIES 5 E39 E39 speed sensor abs issues help

Good morning all (as I assume its AM now in the US) Im coming here for help because ive not had much luck on the bmw UK forums and hopefully this should be something quite trivial but I just dont have much experience with bmws. So basically I was driving along the other day and my DSC abs and () lights all yellow decided to come on and stay on. So i put it on the code reader I have and the error said

BTW someone PMd me a few times today from the E38 side asking about the pinout on the older abs control modules. Heres the content of that PM exchange today so that others may benefit from the effort. Quote I have recently bought bmw 1998 740iL Sedan E38. I have problems with abs Module & Wheel sensor. I read your post httpwww.bimmerfest.comforumssho...1&postcount48 but I have different abs Connector

Just did another check on my car going by info on this forum when started from cold warning lights out but no speedo or fuel swing meter sounds like it could be that abs computer but will double check it again in the morning to confirm. thank you to date for all the info i would of been lost without it

Hi yes there is sensors on each wheel however when the control unit went defective in the engine compartment i had to take my car to bmw to have it checked out and they found the speed sensors were ok and it was the control unit hence why i got it repaired and it has worked ok since. The speed sensors are fitted by one torque bolt but be careful removing it as bmw snapped mine whilst trying to get

BMW SERIES 5 E39 DSC 3 Light Trio ABSSpeed Sensor Broke Off in Wheel Housing. HELP

I have read about tons have guys having the DCS 3 light trio come on and today it happened to me. At the same time I noticed that my cruise control would no longer work. From all the reading I had done I thought no big deal since the cruise doesnt work it is the rear passenger speed sensor I will pull it out clean it and see if it clears and just in case I ordered a new one. Well now the trouble starts

understand what is in there and what I could damage trying to get it out. I have the new sensor installed but the lights are still on. I think I may have another problem. When replacing the engine I broke the pressure switch on the DSCabs control unit under the hood. I pulled it out and replaced it with a new one and by doing so I think I have got some air into the control unit. From reading my bmw

is out suggesting that it is the right rear again. I dont know what to do now. When I did bleed the brakes I was not able to depress the nipples on the abs Module. When I pushed on them with a small block of wood to depress them all at once they would not move at all so I dont know if I was really doing anything. Suggestions I went to my local indy guy that does nothing but Euro stuff but mostly bmw


Hey guys can anyone help me figure out what is wrong with my abs. I have the abs & traction lights on my dash. I went to get my codes read the mechanic said my left abs speed sensor is bad this is the actual code the computer read 33 wheel speed sensor FL & 23 incorrect coding.. so i had the left abs sensor replaced and the mechanic tried to reset the codes so the lights would go off but they dont turn off Any ideas

BMW SERIES 5 E39 Brake Pressure Sensor (DSCABSBRAKE Trifecta)

Ive spent about 12hours pouring throught the mounds of the absDSCBrake trifetca issues for a week and havent found any good DIY on Brake Pressure sensor testing. If anyone can point me to a DIY thread for Brake Pressure sensor testing please do so however I coultnt find any specifics from bluebee or 540iman that specify a process. I have an 02 E39 with the absDSCBrake light issue for about 6 months

This post by poolman in a thread today shows why we cant trust the mechanics when they tell us the Brake Pressure sensor is bad simply because theyre sometimes reading what the broken computer is telling the diagnostic port - E39 (1997 - 2003) abs sensor Quote Originally Posted by poolman My indy told me all of my sensors were OK and that my problem was brake pressure issueswhich became the rebuild of my abs unit

BMW SERIES 5 E39 Speed sensors abs module questions

Ive read tons of stuff on here but im still a bit confused on how to diagnosis my P0500 code My smog is due and my check engine light was on. I scanned the car and the P0500 code showed up. So what i did was remove the speed sensors and clean them up with crc to restore some conection. My engine light came off but my abs light and the triangle with a arrow stayed on. So since the engine light was off

BMW SERIES 3 E36 Poor quality BMW Sensorscomputer

Hello I have a 96 328i. Seems like over the last three years I have had to replace just about everything on it - alternator radiator computer module and now the speed sensors for abs. I was wondering if any of you have had any bad experiences with your bimmers. It is a shame that such a good brand name woud make such bad cars. My in-laws have Lexuses that never seem to break down.

BMW SERIES 5 E39 Absspeed sensors the same

2001 525i On my phone so searching is difficult. Question is are the front right left speedabs sensors interchangeable Same goes for the back right left My fronts look different then my rears. The rears sensor seem to go in about 2 inches and the fronts are about half the size. I have a dsc light and no DMM to test each port. So I visually inspected and cleaned. Although they were pretttty darn clean

Wait until you get to a computer and do a search on abs trifecta. Go here and check sensor part numbers

BMW SERIES 3 E30 ABS speed sensor cable on rear hub

I cant believe Im having this much fun without having to pay anyone. Just about got the trailing arms and subframe out and then I encounter this new novel bit of cable connected to the hubs. Im just going to take the trailing arms and subframe to a nifty little repair shop I use for pressings so I need to completely remove them. Going to put on new bearings and bushings. Holy crap maybe I have anti-lock

had the flywheel resurfaced. Turned out to be a pretty big job. The tranny is tough to get out and heavy. Putting it back in was some kind of chore. I mean for one guy anyway. But I like this car so I do it. And I just cant afford to pay someone else one or two thousand to fix a car thats worth about 3K. I called one of the Roundel advice techs today for some advice and he said he didnt think bmw

BMW SERIES 3 E36 ABS Wheel Sensors

Does anyone have information on how to remove and replace fron wheel sensors on 1998 318 is

The light on signals a system failure. What you felt wasnt the abs it was something in the steering or suspension. Take the car to a gravel road or wet road and slam on the brakes the abs wont work. The only way to turn the light off is to fix the problem or remove the light. If you have the code read and cleared we can help you diagnose the part to replace. After the light turns off you will have

Quote Originally Posted by crisscross The light on signals a system failure. What you felt wasnt the abs it was something in the steering or suspension. Take the car to a gravel road or wet road and slam on the brakes the abs wont work. The only way to turn the light off is to fix the problem or remove the light. If you have the code read and cleared we can help you diagnose the part to replace. After

BMW SERIES 5 E60 E61 ABSTCS after brake wear sensor replacement

Grrrr.... I replaced the rear brake wear sensor and now Im getting absTCS and Flat tire warnings. I havent done it yet but Im going to reset the tire preasure sensor. All previous posts point to the abs controller but I cant believe thats my issue since it worked fine. The mistake I made was pulling the plug on the abs instead of the ware sensor. Is therewhat is the procedure for resetting the absTCS warnings BTW I get zero enjoyment out of working on this car....

Just annoying.... I reset the tire preasure sensor. That didnt do anytyhing. So I tried disconnected the neg side of the battery hoping to reset the computer. Nope.... Now I have (4) codes now the Active Steering warning is on too. Great.... Its going to throughly piss me off if I have to take this to a shop to get these codes reset.

BMW SERIES 5 E39 ABS lights

Hi I have been reading old posts nothing found yet that seems to comment on my situation I have a 1997 528i The traction control triangle and abs lights (only) light up Often the lights dont come on until a minute or two after start up Prior to the lights the brake peddle feels grindy. The lights come on assume no abs at that point the brakespeddle feels fine The abs module isnt under the hood must

if thats true to be a wheel speed sensor - plus the wheel speed sensors are even easier to test (cuz of the lack of the diode effect) but I would ask the OP to defer to the thread Im gonna refer him to for specific details. The simple diagnostic procedure which works both for the newer and older E39s is well explained over here found simply by typing abs into the best links - How to diagnose the bmw

BMW SERIES 3 E36 Reference to the definitive guides to diagnosing the ABSASC bifecta & trifecta

While researching for the canonical E39 absBRAKEASCorDSC trifecta thread I ran into this which you guys might want to bookmark if you dont have it already - The definitive guide to self diagnosing your absASC light (on the E36) Quote Originally Posted by Flybot One month follow up on the intermittent absASC light. I was initially getting the two mentioned lights and they would go out either at random

BMW SERIES 5 E39 My experience with the trifecta lights (ABSDSCBrake)

Update it was a bad (new) speed sensor after all despite it passing the multimeter and visual tests I have done an extensive amount of research on this topic and Ive come to learn that my issues with the 3 lights is not exactly mainstream. It differs in a few key points so Im posting this to share my experience as I deal with the problem and maybe itll help someone in the future because we know that

Quote Originally Posted by jeffstri What makes you think you can test the integrity of the circuit with a simple resistance or diode test Lets all work together to help refine the wheel speed sensor & abs control module diagnostic testing procedure Anything else is just idle talk (with nothing useful backing it up). Here is the best description of the wheel speed sensor operation I can find - bmw_30-PAGE_DSC_COMPONENTS.PDF

BMW SERIES 5 E39 DSCABS done research need final thoughts

Ok guys need some final input before i begin the process of diagnosing the culprit sorry for length of this post but all help is MUCH appreciated I am an expert on Nissans as my weekend is a highly modified 350Z and i bought a 00 528i non-sport premium package a few months back for my daily driverwork car. I know the power of knowledge on forums as thats how i attained most of my knowledge on other

Safeway (which is a supermarket around here) for the thin wire. Just make sure you get a good DMM when you get it (or borrow a friends DMM). Some people have reported problems measuring that were solved with a better DMM. Unfortunately the only DMM I can vouch for is the Fluke so that warning doesnt help you all that much by way of details. I do suggest you think of it this way - You could pay bmw

repaired module when it returns and will check for 3 lights coming on after. If so i know i have a bad sensor as well. Came on Light cleared. 5 minutes later it came on. It was late in afternoon Saturday. Returned on Monday not happy camper I paid 600 fortwo sensors & labor. Service maanger good willed the abs computer .I had to pay 1 hour of labor to code it. All is well BUT IT SHOWS even with bmw

BMW SERIES 5 E39 Expert Help No steptronicno rear prk sensorsno pass dipped mirror no rvrse lights

Long time reader on forum - first time poster - have benefited greatly from the wise advice you all share. Have not had luck searching for this one so hoping someone may be able to help with a strange electrical problem I am experiencing and that I am not wasting your time. Please point me to a relevant link if I have missed it in my extensive searching. Trying to avoid spending a fortune having this


I need to understand this abs logic craziness. MY 97-528 abs light is ON. Because it is a 97 more likely its one of the wheel speed sensors. since my CC still works I take a chance and bought a front wheel speed sensor. Installed the new sensor on left front backed out of the garage then went forward and the abs light turned OFF went about half a mile hit the brake pedal felt funny then abs light came

Quote Originally Posted by 16valex I need to understand this abs logic craziness. Dunno if it helps for a 97 but this PDF is chock full of details - bmw_30-PAGE_DSC_COMPONENTS.PDF (1.69 MB 4911 views) Quote Originally Posted by 16valex MY 97-528 abs light is ON. Interesting that its only the one light as you know most people who have wheel speed sensor issues get two or three lights (i.e. abs brake

BMW SERIES 3 E36 Abs light on constant

Hi all I have a 95 328 coupe and the abs light is on all the time when the car is turned on Is there any way of finding the fault code. I phoned a few places this morning but they dont sell the abs diagnostic equipment for this model. Thanks chris.

are fine and all the right voltages are at the right place. The most common places for abs faults are faulty wheel sensors which you say youve checked abs relays abs Pump and abs computer. If you are sure the sensors arent your problem then move onto the next steps. Test the relays the abs computer and finally the Pump. The diagnostic tool to find the abs faults are not cheap. Besides the bmw

BMW SERIES 5 E39 ABS ASC lights turn on after a few minutes

Hello there guys how are you. Im having troubles with the car I just bought. I bought it knowing that the abs was not working properly and I hoped it just was only a sensor problem. Both the abs ACS were always on. I went to my local bmw workshop and had the car computer codes read. They told me there were error codes on leftright front wheels. They reset the codes so the lights went off. When I was

BMW SERIES 5 E39 Frustrating rear ABS problem [fixed new module]

Hey guys. I was working on my car the other day had to take off the manifold and replace the valley pan. bmw E39 535 M62 10-96 When I reassemble the car I notice the abs and ASC lights are on. I check the absASC errors with INPA and get error codes on both rear abs wheel sensors. 4 wheel sensor rear left 5 wheel sensor rear right 30 wheel sensor rear right I had the computer plugged in and drove the

BMW SERIES 5 E39 ABS Module Repair Info for E39 (from Volvo forum)

This is important info so I thought I would share with all of you re DIY for abs Module Repair I already replied to another thread but will start this as a new thread. I am going through this problem with my abs Module in my 98 Volvo V70 now (abs and TRACS lights are On). There are many places advertising a rebuild for 69-100 or so (ebay module etc and etc.). All they do is get your existing

Hm i went for it and i think i lost. bmw e39 520 early 2000 replacement module. Pictures illustrate process. High resolution pictures. I tried to solder point large enough forme to hit. However ChopperDoctor was right there are approx 10 connecting wires max 1 hair thick and approx 20 that are 05-1 mm thick. that i knew i could solder right. They are soo small they are hardly

BMW SERIES 5 E39 1999 528i ABS Light On

My abs light is on and am wondering what are the logical reasons or causes. Could it be the abs sensors My peak research tool will not read the abs system.

are about 20-odd abs-related sensors. Presumably youre asking about the four wheel speed sensors. If so youll find more than you can possibly want to know about how to test those sensors (a few quick tests and a few slow tests) in this thread - E39 abs DIY NOTE Read the entire thread not just that one summary post for full details. Read what tools Quick99Si used to test using the same tools the bmw

BMW SERIES 5 E39 Bad ABS pulse generator

Hi I know its been brought up numerous times (ASC abs lights) but I think my problem may be a little bit different. I recently changed my old 1988 E34 525 (M50) with a new old 1996 E39 520 (M52B20) but the ASC abs lights kept comming and going. After having gotten a readout I was told the front left pulse generator was causing the errors. I purchased a new abs pulse generator from the local bmw dealer

Rustyzippper Thanks for the advice. Ill have my mechanic look at the wiring I mean sure it might be a faulty new sensor but I think the chances are higher than its something else like a wiring problem as you stated. Maybe ill have him go through the wiring first then if nothing works maybe try out the replacing the new sensor. Ill report back as soon as I have fixed it EDIT List of procedures - I found

BMW SERIES 5 E39 Failed smog due to P0500 Vehicle Speed Sensor Malfunction

I failed the California smog check today due to P0500 Vehicle Speed sensor Malfunction . Do you think driving for a week or two wo the abs control module confused a computer mileage reading somewhere HISTORY - absBrakeDSC lights yet all four wheel sensors tested good long ago - I dont like to replace anything wo proving its bad so it took me 9 months to give up on trying to prove an abs module is bad

by lild the car has to rerun 8 tests it performs after clearing the ses light ... normally it takes at least 40 miles ... but you could just drive the thing and wait to see if the light comes on. Hi Lild Thanks for taking the time to help me. Im pretty sure the light will never come on because the abs is brand newly rebuilt and all four speed sensors tested good. Im trying to figure out what the bmw

BMW SERIES 3 E46 Brake light with ABS ASCTDCS lights

I just had new wheels put on my 01 330xi. When I got in the car to drive it home the Big Three came on Brake abs and ASCTDSC. They now are off when starting the car and come back on and stay on after driving about a quarter mile. I would look at replacing or having the abs module fixed but it cant be coincidence that it came on immediately after having my wheels replaced. Do I just need to reset the wheel sensor Did the tire shop guys break something Any advice would great. Thanks

wheel from completely left to completely right then back again. If you did not recently drive on ice and the wheel turning solution did not work this is usually caused by either One of your wheel speed abs sensors failing (theres one on each wheel) The DSC pressure sensor on the brake master cylinder is faulty Your steering angle sensor has failed Your battery needs replacement An independent bmw

BMW SERIES 3 E46 Brake pad wear sensor

I would like to know if the rear brake pad wear sensor has anything to do with the dsc operation i ask this because my dsc was working fine then started to come on minutes after driving the car (first it would take a while like ten minutes then gradually getting more shorter until now it is always on even before i start the car) . Thing is i checked the rear pads and they were extremely low almost

Its on the passenger side rear visible with your head next to the wheel on the inside. Youll need to get the butt up in the air safely ramps are probably best idea. I havent had the problem myself on my 3er but on another vehicle I own I had an abs light and it turned out to be the rear speed sensor. I swapped it out light went off problem solved for 15 and 10 mins of my time. Of course a bmw

BMW SERIES 5 E39 ABSTraction control lights on 99 528i

Hi all The abs & Traction control yellow triangle lights are continuously turned on in my 99 528i. Ive read a few threads on this subject and understand that this is a common problem with the 99 528i model. The dealer has quoted 1300 for replacing this unit however I have a few questions - How reliable is the replacement abs unit Will it fail shortly after I have it replaced due to engine heat etc.

xpcgamer Ill think about it ... its quite a project that needs tons of research electronic schematics and so on. Probably not worth the time to be honest. Does seems like an intriguing problem -p repandpresent Hate to say it but its likely the entire abs electronic unit. I had a chat with my independent mechanic who has the bmw diagnostics computers. I saw him run the tests -- the computers said speed

BMW SERIES 5 E39 1997 ABS connector test

Hi My 97 528i has abs and traction control lights glowing I wrote last week for some aid in diagnosing bluebee was helpful in coping some of the many posts on this common problem So I have the connector off now and was going to test for sensor Ohms However my unit seems to be the mirror of the one shown in photos. Does this make sense If I assume that mine is a mirror then when I check the pins noted

speed sensor DTC is known to occur when the abs control module is removed from the vehicle ( ask me how I know ) but its also something that resets itself simply by driving the FTC. A wrong-circumference tire can clearly trigger the traction control - but it wouldnt be a permanent thing. Ill leave others to correct where I err - as these are off the top of my head. See also - How to diagnose the bmw

BMW SERIES 5 E39 ABS light

Just came on. Comes on after driving for 5 minutes. Never right awake. BRAKE light abs and the traction (34 circle) lights all come on. Is this bad news What am I looking at 111000 miles. 2002 525 wagon. Man....stuff keeps happening & I keep fixing it because I love the car & use it a lot. Just replaced rear bumper after someone scraped it in parking lot & I have a new front windshield which looks

Quote Originally Posted by bluebee quotebmw_n00b136059217]Get to an Indy with a GT 1 Actually I think this is one situation where the fancy schmancy diagnostic tools actually fail to accurately diagnose the problem. I dont really understand why (see Bills logic of testing abs sensors ) but I think it has mostly to do with the fact that the tools arent connected in the right place (which is in between

BMW SERIES 5 E39 E39 ABS Module what if one does not code the VIN

I am contemplating replacing the abs module to get rid of the trifecta lights. I saw Bluebees post on the module. The question that wasnt asnwered on the post was if one doesnt program the VIN or calibrate the steering angle then what Will the speedo and odometer still work

Interesting discussion here My 535i also got the dreaded trifecta problem this weekend. Everything speed related was dead or behaving erratically. No GPS odo trip speedometer consumption auto doorlocks cruise control. Servotronic steering went up and down. I went to my local bmw techie and he hooked up a diagnostic computer which indicated the rear left wheelsensor was producing erratic pulses. He

failure it is intermittent. It took about a month for mine trifecta to come on full time. Quote Originally Posted by Z4NL Interesting discussion here My 535i also got the dreaded trifecta problem this weekend. Everything speed related was dead or behaving erratically. No GPS odo trip speedometer consumption auto doorlocks cruise control. Servotronic steering went up and down. I went to my local bmw

BMW SERIES 3 E46 BMW Diagnostic Tool for Scanning ABS Brake DSC Lights

Hello Everyone Well this questions has been asked a hundred times and I know I should visit a dealer to have my car scanned so I can figure out how to resolve this problem. The problem I have is I live in the middle of North Dakota and there isnt a bmw dealership for at least 500 miles (Minneapolis). My brake abs and DSC lights are all on on my 2002 325xi. Ive checked all of my speed sensors and cleaned

Quote Originally Posted by richterbmw When I said the pin out wasnt correct I was talking about the harness under the hood where all of the points come together and plug into the abs module. EDIT Im very sorry the DIY caused you to buy a sensor you didnt need. I understand. You trusted the DIY and it failed you. I feel badly about that. I wish there was a good description of the pinout for the E46.

BMW SERIES 5 E39 HELP - E.39 ABS concerns

Hi everyone there in Beemer land I have today been advised by my bmw dealer that the central control unit (something like that its called) for my cars abs requires repair (at may be NZD700 give or take) or replacement if it cant be repaired (at approx NZD2000). I has some other work done on the car and this was the problem diagnosed as a result of the abs warning light coming on intermittently. An

Quote Originally Posted by Piriaka Hi everyone there in Beemer land I have today been advised by my bmw dealer that the central control unit (something like that its called) for my cars abs requires repair (at may be NZD700 give or take) or replacement if it cant be repaired (at approx NZD2000). I has some other work done on the car and this was the problem diagnosed as a result of the abs warning

BMW SERIES 5 E39 ABS problem - making sure I have this right

99 540it sport - I too have absdscbrake issue. I am dizzy from reading the amazing array of absDSC wheel sensor etc. issues. I am reading of course because I share the problem of the tri warning lights (triangle brakes abs). I just want to make sure I am understanding the basics of this wonderfully erratic system. My mechanic diagnosed (GT-1) right rear abs wheel sensor failure and offered to replace

You probably went over this excellent DIY by bluebee read post 48 carefully httpwww.bimmerfest.comforumssho...beeabs&page2 Then read a bit on how Bosch abs DSC works. It is not that hard to understand in laymans language. - The Bosch (or Siemens) computer is the Brain. - Speed sensors count the number of revolutions on each wheel. Inisde each wheel sensor there is magnetic winding similar to a transformer.

BMW SERIES 3 E46 How to diagnosis ABS only light

We just picked up a used 323ci. It has issues with the EML check engine and absTC light which produced a code (dont recall ) that pointed to the Idle Control Valve which I replaced last week. This seems to have solved that issue where the car would go into limp home mode from the EML after slip situation. We also have the brake warning light on due to thin pads on the back which are on order. Today

BMW SERIES 3 E46 Brake ABS and DSC lights come on randomly

I have a 2000 323i and from time to time the Brake abs and DSC lights come on but then when I cut the car off and get back in the DSC and abs light will be on but they disappear after about 20 seconds. This has been happening since I bought the car in april. I havent had any problems with stopping the car but if I slam on brakes really hard all 3 lights will come on. I looked in the owners manual and

and anti-lock system cant function. Thats why you get the warning lights. The shaking steering wheel COULD be rotors but it could as be an issue with a tire or worn suspension bushings or loose wheel bearings etc. Do you feel pulsation in the brake pedal Sometimes warped rotors will cause the pedal to pulsate as the brake pads are pushed back and forth. The question is somewhat irrelevant since bmw

BMW SERIES 5 E39 Tranny Not Going Into Gear ABS & ASC Lights On

Well today I was driving on the freeway and its raining next thing you know my abs and ASC light come on. I realize my tranny is not switching to 5th gear (automatic tranny). Just to let you know I changed my rotors and pads about a month ago and did not change my rear brake sensor so on my gauge cluster I have the brake pad light on also. Im wondering if its because I did not change the sensor in the rear.

abs sensors vs. brake pad sensors.. Front vs. back.. Its easy to get confused. The auto tranny is getting speed info from one of the front abs sensors. (cant remember which one) Your speedometer and cruise control is getting speed info from one of the rear abs sensors. So when your speedometer works fine and your tranny is acting up i think it is fair to assume that one of your front abs sensors is

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