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AUDI Audi TT 275HP Coupe Quattro -SHOWCAR w 17K UPGRADES -21999 So. Cal

audi TT 275HP Coupe Quattro AWD Wicked Fast Showcar Quality Perfect Condition Clean History Contact Info Hanry Chan (949) 302-3123 Southern California Irvine Orange County Newport Beach For Other Images Goto httpwww.slide.comrtIYNtt6a1j_lV...t_embedded_url Year 2001 Model TT Make audi Price 21999.00 Firm Mileage 48XXX Body Coupe Color Exterior Aviator Grey Interior Black Transmission

AUDI TT Knocking

Hi everyoneI am a new guy here.i have audi tt 1.8t Quattro 2001 and this is what is happeningengine have sound like a diesel actually is knocking.reading a lot of posts online and visiting few services everything is about sump or clear sump filter cost about 300 and tensioner fix is about I would rather like that is sump and problem with the oil pressure.but things are not so clear

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AUDI TT Maint Questions

Hello I am new to the forum but am a long time audi TT owner. I bought a new (at the time) audi TT Quattro Coupe in 2003. During the time it was under warranty I didnt drive it much because I was in college at the time. Due to that fact I had my local audi service center perform all the tune ups covered under warranty at vastly lower mileage then suggested. (i.e. my 60000 mile tune up was done at

The recommended time for TB replacement is 60K mile or 5 years. Original replacement time was 105K miles but the 1.8 began blowing up law suit followed audi denied problemlost law suit. So new period is 560. Get her done The 1.8 is a zero tolerance engine so when the belt fails or more likely when the tensioner fails the valves will crash into the pistons. There is no warning. Get the water pump changed

AUDI TT drive with cylinder misfire AMU vs BEA

Hi guys So i was driving and all of a sudden i got a loss of power and a strange sound coming from my engine (like i was driving on a flat or maybe driving a diesel engine. A weird rattle sound). I bought a car diagnostic tool (20) and it told me i have 16684.p0300 Random misfire detected-any cylinder 16686.p0302 cylinder 2- misfire detected 16688.p0304 cylinder 4- misfire detected 16536.p0152

AUDI TT 8N 01 TT P1639 and high RPM

Upon starting the engine the RPMs climb to 2000 and then slowly increase to around 3000RPM all while the accelerator pedal is fully released. EPC light is on and the only fault code my generic reader is showing is P1639 for accelerator pedal implausible signal. If while the engine is running at 3000RPM I depress and hold the brake pedal the engine returns to idle 700RPM then back to 3000RPM after releasing

AUDI TT OSIR A3 gauge pod fits our cars decently

I got mine from the OSIR site for about 65 shipped. It takes a bit of adjustment to get mounted correctly but I think its better than paying 250 for a Mantis that you cant find anymore. I spent more than that trying to make my own pod about a2 years ago and this looks a lot better. I shaped some foam and used industrial strength double sided sticky tape to attach it... well see how it goes

Nice fit. Thanks for the heads up. Excuse the naivete but why an exhaust temp gauge Ive seen them on diesels but not on gas engines.

AUDI TT Best Short Throw

Which one would you guys choose as the best short throw for a 225Q I am looking at the sigma shift kit from dieselgeek right now. Any recommendations for this one or another brand

The R lockout still works fine in my car. The sigma 6 does everything like the stock mechanism it just feels waaay better. Its beautifully machined too and its shiny EDIT Just so you know The dieselgeek kit is NOT a replacement for the shift leverballjoint thingum. It replaces the plastick mechanism with aluminium links in the engine bay (right under the airbox).

AUDI A4 B5 upgrading 1.8t w k04

i want to slap on a k04 on my 01 1.8t quattro w a apr chip intake test pipe w magnaflow exhaust and audi tt diverter valve. but im wondering what else will i need along with the k04 turbo to properly and efficiently install it into my car

- Upgraded intercooler (SMIC or FMIC) - Upgraded clutch Required for pc-16 file (1997-1999.5) - 3bar FPR according to GIAC but real world reports recomend an adjustable FPR running at 2.7 or 2.8bar (google this for more examples) - 310cc injectors Required for j31 file (2000) - 3bar FPR - 310cc injectors Required for Hammer file (2001) - 3 OD MAF (from auid TT 225) - 380cc injectors (from audi

AUDI A4 B5 turbo question

I have a 2000 a4 1.8t i was just wondering what i would have to do to upgrade to a k04 or is there a better turbo for that price range

If you cant or dont want to risk not having a warranty click here to get one the next best way... from Rippinralf Kinetic Do NOT buy one of eBay for 200. Theyre not real and will not fit properly. See the main k04 thread in the DIYFAQ for that. OE 225 TT 380cc injectors - 150 used 450 new. Why mess with things Both files call for OE and theyre available. If you search the going rate on 4T audizine

BMW SERIES 3 E90 E91 E92 E93 Maintenance cost of 335s twin turbo engine

Hello I am presently leasing 335i but I am thinking of keeping it after my lease expires (36 months). If I do that I would probably keep the car for additional 5 years. In other words I would be driving the car 4 years after its bumper to bumper warranty expires. What are the major issuesfixes that I should expect to deal with with this twin-tubo engine during this 4 - 8 years period Do I need to change

Quote Originally Posted by YellowBeard I would argue that at 1.8t audi is also not a good comparison to the 335 tt. Bottom line Turbos put more stress on engines stress causes failures BMWs are expensive. Even though it is too early to tell on the 335s a turbo is a turbo. I have also heard that many of the audi turboed engines are still running strong but many have had replacements also. I would guess

AUDI A3 Oil & The A3

Great forum everyone glad to be a new member. I have an 08 A3 2.0. I only put about 5k miles per year on the car. My question is should i only change the oil when i am prompted to or every 3k miles like have done with every car i have ever owned also what type of oil is used in the A3 also service center or any other reputable place that does oil changes thanks chris

take extra care with preventative maintenance. Okay quick answer no you shouldnt use a 503.01 oil as hesaputz correctly stated 503.01 is a gasoline engine spec (originally designed specifically for the high output 1.8T engines in the TT S3 RS4 as well as the Passat based W8 and W12 engines). That said many oils that are 503.01 are 505.00 certified as well and the 505.00 spec is for many of the VWaudi

BMW SERIES 6 Audi R8 - Photos - Versus your 6er... Thoughts

Interested in hearing why or why you would not consider this vehicle for yourself over the 6er for next year. httpwww.roadandtrack.comarticle....rticle_id4780 This quite honestly is the first concept car looking car Ive ever seen actually end up on the street still looking like a concept car. Ive never understood why the concept cars always look so futuristic and when the final version hits the steets it ends up looking like a 1989 honda. -N-

Well considering you 6er fans do not really have sports cars I would think the audi is a much better sports car and the 6er a better touring coupe... The look of the cars will eventually grow on everyone but I like it from the get go it is new and fresh. The suspension is quite interesting. And to think audi has already sold them all out for the first run. BMW does not make a car in this category and

Quote Originally Posted by mapezzul Well considering you 6er fans do not really have sports cars I would think the audi is a much better sports car and the 6er a better touring coupe... The look of the cars will eventually grow on everyone but I like it from the get go it is new and fresh. The suspension is quite interesting. And to think audi has already sold them all out for the first run. BMW does

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS E III 211 Questions on the diesels need input

Ive read a ton of threads on the subject and generally it seems people love the diesels. Are there any real downsides Other than they seem to cost a bit more My understanding is that the Bluetec replaced the CDI starting in 07 is this correct Any serious benefits to the Bluetec over the CDI Finally Im going to look at an 06 (CDI I belive) with 70k on it. On a car at this age and mileage is the diesel

The biggest downside of CDI IV6 engines are really... refinements of the engines. Tts not that great and refined as say audis or BMWs diesel engines. You get 200hp and enough torque to restart the dead planet which can be a little bit uncomfortable in certain situation. Imagen you are city driving and you want to downshift you press the pedal but no kick-down...then you press it some more (so enough

AUDI A4 B5 Help....LPG conversion info..

Hello I live in Australia and would like to convert my 1998 audi A6 2.8L to direct injected LPG with a donut tank fitted in place of the spare wheel. I have done a lot of research for the last 6 months and tried to get someone to do it for me but I have failed. There is no one that is confident to do this conversion as luxury cars are not really converted to LPG here in Australia however one man experienced

Have a gander at www.gascarco.comgallery there yourll find loads of photos of arun autogas conversions - Look in the car autogas conversion album and youll find examples of an audi bi-turbo lpg conversion a 1.8Turbo on lpg an audi tt 3.2 autogas conversion several V8 audis with lpg installation and a personal favourite the W8 engine W stands for wow. Details of LPG systems for VAG FSI engines can be

AUDI Q5 8R 3000 miles and going..

Well after 3k miles thought it was time to look back. Car has been pretty faultless not a single thing has gone wrong no recalls no breaks and nothing has fallen off more importantly. Plus - I still think the stance of the car looks great (20s or 21s ) and the cabin is one of the best places you could hope to be. At times you think its now lacking key technologies but nothing huge or life changing.

a few looks as you drive by with the odd pop and crackle from the DSG - most of which left me thinking i can see what you are thinking here comes another dick ed in a ricer and then they see you in the SUV and you see that look change to biggest ever dick ed so while it sounds it good Im not sure it fits with the car shape. Fun however even if it did feel uncomfortable at times. Ride Im not sure audi

AUDI Q5 8R SQ5 or petrol Q5 if low mileage per year

I presently have an audi TT (54 plate with just over 30000 miles - bought 7 years ago with only 10000 miles on the clock). I have to drive a VW T5 van for work Monday to Friday so the car is for fun only. I have almost decided that my next car will be a Q5 but bearing in mind my low yearly mileage would anyone consider an SQ5 Possible DPF problems Or should I wait for the 3.0 TFSI detuned Supercharged model Anyone know when this will be available in the UK

I hope the 3.0 TFSI is coming to the UK. I first read about it in the August 2012 edition of audi Driver having flirted with the S5 fitted with the same engine but producing the full 333PS and not the detuned 272PS version for the Q5 I am now leaning towards the Q5 as I feel its much easier to get in and out of. Plus the torque for the 3.0 Q5 is only 10% ish down on the S5 version so its reasonable

evo is alot more antisocial than the S3 but I find it funny that its accepted in society. Example you could drive a corsa with a big bore exhaust and get looked at like an idiot but an evo is loud but joe public dont seem to mind even though both noises annoy them. The TT diesel does sound like a proper cruiser what kind of power and torque is it going to be running pezz Well the initial specs audi

AUDI Q5 8R New Fuel filler

audi has developed a new fuel filler cap to stop owners accidently filling their diesel models with petrol. audi A4 A5 and Q5 TDI models for the 2011 model year will be the first to benefit from the new system. The fuel filler neck has been redesigned to incorporate contact points that open an internal fuel flap only when the larger diesel pump nozzle applies pressure on them. The smaller diameter

SIMONRICH on 12 July 2010 - 1043 AM said audi believes this is due to the increased refinement of diesel models which has seen them run nearly as smoothly and quietly as their petrol counterparts. Good news although my Mk2 TT on occasion sounded like a diesel ( it wasn&39t - can&39t believe companies now make sports cars with diesel engines....) so perhaps not so much of a claim

HONDA FIT 1.7 D or 1.7 TD engine fit a panda

does anyone know if the fiat uno 1.7D or fiat fiorino 1.7 TD engine would fit a panda 4x4 gearbox i would LOVE a 1.7D 4x4 panda enlighten me thanks everyone aran.

would need to be stiffened. The chassis would probably flex from the weight of a large diesel engine as theyre not very stiff anyway. More importantly the gearbox would almost certaily have to be changed as the torque from a TD engine would shave the teeth off all the gears Its obviously possible though you can put any engine in any car if you have the time money and knowledge. My dads got an audi

AUDI A3 Burning oil like its water

Helo I have a 2006 A3 2.0 with 38000 miles and I have to put a just about 2 quarts of oil in it every 5000 miles. This cant be normal. I understand that it is a turbo but is there something I should look into. The stealer says its a turbo so it will burn that much oil. Please advise

I know that oil burning is a much discussed issue with the 2.0T engines. However I do not think it is normal. 1) If that amount of oil consumption is normal for the engine I seriously doubt it would pass emission tests. (Opinion...pls shed wisdom on my beliefs ) 2) I have a 2008 TT with the 2.0 and with 7500 km on the clock I changed my oil that had last been changed at 1000km. The oil level had BARELY

VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT B6 2.0T vs 3.6L for reliability

All Ive had my heart set on a 3.6L for the last year. Now that Ive waited until the very end of the model year the 3.6s are in short supply. In addition it looks like VW has added almost all of the same options on the 3.6 Package 2 Sport to the 2.0T Package 1 Sport. I drove both a 3.6 Package 1 Luxury and a 2.0 Package 1 Sport yesterday and was quite impressed with the 2.0. I peeled out of the parking

Originally Posted by gibhunter Doesnt make much sense. The 2.0T engine is used in the GTi Jetta Passat audi TT A3 A4 VW Tiguan Skoda and couple other European cars. This is VWs workhorse of an engine compared to the 3.6 which so far is a US only engine in its second year of production. I would hardly call the 2.0T VWs workhorse engine. It may seem that way to you but please remember VW is a global

Originally Posted by gibhunter 4 automaker in the world with this being their 2 engine Id definitely call it a work horse. Id wager to say that the 2.0T is VWs most popular engine in US. With the GTi Jetta GLi Passat audi A3 TT and A4 all using it. Yes Europe does prefer smaller engines but given the multitude of such options (2.0 2 different TDIs) and just one high performance semi-decent mileage-wise

FIAT 500 II New Member & 500 convert

Hello new member here. I alwasy thought Fiat were rubbish. I have test driven today the new 500 and yes there was a buzzing sound in drivers door trim the ride was unsettled and crashy in the Sport and the stereo was tinny. But I ordered a basic Popular 500. I am a keen VAG enthusiast & have got used to VW audi and whisper it quietly Skoda build quality. However my inspection of the 500 found the interior

Originally Posted by Balltofeet Fiat Hello new member here. I alwasy thought Fiat were rubbish. I have test driven today the new 500 and yes there was a buzzing sound in drivers door trim the ride was unsettled and crashy in the Sport and the stereo was tinny. But I ordered a basic Popular 500. I am a keen VAG enthusiast & have got used to VW audi and whisper it quietly Skoda build quality. However


Once again the 1242 has impressed me just been driving back from girlfiends house out in the country Had a audi a3 catch up with me on the coutry road as was taking it steady he decided to park in my boot So kept going steady all the way he was in my boot so when we got to the motorway got on slip road and let hell break loose Gain distance as pulled on motorway (was totaly dead) and kept my foot down

Originally Posted by J333EVO I think you will find you are very wrong when its comes to the VWaudi group 1.8T engine as its comes with anything from 150bhp as in the Golf GTi MK4Beetlevarious Seats and Skodas and is also available in 180bhp as in the audi TTA3 etc etc and it also comes in 200 bhp in the old Cupras as VW kept the 225bhp mapping for its cars ie TTS3 etc. So therefore in a car weighing

BMW SERIES 3 E90 E91 E92 E93 335 xi or S4

Looking to replace my X3. Ive seen a lot of 335s (neighbor has an 07...always in the shop) and a handful of S4s. Living in the midwest AWD is a must so Ive narrowed it down to these two. I know this is a BMW site and I love my X3 but I want to get as much info. as possible before investing this kind of cash. Thoughts

Quote Originally Posted by thumper_330 Dude... 2003 called and wants their meme back. This one doesnt really cut the mustard any more and hasnt been true for years. audis are designed to be performance AWD cars from the ground up. The only audi platform thats produced as a FWD is the A3... and even that happens to be a Volkswagen not an audi. The rest of their vehicles are designed for AWD first. Take

Quote Originally Posted by tturedraider The base A4 and the base A6 (even the new 2012) are both equipped as FWD models with CVT transmissions. The word is audi will soon offer an A8 V6 diesel that will be FWD. Its unclear if that car will be offered in the U.S. The TT s do have quattro but they also do have tranversly mounted engines. Does it really matter what it was based on since the S4 can match

BMW SERIES 3 E90 E91 E92 E93 E90 Twin turbo 335i -- did you guys know this

did you guys know that the turbo charger for the E90 engine is actually made by Mitsubishi to BMWs specs I read it in one of the auto magazines yesterday (car and driver or else -- i dont remember). I read the 2007 consumer report on autos and Mitsubishi was rated to have very poor reliability along with MercedesB which also had the lowest reliability rating. on that same consumer report BMW reliability

back on topic to the turbos here.... im not a huge fam of mitsu turbos and that is a personal preference of mine...what mitsu has done in this application is undercut price-wise KKKBorg Warner by manufacturing a turbo that meets their temp tollerence specs (KKKBW was the first to introduce such high-temp tollerant turbo like the k03 series seen inthe audi a4 and the k04 seen in the audi tt etc) that

FIAT 500 II Hands up if you think I am mad

Now.... I this is my first post so please be gentle I bought a BMW 123d before christmas now it is a fantastic car no doubt about it but and the big but is it was really expensive. As a family we have bought loads of BMs I got a really great discount and because they hold onto their money really well I can sell it for around what I paid for it. I have really fallen for the Fiat 500 ok I am a twenty

Originally Posted by nuovapanda audi just an expensive VW... silly cars audi are more than expensive VWs Compare them side by side Also there is little difference in pricing and as premium branded cars go its one of the best marks you can go for when it comes to value. audi cars (especially the TT) have the highest residual value of any other manufactured brand. audi have been integral to many motorsport

BMW SERIES 3 E90 E91 E92 E93 Looks like the end of the road NA inline is just about here...

Whoops...meant to say end of the road for the NA inline six Short version - Twin Scroll Turbo Four Cylinder is coming by the end of the year to as of now undisclosed models. 240 HP at 5000 rpm and 260 lb-ft peak torque at 1250 rpm. Question is will this replace the N52 or be a third engine option Im guessing replacement....

I5s set a benchmark for longevity that may never be surpassed. Toyota had the now legendary 2jz-gte I6 powering the Supra to this day a favorite among tuners for its tremendous power output and durability whilst producing such power. The Skyline GTR had always used TT I6 engines until the latest one. Nissans engineers probably knew how to build an inline as well as anyone at BMW MB and Toyota. audi


The car that brought the folding metal roof into fashion is about to get even smarter. Exclusive pictures of the new Mercedes SLK in the current issue of Auto Express magazine - accurately reproduced and confirmed thanks to sources at the factory - show how the model will have an even more intricate retractable hard-top and an amazing new look. It will debut at next years Geneva Motor Show. And the

VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT B5 Well She Made it... 300K

Coming home on the last stretch of my quick trip to Vermont this weekend she rolled the big 300000 miles on I-81 in PA. Here are a few pics. Still runs like the wind still looks great. Drivers seat has held up remarkably well. 2000 1.8t Purchased Dec 15 1999. One Owner 2 drivers. Original Clutch Original Turbo Pics from Sept 09 Getting Close Whew And one more for good measure

great physical condition. Now it has 295000 miles and has a rust issue. It was not my intention to keep this car this long. Priorities change built a new house changed jobs etc. There isnt really anything out there that WOWS me now that I would consider spending the money on. If I had to choose I would like to find a used Toureg TDI ML 320 Bluetec E320 Bluetec and maybe in another year or so an audi

VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT B5 K04-15 in Passat MY2000 DBW with K03s program

anybody tried to install a K04-015 with a program (revo in my case) designed for a K03-29 my K03-29 turbo isnt blowing at 100% and causes error at high boost levels the default values for an upsolute program I tried before I would like install the K04-15 without changing injectors nor program simply work with boost levels similar to chipped mode for K03-29 having more reliability and some extra power (I know that not all the possible)

Originally Posted by Berto thanks scotty I will look these links dutch I also have a APU Passat 99 (MY2000) in Spain and I think the rest of Europe its dificult to get a good state 703J turbo here most Passats are TDI and its rare see any upgraded Passat or A4 here in Spain only are common 1.8t upgrades in audi TT S3 VW Golf Seat Leon etc. I had a problem chipping the car from the begining and I had

Example offers of car parts audi tt diesel engine

  • OIL FILTER FOR AUDI TT 2.0 TDI DIESEL 08- CBBB ENGINE - United Kingdom (3.99 GBP)
  • Audi TT 4WD Powerflex Engine Mount Dogbone Diesel PFF85-420R - Nottingham,United Kingdom (23.49 GBP)
  • 2012 AUDI TT VW GOLF CFGB CODE 2.0 1968cc DIESEL GT TDI ENGINE UNIT - Wednesbury,United Kingdom (1675.00 GBP)
  • Audi Tt Tdi Diesel Turbo Engine Cover Plastic 2010 - London,United Kingdom (30.00 GBP)

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