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audi q5 headlight 8R
audi q5 headlight 8R

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AUDI Q5 8R Headlights

Hi everyone I have a headlight query..... My Q5 is an SE (they wouldnt do a light leather interior in an S-line ) but of all the options I did fit...... Xenons werent one of them. My previous car had Xenon lights but i didnt think i would miss them. Cut a long story short..... I do. audi dont yet retro fit the xenons. Does anyone know if i can fit bright bulbs to replace the current halogens If i

Hi I changed mine to some xenon Bulbs from Powerbulbs (H7 55W) - gives a brighter whiter light allthough missing the slight blue tint of xenon. Definitely an improvement over the standard halogen bulbs with a much crisper light although they were a faf to replace you have to remove the headlights or face losing the skin off your hands took about 10 mins a side. What I would like to do is replace the DRL bulbs with something a but whiter - Anybody

AUDI Q5 8R Misted up headlights

Has anyone else noticed their Q5 headlights misting up Im not sure if its just the bad weather weve been having lately but have booked it in to be checked out while its still under warranty. The guy i spoke to on the phone did mention that its not a simple case of swapping them for some new ones as audi have a checklist that they need to go through before theyd do that. But surely it must have a defective

I think this is common with xenon headlights the moisture evaporates with the heat of the light. I may be wrong though.

Chopper on 08 February 2012 - 0628 PM said I think this is common with xenon headlights the moisture evaporates with the heat of the light. I may be wrong though. It may do but there shouldnt be any moisture getting in there in the first place should there Anyhow Ill post the response from the dealers after they check it out.

Hi alljust picked up our new q5 today and already loving it . But just been back in the car and noticed drivers side headlamp misted up. Will ring dealer first thing in morning and query this. What was the outcome of your dealer visit tangy

Basically they said its one of those things and they couldnt change them unless it was a lot worse ie theres a lot of moisture and droplets of water are found. It was an audi policy they went through a checklist and found nothing wrong so even if they did change them the chances are that the new lights would mist up as well. Sods law that on the day I went it it was a nice dry day and there wasnt any

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AUDI Q5 8R Headlight adjustment

headlights on dipped just dont reach far enough&33 On country roads when high beam cant be on (car in the distance coming towards me or a car in front) the dipped beam is just not good enough for the national speed (60mph) They light up the road approx 8 car lengths (estimated) which is just poor. If something ran out or was in the road i have to brake sharply instead of having time to react at what

I quite agree its a really disappointing feature. I dont praise my recently traded in Evoque often but the adaptive xenons were excellent in comparison to my Q5. I guess its a feature that I should try more often in the future before I buy when I take any demonstrator out. Hope you get some suggestions Wilf.

My A6 lights were in a different world on both dip and main but the most dramatic difference is on main where the A6 had a light beam that was taller better defined and had much geater range well which enabled one to drive quickly with confidence at night . Even at running in speeds I was having to slow down due to lack of vision into the distance on hilly country roads and I am aware that the Q5

Im wondering whether this problem is something new and related to the current DRL frame surrounding the light beam. Chatting to some pre MY13 Q5 owners today and it doesnt appear to be an issue for them. Maybe just a coincidence&33

I move from a 2004 A4 Avant to the Q5 and I notice the same. With my A4 bi-xenon headlights I have a noticeable better visibility at night...

AUDI Q5 8R Auto headlight sensitivity

Does anyone know if the sensitivity of the light sensor can be adjusted Even with them set to Late in the MMI I find they still come on too early. They are much more sensitive than my old A3. I thought having running lights that are so bright they would be less sensitive. Its not so much normal fading light bit more when the skies are overcast.

Yes this annoys me too. They are too sensitive - on my current Q5 anything less than sunshine and it brings on the full headlights which you just dont need. I end up switching it to the off position most of the time but this switches off the dashboard illumination (except the red needles to the dials - figure the logic in that) and switches off the coming home leaving delay. My A6 before wasnt as sensitive but I still had it on the latest setting.

AUDI Q5 8R Vibrating adaptive xenon headlights

My S-Line has fabulous adaptive xenon headlights but they appear to vibratebounce when driving especially over rough surfaces or uneven road. You can also see them moving slightly if you tap the side of each headlight. I have mentioned this to audi who say this is normal and that they are not faulty. I know the suspension is firm and that there clearly is alot going on here with the self levelling and adaptive side to side movement but has anyone else seen this

had to have the same on my TTR years ago teh lights always adjust to about 30% depending on teh surface so will always adjust

I have been doing a lot more driving in the dark and the vibration seen in the xenon lights is very noticeable. I thought I would ask once more if anyone else has noticed this before I approach audi again as I am really surprised at the amount of movement in each headlight. I certainly dont think its the self levelling system adjusting. You can also see them moving very slightly against the back of

Not sure about the vibration. It certainly doesnt seem normal. Driving down country lanes last night I couldnt see any movement other than going over hills when they move up and down to self level. Mine also appear to be set to high from the factory as I too am getting flashed alot. I am going to check with a local dealer whether there is any adjustment that can be made.

Quick update on a few issues looked at recently by my audi dealer headlights have now been lowered as apparently they were set too high in the factory (I believe this is a known issue). I am no longer getting flashed by oncoming cars and the vibration is noticeably less. Good news My Satnav sw (not the maps) has been updated as I was getting confusing voice guidence when on many roundabouts (on approach

AUDI Q5 8R Headlights - No LED and No LED-blinker

One of the few things that Im disappointed with is the fact that Full LED-headlights was not offered with the facelift (even the new S3 got them as option). Also the awkward old-fashioned non-Led front blinker annoys me and certainly also the fade-down of the DRL when blinking. Cant understand why audi decided to go this route when the tech is there. Why leave out the front blinker Even the Q7 has it... Am I the only one having these concerns

I have full LED lights on the R8 the difference over Xenons is amazing. Id guess the reason is the cost to develop these for effectively an old platform - no doubt we will see them on the MK2. I find audi very lazy at times in the approach to cars esp to facelift they may as well not bother most of the time.

I suppose thats a good thing because we have contract hired our car for 3 years beginning November 13 so in 3 years time will be close to the release of the new SQ5. Havent even got mine yet but already excited to see how long the road of SQ5s go as I have been with BMW X5 for 12 years now. Many happy years of audi will be ahead

Thanks for some great insights. This is really not a big issue for me either but just wanted to see if anyone else had thought about this. In the MK2 of the Q5 there will for sure be full-leds but at that point in time they probably have something else in the A8-line that we will lust after and that will take some time to enter the rest of the model line-up BTW the SQ5 is my absolutely most pleasant car to date that Ive ever owned and it gets better for each day&33

Ahhh - the Q5 Mk2 from Mexico&33 That should maintain our residuals well&33

AUDI Q5 8R Headlights Again

I have adaptive xenons on my Q5 with high beam assit. The high beam works well but I am constantly being flashed by oncoming traffic when only on dip beams. The dealer says the lights are correctly set. Is this just a case of the lights being so bright Have others had this problem or should I get another dealer to check them out

Thanks will do. My audi dealers view was that like BMW and other premium brands audi lights were just brighter Ill let my local garage check it out as they do MOTs.

AUDI Q5 8R Headlight cluster removal (std halogen)

Anyone know how to do this. I have just replaced a dipped beam bulb - what a pain. I though that it might be easier if you could take the whole headlight cluster out. Following the user manual for dipped bulb replacement you can move the cluster forward by about 5cm but no further even with the electrics disconnected. I suspect to get it out you have to remove some of the front trim but not sure how

This is an electronic manual for the official audi service Here are instructions

Thanks spijun for coping the manual. So it looks like you are not meant to remove the cluster for normal bulb changing. I must say sliding it forward just 5 cm makes it very difficult to remove and install bulbs especially keeping your fingers off the halogen ones. It would have been better all round if the unit slid out completely as they do on some of other audis models.

I think audi and other car manufacturers to intentionally complicate everything so that vehicle owners go to the official service for the change (light bulbs filters brake discs......) Sorry for my english

AUDI Q5 8R How does it look like when the headlights are being sprayed...

Maybe stupid but I always wondered how it looks like when I activate the high pressure headlight sprayers. So I made a short movie from two angles

Im maybe daft as well but I often wondered that myself. Cheers I enjoyed that&33

Ohh hes so cute how he pops out like that

hahah very cool&33

they are not called aliens for nothing...

AUDI Q5 8R Retrofit projectors or aftermarket projector headlights

I want to get some projectors and I am wondering which one will look better Retrofit or Aftermarket Projector headlights

Dont you have bi-Xenon headlights If you do you already have projectors with cutters.

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