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audi q5 gearboxes 8R
audi q5 gearboxes 8R

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AUDI Q5 8R Massive DSG Recall in China


Interesting to read confirmation that this problem is common to many VAG models using the 7 speed dual clutch gearboxes including the A3. I hope the 8 speed box proves to be more reliable.

Quote 384181 vehicles were recalled to replace defective gearboxes that may result in the loss of acceleration. Models include the Golf Magotan Sagitar and audi A3 Chinas quality inspector said on its website. A.n.other audi owners have reported problems with their dual clutch gearboxes (S tronic in audi speak) - including the Q5. See here httpwww.myaudiq5....tronic-failure

AUDI Q5 8R 3.0tdi STronic

Hello I have just bought a high mileage q5. I have never bought a high mileage car before and am a little concerned about whether it will prove to be a wise move - time will tell. I have done a bit of reading round but would appreciate opinions on the following (the car is 09 reg 3.0tdi with 73000 miles (I presume mainly motorway) and comes with full audi service 1 owner) 1. Are the s-tropic gearboxes

AUDI Q5 8R Decisions decisions

And there I was just about to trade my A4 Avant in against a Touareg and then this comes along and whets my appitite. First impressions are good and if it isnt quite as big as a Q7 but about the size of an X3 with audi build quality then I might jus tbe in the queue...........mind you then there is the Q3 to think about too....oh decisions decisions......

Have to agree with Kaine here..........Really looking forward to seeing how the engines and gearboxes pan out. Having had a couple of 2.0tdi audis Im looking forward to a smoother 2.7 or 3.0 with an entertaining and involving DSG box.... All depends on the final price I really hope they dont push the price to high I dont mind paying a premium over the A4 but if we get into the high 30s then we are

AUDI Q5 8R Options Advice Please

Hi All This is my first post and I could do with a bit of advice on some options please. I am very close to ordering the following Q5 2.0 TDI S-Line 170 Ice Silver Black Milano Interior With these options Standard Suspension Tech Pack High Electric SeatsMirrors with Memory Storage Pack Side Window Blinds Interior Light Pack Cruise Control Bluetoooth Interface B&O Sound System Heated Seats Front I am

I&39m just about to order my Q5 (hopefully today ) and for sure Hold Assist is not available for manual gearboxes. For electric tailgate yes you can close it manually just using a bit of force. It will not harm the motor as there is kind of &39clutch&39 installed between the door and the motor. BTW it is described in manual that you can do this manually in certain situations - reposition programmed

AUDI Q5 8R Transmision Oil type for Q5 2.0 2011

I have 2 questions and I was wondering if someone could help me. One.- What kind of oil use the transmison of a Q5 with a 0B5 20TFSIRdW H03 0020 component... I need to refill it..Can I use the same of a DSG transmison Pentosin FFL-2 double clutch gear oil and Two.- Have a fault code 8040 P17D8 torque restriction..... how can I fixed it. Thanks in advance and have a very good year greetings from Mexico

WARNING Do not touch anything on the gearbox if the S-tronic. Oil change procedure is complicated and must be done at an authorized service otherwise you can permanently damaged gearboxes S-tronic uses two different oils 7l and 4.5 l

AUDI Q5 8R Build Dates & Delivery Times

Hi Everyone Ive not posted before and so first of all hello and second of all thanks for sharing all the info pics experiences - Ive found it very informative and it keeps me sane whilst I await delivery of my own Q5. The one topic that seems to be missing is info on Q5 delivery times - both predicted and actual. I wondered whether it would be possible for anyone awaiting their Q5 to simply state their

Hi Shep With regard to your query about manufacturing problems..... I vaguely remember someone saying there was a problem with the supply of S-tronic DSG gearboxes. I also heard that audi kept the run of panoramic roofs together for ease of production. I wish i could remember where i got this info from but i honestly cant recall. It might have been the salesman or possiby even in a forum somewhere

AUDI Q5 8R Mileage out of brake pads

What mileage are people getting out of brake pads. I have done 40k on the original set and no warning sensor yet&33&33 Hope i havent spoken to soon its getting traded in in 6 weeks.

missile on 11 February 2014 - 0230 PM said My advanced driving instructor cautioned against using change down to brake. ......................... New pads are cheaper than a new gearbox I pay for pads audi pays for gearboxes... And on my manuals as I rev-match there is minimal load on the box. I do agree though slamming it in 2nd at 50mph is not going to make for a happy box...

AUDI Q5 8R Recall Clutch slave cylinder

Just received a call from Aberdeen audi this afternoon regarding a recall on the clutch slave cylinder not sure if anyone else has been advised of this.

Ok I accept any criticism. My English is bad and many times I have written here Sorry for my English With my native language I speak two other languages and very bad English as third language Clutch cylinder only exists for manual gearboxes Here attached S-TRONIK gearbox in PDF form with all the parts and there is no clutch cylinder Attached File(s)   S-tronic par.pdf (588.49K) Number of downloads 11

Quote VW DSG boxes and S-tronic- audi transmission is not the same It is true that the DSG had problems but not S-tronic . As has been reported on this and other forums there have been problems with S Tronic gearboxes.

Of course payments go to immediately if you have S-tronic with clutch cylinder clutch slave cylinder exists for manual gearboxes For a smart man this is enough Attached File Post 18 PS Hydraulic cylinder has the same working principle everywhere in the world (brakes gearboxes machines in mines wheel loaders - dumpers elevators cranes ... etc.)

AUDI Q5 8R Gearbox Control Unit (GCU) software update

Took my Q5 in the other day for a minor fault repair and as is the norm audi dealer also checked for any updates required. I was advised that there was a software update for the GCU required. Was advised to re book as they had to get a software CD with it on (perhaps I was the first). I asked what it was for and advised that it was to improve the performance of the gearbox I asked why such an update

OK unbeknown to me this problem of slow take off from rest with DSG gearboxes seems to be a well know issue and has been discussed in the past on the Honest John Forum httpwww.honestjoh...dex.htmt82246 I tried driving the car in Sport Mode last night and the pick up is definitely quicker. Having driven nothing but MB products with TC gearboxes for the past 16 years the DSG certainly does take some

AUDI Q5 8R Stronic query

After having my cars mechatronic unit replaced in the gearbox it is running great. I have two niggles that I would like reassurance on as I struggle to remember just how the car was before. 1. I notice that when I come to a dead stop a splt second later I can feel the gearbox do a tiny (and I mean tiny) nudge - I think it is probably just talking up a slight clutch bite. It feels I guess like a normal

AUDI Q5 8R DSG Recall will not include Aus or EU cars

Volkswagen UK has confirmed that recalls over DSG gearbox problems in Asia wont affect its cars sold here. This may be of interest to those experiencing problems with their Dual Clutch Transmission httpwww.whatcar.c...news4_headline

Email from theage and smh FYI Hello everyone Again apologies for the mass emailing. I really wanted to get back to you all individually but I just dont have the time. Obviously you would have seen the Volkswagen recall. Heres our story from today on the recall in case you havent caught up with the news. And here is a good Q&A that Drive did if you need

AUDI Q5 8R Pricing Guide for October 2011 out now

Some Minor changes New Paint - Curvee Silver 8 speed tiptronic on 2.0 TFSI Sline Special Edition replaced by Sline Plus &163815 saving if you select the same options on both with tech pack high.

igram on 19 October 2011 - 0854 PM said I know that the new auto on the 2.0TFSI is a tiptronic - but I have no idea what the difference is (apart from 1 more gear). I have had a tiptronic A6 for a few years and it does exactly the same - no noticeable difference or operational requirement The difference is a large S-tronic is a sporty and fast transmission It is best to test himself to feel the difference.

AUDI Q5 8R Fed up with my dsg gearbox

Hi to all my fellow q5 owners i have hade my wifes 2 year old 2.0 tdi automatic q5 for nearly a year now and im beginning to lose patience with the way the gearbox works. I took it into audi coulsdon and they said they couldnt see a problem with it (they would say that) I wonder if you guys out there can give me a bit of advice. The problem is when you slow down to about 5 miles an hour and the come

gearboxes are hell. Check out the problems this fellow in Jo burg had. fileCUsersUserDocumentsCar%20complaint.mp3 Damn that didnt work and I cant delete it. I see youre on Spijun - any suggestions

Newhall on 09 September 2012 - 0651 PM said gearboxes are hell. Check out the problems this fellow in Jo burg had. fileCUsersUserDocumentsCar%20complaint.mp3 Damn that didnt work and I cant delete it. I see your on Spijun - any suggestions I do not understand what you can not delete

AUDI Q5 8R SQ5 gearbox when cold.

Hi all is anyone experiencing their SQ5 gearbox struggling to go into 8th gear when cold. Ive noticed when engine gearbox is cold(and in my area we havent hit below zero degrees yet) it doesnt want to go into top gear until at least a couple of miles. Its like the gearbox oil needs to warm up a bit first (drove a few trucks in my time and some of them can be difficult to get into gear until gearbox

Thanks for the reply Jose and the lesson must admit dont know a lot about engines or gearboxes. Ill keep monitoring it for the moment but it def felt not right. When it did go into 8th it went in with a bit of a lurch and this isnt the first time Im wondering what it will be like when we really have some cold weather.

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