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audi q5 fuel filter 8R
audi q5 fuel filter 8R

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AUDI Q5 8R confused by Audi Q5 service schedule

Hi everyone Im a newbee here looking for some advice. Just bought an almost 3 year old Q5 (2.0 TDI Stronic S-Line) from audi dealer and now trying to understand the service schedule. The car was serviced at 19819 miles (after 1.5 years) and 29441 miles (after 2.5 years) This looks correct&33 My on board computer says Next oil change in 14900 mi563 days Next inspection in 15800 mi563 days There are

This is a flaw in the audi service system call audi and find out whether the fuel filter and s-tronic oil were changed when it was last serviced (unlikely) If not you will need to get these done at 38k separately from the oil and inspection services. Usually they would just do these at the next service anyway (45k ish in your case). fuel filter isnt a big deal but the s-tronic oil is quite costly.

AUDI Q5 8R Audi Q5 Pull BackSurgeShudder after 120kph

I am a new member from the beautiful South Africa and firstly would like to say Hi to everyone I have an audi Q5 3.0TDI and have been having a problem when driving 120kph and above especially on uphills where the car would give a pull backsurgeshudder every now and again...Sorry this is the best I could explain the problem...I tried changing it to manual but still get the same problem. audi have had

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AUDI Q5 8R Diesel Chipping - how long

Hi all My 2.0tdi Q5 should arrive in a few weeks. On my old car a BMW diesel I had a diesel chip made by CHIPExpress - its a variable chip that you can set for balanced increase in MPG AND power or crank up and max the power right out... On the BMW I only ever used it on the balanced setting and this would give me about 3 mpg increase and a noticeably sharper response from the pedal under acceleration.

fuel late in the combustion cycle) to increase the exhaust gases to the combustion temperature of the particulates. Now with all this clever goings on do you really want some box that has little no knowledge of a DPF regeneration cycle messing with things. I certainly wouldnt. Revo who are reputable supplier of remaps have pulled supported for the PD 170 which I assume also applies to the audi

AUDI Q5 8R Recommendations on Audi service centres

Hi everyone my second post now - Im getting more into this&33 I have a mid to large-ish service due in a few ks (the 38K service) and wondered if anyone had a recomendation on the best centre close to where I live (N14) or work (Slough). based on convienience I would go for 1. Whetstone 2. Slough 3. Chingford 4. Hatfield (where I bought the car) 5. Watford (previous service location for this vehicle

Hello Rod Cant give you direction on which dealer to choose but do make sure they all quote for the same work&33 When my Q5 needed its 38000 miles service I had big deltas in the quotes (turned out some included the fuel filter others did not). In the end I paid &163375 for a full long life service included fuel filter change (which is needed 40000 miles on the diesel models). Cheers Lee.

When the vehicle is still in the warrenty period you kind of have to stay with audi OR an approved service center again as mentioned previously going outwith audi or approved service center may have an impact on the lease. audi run fixed cost service prices some dealerships may discount for the work I dont allow them to change brakes or brake fluid as these prices are crazy and do this myself. I purchase

AUDI Q5 8R Audi USA vs Audi UK - oil changes

I live in the UK and drive a 2 month old audi Q5 2.0tdi Ive already put 3000 miles on this and tend to commute 100 miles to work and back at least 3 times a week. I cant believe that the onboard computer still says that I am 16000 miles away from an oil change. I frequently listen to American radio over there they change their oil every 3000 miles and they do not have the same hold ups about cars with

plus motor in good condition but these things do contribute to the overall annual running costs. I know in an ideal world you would change the oil every six month or 5K miles but such schedules do become cost prohibitive. In fact this was the recommended schedule for my Jeep Grand Cherokee Overland which could be indicative of the US motor manufacturers attitude to fueloil costs. Maybe audi

Oil changes these have been set up and monitored by a differential pressure switch across the oil filter. Yes in an ideal world the car will meet the high milage before oil change because of constant good mileage during operation and operating temperatures to get rid of the moisture and deposits that can be removed with an engine operating at the correct working temperature. However a car that does

AUDI Q5 8R Radiator fans staying on - 3.0 TDI

I have noticed that the raditor fans are staying on for about 5 mins when the engine is turned off. I am sure this has only just started happening and I have had the Q5 for 6 months now. I know this would probably be the case if it was hot etc but the outside temperature is only about 12 degs and the car has not been driven hard or in traffic. Temp gauge is normal. Does this happen to anyone elses Q5 I hope this is not a trip to the delaer -(

From 20 March 2010 - 0553 PM I have noticed that the raditor fans are staying on for about 5 mins when the engine is turned off. I am sure this has only just started happening and I have had the Q5 for 6 months now. I know this would probably be the case if it was hot etc but the outside temperature is only about 12 degs and the car has not been driven hard or in traffic. Temp gauge is normal. Does

AUDI Q5 8R Slight knocking suspension SQ5

So I picked up my new SQ5 from Aberdeen audi. I love the car so much better than my old Sline 3.0tdi. Its like a totally different car to drive. We have noticed when we have it in dynamic suspension there is a slight knocking from the drivers side front only. We do have the 21 wheels fitted. It only happens while going under 30 mph on bumps. When its in comfort mode its almost totally gone. We had

I also still have the bad knocking noise. The master Tech Neil came out with me and pin pointed the noise to under the drivers seat. It isnt the suspension or brakes. It only happens below 30 mph and is getting worse each month. The car is booked in for 2 days to make sure they fix it this time. Niel said the fuel filter is under the drivers seat with covers over it. It could be that. I hope Aberdeen audi fix it this time.

AUDI Q5 8R Emission Control System Warning Light

Just had this come on and the manual says to drive slowly to a qualified workshop without delay. Of course the service people have just gone home. My salesman advised me to ring audi Assist and they should be here soon to plug in and see what the problem is. I will update after they have been. Only 3000 miles on the clock and did a long trip Bristol to Cambridge this week so shouldnt be a DPF issue wouldnt have thought......

off and various other small problems At the moment their trying to suggest paintwork but that isnt going to happen. i must say the car is awesome though apart from the adblue issue etc The new model qs all have the adblue system its to comply with the new euro diesel regs. The exhaust system is one complicated expensive joke just waiting to go wrong on these vehicles i must stress its not just audi

AUDI Q5 8R Ooops diesel in a petrol

Friend of mine has a Golf gti as a second car his wife accidently put 10l of diesel in the car but when she realised topped it up with 50l of petrol. The car started jumping on the way home so my friend drained the tank totally and replaced it with petrol - car is now all OK he now has 60l of petroldiesel in his garage that he cannot dispose of Could he feed say 5l of this mix in the Golf every time he fills up to get rid of it or will it cause the injection system problems kc

do not use in anything &33&33&33&33 no matter how small the trace of petrol ...unless its years old &33&33 make sure your friend changes the fuel filter how old is the golf.

sorry i meant using the drained fuel in a diesel fuel contamination either way round causes havoc. thought it may have been a later model... fsi then he really would have been in trouble. Just drain it all flush the lines and replace the filter..should be ok

Should be fine as long as the fuel filter has been changed. I know someone who filled their 2.0TDI from empty with a 12 tank of petrol and ran it for a mile till it quickly stuttered and cut out. Tank was emptied and fuel filter was changed and its still fine. The older TDIs 1.9 and early 2.0 TDIs cope with the petrol however the Common Rail engines dont at all and it is catastrophic if they get a mix.

AUDI Q5 8R Jerky Ride

Hi I have a 2.0 TDiSE. When driving at a constant 60mph the ride becomes jerky almost as though the engine is slightly misfiring giving a sensation of being thrown forward in your seat slightly. It just an odd ride. The dealer technician drove the car himself and said he thought maybe the engine was running lean or there maybe an air leak but after they have had the car a week Im told they cant find a fault that they can fix&33 Does any one else have a similar problem Thanks

I earn my living fixing cars that others either dont want to fix or cant fix including working for most of the dealers ..most of the time if the owner thinks theres a problem there normally is. Try to give the dealer as much information as possible symptoms and when they occur etc ..the more info the more chance they have of experiencing it and fixing it. if possible take the technician out with you

AUDI Q5 8R Problems with DPF

I have been warned about and hence reading up on these DPFs or Diesel Particulate filters which clean the exhaust gas of diesel engines and are fitted by law. Im sure Im covering old ground here but cant find anything in the search facility so appreciate any advice. Apparently these devices are fine on cars that regularly do long journeys but if used for mainly short journeys or stopstart journeys

catalytic converters four heated oxygen sensors monitoring pre- and post catalyst exhaust gasses dimensions length 652 millimetres (25.7 in) width 648 millimetres (25.5 in) height 666 millimetres (26.2 in) mass 152 kilograms (335 lb) ID codes DIN-rated motive power & torque outputs applications BPJ 125 kilowatts (170 PS 168 bhp) 4300 rpm 280 newton metres (207 ftlbf) 1800-4200 rpm &8212 audi

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