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audi a6 ignition switch key C5
audi a6 ignition switch key C5

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AUDI A6 starter or ignition switch very important help

Im having trouble with trying to figure out the problem with my car. Up untill today I thought it was the starter. I had the battery and alt tested so I just thought the only thing left is the starter. But after doing some reading it sounds like the ignition switch has went bad.. a few days ago when I went to go home from work I got into my car turned the key and it rolled over once (very weak) and

AUDI A6 C5 Howto A6 C5 get a new working key and fob for less than 50

Hi heres a short write-up on how to get a new key and fob for your C5 A6 for less than 50 (not including softwareinterfaces). I had a tremendous time trying to figure this out and hope this helps others. 1. Get the right tools VAG Commander cable (I used v1.4) and VCDS cable (I used the latest version but other versions should work). 2. Get the right parts 2a. Split your fob in half using a small

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AUDI A6 Key Fob Synch - One Key Only

The batteries on my key fob died. I put two new ones in but that does not work. I found procedures to reset using two keys but I only have one. Can someone help Thanks... ...Mike

I have a 2000 A6 and i just put new batteries in my keys and did this exact procedure and it worked just fine for me I counted one-onethousand for the seconds.... you have to synchronize it with the car 1. switch ignition ON and leave the key in the ignition. 2. Mechanically lock the vehicle using the Drivers door using a second key. 3. Using the remote control press the Unlock button once and the

AUDI A6 C4 1996 a6 2.5tdi ignition problem

Hi guys just bought a 1996 A6 2.5tdi. She wont start on the key but will work 100% on the bump start. All of the lights on the dash come up fine when I turn the ignition on but when I actually turn the key to start the engine I just hear a faint click sound coming from the engine bay. Ive had the starter motor off and tested by an auto electrician who says its working fine. So what else could be the

AUDI A6 Keyless entry range sucks...

Anybody having this problem I have a 2000 and I literally have to be within 10 feet to lock or unlock my car. I just put new batteries in the key so I know its not that. Any ideas

Self-diagnosis of central locking system[align] Fault table for the central locking[align] Notes The following table lists all the faults with the corresponding 5-digit code numbers that can be recognised by the central locking control unit and printed out by the V.A.G 1551. Fault codes appear only on print-out. Before replacing a component shown as faulty check wiring and connections to component

AUDI A6 C4 Help I lost my key

I just bought a used 2002 A6 Avant. It came with one switchblade remote and avalet key. Ive lost the remote and the valet only cranks the car and then stops. I called the dealer in Dallas and he said it would be 135 for a new key and 139 to re-program it. Problem is that I have to bring the car to them to have it re-programed and its over 50 miles away. He told me I would have to have it towed. On

One other thing - audis normally come with three different types of keys - the switchblade fob remote the valet key (metal key with plastic head) and the master which is plastic only (no metal at all). Dont try to use the plastic key (master) in the ignition - its omly purpose is to cut more keys from. If you break it off in the ignition youre really screwed. If you are using the metal bladeplastic

AUDI A6 naviagation plus light onoff and ignition onoff

hi guys i wonder if any one can help me on this recently i got a navigation plus system(RNS D)off ebay and i decided to install it my self.all went well the only issue am having now is that the lights on is not working and also the navi doesnt switch off when you take the keys out. i had a look at the wiring diagram and just below where it says SAFE my guess is i need to tap onto that terminal but

AUDI A6 Engine wont turn off

Hi all Let me just say that I am a first time poster and am extremely impressed with this site I am already learning all sorts of great stuff. Just bought my 99 A6 (only 44000 miles) a few months ago from a good friend who rarely drove it and took very good care of it. As I was parking last night I turned to the off position and realized the car was still running. The lights CD players etc. were all

Quote ORIGINAL audicaff Thanks for any of the ideas guys. There is no aftermarket alarm or remote start on the car. I did get a new CD deck put in it last week. Curious thing happened last night though... the car turned off when it should have then I got back into the car to get my phone and the cluster and cd player turned on again Im assuming its something electrical- could those guys at best buy

Best Buy and audi are not a good combination... I would ask them to undoo the CD deck to see if that makes things work OK. If that dosent fix the problem Id look at the ignition switch. The key section and contacts are seperate pieces. The small blade that connects them breaks or bends easily. Since the vehicle has low miles something might be hanging up in the ley-switch mechanism. A long shot might

I dont know about the C5 chassis but the C4 chassis ignition switch was a major failure item. The symptoms of the failure were many and varied some that I experienced were the car would start but no instruments car would start but the starter motor would keep running (and if you did not catch it it would fry itself) car would start but no lights car would not start. I suppose an case were the car would

AUDI A6 C5 A6 2003 central locking problem - HELP

Hi I have browsed the forum and google for solutions but could not find anything directly relevant to the problems I experience. I am hoping someone here will be able to help I am giving a precise description below which I hope will encourage the fellow forum members to a valuable response... THE CAR A6 (C5) 2003 avant sport 1.9 TDI - UK version (right hand drive) BACKGROUND The car was left for 10

AUDI A6 C4 HELP Car wont start Cranks fine.. Im seriously baffled now

Hi My 2000 audi A6 2.8 30v APR engine will crank fine but is just not starting. The main issue is the fuel pump does NOT prime turn on when you turn on the ignition key. The car has been running absolutely fine previously but this happened after I replaced all the vacuum lines (they were seriously brittle broken) dont think thats related though Anyway things Ive done thus far 1. Replaced Fuel Pump

AUDI Key Fob not workin b5 s4

so i took the batteries out of my key fob to replace them and now nothing works with it. someone told me i would need to reprogram the key fob to the car. when i bought the car it did not come with a owners manual and i tried a search on here and nothingcame up that could help me. do you need to reprogram the key fob for the keyless entry or not and if so how would i go about doing that

Reprograming is easy. Reprogramming audi switchblade keys Craig Liess 2000 The previous FAQ entry on this item had some mistakes (and it confused the hell out of me) so I decided to make it a bit more user-friendly and add a few tips and pointers. Id imagine these directions will work on any A4S4 with the switchblade keys. If you own a TT A6 or A8 with these keys try and see if the directions below

AUDI A6 C6 a6 2005 hestitaing to start

Hello I am a current owner of a 2005 a6 I have been going back and forth with many dealership with my issue. Everytime i go to another dealer its a different issue. My issues is When cold in the morning the car hesitate to starts I turn the key and nothing all electrical kicks on inside the car but wont start. Sometimes leaving the key on it will automatically kick on few seconds later And sometimes

not transfer voltage as well as it used to. If the outer housing is cracked then it spreads the contacts inside farther apart. When you turn the key to start sometimes nothing would happen other times it would start normally. But when it would the starter would crank over as fast as normal if you had a battery on its way out the starter would crank the engine slower than it normally would. Older audi

AUDI A6 No power to starter

My son purchased a 1995 A6 which has been running until a couple days a go when he went to start it and it was dead. Its a 1995 A6 Base automatic with 140k. I searched the forum and found bits and pieces of information so I thought Id ask to verify. The symptoms are all electrical works except when the key is turned to start no signal to the startersolenoid. I took the starter out and also checked

AUDI A6 Wont start....Only click.

I have a 97 a6 avant 2.8L of which i bought last night. Started many times last night as i used it to run errands. I went to work at 2300 and got off at 0730. Now it was down to probably -15 deg F last night so it was pretty cold. When i went to start the car to go home it clicked and didnt even try to start. it sounded like the click came from under the hood. I tried a few more times and still only

a no crank no start issue that was actually related to the ignition switch. Through expanding and contracting and countless turns of the key over the years the switch finally begins to break down and the contacts no longer serve their purpose when they are really cold. Im not sure whether or not your 97 uses the same type of ignition switch. Another member pointed out that after 2003 or 2004 audi

AUDI A6 C5 C5 A6 Tiptronic issues and more Help Needed...

Hello Just found this forum and hopefully itll be of great help I recently bought a 1998 V6 DOHC Tiptronic A6. And everything was working fine till the day i installed an Aftermarket Radio in it.. Then all the problems occurred Limp Mode Tip tronic failure and (N110 from the looks of it) So fixed the Limp mode by replacing my Mass Air Flow And still trying to figure out what would be the cause of

AUDI A6 Dead starter and smoke from engine.

Hello all 1999 audi A6 2.8 Quattro 187k miles Okay so I posted something about a dead battery or alternator about 1 month ago my car has been sitting since. Just today I jumped it and it started with no problem. Now I drove the car around for about 5 minutes then turned it off. I took the key out of the ignition put it back in the all the lights stayed on (which before the jump they would die out).

Quote Originally Posted by sal082388 Hello all 1999 audi A6 2.8 Quattro 187k miles Okay so I posted something about a dead battery or alternator about 1 month ago my car has been sitting since. Just today I jumped it and it started with no problem. Now I drove the car around for about 5 minutes then turned it off. I took the key out of the ignition put it back in the all the lights stayed on (which

AUDI A6 A6 - Drivers door sensor

98 A6 quattro - My door sensor on the drivers door is not working. When I open the door the interior lights dont turn on but if I open another door the interior lights do turn on. Also on the display will not show if that door is open and the car is running but if I open another door with the car running the display shows if other doors are open. Any ideas what to check Thanks

off the door. Place on a moving blanket to prevent scratches. Now you can flip down the keeper to release the external door handle connection slide that plate as Padog mentioned and wiggle the latch mechanism out. You will see why this switch fails routinely its rubbing directly on the cam formed by the swinging retainer in the latch mechanism. Bad design. Of course you cant buy this switch from audi

AUDI A6 C6 2006 A6 3.2 FSI 7sp Triptronic - Non starter

Hi All I swear i carry the curse of the audi... Ive had my engine rebuilt then my triptronic replaced. Lovely car but sometimes its a complete beast. It seems every time its an electrical problem one way or another. Anywho... Recently my car has not been starting. I put the key in and turn it nothing happens its just dead. Take it out put it back in and it starts fine drives fine. This has been happening

Next time you experience this problem try the following Turn the key like you would to start the car. If it doesnt start SLOWLY release the key back towards you as if you were going to turn the car off. If it is what I think it is you may get lucky and are able to start the car in this manner for a few times. This is usually the case with a faulty ignition switch when cold weather arrives. You just

AUDI A6 coolant reservoir melted - cause or effect

My 95 A6 Avant had major electrical disfunction on Friday - like a sticky ignition switchkey barrel - cutting outrestarting on its own even ran with key out of car. Left it switched off (so I thought) at roadside. Came back 6 hours later no car. Was then told it went up in smoke and fire dept had it towed away. Got car back today 1st thing I see is no coolant and a hole just underneath the tank - signs

AUDI A6 Headlights Stay On

Good Day 1999 A6 210k (2.8) No auto switch- Headlights are manually turned on. This is a US model so no daytime running lights. With key in ignition the headlights only stay on- parking lights etc..are off. When I turn switch to on- all is normal Hi Beams work etc... this is acting like daytime running lights - Your help is appreciated- just happened after al these years

AUDI A6 C5 Timing belt replacement DIY guide for 2002 A6 3.0L

Hi Guys I went through the whole forum but couldnt find a place where I can get DIY guide to replace Timing Belt on 2002 A6 3.0L. Can someone please point me to a place where I can get the instructions I can do normal DIY on my car like changing oil coolant etc. But this would be my first time doing the Timing Belt Want to do it to save money and for fun. Any suggestions What are the chances of screwing it up

ribbed belt >Page 13-15. [ul] Tightening torques Component Nm Eccentric wheel to front sealing flange 45 Camshaft sprocket to camshaft 100 Plug in cylinder block 25 Ribbed belt tensioner to cylinder block M8 23 M10 40 Pulley to vane pump 23 [IMG]localupfiles120924F8E7125A1DA4FF78A7C540C0EF732E8.jpg[IMG] [IMG]localupfiles120920DF42036C84C42A19262046DB15E41D4.jpg[IMG] [IMG]localupfiles12092BA60DFCF23754DF883DEA220D5F582DA.jpg[IMG]

AUDI A6 Please take load off steering - HELP

I have 2006 A6 4.2 that wont start. When I put the key in the ignition I hear a clicking noise from the steering wheel area (about 4 to 5 clicks) and the in dash mini display reads Please take load off steering and then the car turns off. Same thing happens when I try to use the push button engine start switch. Anyone got any ideas

AUDI A6 C5 2001 2.8 quattro wont start and more

I was at the gas station and my car would crank and wouldnt start. A minute later I tried again and it worked. The car drove home fine but when I got home it wouldnt start again. I tried jumping the car but nothing. The car has a new starter and ignition switch. I took the cover off the fuel pump and dont hear it activating although with a test light I found I have power at the pump. While troubleshooting

AUDI local with vag-com

Hey guys Im pretty new to the audi world with a recent purchase of a higher milage s4. I love the car but of course there are some things Id like to fix. First off Id like to fix the keyless. Each key fob works (as in it is putting out a signal) however I cant program them to the car. From what Ive gathered there is something in the computer I need to clear out to get these to work. So the point is

I found this on the interweb Quote httpwww.audiworld.comtechmisc13.shtml The previous FAQ entry on this item had some mistakes (and it confused the hell out of me) so I decided to make it a bit more user-friendly and add a few tips and pointers. Id imagine these directions will work on any A4S4 with the switchblade keys. If you own a TT A6 or A8 with these keys try and see if the directions below work


Hey Gang I have taken the liberty of compiling a list of terms that we commonly see in the world of Volkswagenaudi Group or Volkswagen Aktiengesellschaft (VAG) cars. Most of these terms include those that are VAGs own internal names andor wording jargon that comes from popular sites like ClubB5 (CB5) and Passat World etc. as well as general car terms that we use for cars other than those made by VAG.

VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT B5 GLOSSARY - Explanation of VAG terminology and abbreviations by FastLane

Compiled and written by Mark M (FastLane) Most Common VAGB5 Abbreviations and Terms. 1.8T 1.8L Turbocharged Engine One of the many designations of different engines used in VAG cars. However the 1.8T is the base engine in the Passat the V6 (not VR6) and W8 are optional engines in the North American markets. Elsewhere there are 1.9L Diesels (See TDI) and 2.0 four cylinder versions as well just to name

VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT B5 B5 AEB Cruise Control Debug Question

Ive been trying to debug my non-functional cruise control and following the steps outlined here How to troubleshoot cruise control Specifically Im failing this test - Probes on 11 and 5. ignition on cruise on. Should see 12V Push Brake pedal - should drop to 0V. Release should return to 12V. Push Clutch pedal - should drop to 0V. Release should return to 12V. This tests the functionality of the clutch

Diagnostics for the cruise control system Found at least in VW Passat B5 96-99 and audi A4 B5 with 1.8T 20V AEB other models with drive by cable might apply. Car model (which the diagnostics were performed on) - VW Passat 1.8T Tiptronic Wagon - Engine code AEB - Transmission code CJQ - Throttle type Drive-by-cable Cruise control module - Brand Hella - Manufacturer code 5GA 004 397-16 4DO 907 305


Ok I had searched High and Low for the pinouts of my MCS. Every thread conveniently points you to wolfgangs site which does not work anymore. Hence in my effort to search for the pinouts of my SUV I stumbled upon many other years as well. The following is a mumble jumble of data cutcopypasted from various sites. You can search for your own model and try finding some reference. I hope it saves all of

KIA OPTIMA Radioshack Alarm Buzzer (Under 5) Help Please

Im planning on doing this today its mod under 5. Sucks for me my optima doesnt beep or notify by sound when I arm and disarm it its an LX. So Im need some help on where to tap in to make it work. Any advice This guy isnt me Its just showing yall what im planning on doing.

Heres some pinouts of the BCM straight from KGIS. Looks like B12 might be a good place to start. Pin Arrangement - httpswww.kiatechinfo.comviewerd...stfbe1090n.gif Connector A No. Name Description A1 V_B Supply power to BCM A2 L_IGN1 ignition1 voltage signal input A3 L_IGN2 ignition2 voltage signal input A4 L_ACC Accessory voltage signal input A5 L_MIST SW Wiper mist switch signal input A6 L_TAIL LAMP

VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT B6 doubleA drives the PQ46 Passat Pics inside

Usually when I get a phone call from Volkswagen its from credit and I dont want to talk to them. So last week when I got a call from a gentleman in the DriverGear accessories group I figured it might be safe to return it. Whats the worst it could be Good thing I did because it resulted in 36 hours with the new Passat. Not just any new Passat either. The Waterfest Passat. I picked it up from VWoA

LEXUS GS IV L10 2013 Lexus GS 350 Road Test

The 2013 Lexus GS 350 sheds its predecessors boring skin and emerges as a bona fide luxury sport sedan. What It Is A true midsize luxury sport sedan alternative for those tired of BMW audi and Mercedes-Benz Best Thing The first Lexus in years that feels special. Worst Thing We dont own one. Snap Judgment The best car Lexus currently builds. What makes a luxury car worth its price Objectively theres

MERCEDES BENZ 124 124 E320 engine cut out

Hi there are a few similar threads to mine so sorry if youve read this before. Car runs well approaching a stop from a high speed the car sometimes cuts out. Just like the key was turned off no splutter just lights on the dash come on. its possible that it only happens when the car is going downhill and the brakes are applied which makes me think that there may be an inertia factor (lose wire fuel sloshing etc). The fuel filter is due for a change could this be the problem Mike.

Check relays for corrossion loose connections and other obvious signs. Testing can only be done with another identical relay and see if anything happens. Sometimes moisture gets between the relay and connector and can cause weird issues or fitting on the connector needs to be cleaned up and crimped to make a rocksolid connection. Some relays like the OVP & fuel relay go bad with time as well and need to be replaced even if they look good and work OK for the moment. The OVP relay is notorious for causing problems and was revised numerous times during W124 production. You should not have more than a couple of keys hanging off your W124 keyring. Too much weight will prematurely wear out the ignition switch. It happened to my former audi A6 as well.

MERCEDES BENZ 124 124 1991 300e windows seats wiper sunroof high beam cigarette lighter NOT WORKING

Help Ive looked for blown fuses none. changed some of them still not working. I really cant figure this out. -Doors open seats work -Auto windows with keys work (sunroof doesnt though) -key in cigarette lighter light goes off (if interior lights are on) -key out cigarette light comes back on -seats work with door open -havent gotten the sunroof to work at all though. -high beam flasher doesnt work

although audis are way different i had a similar issue with my a6 and it turned out to be the ignition switch maybe try jiggling the key (back forth side to side in and out) while trying to turn on the headlights etc. just my two cents doesnt hurt to try.

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