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audi a6 ignition cable C5
audi a6 ignition cable C5

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AUDI A6 High current draw when ignition is off drains battery.

Car 0203 audi A6 Avant (4B C5) 1.8 T quattro manual trans. Problem Battery goes flat over night. Findings Battery voltage at rest charged 12.6V Alternator Charging voltage 14.2V Current draw (measured via negative battery cable to negative battery terminal) when ignition is off More than 2A. Excess current draw ceases when fuses 15 (Kombigerat Klimaanlage) and 37 (Telefon Radio) are pulled. When ONLY

AUDI A6 starter or ignition switch very important help

Im having trouble with trying to figure out the problem with my car. Up untill today I thought it was the starter. I had the battery and alt tested so I just thought the only thing left is the starter. But after doing some reading it sounds like the ignition switch has went bad.. a few days ago when I went to go home from work I got into my car turned the key and it rolled over once (very weak) and

I had a similar problem with my daughters 95 audi 90. Turned out to be the ignition switch the B4 and C4 chassis cars were notorious for this problem. I tested it by using a wire to connect the positive terminal on the starter solenoid to the battery directly. The power to the starter motor (big cable) is unswitched from the battery to the the starter solenoid. All the starter needs is some low current

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AUDI A6 C5 Howto A6 C5 get a new working key and fob for less than 50

Hi heres a short write-up on how to get a new key and fob for your C5 A6 for less than 50 (not including softwareinterfaces). I had a tremendous time trying to figure this out and hope this helps others. 1. Get the right tools VAG Commander cable (I used v1.4) and VCDS cable (I used the latest version but other versions should work). 2. Get the right parts 2a. Split your fob in half using a small

AUDI A6 C4 HELP Car wont start Cranks fine.. Im seriously baffled now

Hi My 2000 audi A6 2.8 30v APR engine will crank fine but is just not starting. The main issue is the fuel pump does NOT prime turn on when you turn on the ignition key. The car has been running absolutely fine previously but this happened after I replaced all the vacuum lines (they were seriously brittle broken) dont think thats related though Anyway things Ive done thus far 1. Replaced Fuel Pump

AUDI A6 C5 A6 2003 central locking problem - HELP

Hi I have browsed the forum and google for solutions but could not find anything directly relevant to the problems I experience. I am hoping someone here will be able to help I am giving a precise description below which I hope will encourage the fellow forum members to a valuable response... THE CAR A6 (C5) 2003 avant sport 1.9 TDI - UK version (right hand drive) BACKGROUND The car was left for 10

AUDI A6 C5 Problems on my new 1998 Audi A6 2.8L

Hey everyone. I finally got my FIRST audi A6 Quattro. its a 1998 year model but its condition (exterior and interior) are excellent. Only one door dent and a few scratch at one side which I will get it fix and the interior is perfect with only some stains on the roof area so I will shampoo later today. I drove 300miles down and drove 300 miles back to NY after I paid for it from Washington DC all the

- Transmission problem I had same problems I took it to dealers I had to pay for 2 hours of inspection after which I was told that my trasmission needed to be changed(new tranny on 98 audi A6 Quattro 8000-9000 ). I took it from dealers and had it chacked out at local garage. We retreived codes i had bout 16 codes retreived deleted all of them turned off the car and in 5 minutes turned back on guess

AUDI A6 Cylinder misfire audi

CYLIDER MISFIRE ON STARTUP Then runs fine I receive many inquiries on this so I wanted to post a thread to help out with the diagnosis. Just in case your symptoms are a little different I included some other stuff to look into. Diagnosis is not a method of fortune telling however i do offer those services for a fee individual results may vary... Remember If you solve your problems post your resolutions

AUDI A6 car will not start

Hi everyone name is Brian I have lived in Spain for 11 years and have an audi A6 2.4 2002.Its now been in the workshop of a local Spanish mechanic for 4 weeks and he still can not find a solution.The problem is when the engine is hot it will not even crank.So far he has changed the ignition computer switch and the relay and now he thinks it might be the cable to the automatic gearbox inhibitor switchhis

AUDI A6 C5 1999 A6 2.8L 30V - not starting after head work

No real surprise. 1999 A6 2.8 30V. Changed cam seals plugs chain tensioner crank ventialtion etc. After timing done and checked hand cranked a few times. Check timing marks again. With belts and valve covers back on cranked a few revolution without plugs. Installed plugs and connected First crank no go. Just a few fires but not even close. Several more tries. Nothing. Starting with the simple a) can

AUDI A6 A6 - Drivers door sensor

98 A6 quattro - My door sensor on the drivers door is not working. When I open the door the interior lights dont turn on but if I open another door the interior lights do turn on. Also on the display will not show if that door is open and the car is running but if I open another door with the car running the display shows if other doors are open. Any ideas what to check Thanks

off the door. Place on a moving blanket to prevent scratches. Now you can flip down the keeper to release the external door handle connection slide that plate as Padog mentioned and wiggle the latch mechanism out. You will see why this switch fails routinely its rubbing directly on the cam formed by the swinging retainer in the latch mechanism. Bad design. Of course you cant buy this switch from audi

AUDI A6 Airbag Light Still on after Airbag Control Module was Replaced

I have just finished completing the replacement of my Airbag control module with a brand new one from the dealership (755) to rid myself from the infamous 65535 - Internal Control Module Memory Error. Upon putting everything back together and reconnecting the battery I started the car and the airbag light still remained on. I then realized that I had to soft code the new module so I took the soft code

Quote Originally Posted by Joel79 Yes code 65535 is very nasty This is a common issue on these VWaudi year 1999-2003 it is caused by bad hardware or wiring and usually when it is cold or the battery is low or dead will cause this memory problem. Also some 3rd party VAG-COM tools can store this code after scanning the system. What happens is when the computer readswrites data the bits get flipped and

AUDI A6 C5 2003 A6 V6 - fault code P112017528 - B2S1 oxygen sensor replace

2003 A6 V6 automatic (no turbo no quattro) 71700 miles Check engine light on. Car starts and runs o.k. Checking with ross-tech cable and software shows 17528 - oxygen (Lambda) sensor heating B2 S1 P1120-004 - open circuit - intermittent. To replace the part I used following spare parts and tools 01 part & tools.jpg Bosch Oxygen sensor part 17113 (with connector) purchased from Auto Zone (online) for

Terminal 30 is the () terminal on the starter motor. Its what the () lead of the battery is connected to. When you disconnect the battery or it goes dead the ECU senses that the voltage going to the starter is too low and logs the code. VgRt6 So you should be able to ignoreclear all the terminal 30 codes. Terminal 15 is Switched Positive Voltage B from ignition starter switch k harley Again could

AUDI A6 Neither Fan Operates - Trouble Shooting Help Please

So Ive got a great older model 1997 A6 2.8 Quattro that runs perfectly - except Ive been trying to get to the bottom of an issue with my fans not coming on. Im at my wits end with readingsearching forums to no avail - you fine folks are my last hope. Let me preface this post with Im not too handy with electrical issues the lingo is a bit confusing to me. So even if you type reeeeal slooow I still may

So Ive snapped the test light onto the negative battery cable jabbed the test light into the negative post and the thing lights up. With the key turned to accessory it lights up a little brighter. I pulled every fuse one by one from the box in the dash board drivers side by door to see if I could get the test light to got out. Nothing worked so I proceeded to do the same thing for all the few fuses

It looks like the company I used actually knows its stuff a lot better than all the other sources I found for information I got another TSS and that one read 13kOhm so apparently everything Ive found on the internet (and in AllData) could be wrong and 1314kOhm for the TSS is correct. I rebuilt the transmission back up again (getting good at it - I can go from valve body out to transmission filled in

AUDI A4 B5 ABS light and Brake Light flashing - vag-com(diy) or shop- need insight please

Hello My ABS light is constantly on (yellow). Sometimes when I turn on the car it does not come on (a very dreadful moment) because then when I drive above 20 mph the brakes engage automatically and I have to slow down or turn off the car and hope the ABS light comes on when I turn it on. If I drive slowly the ABS light eventually engages again which stops the automatic brake engagement. Also sometimes

up I mean Push the sensor all of the way down and then pull it slowly up about 1.2mm - 0.6mm. Use a black marker to help with measuring where the top when you have pushed it all of the way down. Today I experienced similar thing and I found the true answer It seems that so many people change or refurbish ABS system without knowing this ABS system and sensor is not gone All Bosch car Benz BMW VW audi

VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT B5 B5 AEB Cruise Control Debug Question

Ive been trying to debug my non-functional cruise control and following the steps outlined here How to troubleshoot cruise control Specifically Im failing this test - Probes on 11 and 5. ignition on cruise on. Should see 12V Push Brake pedal - should drop to 0V. Release should return to 12V. Push Clutch pedal - should drop to 0V. Release should return to 12V. This tests the functionality of the clutch

Diagnostics for the cruise control system Found at least in VW Passat B5 96-99 and audi A4 B5 with 1.8T 20V AEB other models with drive by cable might apply. Car model (which the diagnostics were performed on) - VW Passat 1.8T Tiptronic Wagon - Engine code AEB - Transmission code CJQ - Throttle type Drive-by-cable Cruise control module - Brand Hella - Manufacturer code 5GA 004 397-16 4DO 907 305


Ok I had searched High and Low for the pinouts of my MCS. Every thread conveniently points you to wolfgangs site which does not work anymore. Hence in my effort to search for the pinouts of my SUV I stumbled upon many other years as well. The following is a mumble jumble of data cutcopypasted from various sites. You can search for your own model and try finding some reference. I hope it saves all of

BMW SERIES 5 F10 F11 New BMW Owner - 1000 Mile Impression

Hi all Just bought my first ever BMW a 2013 Jet Black 550i xDrive with MSport Luxury Seating Cold Weather Sport Transmission wPaddles and Apps. My Summer car is a 2010 Corvette Grand Sport Convertible and living in MN I have to park it for 5 months a year which I hate. So I decided to dump my Winter truck (09 Tahoe) for something that was fun to drive and safe for MN Winters. I test drove the audi

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