audi a6 hose pipe wire

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audi a6 hose pipe wire C5
audi a6 hose pipe wire C5

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AUDI A6 C5 A6 C5 Fuel tank removal

I was under time constraints and didnt get to take many photos. This is more a procedure than a how to. Backstory Girlfriends 2002 A6 3.0 automatic had a fuel smell near the right rear door andor wheel... worse when driving vigorously to the point of being evident through the sunroof if the fuel level was high. The bubblegum recall had been done. I drove an imaginary slalom pretty aggressively up and

AUDI A6 Cylinder misfire audi

CYLIDER MISFIRE ON STARTUP Then runs fine I receive many inquiries on this so I wanted to post a thread to help out with the diagnosis. Just in case your symptoms are a little different I included some other stuff to look into. Diagnosis is not a method of fortune telling however i do offer those services for a fee individual results may vary... Remember If you solve your problems post your resolutions

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AUDI A6 C5 1999 A6 2.8L 30V - not starting after head work

No real surprise. 1999 A6 2.8 30V. Changed cam seals plugs chain tensioner crank ventialtion etc. After timing done and checked hand cranked a few times. Check timing marks again. With belts and valve covers back on cranked a few revolution without plugs. Installed plugs and connected First crank no go. Just a few fires but not even close. Several more tries. Nothing. Starting with the simple a) can

AUDI A6 Secondary Air Injection System Insufficient Flow in Bank 1 and Bank 2

audi Gurus I have a 2001 audi A6 with a 2.7T engine (65000 miles) that recently fell victim to the following fault codes 2 Faults Found 17831 - Secondary Air Injection System Bank 1 Insufficient Flow P1423 - 35-00 - - 17819 - Secondary Air Injection System Bank 2 Insufficient Flow P1411 - 35-00 - - Readiness 0000 0000 In following up with a local audi mechanic he suggested starting with replacing the

Actuatorsolenoid... My bad. It is located pretty much underneath the y-pipe back of the intake slightly to the passenger side. You should see an wire connector going to the top and a vacuum line going to it. Both the combination valves at the rear of the heads are controlled by this solenoid. If the vacuum line from the solenoid to the combination valves is damaged the you will get that code. Also check the vacuum line from the solenoid to the source which is the vacuum reservoir. As for the clips I was referring to a 2.8 set up which has plastic clips attached to the hose. For 2.7 a hose clamp... Just push the hose until the end butts the tabs. You may find the post 8 on this thread interesting... httpforums.audiworld.comshowthread.phpt1723357

AUDI Looking for Relocation kit for Aux. water pumpDIY without removing manifold

Anyone sell it Can the hoses be fitted without removing the manifold

Quote Originally Posted by Im almost positive it can not be done without the intake mani being removed. Its very possible without removing the intake manifold. You just have to be prepared with ALL the right tools and replacement parts TOOLS Long flat screwdriver Long needle nose pliers with 90deg bent tips(KEY) Allen hex bits(for removing SAI unit from Tiptronic A6allroads) PARTS Bosch


I wanted to post my personal results and experience with doing this swap. A little bit about what I used what I did and how it works. What you need and the price. A more realistic cost list Volvo Fan or Taurus 3.8L Fan - 32.993.00core2.00enviro5.99pigtail 43.99 Volvo Relay pack (listed below) - 5.99 Saab Temperature Switch Housing or equivalent (custom made) - 5.99 Dual Stage Temperature Switch - 21.99

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