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MERCEDES BENZ SLK R170 Audi A6 Headrest Mod - PICS

Got this idea from Bobs headrest thread . The donor was a 2000 audi A6 4.2 monster. Its safe to say that all 1998-2004 audi A6 sedan rear headrests will work. The front headrests appeared too large so I didnt bother. They are very comfy and have tilt(see last pic) unlike our skinny and tiltless headrests. Enjoy

Quote Originally Posted by rpiotro I like that. But what did the audi owner have to say about his missing headrests Just tell him he should move up (from audi) to the Mercedes headrest. And you happens to have a set that fits and match his color too.

Quote Originally Posted by RKH Just tell him he should move up (from audi) to the Mercedes headrest. And you happens to have a set that fits and match his color too. I was very keen to point out that he was very fortunate for me to even consider letting go of exquisite Mercedes headrests for borderline second-rate audis. I suggested front seat driverpassenger placement. I do not know of any other headrests

Good work Mythical I really like the look of them. I had my car in the garage today (aircon issues) and they had an A6 in that they said I could try the headrests but when I returned to collect my car the audi had gone so I am glad someone else managed to get some photos on here. AllI have to do now is find a pair

Im thinking he engineers at MB made the slk headrest the profile it is for a reason. In a rear end crash whiplash is a very important concern. The audi headrest will hold your head forward in a crash this may make the top few vertebrae distend and give problems Thoughts

AUDI A6 A6 Headrest repair

My college-age son has a 2003 A6 3.0. Recently a friend rode with him & lifted the psgr-side headrest to its highest position. After the drive he tried to return it to original (i.e. lowest) position without success. Now the headrest will not return to its original position. A dealer took a look at it & estimated 400 to repair.[(] Is there an cheaper way to fix this problem With direction from

I dont understand why it isnt going in take the headrest all the way out and depress the release button on the headrest itself check to see if the release is actually working. If it is there is probably a problem with the tube inside the seat which needs to be replaced.

The left hole has a small diameter wire clip that you have to push the left leg of the headrest past to get it to go in. It takes a little force to get it. The wire is the retainer to keep the headrest from being pulled all the way out during adjustment. Which is lame as the roof prevents that Release the seat tilt it forward and youll be able to look right down there

View Headrest for AUDI A6

AUDI A6 Bonehead move-how to remove improperly inserted rear headrest

2001 A6 Avant. Was reinstalling rear headrests after having seats folded down for large cargo move. Not paying attention I inserted one of the headrests backwards. Now cannot pull it out bc the side locking mechanism does not line up with the notches in the headrest post. Is there any way out of this

AUDI A6 C4 97 A6 Headrest Removal

Trying to put on sheepskin seatcovers and can not figure out how to remove the headrest It is not in the stock manual May sound silly the rear come off easily but the front do not have an obvious means of removal is there a special tool Any help is hugely appreciated Thanks

Not sure how to take the front ones off all I would say is pull which might not be the best idea but how did the rear ones come off

I just went out and tried and i just held the button down till they were all the way up and then I kept pulling and leaned the seat back because i needed more room and it just came off....with the bars still attached but it came off.

do you know how to get the driver and passenger head rest out of an 1997 audi a6 quattro

Sit in the rear seat. Pop up the matching color circle trim piece. Look under the left side of the white connector. There is a small round cutout that partially reveals a wire spring clip. Using a small flat screwdriver hold back the leather while sliding the pin to the left and out. Do the same for the other headrest post. Pull up and slide of the headrest assembly.

AUDI A6 C7 Bought the car on 104 so its time to make some changes

I got a 2012 A6 2.0T Premium all stock So the first thing I needed to do was to get tints (35% all around) plus remove the chrome that was around the grille and the windows. Then smoked the taillights and removed the A6 and the 2.0T off the trunk And lastly. took off the license plate altogether I think the car looks cleaner this way Now my next step is putting on black rims and changing my headlights

Added the headrest DVD players so my daughter can watch her cartoons on roadtrips and stop nagging me. Plus I lowered the ride by 1.4 with the H&R springs. Id like to lower it more to be honest but Ill take the 1.4 for now as opposed to spending more dough on coilovers Before And after

AUDI A8 D2 2000 A8 My headrest wont stay up.

I dont have the button like my A6 I have the electronic button on the dash that is supposed to bring them all down at the same time. I Imagine that is the problem that there are some sort of locking mechinism that has retracted and not working. Anyone repair this problem yet. Im gonna need a bigger bag of cable ties

BMW SERIES 5 E60 E61 2010 BMW 535i xdrive Wagon vs Audi A6 Avant

Hello I am deciding between a 2010 BMW 535i xdrive wagon and a 2010 audi A6 Avant. The motivation behind this purchase is for a larger car because my wife and I are expecting our first child and hence need the additional space. Couple of questions 1. We are hoping to install the car seat in the center (been told thats the safest position) - is one car more suited to a center positioned car seat than

In our 08 535xit we put the car seat in the spot behind the passenger. This leaves room for taller drivers such as myself to still find a comfortable seat position without having to adjust the car seat between driver. I found that both in the middle and behind the driver I just couldnt find a comfortable seat position which I felt was a bigger safety risk then the actual seat location. When we have


-Hello Im new to the forumand have a 1998 SLKGreat car but terrible headrest.I Installed rear headrest from a 1998 audi A6 and they are a perfect fit. They also tilt. The front ones are a bit to big. Great Forum

MERCEDES BENZ SLK R170 R170 headrests suck. Is it mod time

How many people here actually rest their head on the headrest when they drive I bet 15% tops. Most of us do not use the headrest at all. [(] The reason is it is not an ergonomic design. The head is naturally around 12 degrees angled forward from your back. Yet the SLK headrest assumes that you are a 0-degree flat board. [)] Z3s feel better to sit in than an SLK [0] This is just plain wrong. [V] So

Ive put audi A6 (rears) in mine and they are much better than the originals I think. I got them off ebay...and got the idea from here httpwww.benzworld.orgforumsr170...-mod-pics.html

oh YES those audi A6 headrests look good Ill def take a look for a pair of them Thanks Damo

BMW X5 E70 Sat in an audi this past weekend...

Brand new A8 audi.....the seats were like a cloud. Unreal I was in miami. The car did not feel agile though how do the comfort seats feel in the x5 I never got a chance to experience them.

S-Class and 7 Series so it is not agile in the sporting sense. It is however a beautiful car with a wonderful interior IMHO. One of the interesting things about the older A8s is they seem to lose value quicker than either the S or 7. Probably because people are not aware of what really good cars they are (and of course the lower powered engine). I love the car but could not see myself driving an audi.


Hello guys Im asking this on behalf of few friends in MB Portugal forum. How do we unlock dvd play with car in motion The unit is a Comand APS NTG4 Thanks a lot

this is for a friend of mine. In my audi A6 I have a multimedia system with also an LCD in one of the headrests (therefore 2 screens). This LCD is connected to the multimedia sistem in the dashboard but is dual-zone which means I can watch TV in the radio while my kid can see a movie in the LCD back there. In the mercedes if we install a extrenal LCD will this situation still persists or will override meaning that someone seating in the back seat can watch DVD in a LCD placed in the headrest

CHEVROLET CORVETTE C6 August 2012 C6 Corvette GM Parts Specials -

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TESLA ROADSTER My initial thoughtsfeedback on my 4060kwh Model S

Disclaimer other Tesla owners please dont get too defensive there are tons of good things about the car and its a great first-attempt at a new concept but this is my feedback focusing mainly on the negatives and what I would change its been almost a week500 miles with the Tesla here are my initial thoughts [hide] [top] A) Its a good car decently well made with some cool features but its not a revolutionary

You can be sure that BMW despite the spin control is very concerned about this report and the damage it might do to their safety reputation. You can also be sure that BMW will be working quickly to address and correct whatever caused the low score. This happened to audi when the A6 was tested. They had a headrest problem and rushed into production a fix. They then paid for a re-test which resulted

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  • AUDI A6 2003 REAR MIDDLE SEAT LEATHER HEADREST BLACK - Bolton,United Kingdom (35.00 GBP)
  • AUDI A6 AVANT REAR LEATHER HEADREST IN GREY 1999 MODEL - Saxmundham,United Kingdom (29.95 GBP)
  • NEW GENUINE AUDI A6 C5 FRONT BLACK LEATHER HEADREST COVER - 4B0 881 921 AA 73G - Crewe,United Kingdom (12.50 GBP)
  • NEW AUDI A6 C5 REAR PLATINUM BUFFALINO LEATHER HEADREST COVER 4B0 885 921 T 4D6 - Crewe,United Kingdom (45.00 GBP)

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