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AUDI A6 C6 Just got a 2008 A6 4.2 Quattro. Few questions on headlights and paint

Just got this about 3 weeks ago has around 100k miles on it but looks like its brand new. I want to add onto it a bit (not a whole lot) and change some things like the paint job. So here come the questions. Ill include a (pretty bad) picture of the car. First is it possible to install LED headlights on an older model of the A6 I really love the look of the LEDs on the newer cars and Id like to put

AUDI A6 C5 2001 a6 4.2 headlight cant find anything that fits

I was searching ebay and google and cant find for 01 4.2. My headlamp covers are cracked and i need to replace them or get some after market lights. Where can i find lights that will fit 01 4.2 Help Thanks

Quote Originally Posted by iaintslow I was searching ebay and google and cant find for 01 4.2. My headlamp covers are cracked and i need to replace them or get some after market lights. Where can i find lights that will fit 01 4.2 Help Thanks Well if youre handy you could purchase this one (passenger side) and swap the guts from your current headlights into the lens Hella Head light for audi A6 4.2

I looked for a while for aftermarket headlights for my 4.2. As I am sure you have learned the 4.2 is wider (wide body) than the rest of the A6 line. The only headlight I found was on eBay and had angel eyes (to BMW for me). The sesond problem with the one set I found on eBay is they were 3-wire headlights mine are four wire. Then you get in to the bi-xenon and self-leveling issues. I spoke with a vendor

View Headlight washer for AUDI A6

AUDI A6 A6 Adaptive Headlight Defect.

I have a 2006 audi A6 with a Adaptive Light Defect light on my dashboard. It has been diagnosed as the left headlight - 02627 - Left dynamic corner motor open short to The dealer told me that I need to replace my whole left headlight which is about 1300. Has anyone had a similar problem Any solutions to fix it that do not involve replacing the whole headlight Thanks

If you are mechanically inclined I would recommend removing the headlight and checking it carefully for damaged wiring. One member on another forum found a broken wire and fixed it for nothing. If you are not mechanically inclined or you find the problem is more serious purchase a used headlight assembly from FORCE5 Auto or Shokan and have it installed by a good independent audi shop.

Hello Everyone i have repaired myself this error and here is how first of all i thought it was just unbelievable to pay 1000 dollars for a headlight assembly just because audi couldnt do a good design any how here are the steeps 1.- Using VCDS go to headlights module 2.- make sure your lights are ON and shining ageist a wall so you can see them 3.- Clear the codes and observe which light doesnt turn

AUDI A6 Audi A6 Headlight problem

I have an audi A6 2tdi registered 2008. My problem started this morning. A sharp beep followed by a light bulb with a red cross across it on the speedo cluster lcd display. I noticed that the front nearside (Left) headlight bulb was out. I have renewed the bulb but the fault is still there. I have checked various fuses mentioned in the hand book. The off side light works perfectly. Has anyone got any

Quote Originally Posted by Amrik Mandair I have an audi A6 2tdi registered 2008. My problem started this morning. A sharp beep followed by a light bulb with a red cross across it on the speedo cluster lcd display. I noticed that the front nearside (Left) headlight bulb was out. I have renewed the bulb but the fault is still there. I have checked various fuses mentioned in the hand book. The off side

would like to permanently disconnect adjustable headlight leveling control warning light on audi Allroad A6. Once I know this is actually possible would like to do headlight upgrade to HID LED running light configuration. Have heard theres a way to tell programming that the car is now equipped with Halogen and that the level motor and warning light will be dead. Appreciate any all info necessary to manage this trick... thxs...

Billy on my A6 pulling fuse 10 kills the headlight adjustment warning icon.

AUDI A6 C7 2012 A6 2.0T LED headlights

I just got my 2012 A6 last nite so where can I get those beautiful LED headlights from My car has the basic headlights but one of the trademarks of the new audis is the sick led headlights. Ive looked around online all day but im seeing these cheap versions for 300-400 bucks each... Im expecting a hefty price for the authentic ones but i think i wanna make the upgrade

AUDI A6 Aftermarket Headlights Choices HELP

Hey everyone I understand that there are tons of posts concerning aftermarket headlights but I was unable to find exactly what I was looking for. I have a 2002 A6 3.0 Red exterior and was shopping for some aftermarket headlights but cant seem to make a selection. I was really interested in these but can NOT find a single picture of this model light on any 2002 A6 and was hoping you guys could send

Quote Originally Posted by javicho59 Could you post a picture how they look like. I am interested in buying this aftermarket led lights. I have an audi A6 2002 Something you might want to be careful about is the auto-leveling feature. Someone mentioned this previously in this thread and I thought I didnt have it but was apparently wrong. I believe that if your car already has HIDs then itll have the

AUDI A6 Headlights a6 new on the forum

Hello everyone. just got my self an A6 2.4 today. is an audi 2006 ok contions. but I need to fix some things. like the left headlight is not working. I tray to check but is to tide the space back there. how do I remove the lefthand headlight. I apriciate all the help

This might help. A6 C6 headlight replacement

AUDI A6 C6 Xenon Headlight Bulb for 2006 Audi A6

Guys Any suggestions on where i can buy cheaper headlight bulb for 2006 audi A6 It retails for more than 200 and I am trying to save some money. Thanks a lot

Does this look like right kind for A6 Philips D2S Xenon HID headlight Bulb Pack of 1 Automotive Philips D2S Xenon HID headlight Bulb Pack of 1 Automotive

AUDI A6 Led projector headlights

I have a 2002 A6 with the xenon self leveling headlights. Is there a model of LED projector headlights that I can replace them with I dont think it really matters if I lose the self leveling function and I dont really care if I lose that function.

You mean one that mimics the late-model cars with LEDs for running lights or one that uses LEDs for the main beam For the first theyre probably out there (like they are for the A4) and theyre probably crap (like they are for the A4). For the latter no. LED headlights are on the V10 R8 standard and as a 5000 option on the V8 model. No LED headlights are available for the A6.

I was looking at the ones that mimic the late model units. Spyder makes a unit as does a few other companies. 02-04 audi A6 LED DRL Euro Style HID Projector headlights - Chrome audi A6 2002 2003 2004 DRL LED Projector headlights - Black Automotive

AUDI A6 Headlight too Dim

Hello All I just bought my first audi A6 Quattro. I live in MD and have to do a State Inspection and the right headlight is too dim and wont pass the test. They changed the bulb and it still wont pass. I checked the fuses also and theyre good. Any help would be Greatly appreciated.

Quote Originally Posted by Manyaudis I think the location of the ballast depends on the year. On my 2008 the ballast is actually attached to the bulb. Changing them is quite easy once you gain access to the back of the headlight (a little tricky) Good catch I completely overlooked the fact that he didnt even list the year or trim. Usually when guys on this forum say audi A6 Quattro I just assume its the C5 platform. On the C5 the ballasts are located under the headlight assembly itself.

Quote Originally Posted by Zetekk Do i have to remove the bumper to do this Uhh.. not necessarily Hot damn headlights removed from my car this AM - audiWorld Forums But on the 02-04s there is a 4th lower bolt towards the radiator 03 A6 headlight removal. You can see it being discussed from post 19 on down. I have an 01 so Ive only had to deal with the 3 bolts. No sure how problematic it is getting

AUDI A6 Why Wont these Headlights work

Hello all Im new to the Forums here and i just bought an 2005 A6 Quattro. Itll be mine on Monday And anyway i was looking at these headlights Here 05 08 audi A6 Black Projector headlights Daytime DRL LED Running Lights Lamps eBay And it says that they wont fit Quattros Anyone know why... Thanks

AUDI A6 Headlight Armor

I have a 98 A6 2.8 did audi spec the same headlight on these cars thru model year 04. The headlight assemblies look the same. I ask because I would like to install headlight Armor film on my headlights and kits only spec fitment for 02 to 04. Any differences from a 98 headlight. TIA

AUDI A6 Question about Headlights

Hi guys my car is a 2008 audi a6 3.2L base. I had a little accident a week ago and broke my two headlights. I brought my car to my friend who owns a repair shop and he replace the two headlights with the adaptive headlights from a car that was total loss(so I dont have to buy two new ones). I am very sure that my car doesnt have the adaptive headlights installed before the accident(but it has the auto

AUDI A6 Headlight washer pump not working

I got my 2000 audi A6 2.7T back in October and is my first audi. I am working out some minor things and using this board as a valuable resource. Just for starters the windshield washer pump works fine. When I took out the inner wheel well liner I noticed the plug for the headlight washer plug was dangling free. I removed the tank and discovered there wasnt a headlight washer pump and the hole where

AUDI A6 Automatic headlight adjustment

Should a problem with the automatic headlight adjustment be fixed by a certified dealership or a specialized mechanic Im sort of hesitant about taking my car to a dealership since they have the tendency to rip you off and give inaccurate diagnosis on the car. Its a minor thing it just annoys me to see that warning symbol on the display console. Thanks

themselves (It did happen one more time since but is not constant). The drive was mostly highway with no steep inclines bumps or stop-and-goes and understand the basics of the system (after some forum purusing) so this did seem ODD. Has anyone experienced this abnormality The car is Certified but I do not want to look like a fool running right to the dealer everytime due to simple lack of audi

We just got a 2003 audi A6 3.0 Quattro come into the shop with the Dynamic headlight Dimmer Fault on the Dash. I hooked it up to the VAG and I got 2 fault codes coming from the Xenon Control Unit. 00774 - Level Control System Sensor Left Rear 00776 - Level Control System Sensor Left Front Customer did not replace light bulbs and complained it happened randomly while driving and not having the headlight

i have a 2003 audi A6 2.7T -- driving home today i get a symbol i looked it up in the manual and its for the automatic headlight adjustment faulty codes -- i unplugged replugged battery -- annoying error is gone -- but my headlights aint going up and down upon starting vehicle -- any ideas -- can audi fix this with quick diagnostic programming i hate being raped by them --

Quote Originally Posted by a6.nh 4 months ago I swapped out the factory suspension for the H&R street performance kit. Not having the tools or experience with audi I brought to a local wvaudi tuning shop. I picked up the car got in and she beeped one of the long oh what now tones and then the headlight adjustment indicator popped up in the dash. But being so excited with the new ride hight and road

AUDI A6 C5 2004 audi a6 3.0L Quattro Headlights

Hey everyone I recently purchased some aftermarket headlights for my A6. The headlights are a 3 wire motor for the auto leveling and my factory is a 4 wire so it wont read on my computer. Obviously was an idiot when I purchased the headlights but nonetheless has anyone done work on headlights and could tell me if its possible to take the 4 wire motor and put it in the new headlights so my computer will read them correctly Thanks

AUDI A6 No Headlights - Relay Switch

Got a 2002 A6 3.0 that the other night both headlights stopped working. Took it to a low budget shop around the corner because I am really tight on the coin (I know who isnt). They just couldnt figure it out. No other issues with lighting or other devices. Hi-Beams - Fog Lights and turn signals all are great. I had no issues in the past and after basic examination the bulbs look good and the guys from

This is what I can tell everyone. 2002 A6 3.0 - No relay. Just the switch and the fuses and the wiring. In my case I had a short and needed to be re-wired. This was from the audi Dealer. I did buy a headlight relay but it was only for the dashboard indicator. Well I knew that was working because it was telling me I had no headlights. It end costing like 300. Now I just have a transmission issue I am sure it is the standard Torque Converter issues. Good Luck.

AUDI A6 what year did the A6 get LED headlights standard

Im looking to get an A6 and one of the features I wanted was the LED headlight strip in the headlights. I didnt know what year they actually started putting those in the A6. I read online it was in 2008. Im trying to find a 4.2 and for 08 those are currently slim in the market. Does the 08 even have the led strip in the headlights Im thinking of the one that sits on the bottom of the headlight. I also

AUDI A6 Dyamic headlight range control faulty

The warning is now on permanently. It was intermittent a couple months ago and my indie cleared the code but it came back last week. The error is with the left front headlight which I was told means the headlight assembly has to be replaced. Thats a little pricey. Does anyone know how to suppress this stupid icon -- or even all the yellow warnings that pop in the upper center computer readout I can

Awesome It worked for my 2004 audi A6 headlights work great so far.

AUDI A4 B5 Will 01 A6 headlight washercap fit 01 A4

Ive been looking all over for headlight washer caps for 2001 audi A4 (junkyard ebay shokan dealership) and they charge more than 35.... Do you think I could use the once from A6 on ebay going for 10 httpcgi.ebay.comebaymotorsaudi-...ht_500wt_1182

AUDI A6 C6 2006 a6 quattro aftermarket headlight question

hi. just bought a 3.2 2006 a6 quattro. my headlights are pretty bad and want to upgrade them. i bought some spyder (sonar) headlights from amazon and didnt realize they DO NOT FIT QUATTRO models (small print). the wire harness plug does not match up. other than that they looked like they fit just fine.. but def not plugging in. I have been looking for the same headlights (aftermarket) and every one

AUDI A6 C5 2002 A6 - Headlight questions - new car to us

First post (probably of many) so please be patient. Just bought the wife a 2002 A6 Quattro 4.2 (135000 miles) There are a number of things I have already fixed and a number of things to go..... I would call myself a reasonably competent mechanic having own a Lotus Esprit Turbo SE a couple of Lola Sports 2000s and worked on Formula Atlantics and others. The passenger side headlight is properly positioned

-The best manual write up I can think of is Bentley Publishers - Repair Manuals and Automotive Books You are correct when it comes to the auto adjustment of the headlights. And the sensor are on a control arm. Take the wheel off and look for a little plastic arm similar to this one ( httpww2.justanswer.comuploadsBM...05_sensor2.jpg ) - sorry couldnt find one from an audi. Here is also a write up on

AUDI A6 C6 2006 to 2009 A6 Headlights Upgrade

Hey there Question will headlights from 2009 A6 fit on 2006 A6 S-Line 4.2. My old headlights are HID with self-adjusting while driving option. Thanks in advance.

AUDI A6 Headlight mystery

Ok so I have a 2001 a6 2.7t. And when I got the car it had aftermarket headlights. I noticed the driver side hid was noticeably dimmer then the passanger hid. So I had a hid kit from my a4 and put them in to fix the prob. And same thing driver side was still dimmer. so I had another set out of my other a6 and put them in. Same problem. I the switched everything over to the other side to see if it was

AUDI A6 Need source for headlight connector pins

Hi Working on converting halogen headlights to factory HIDs on 2002 A6. I need to increase the low beam wire size from 1mm to 1.5mm wire size. I need to locate some new pins for the headlight harness connectors to crimp onto the new wire and insert into the connector. There are two 10-pin connectors for the wire harness for each headlight one with two rows of 5-pins at the headlight and another that

AUDI A6 headlight lens replacement

Meant to say I scrd up my headlight lens and would like to replace both front lenses. Is that where can i get them I searched pretty extensively and found headlight units but no lenses...

One of headlight lenses on my 01 allroad are becoming cloudy - little pits that look like something corrasive got on them. I went to the dealer and he took me in the back and showed me the headlights on some A6 they had and the lenses looked HORRIBLE... Bunch if crap that the lights in a 50k car look like that after just 5 or 6 years All my research shows just the lense is not replaceable... the fix

Quote Originally Posted by penfold111 has anybody got two front light for my a6 allroad 2001 that dont look like frosted glass If your headlight isnt damaged then why not just clean them I cleaned my with sandpaper and polish and its going good. This is a maximum of 40 dollar fix compared to the 1000 for new headlights and labor.

My lenses on my 2001 A6 avant were pretty messed up when I got the car so I took it in for a pro restoration and it was wonderful. The hazing started coming back after the pro cleaning so I bought the turtle wax headlight restore kit and used that and worked wonderful for me. To keep it up I use the turtle wax express lens cleaner every other month or so and then i apply a coat of meguires ultimate

AUDI A6 Changed my OEM Headlights

Took the plunge and changed my factory OEMs with these eBay lights with LED DRLs. Dont care too much about HIDs just wanted to update the face. Also changed my OEM side markers to the blacked out side markers. Will be adding the chrome mirrors next. I took the pics during the day. Comments please

Quote Originally Posted by Kite09 Keep us updated on how long those headlights stay clear. Ive heard a lot of people complaining about ebay brand headlights hazing over or shorting out rather quickly. I do still have my OEM headlights and those are pretty clear. However I do see a lot of the other 2002 A6 on the road with really fogged up lights. So I dont think hazing is relegated only to eBay lights the OEM lights dont seem to hold up to well on some cars as well.

AUDI A6 Headlights Stay On

Good Day 1999 A6 210k (2.8) No auto switch- headlights are manually turned on. This is a US model so no daytime running lights. With key in ignition the headlights only stay on- parking lights etc..are off. When I turn switch to on- all is normal Hi Beams work etc... this is acting like daytime running lights - Your help is appreciated- just happened after al these years

AUDI A6 Headlight bulb

I have a 2002 A6 Quattro. The passenger side headlight bulb went out so I changed the bulb. The problem now is when I turn on my headlights the bulb I just changed quickly flashes and then goes out. Any ideas

AUDI A6 Help Missing headlight level sensor

I purchased a 03 a6 4.2 about two weeks ago and realize it had a headlight error on the displaydynamic dimmer error or something like thatI pulled the 10amp fuse for now and figured id figure it out sooner or later. today I decided to replace my front brakes and saw a few missing itemsit seems someone had cut the connector the level sensor was suppose to be attached toosee the 3 purple wires.i know Ill need a level sensor but whats the name of part thats at the end of those 3 purple wires

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