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audi a6 abs sensor computer C5

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AUDI A6 C5 O2 sensor(s) failed(A62.8quattro)emission test help

Help please I need an advice on my 2000 A6 2.8 quattro(245K)failed emissions test in Ontariofor CO% on 2500RPM.Limit 0.70 and reading is 1.89.on idle is 0.04 reading.HC ppms OKDilution is valid.Nowcheck engine light is on and the codes(6) are as follow 1114-Bank1-sensor2-Internal resistant to high 1118-O2 sensor Heater circuit Bank1 sensor2 open 1122-O2 sensor Heater Circuit Bank2 sensor2 open 1140-Bank2-sensor2-Internal

failed and for some reason it blocks communication from the ECU to the OBDII port. Try this unplug the abs module and try to scan ithave it scanned again. If you can read the computer it is the abs module. If not Im not sure what to tell you. And yeah same thing happened to me last winter can have it rebuilt by module masters for 175 with shipping and it comes with a 5 year warranty. Where as audi

AUDI A6 C5 Problems on my new 1998 Audi A6 2.8L

Hey everyone. I finally got my FIRST audi A6 Quattro. its a 1998 year model but its condition (exterior and interior) are excellent. Only one door dent and a few scratch at one side which I will get it fix and the interior is perfect with only some stains on the roof area so I will shampoo later today. I drove 300miles down and drove 300 miles back to NY after I paid for it from Washington DC all the

The OBDII is for emmisions as required by law in the USA. What do you mean by an unknown code Does your scanner give you a number beginning with P but says its definitionis unknown Is the scanner unable to retrieve even the code number If you have a laptop computer you may get a cable from to find the codes for your abs and transmission problems. You will also need the audi service

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AUDI A6 C5 2001 Avant 2.8 quattro engine dies

Im a new member but a grateful benefactor of the forums for years. My beloved 2001 A6 2.8L Avant quattro wagon has given me a scare the last few days. Seems like each time I drive it (just around town... so far) the engine will just die for no reason. On turns or straights. Lose power steering get all the standard warning lights. I slow down put in park and it starts right back up. This morning it

AUDI A6 quattro not working

How can I now if the quattro system is working right Thought it was gonna be using the brakes to prevent it from spinning but the car is stuck all the time and is spinning like an idiot. I do not have TCS or ESP and the 4x4 is working its using both the front and rear axle. Still stuck but then again we have 2-3 feet snow here now.

I can only try to explain it the way that I understand it which may not be the way that it actually is... on your car you should have generation IV Quattro. this means you have the traditional torque sensing center differential. that means that when you get wheel spin on one axle the differential transfers power to the axle that has traction (front or rear). you should also have an electronic differential


Hey Gang I have taken the liberty of compiling a list of terms that we commonly see in the world of Volkswagenaudi Group or Volkswagen Aktiengesellschaft (VAG) cars. Most of these terms include those that are VAGs own internal names andor wording jargon that comes from popular sites like ClubB5 (CB5) and Passat World etc. as well as general car terms that we use for cars other than those made by VAG.

VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT B5 GLOSSARY - Explanation of VAG terminology and abbreviations by FastLane

Compiled and written by Mark M (FastLane) Most Common VAGB5 Abbreviations and Terms. 1.8T 1.8L Turbocharged Engine One of the many designations of different engines used in VAG cars. However the 1.8T is the base engine in the Passat the V6 (not VR6) and W8 are optional engines in the North American markets. Elsewhere there are 1.9L Diesels (See TDI) and 2.0 four cylinder versions as well just to name

C4 Weights and Info

Weve been long in need of a central information source for the weights of key C4 components. So here it is If you have weighed anything remotely related to your Vette please post the info here or send me PM being as detailed as possible as far as what you weighed and Ill update this first post as I get those Also please include the year of the part and the source of the information if you did not weight

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS E III 211 Yet another Article giving the E55 the nod......

From an Austrailian Magazine Review....... Mercedes-Benz E55 AMG vs audi RS 6 December 11 2003 audi RS 6 Verdict Mercedes-Benz E55 AMG Verdict Two ultimate German sports sedans battle it out for road-going supremacy.Terry Martin and Neil McDonald put them through their paces You can laugh out loud at the sums required for a German sedan that looks a lot like others from its stable. But notice the skirting

BMW SERIES 5 F10 F11 Rating the BMW 5 series options

My Review Of Options For The BMW 550i after 20 months of use About 20 months ago I purchased a new 2012 BMW 550i. My wife and I are long time BMW fans and the 550 is our 6th BMW. Despite this history I still had difficulty choosing which options. In my hour of need I was able to turn to this forum and a couple of other forums. I thought I should make my own contribution once I became familiar with

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