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audi a5 windshield 8T 8F
audi a5 windshield 8T 8F

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AUDI A5 8T 8F windshield wipers and replacement

anybody know where i can get replacement windshield wipers and how they are installed i understand there are something like 5 different ways to secure wiper arms.

Gotta get your replacement wipers from the dealer. They usually un-clip quite easily... it will be easier to understand how they clip in when you pick up the replacement wipers. If you have any questions just ask your local audi service writer hell probably just show you how to do it if need be.

AUDI A5 8T 8F Rearview mirror fell off Just bought CPO A5 5 months ago

Hey guys just bought A5 09 5 months ago Certified rearview mirror just fell off and i took it to my local audi (not where i originally purchased it) and they said i may need a new windsheild because all of the mechanisms came off the glass. Then they said take it to an auto glass place.(audi was no help btw). Just went to safelite and they said no because the mirror is too heavy(rainsensorauto

if it is CPOcall up the place where you bought it and tell them-see if they will help you out. something like that shouldnt happen and if it did then it is likely audis fault. do you know if the windshield had been replaced at any point before as a result of an accident

yea CPO is valid at any dealer. but i dont see you needing a new windshield.. and you need to look down at the bottom corner of the passenger side galss look for the audi logo if its not there then the windshield has been replaced. if anything you just need a new mirror and mounting. audi should take care of that for you. go back to where you purchased the vehicle.

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AUDI A5 8T 8F 2010 A5 Wiper Chatter

My windshield wipers will chatter across the windshield. Anyone else had that problem or a possible solution Almost like the wiper arms arent strong enough to drag the blades across the window.

AUDI A5 8T 8F 2010 Audi A5 Replacement Screen

Hi All I just bought my audi 3 weeks ago and managed to scratch the screen while cleaning my car this weekened. The dealer is asking way to much for a replacement. Any suggestions on how to get a replacement screen remove the scratches or mask it so it cannot be seen

Scratched it while cleaning Gah Whatre these screens made of some kind of hard plastic Our 2006 A4 had to have a new windshield the same week as we bought it brand new because it had horrendous rippling across it. Perhaps it got scratched at the factory or on the way to America and they tried to polish it out. In any case within a couple of years we had to have yet another screen installed because

AUDI A5 8T 8F rs5 windscreen shows double lights at night

Hi all I Just bought a used RS5 last month the make year of my car is 2011. I bought it from audi approved cars. They changed the front windscreen with a new one because the old one had a crack. The problem is I see dead people when I drive at night... no Im just kidding. But realy what I see is double lights. I see the bulbs of the street lights as if their is a faint light at top and bottom of each

Sounds like they put in a bad windshield. Made wrong cheap Made in China aftermarket...........something along those lines. You should not get a double image.

Quote Originally Posted by aspen79 Sounds like they put in a bad windshield. Made wrong cheap Made in China aftermarket...........something along those lines. You should not get a double image. But the glass has an audi logo on it with some codes and numbers

BMW SERIES 3 E90 E91 E92 E93 Space comparison 3 Series coupe vs. Audi A5

Hi everyone I tried searching on the site. Sorry if this has already been responded to but couldnt find the info. I also tried looking at Edmunds comparing the two vehicles but the informationspecs were not available for the A5. Im curious if any of you have the specs or info about the two cars side by side. Im looking for dimensions of front seat legroom and headroom backseat headroom and legroom

shorter than you and I agree the G3537 are pretty bad in the rear. My friend has what I think is the first gen G35 and Ive actually asked him to warn me before hitting speed bumps. He never remembers. I was honestly worried about biting off a piece of my tongue if I happened to be talking. My head is just about flush with the rear windshield. The S5 had probably the nicest interior of the few audis

BMW SERIES 3 F30 BMW 328335 vs. Audi A4S4

Since Im enjoying all of the spirited debating going on with the 328 vs 335 thread I thought I would start this one. I was originally going to get the S4 but after driving the 335 I switched. What do you think of the pros and cons of these cars

my next one will look like this. Man too slammed for my tastes unless you enjoy going over speed bumps at 0.5mph Quote Originally Posted by hans007 Even the new ones have issues. The 2.0t engine ea888 in the latest a4s were built with defective piston rings and burn a lot of oil. Supposedly this has been fixed as of 2011 or 2012 models. So if you Google youll see tts and gtis CCS q5a4 and a5

BMW SERIES 3 E90 E91 E92 E93 A5S5 pricing vs. 335i vs. your mom

Hey all here is the info on pricing on the A5S5 audi has finally released U.S. pricing on its new A5 and S5 and those of you looking to get into audis newest hotness can do so for the bargain price of 39900. Thats where the base A5 model will start complete with a six-speed manual while the S5 sporting the same stick will begin at 50500. Throw in the six-speed Triptronic auto box and both prices swell

audi marketing has tried to suggest that the engine has been moved behind the front axle. That is not true the engine is still ahead of the front axle.. It used to be that the engine and the clutchflywheeltorque convertor was also ahead of the front axle.. The latter has been moved behind but the engine still sits in front of the front axle though its 5 inches farther back compared to before. Hence

audi are good for women my wife drives one strange windshield wipers are dealer item only

MERCEDES BENZ CL 2006 CL500 or 2006 Pontiac GTO

As I was pondering a CL I realized how much in common the CL500 has with my old 2005 GTO. Specs are remarkably similar. Both are 22 sport coupes Naturally aspirated V8 powered RWD. Exterior and interior dimensions are very close all the way around. (Check out a point by point comparison here ) The GTO listed for 31k and goes for around 17k ( 46% Depreciation ) The CL500 listed for 95k and goes for

CL55 and youll still have enough left over to buy a three bedroom house. But youre at a bit of a disadvantage here. Ive driven both cars. Prestige is great. A new 400hp sport coupe for under 30k is an entirely different kind of great. I say learn to appreciate both kinds of great for a happier life. Actually my current Benz is the least expensive car I own. I paid 21000 for it. My wife has a new audi

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