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AUDI Q5 8R Audi SQ5 PCP and Audi Complete

Hi Guys New to the forum and I am looking at ordering the SQ5. Have been offered a PCP deal of &163612pm for 48 months and 22k miles per year with a 2k deposit. No options so far as I am testing the water but got about 5k in options I would like to add. For full maintenance with tyres its &163160pm extra. From peoples experience does this sound like a good deal and is the maintenance worth it Has anyone

Jos├ on 03 March 2014 - 1001 PM said In terms of options absolute musts are Tech Pack High (expensive but contains A LOT of required things - NO ONE has an SQ5 on here without it). Hill Hold Assist (only 65 and makes it much nicer to drive in stopstart traffic) audi Drive Select (actually lets you change the exhaust note onoff all the time otherwise you only get it when the gearbox is in S - dont confuse

1018 PM said Tech pack hi and ADS are both on my list. I am not bothered about hill hold though as I had it on the A5 and rarely used it tended to use the e brake when I needed to. I was thinking of parking system advanced but from what I see you get parking system plus anyway so not sure its worth 340 extra just for rear view camera. Had it on the A5 but was a nice gimmick I suppose. Others are audi

AUDI Q5 8R Audi Q Evening

Had a call from teh dealership (Listers Stratford) to say they are having a Q evening tonight. Sounds like its a national initiative - has anyone else had an invite to one The sales guy said they have a Monsoon Grey SQ5 in the showroom ...and my SQ is on site...

and I can have the car. They had a really nice (never thought Id say that) Q7 in an Exclusive Colour - Elderflower a sort of light mauveblue metallic - look gorgeous. What a bus though... The Monsoon Grey SQ5 looked good (for a dull grey) Sound PackTech PackStorage Packall black interiorelec tailgateBench seat Plus (seems a real bargain for &163175 I have to say) and Drive Select. The spec was audi

View Tailgate actuator, tailgate cable, tailgate hinge for AUDI A5

I wish someone would make a decent looking hatchback with performance like the original SAAB 900s (well I guess decent looking is subjective). The audi doesnt do it for me and BMWs offerings other than the unavailable-in-the-USA 1 Series hatch dont either. The SAAB 900 offered a flat tailgate (floor was flush with the bottom of the hatch opening for loadingunloading large objects easily). Ill probably never own another SUV so cmon someone do it

Quote Originally Posted by sr5959 Power tailgate Its not a hatchback is it...must be a typo. Yes it will open like the audi A5 Sportback httppakistan.jobz.pkwp-contentu...k-Pakistan.jpg

not then my bad.... Then there is the 3 cylinder engine being prepared for the Mini httpwww.autoguide.comauto-news2...-cylinder.html I seem to recall one of the insiders on the German.Car.Forum mentioning that the Gran Coupe would get the new 6 cylinder. The N20 four banger is essentially an N55 with two cylinders chopped off. Quote Originally Posted by RichReg Yes it will open like the audi

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