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audi a3 roof rail II 8P
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AUDI A3 Do US A3s have the chrome roof rails

Well...I know most dont but is it offered as an option If they are offered seems like to many people go for them. Im trying to decide if they look good or not (mine has them standard with the car)

They dont offer the silver roof rails as an option here in the states. There was one guy on this forum who got an S-Line with the roof rails (I dont recall how he got them) and they looked great. I think it makes the car looks more like the A4 Avant.

I really cant decide.... Also since mine has them I imagine there would be holes if I wanted to remove them So Ill take a mini-poll...the silver roof rails on my car.... A) Cool B) think too much and have too much time on your hands or C) Get them off no matter what What do you guys think

Those roof rails are super rare. Im under the impression that very very few US-bound A3s have them. I was considering a roof rack system for my trail bikes earlier so I talked to my audi sales. He said he hasnt seen an A3 w those rails yet. I love them though. Those aluminum rails looks gorgeous on bold color cars.

Super rare My car gentlemen - 2007from the heart of the USA (Oklahoma) httpi96.photobucket.comalbumsl1...zxxx003-1.jpg If you want roof rails on your A3 you have to specify them - not as an option but through AOA. I have the code somewhere ifanybodyneeds it.

AUDI A3 Chrome Roof rails

Anyone know if its possible to get the chrome roof rails in the US I think they look really cool and want to get them for my A3. I know they are available as an option in Europe but I have yet to see anyone with them in the US. Thanks

Mine is a US A3 - I ordered them with the car. they arent on the option list you have to know how to do it. As for putting them on your car - it can be done but its expensive. You can order them in black or anodized finish with an install kit but you have to remove the entire upper interior and headliner then drill holes in the roof. It will end up costing you about 1500 when complete. Theres a guy

them again for my 2008. They are a relatively inexpensive option (500) to get from the factory(and the only way to do it in my opinion.) and a pain in the (labor and intensive)to do after the car is manufactured.(especially if you have open sky.) After you get the roof rails however you have other decisions to make. Such as which cross bars do you get And where do you get them Seems like the audi

Getting them installed at the factory is the way to go in my opinion. Had I known of that option I might have popped for it on my 2007 A3 3.2 model. Drilling holes in the roof pulling down the headliner and all that stuff will just lead to problems in the future. If not done perfectly one is just begging to have water leakage problems.

Im anxiously waiting to order my 09 A3. I know roof rails arent on the list of options here in the U.S. but I wanted to do all I could to try and get the factory installed rails included with my order. Anybody out there that has successfully done this and would be kind enough to share how to make it happen What order codes did you use Who did you have to bribe and how much In the case of Jefferson what does your salesman know that my salesman is oblivious to Lateer

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AUDI A3 Roof Rails Carrier Bars

httpwww.directaudiparts.comstore...260&page1 Do you have to have roof rails in order to use these base carrier bars I cannot tell from this picture.[smsmiley25.gif] Thanks in advance

Looks like this is the standard setup WITHOUT roof rails. Should fit into the little slots underneath your door frame up by the roof. And if this company is in the USA then there is no way they have anything to do with roof rails or even know what they are. Ive had that frustration w roof rails and actually had to order my cross bars from Ireland. But they are very coolAnd easy touse and dont scratch my paint.

Yes there is much confusion in this area. I certainly understand where you are coming from. That picture of the snowboard attachment is ridiculously misleading. They are selling the attachment stating that it needs the Base Carrier Bars (which is what you are correctly ordering for your A3 on the other link) and then they show you a photo ofa Q7 with roof rails Nuts

D2 I feel you are mistaken if you think you are getting roof rails or something attached to them. I believe the part you are referring too are the standard cross bars that will fit on any A3. Here is another link from a Craigslist deal with better pictures httpwashingtondc.craigslist.orgd...381924275.html -jw

Quote ORIGINAL Jefferson D2 I feel you are mistaken if you think you are getting roof rails or something attached to them. I believe the part you are referring too are the standard cross bars that will fit on any A3. Here is another link from a Craigslist deal with better pictures httpwashingtondc.craigslist.orgd...381924275.html -jw That picture is so much clearer. Thanks.Now at least I know what I am looking at.

AUDI A3 OEM Roof Rails Thule Aero Rack

I didnt find much in the forums about the chrome roof rail retrofit or roof racks so I thought Id post my progress. I bought the OEM retrofit and had a local shop install it. All told it was 970 for the rails and 550 for installation. The shop mis-quoted the job so I got a steal. Full installation price would have been 850 which would have been a deal breaker. For the rack I got the 4014 foot kit 460R

have you had any problems with leaks with the roof rail install thats what im scared of

Nice I installed a hitch and got the hitch rack.

Quote Originally Posted by boywonder have you had any problems with leaks with the roof rail install thats what im scared of No problems so far but the guy who did it had apparently done a couple before.

Quote Originally Posted by a333 Nice I installed a hitch and got the hitch rack. I have been considering adding one so I can carry kayaks and bikes at the same time. Where did you get the hitch mount

AUDI A3 a3 roof-bars

hope this is the right section hi i am on the verge of buying an audi a3 it is a 3 door model on a 54 plate. now my question is this can you get roof-bars to fit these so that i can put on my roof-box im not sure as there are no roof-rails and as it isnt 5 door i dont see how you could attach the roof-bars any help or info would be much appreciated thanx marty

Im using audi OEM roof base bars and bike rack made by Thule. My sportback did not have the factory rails. Im sure theres an application for 2dr A3s ()

AUDI A3 Audi A3 2.0T roof racks

im getting a a3 and im interested in the roof racks but i need to know something i found these ones on a web page httpwww.audipartssuperstore.comc...roducts_id426 and i need to know how to install them if i need something preset in the car or if they stick to the roof. Thanks

Those are for factory rails if youre ordering a car order them on it for sure but youre unlikely to find a car for sale on a lot that has the rails. the crossbars you picture work well and clear the open sky but theyre a bit high and clunky. Most owners with factory rails use Thule aftermarket crossbars. audi also makes rails and crossbars that clamp to the roof ofthe cars without factory rails. If

Kinda confusing the picture on your link is factory roof rails in anodized aluminum. You have to order these when you order your car- theyre a 500 option. You canbuy them in black or anodized from a place likeVagparts but they are a PITA to install - requires removing the headliner and drilling holes in the roof and it costs about 1500 in parts and labor. Your link is for factory crossbars to mount

Does anyone know if the OEM rack (8P9-071-151-666) for the factory installed roof rails allow Thule cargo boxes to be attached Or do these racks only work with other audi OEM bike holder etc. Im looking at either getting a Thule roof rack (though Im having trouble tracking down the Thule Fit Kit 4014) or possibly going with the 8P9-071-151-666 route if it can work with a Thule cargo box. Thanks for your help

AUDI A3 A3 thule rack on factory rails

Does any one have a Thule rack fitted to the A3 factory rails Seems that there has not been anyone asking (or info posted recently) about Thule versions that fit on the A3 factory roof rails. There were posts in 2006 about people getting European Thule towers that fit on the factory rails. Has anyone figured out if there is a US version. If there is a fit does it allow opening of the open sky Thanks in advance for any postsinfo

AUDI A3 factory roof rack vs thule vs yakima

Hey guys Need your help again on this..snowboarding season is here already and I need to get a roof rack for my snowboards..should i get the factory ones or from either thule or yakima Thanks guys.

Youll probably see several other posts from me on this topic... After using roof racks on three previous cars and having it scratch up every single one of them in time regardless of how careful I was how often I replaced the padded feet on them I got the factory roof rails on my A3. Absolutely no wind drag on them with nothing else on the car. I still have no cross bars yet because the snow sucks here in Northern California

All racks make noise unless you put a ferring on it. audi rack is designed for the audi. Newaudi rack ddont touch the paint if you have the roof rails.

AUDI A4 B8 aftermarket crossbars for B8 roof rails

The new roof rails wont take any existing aftermarket crossbars that I have found. I need more width than the factory aero crossbars provide for my kayak and box. Anyone know of aftermarket products that attach to the factory rails I cant find anything for the A3 or Q7 either which does not bode well for the A4. I refuse to use something like Yakimas Q tower that disregards the factory rail and puts

AUDI A3 Flatbottom steering wheel black roofrails EvoMS intake stasis coilovers allweathe

102409 I will be in the Los Angeles CA area this weekend so serious interest let me know and I will meet up with you. All merchandise will be coming with me this weekend in case anyone from LA is interested you will get priority this weekend. Traded in my A3 so heres stuff for sale. Pics to come. Prices not include shipping. Flatbottom steering wheel 800 Black roofrails 800 New in box never installed

have you sold those roof rails I am 100% interested

Does anyone know if the roof rails fit on the 2010 and whether they work with the open sky roof

AUDI A3 More about roof racks

So I made an effort to get the OEM A3 racks and they dont seem to be compatible with my Thule box. That really sucks. Anyway looks like Im selling some if anyone is interested (200) Anyone have any experience with wither Thule or Rhino racks Im leaning towards rhino because they are cheaper and have a higher load capacity (165lbs vs 110 for Thule). Do any of you have any experience with racks for the A3 Thanks

Do you still have the racks Are they new What is the part I have a 2011 A3 wo rails. Just wanted to make sure they would fit. Thanks....

AUDI A3 bike rack

so i dont have the oem rails which i wanted but they are just to i was wondering what is the best option for me.. ive got a mountain bike and would not like to do any thing that will make the car look ugly or drill holes in the roof. any input would be great thanks

I dont know if this is too late for you but I thought I would post anyway. As an avid cyclist a rack was a priority so heres what I learned Thule bars fit beautifully (and they make a fit kit specifically for the A3) but you cant open the Open-sky sun roof with them installed (I found this out the hard way). If you dont have a sun roof this is the way to go. The factory audi bars (which are actually

AUDI A3 A3 w Open Sky Rack

I just got my A3 2.0 DST S-LineTitanium with Open Sky. I need to put a roof rack on it but it doesnt come with side rails when you get the OS. Im looking at a Thule latch on but I noticed that when you open the sunroof and it slides back the glass hangs almost all the way to the edge of the top. So when it slides out and back the front part of the glass hangs over the rails where the rack mounts need

Quote ORIGINAL sandealer I just got my A3 2.0 DST S-LineTitanium with Open Sky. I need to put a roof rack on it but it doesnt come with side rails when you get the OS. roof rails dont come with ANY USA A3. Mine had to be special ordered with a euro only option code... the dealer didnt even know you could do it. I have a 2.0T S-line with Open Sky and roof rails. I had to order a thule fitting kit from the U.K. and it is pretty low profile so when the rack is on I cant open the roof.

AUDI A3 Racks

Does anyone use racks on their A3 If so which kind Id love to have the audi system but I cant justify spending that much more when I can get a great Thule of Yakima for a considerable less amount of money. Also are there any A3s that come with side roof rails or can you get them installed (meaning drilled or permanently attached somehow) The audi catalogue shows a rack system with permanent side rails. I would love to hear some feedback from anyone Thanks

roof rails can be installed at the factory when ordering your car. 500-ish extra and you need to bring the option code to your dealer because he probably wont know about it. Mind didnt. It has also been done afterwards by at least one person. Do a search here or on fourtitude. Either way if you dont want to spend the money for the audi rack that DOESNT use roof rails then you will not want to pay for

AUDI A3 II 8P Official 2009 A3 pics and specs

Enjoy httpwww.autoblog.com20080424audi-unveils-updated-a3

Why must audi tease us with images of the S3 Hopeufully the S-line will look just as aggressive. Im not crazy about the new headlights but theyre slowly starting to grow on me. I love that they got rid of the side marker lights and put them on the mirrors. The aluminum roof rails look great on this car. Too bad theyre so hard to get here in the states. Its a nice design evolution t of the current A3. Not too different but enough of a change to keep us interested.

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