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audi a3 rear suspension II 8P
audi a3 rear suspension II 8P

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AUDI A3 rear suspension shield

hi all just wanted to ask you all with an a3 if ur rear suspension has2 plastic shields one on either side that can move around and cause slight rattling that seems to come from the trunk hatch area when going over some minor bumps. I have secured all parts in my trunk and i realize that when i pull the spare tire cover off the rattle is louder. when i opened the window i could hear it rattle over

Yes 2.0 08 and one of them started making a lot of noise so they replaced it under warranty no hassle...they called it a stone guard.

hey bbbobbb thanks for getting back to me so are those stone guards secured now do they still move around are they really necessary because i think even if they tighten them itll probably loosen up again and start rattling. thanks again

Hi Chusaiyan I have not seen the stone guards but the service writer replaced the shattered one himself in just a couple of minutes. I get the feeling that they snap in so I am not sure about tightening them. It was a very annoying sound and I too went through all the likely suspects not totally latched rear seats those ball things that keep the rear deck in place loose spare tire parts etc. It has been a couple of months and I have not heard the rattle since... BB

Folks last week i was driving down my driveway and bash screech... I backed up and it sounded like I was dragging metal on the ground. I looked under my rear axle and lo some weird plate was hanging down on EACH side. Weird. I had it towed on a flat bed to the dealer and they replaced the 2 rear stone guards. The new ones however are PLASTIC ... the old ones appear to have been metal. Is this a standard retrofitting going on you suppose John.

AUDI A3 New A3. Any recommended suspension upgrades

So I just bought a new 2.0T A3 last week and was wondering if anyone recommended any reasonable suspension upgrades or modifications which I might consider getting right off the bat Its not an S-Line so its pretty basic I think. Thanks Joe

If all you want to do is lower your car there are plenty of ways to get that done within 1K. Id ignore them though. The most significant improvement to the handling of the car is you. Second are the tires. BTW you can get the rear to step out with the S-Line. Ive not driven a premium but from posts Ive read the premium is pretty soft and not so easy to rotate. Just my experience Ive had two modified

If you want to keep your basepremium ride height your options are pretty limited. Most aftermarket suspension is S Line height or lower. As mentioned above a rear sway bar helps a lot as do sticky uhp tires and lightweight wheels. Shocks such as Koni FSDs will keep the car flatter during agressive cornering and braking without sacrifice of ride quality.

If you would not consider going with at least S-Line springs not too many suspension options. For 1000 I would recommend S-Line springs (lightly used from another A3 S-Line) Koni FSD and Neuspeed rear stabilizer bar. Does not include installation costs.

RSB Neuspeed (25mm hollow) and the stock Sport setup httpforums.vwvortex.comzerothrea...ostid34932159 Quote 2)How come no one comments on the front sway bar so much Does the Neuspeed front sway bar make any difference Contrary to what youd think a rear anti-roll bar reduces understeer by increasing the rear slip angle while a front bar does the opposite. So our understeer-prone front-heavy A3s

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AUDI A3 Suspension advice

Newbie here Just got an A3 2.0 upgraded to 8x18 wheels. Whats the best suspension I can get that wont drop the car too much be too harsh cause the wheels to rub. Something a little sportier.I heard that Eibach was one of the better. Thanks -Anthony.

Lets just say Ive paid for my suspension education. Price of admission for fun. I should have mentioned that the front adjustables are reached through the top using a 1 flat blade screwdriver because the Koni adjuster wont fit through the cool A3 trim price above the strut. The rears have to be removed from the car to be adjusted. Stasis Street Sports are the Konis setup by Stasis for their optimum

AUDI A3 Replace S-Line suspension with stock

I have a 2007 S-Line A3 and I would like to swap out the S-Line suspension bits for the standard suspension. I live in a city with some very bad roads and the ride is unacceptable. Anyone got stock suspensions they want to sell me cheap Thanks Jeff

Quote ORIGINAL jeffwe I have a 2007 S-Line A3 and I would like to swap out the S-Line suspension bits for the standard suspension. I live in a city with some very bad roads and the ride is unacceptable. Anyone got stock suspensions they want to sell me cheap Thanks Jeff yeah if u were in socal it would have been easier. Funny I was afraid that the Sline suspension would be too firm- but after switching

AUDI A3 Sline Suspension

Is it worth upgrading from A3 2.0 Sline suspension to H&R Coil Over suspension Kit

is totally up to you on the KWs. Here is a picture of my car....there is still more drop in the rear and tons more drop in the front. For the street this is a good position though Thus for me and for others thinking about installing coilovers the choice is Why swap out a perfectly good suspension that I already paid for when I bought the car So I added what I estimated to be the cost of the audi

AUDI A3 A3 suspension already searched

Hello I thought I introduce My self. I dont currently own an A3 but have driven my friends wifes car and I was impressed with it. I have been looking to buy a new car I think I have settle on the A3. I have searched (also read the A3 newby tread)and I am familiar with the spring shock coilovers and swaybar options for the A3 I even saw a rear strut bar and sub frame reinforcement somewhere. I plan

The front needs camber bolts. The rear can be adjusted.

AUDI A3 A3 18 sport suspension - too rough

Hello - Im supposed to pick up my 2012 A3 with the 18 sport suspension package tomorrow but now Im having second thoughts mostly about the potential for a too-rough ride over LA streets. I used to have an 2006 S4 with the sports suspension and I found it really uncomfortable whereas my current 2009 A4 is a nice ride although of course more sluggish to drive (but still OK in other words I could keep

Honestly the only thing you can do is switch to 17 rims with 45s to give a little more cushion then run lower PSI (38 front 36 rear). I am in downtown SD and have the sport suspension with 18 40s and I just slow down on the worst parts (all of downtown).

AUDI A3 Rear Neuspeed sway bar for A3

Where can I find a rear Neuspeed Sway bar for my 07 A3 All the sites I goto have other brands besides Neuspeed. I want a Neuspeed because of the multiple settings and increased diameter.

Hi All- Please forgive my silly questions. Just a suspension newbie help request for which the group can hopefully provide clarity [ul][] Are there negative implications such as prematurely damaging the car from transmitting loads laterally []How does a rear sway bar affect overall cargo capacity []Can the RSB be removed easily for sake of convenience if needed []If a tower brace is used in the front

AUDI A3 suspension shield removal

for those of you who have the same problem with the loose rear suspension shields that make a real annoying rattle when going over uneven roads those shields are strongly recommended not to be removed by the dealer i spoke to. they said it protects the brake lines from debri and provides better airflow to the brakes. Im taking it in tmr to see what else they can do to it to stop it from losening up

AUDI A3 Rear Shock Swap

How have any of you swapped rear shocks yourself Id rather not pay someone 100hour for this otherwise easy job. Ive got some Koni FSDs to install and the rears should be easy but access to the lower shock bolt requires the coil spring to be removed (cant get a socket on the bolt head otherwise). My threaded rod-type spring compressor wont fit because of the large lower arm dimensions. My next idea

I solved my problem. I was able to separate the lower control arm from the hub upright by removing the fore-aft bolt behind the brake disc. I used a couple of large hose clamps to keep the spring from extending and used my floor jack to slowly lower the arm from the upright. The spring was then easy to remove for access to the lower shock bolt. The job required 16mm 18mm and 21mm sockets that dont

AUDI A3 II 8P 2006 A3 3.2 Quattro New SuspensionDrop

I dont know much about the suspension components on cars... I checked the newbie forum but it never answered whether or not there are suspension upgrades that will fit the 3.2 Quattro version of our beloved A3. I know there are plenty of you front-wheel drive four-banger lovers out there with sweet looking drops... I defentily want to make my wheels fill up the wells better and get a much firmer rideless

He did the Euro springs with Koni FSD shocks Front wheel gap went from 5 fingers down to 3. rear wheel gap went from 4 to 3 There is also an H&R kit available that will have a more dramatic drop.

Well it wouldnt hurt to try the stock shocks with Euro springs and replacing the shocks later wont cost much extra but you ought to check with Frank ( angryrican66) the 3.2 mod expert on fourtitude. I have FSDs with sport springs Neuspeed rear bar on my 2.0 and I think its the perfect street setup. And it will probably cost you about 1500 if you decide to go this way - parts install.

I thought you couldnt get the rear sway bar on the 3.2 Quattro.

AUDI A3 Help Which Non-CO Suspension Kit

Ive been researching across the board but cant seem to find a good evaluation of which kit is the best. Looking for increased handling but still comfortable as daily driver and lowered more than stock sport suspension wo rubbingadverse travel. Koni Sport Shock H&R Sport Springs [blockquote] Koni Sport Shock H&R Super Sport Springs Koni Sport Shock Neuspeed Sport Springs Koni Sport Shock Eibach

FSD Neuspeed springs Neuspeed rear sway bar cut the bumpstops 12 -1. Comfortable excellent handling daily driver setup. If youre gonna track Id go w coilovers or something other than FSD - theyve got a lot of initial give but firm up rapidly under cornering or braking forces. Great for street use.

AUDI A3 A3 alignment specs

Does anybody have the alignment specs for an 08 A3 (caster camber and toe front and rear). Had Michelin MXM4s mounted recently and shop recommended setting to max negative camber as European manufacturers typically recommend postive camber - resulting in inside tread wear. I declined for now. The Pirelli tires I took off had inside tread wear though some of that occured before I had the dealer align the car last year. BTW I believe this to be a reputable shop.

These are from over in the Wheels and Tires section but may be helpful here. httpwww.audiforums.comforumshow...60&postcount4 A3 tires Quote Originally Posted by aspen79 A suggestion from an audi tech. At my dealership we modify the rear toe specs on A3s to those of a VW Golf to resolve the cuppingchopping issue with these cars. The stock spec calls for quite a bit of rear toe which is good for handling

AUDI A3 A3 Link to the galaxy of the utmost understated wisdom or Bullsht

If you are new to the A3 then welcome Please use this as a link to update yourself with some great discussions on the topics of most interest for our cars. Please feel free to add to each discussion and leave links and thoughts that will further our knowledge. Breaking in your new car What type of oil should I use How often should Ichange my oil First great discussion on 2.0T chipping Discussion on

AUDI A3 A3 20TDI...... not so impressed

Had a A3 2.0.TDI(140) for a loan one day and had a few negative impressions. It was a manual and the first thing coming up in my mind wasWhy did they put in the first gearit makes you hardly move and gives you a hard time keeping up with the traffic.Second remark is under 2000 rpm like 80-90kmh in 6 gear nothing much happens when accelerating.The power band seems very narrow(2000-4000rpm)so you keep

As a long time (non-audi) diesel driver some of the experiences you encountered are just the way most efficient diesels operate. A redline of 4500 is actually pretty high compared to many diesels and it speaks to that engines exceptional engineering. Diesel engines must be built to much higher tolerances and withstand greater compression due to the manner in which they operate compression ignition

AUDI A3 Question on your a3

So I am thinking about trading in the TT and the A6 and just having a a3 kinda like if the a6 and tt did its baby would look like an a3. Any ways I have searched the faq and I am really interested. I have a couple quick questions for you guys. 1. How much difference in weight between the open sky and normal. 2. Bose or non bose. I can hook up a complete stereo system myself. 3. I am thinking Revo tune

marketing perception that hatchbackcheap car. Heres a good thread about common A3 issues httpforums.vwvortex.comzerothreadid3366758 1.Ive heard estimates as high as 200 lbs for Open Sky but nothing official. Id guess about half that. I like mine - no tint butI live where its grey skies for half of the year so the extra light is nice. 2. I agree that Bose isnt worth the extra - from an audi

AUDI A3 II 8P 2009 a3

Hey folks...first post here. I currently drive an 01 325i. Ive previously owned mostly Japanese cars and have been thinking about going back due to reliability (been off extended warranty for over a year). Ive looked at the TL TSX G35 Accord Coupe etc...all nice in their own way but almost happier in my old bimmer compared to those...spoiled I guess Im hooked up with an indy mechanic so Im not so worried

AUDI A3 Question about coilovers

So now i saved some money to finally get a coilover and im a real noob with cars. I have a 2007 iblis white prem pkg. After getting the coilovers and lowering my car i wouldnt have problem riding with 4 ppl in my car right( when my parents visitbrother) I live in san francisco. Are these coilovers good httpforums.fourtitude.comzerothreadid3749516 How much for installing them and aligning the wheels

Quote ORIGINAL mkimjoon btw where does the RSB go under the car in the rear or in the trunk An RSB is a rear Sway Bar (more accurately called a rear anti-roll bar). A rear suspension brace might go in the trunk between the attachment points of the suspension on each side although the A3 attachment points are all beneath the body. I doubt that youd feel the effect of a suspension brace unless you were

AUDI A3 II 8P 2009 a3

Hey guys Im new to the forum. Purchased a used 2009 A3 about 2 weeks ago w51k mi. Its in great condition. This is my first car in 14 years as Ive owned 2 trucks over this time. Gas mileage is now doubled. I really like the car. It did have a leak after 1 week and the dealer fixed it(AC high pressure switch). Also had a Curt hitch installed for a bike rack and the shop killed one of my rear brake light

AUDI A3 Lurker noob looking to buy A3

I am looking to buy a new semi luxury vehicle in the next few days. I was lookig at IS350250 G35 and A4. I have always loved all things audi but never owned one or know much about them. I have heard good and bad about audi actually lots of in-service failures for the audi lineup. I have driven the IS350250 and G35. I stopped by the audi dealer and was looking at the A4 but they all have the CVT (not

I know youve already test-driven and decided against the A3 but let me add a few tidbits for your consideration .... In terms of reliability audi has gone up leaps and bounds. While the Japanese brands (lexusinfiniti) are still the top of reliability audi was ranked 12th or 13th last year by Consumer Reports (Im pretty sure it was their list). BMW and Mercedes were ranked below 30th place. Its probably

AUDI A3 Anyone Wish Sometimes They Had An A4

Im considering purchasing an A3. It will be a small step down in size though from my Volvo S60R. Im wondering if Ill miss the room. I have a 7-yo and 9-yo so back seat room is not an issue. A rarely carry adults in back. When we need cargo space we take our SUV. When Im alone going to Costco or Home Depot I can put the seats down and wa-la lots of space right I was considering an A4 but I cant believe

The A4 has Drive Select which includes adjustable suspension but doesnt have the S4s dual clutch transmission or sport differential. The audis A4 (and higher)s torsen based quattro is permanant AWD meaning all wheels are being driven and loss of grip in the front or rear will not cause the other axle to turn less (as in open differential) or wait for a slip to occur first (as in A3s clutch based differential).

I had a loaded 2009 A4 2.0T Quattro loaner for 2.5 weeks while the DSG Mechatronics in my 2006 A3 was being replaced under CPO warranty (fantastic improvement BTW). Very nice to drive more luxurious feel than the A3 lots of electronic goodies (no Drive Select however) nice amount of rear seat space that my car pool appreciated (MUCH bigger than previous gen A4s). But I was still happy to get my A3

AUDI A3 I 8L First Drive...Am I Crazy

Hey guys been lurking around here for awhile now. Spent the last year drooling over the A3 just waiting for the right time to ditch my RX300 on a trade. Read every article I could find and knew exactly what options I wanted. Today I finally had a chance to go for my first test drive. Took the wife and stopped by audiVW of Princeton to check out a Lava Grey 06 Premium. Exterior was a little more beat

of my drivers seat about 34 using longer front bolts and spacers - definitely helped the leg room for me. It is now about like the power seat at full up at the front for the seat. Topshelf If you really dont use the back seat then it sounds like the rear seat (bottom) removal noted in this thread would work for you and your dogs. With that change Id say that the rear space would be good. httpwww.audiforums.comm_762825tm.htm

AUDI A3 II 8P 07 a3 undercarraige

so i posted something about the rear suspension shield rattling a month ago or so. I spent a lot of time looking for an image of another audi a3 2.0t undercarraigeto see ifit hasthe same plastic shieldand i ended upwatching the AWE exhaust clip for the a3 which shows a partial underside of the car. Apparently it doesnt seem to have the same shield anyone know why those rattle causing shields arent on all a3s any help would be great this problem has been bugging me for a year now

AUDI A3 The A3 Ownership Experience

I am excited about buying a 2007 A3 and am just wondering what everyones experiences have been How is the reliability of the car compared to other cars people have owned Performance is obviously amazing but am wondering have people compared the drive and handling of an S-Line A3 2.0T versus a stock A3 2.0T what are peoples observations or experiences with their A3s Thanks

Mine has a squeaky rear suspension whenever the car is cold. I have been to the dealership and they havent been able to fix it. Im also not happy about the original tires. They seem to be getting louder and louder. Cant wait to get them worn out so that I can have them replaced. Other than that and amazing car 06 audi A3 2.0T

AUDI A3 II 8P A3 Declining Reliability Consumer Reports 2009

I just read the latest Consumer Reports Best & Worst for 2009. It says the A3 has declining reliability and rates it as below average. Among the bad spots are minor transmission and brakes among other things. Ive had my A3 for about 11 months with 10K miles no problems yet (cross fingers). Am I in for rough times ahead Any thoughts

2007 audi A3 46K miles bought new Oct 06 - battery died few months ago which costs me 100 (battery no warranty) - rough cold starts which dealer tells me theres nothing wrong with it everytime i mentioned it during service - some suspension problems (squeaking in the rear) which I have yet to address (maybe its my sway bar) I change the oil every 5k miles. I only thing Im pissed off about is the battery

AUDI A3 noises

hi all i have an 07 audi a3 2.0t. i live in chicago and the roads are real bad here. constantly going over irregular roads. anyways when going over rough roads you hear creaks loose parts rattles. is that the case for all you guys with a3s seems to be coming from the passenger side mor than the driver side. plus the rear. my girlfriends honda takes these roads even better and its a much quieter solid

New A3 H&R stock at AWE Tuning. We&8217ll keep making the power go here to keep it on the ground. H&R Touring Cup Kit H&R 22mm rear Sway bar The AWE Tuning suspension catalog for the A3 is right here . AWE Tuning audi Performance Specialists await 1.888.565.2257 215.658.1670 or .

AUDI A3 S Line spring Install

Im just going to start this thread now and update it as I go. Thanks to A3 Yuppie Ive taken his old S-line springs (he put on the Euro Springs) and begun the install on my premium suspension setup. He had a 2006 S-line wout open sky. Ive got a 2007 premium with open sky (which adds some weight). I started yesterday morning by swapping out the rear springs which was a super easy switch (pics and install

AUDI A3 FSD What kind of Springs

I am leaning towards Koni FSD shocks and would like to know what kind of springs to get. I have the base suspension and would like to keep the height the same or about .5 inches lower. I drive in the snow and am pleased with the appearance of the A3 as it is so I do not needwant much lowering. I want a stock or better ride qualitycomfort. I want more responsive handling steering less squat and dive

Quote Originally Posted by panzrwagn Read the Tire Rack reviews for the best tire information available. One thing is for certain though I would never run mismatched tires on a modern car especially one whose handling and suspension are as thoroughly engineered as an audi. All the braking cornering wetdry handling are very different between tires and nothing good can possibly come from mixing them

AUDI A3 S Line too...

hello I am just about to order a new 2008 A3 but am having problems deciding between S Line or Premium (same price here). I thinking I could probable live with the stiffer suspension but not sure if I might find the sports seats too snug I am a 511 265lbs guy. What do you think Would they get fatiguing over long trips Also is there lombard support in the sports seats thanks for your help and suggestions

Quote ORIGINAL seventn I guess you must be talking about U.S. pricing right Cause at the Canadian dealership I visited last friday the S Line and the Premium options were both 1900.00 extra over the base model. And the 2008 brochure shows lumbar support only available on the Premium. Why do you say the S Line is really worth 1000.00 more for you Why Well Im looking at an A3 2.0T Premium for my wife

AUDI A3 HR Springs Choice

Im about to get my A3 2.0T lowered. I dont have the S-line so my car sits a little too high. I contacted a local shop here in the SF bay area and they quoted me the follwing (300 for labor). what would you do Stage Notes Fr. Lowering rear Lowering Price Sport Springs 1.3 1.3 242.00 Touring cup kit only fits 55mm front strut clamp 1.4 1.3 679.00 Sport Cup kit only fits 55mm front strut clamp 2.2 1.6

AUDI A3 II 8P opinionhelp 2007 audi vs...

Hello everyone. Im new here to the forums and wanted to get your opinion... since most of you are already audi A3 owners. Im considering purchasing a 2007 audi A3 2.0T w DSG (maybe the 3.2). I am also considering a 2008 Subaru WRX. Im doing my research now in deciding which car to get. Those of you that own one of these cars can you tell me what you like about it What do you love about the car What

What do I likelove about my A3 Perfect size and configuration as a small wagon (really helps with insurance too Investigate this for all the cars youre considering). Great combination of performance and gas mileage. Purchased as a CPO that has paid for its extra cost on several occasions. And my color combination (see sig - only available in 2006 AFAIK ) is exactly what I wanted. It is still a very

AUDI A3 New A3 S-Line

Well I made the decision to consider addinf a second A3 to our fleet. I had purchased an A4 Quattro in January but I could never bond with it. We have a 2007 A3 Premium and it is just more fun to drive than the A4. The A4 also had numerous interior rattles and I couldnt get comfortable in the seats. So I went to my dealer this afternoon and drove a 2008 Black S-Line - what a difference from the A4.

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  • Volkswagen Golf Bora Beetle Audi A3 Rear Suspension Arm Bush Insertion Tool Kit - Bromsgrove,United Kingdom (59.95 GBP)
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  • Volkswagen Golf Bora Beetle Audi A3 Rear Suspension Arm Bush Insertion Tool Kit - Bromsgrove,United Kingdom (59.95 GBP)
  • AUDI A3 S3 Suspension Rear Springs off 3.2 Quattro 2004 models onwards USED - Winsford,United Kingdom (30.00 GBP)
  • AUDI A3 S3 Suspension Rear Springs off 3.2 Quattro 2004 models onwards USED - Winsford,United Kingdom (30.00 GBP)
  • Audi A3 Rear Left or Right Suspension Arm Bush - United Kingdom (7.85 GBP)
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