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AUDI A3 II 8P Rear Door Pannel Removal 2007 Audi A3

I need some help on where to find the proceedure to remove the rear door pannel specifically the passanger rear door and repair the window. I heard something rattle when I shut the door and now the window wont roll up. I can hear the motor working but it sounds like grinding and snapping. Thanks.

Just incase this happens to any other A3 owner out there. Well the popping and grinding was the mechinism that pulls the window up and down. The plastic piece that connects the cables to the winow is pretty cheap and the cable that pulls it up broke out of the assembly. Heres how to remove the pannel. Fortunatly I didnt destroy anything. 1. Remove the cover over the tweeter speaker to access a 25 torx bolt. 2. Remove the cover over the window rocker switch. Be careful you can pry it up with a small flat head screw drive and not cause too much damage. There is another 25 torx under this too. 3. Starting from the bottom of the door pannel gently pull until you hear the snaps come free work your way up to the top of the door and then pull straight up. There are a few smaller trip plastic pieces that will come off too without too much prodding. Becareful not to loose any of the small screws when disassembling. 4. Remove the wiring harness from the window motor rocker swith and speaker. Again be careful not to damage any of these components as they look pretty delicate. You can access the window mechinism through another pannel that looks like it is glued into place. You can remove this by sliding a flat head screw drive under it where the tabs hold it into place. Tomorrow I am installing the 159.00 (dealership item) widow regulator piece. Will update then. The dealership said that this part specifically the passanger rear window regulator fails all the time. Im surprised there isnt any more threads on this topic. So with some and time you can fix this problem your self. Im guessing at an audi dealership this would be more than 500 to get repaired.

AUDI A3 Section between door and rear window fitting

Can anyone advise on how the black metal section between the front door and the rear glass panel gets fitted the local audi dealer says it fits with 2 rivots without much more explanation. Do you for example have to remove any body work to do this and how do attach with rivots as it looks pretty much sealed in Any advice appreciated. Model A3 3 door 1.9T 2001. Nev

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AUDI A3 Help Why are there no rear door speakers in my A3

Help Ive just bought a 2007 A3 Sportback (5dr) and am well disappointed to find that there are no rear door speakers and there dont appear to be any speaker wires in the rear doors either. The current stereo unit is a single CD Chorus so im guessing this is the basiccheapo model. Can I just run wires to the back of the existing stereo or do I need to get hold of a different one Ive seen some Concert

AUDI A3 Rear Window Wiper not working

Im driving a 1.6 2004 A3 and the rear window wiper has stopped working also i rear window wash isnt working Front window wipers and wash is working fine Any ideas on what to look at Going to check the Fuse first...

where is the fuse box i thought it was at the side of the dashboard as you open the door n00b

I have the same 2004 audi a3 1.6 and im having the same problem except i managed to fix the washer as there was just a blockage so i took the small cap off the rear wiper and simply clean out the hole with a pin. It now works the wiper still dont move though even though i tried physically moving it whilst it was on and could feel it trying to move. Yes the fuse box which contains the rear wiper fuse is on the side of the dashboard on the drivers side when you open the door

Quote Originally Posted by Snack where is the fuse box i thought it was at the side of the dashboard as you open the door n00b THis might be a bit of a longshot but i know the rear wiper doesnt work if the hatchback isnt engaged. Something back there

AUDI A3 II 8P Audi A3 2008 with Chorus Radio - rear speakers

Hi I didnt realise until today that my rear speakers dont work Judging from the technical stuff Ive read and only somewhat understood the Chorus headunit doesnt support the rear speakers I seem to have rear speakers on the doors (little ones at the top and bigger ones at the bottom) - are they purely for decorative purposes lol. I seemed to get a Concert Manual with my A3 (second-hand) so wondering

AUDI A3 II 8P 2006 A3 Door Lock Problem

I just bought a 2006 A3 that is in fabulous condition overall but I just realized that i cant get the rear right door to lock. I can hear it make noise when I unlock the doors but it will not lock. All of the other doors are working properly...... I sure wish there was a way to lock the doors manually Thanks guys Any help would rule

AUDI A3 II 8P 2005 A3 - Crackling in rear speaker

I have a crackling in the passengers side rear speaker of my 2005 3 door A3 Does anyone know how to get access to this speaker i.e which panels i need to remove and how. Any support would be much appreciated. Regards Ash.

AUDI A3 Courtesy Lights in Doors

What should trigger the lights in the door edge (red on rear edge white on underside) I would expect them to come on whenever the door is open but nothing happens. Do they only work with certain Packages I have all except Technology and Cold Weather on my 06 A3.

AUDI A3 rear wiper washers

I have an a3 three door My rear washers are not working. There is water in the bottle and the motor is working as it feeds water to the front screen. Is there an easy fault finding way to find the fault

AUDI A3 Remove Rear Speakers

How do you remove the cover for the rear speakers in A3 (1999 3-doors). I want to set in some new speaker here because its empty I think. I have tried with a screwdriver but no success. I dont want to damage the cover or interior. Must the new speakers be a dim of 165mm So if you have a solution for this and maybe a picture I would be grateful. arneost

AUDI A3 II 8P 06 A3 passenger door central locking faulty

Hi My 06 A3 has developed a central locking fault whereby the passenger door doesnt unlock but all the others work fine. I can hear it trying to unlock but without success. I have manged to get the door panel outer off but theres a black rubbery looking infill with the handle wire coming through it between me and the inner workings of the door and Im not sure how to get this off or what to look for Any ideas please Cheers Charlie from N.Z.

Charlie No help here but have similar issue. My rear driver side door intermittently will not lock. Have to manually lock it from the door edge. Havent gotten the door panel off yet & my Bentley manual leaves a lot to be desired in a repair guide. Any chance of a picture to help others with what to expect in the door

AUDI A3 II 8P 07 A3 Rear Speaker vibrates seat

I noticed that when I turn the volume up the rear speakers causes small vibrations in the driver seat. Its barely noticeable but it is annoying. I adjusted the fader to the front and could feel the vibrations diminish and disappear. If its inherent in the design due to rear speaker location I guess I will live with just using the front speakers but it does sacrifice the overall sound. I may call audi and see if they gave any solutions. Anyone else notice this and have a solution

You might have hit it on the head Chef. I think it could be there is too much bass going to the door speakers because I dont have the upgrade audio which would send most of the base to the subwoofer and quality power in the correct frequency range to the doors. The manual doesnt say much about the stock stereo. I think there is a subwoofer in the stock system but I am not sure. Turning down the base

AUDI A3 Door Frame Rubber Fading

Has anyone noticed their rubber seals around the windows on the door fading faster than normal. My car is about 2 weeks old and the black rubber around the windows looks as if its 7 years old. Any others have this problem Im gonna run it by the dealership this morning...

Adjusting door (on vehicles with 3doors) Note[align] t Make sure you use the correct template for adjusting the door. There are two versions one for vehicles with 3doors and one for vehicles with 5doors. t On vehicles with 3doors use template -T400383- for precise door adjustment (height angle and gap) as described . Panel gaps Special tools and workshop equipment required t Template -T400383- t Setting

AUDI A3 Bubbling and peeling on plastic between doors

On the outside of my car between the front and rear passenger doors the coating on the plastic started to bubble. Now its peeling and looks like crap. Looks similar to how the window control buttons can bubble up. Headed to the dealer to get it replaced under warranty. Im at 48k miles so just 2k left... Have a blown speaker in the rear that they are going to take care of too.

AUDI A3 Retrofit Rear Sunshades

Hi I wondered if anybody knew if a 2007 A3 could be retrofitted with the optional rear sunshades. Much like some dealers seem to be willing to install the blackout grill does any of you know if a dealer would do the same for the rear sunshades Or is there any other place I could go to Thanks Chief

rear door window shades are cost-prohibitive to retro fit - they require new door panels and the shades themselves are very expensive. rear hatch window shade is easy and available from VAG.

AUDI A3 rear fender proyect 19

boys got my staggered rims installed yesterday...... i got this tires just to have a temporary same look frontrear for now im using front ..... 19 x 8.5 225 35 19 (next proper tire 235 35 19) rear ...... 19 x 9.5 245 35 19 (next proper tire 265 35 19) i wanna do some bodywork on the back fenders wider enough to fix the proper tire size listen above anyone from this forum done som like that

Ben (HPA 3.2 3 door) did the Osir front fender andBrian aka Project A3 did the one you saw which is from Nothelle. Neither one can be DIY unless you have some serious training and equipment for body work.

AUDI A3 How the hell do you remove rear panel

I need to change the wiper motor on my 55 plate a3 Ive taken out the two screws and pulled the two clips nearest the bottom of the door but it wont budge any further Am I missing something

AUDI A3 Knocking noise in the rear...

Hey guys... I have a 2008 A3 2.0 and Im hearing a strange knocking noise every time I go over bumps in the road. Ive inspected the entire rear hatch and spare tire compartment and everything is tight and secure. I jacked the car up and inspected the underside and there is nothing visibly loose other than two plastic shields beside the interior of the rear wheels. Has anyone experienced this before If the shields were causing the problem would I be able to hear it that well inside the car

Your noise might be from the cargo cover. Heres an excellent How To on the subject httpoooo-a3.blogspot.com200603...noise-fix.html I recently looked at a new Mazda3 5-door and noticed it had small rubber dampers on the cargo hatch for exactly this reason. I might investigate getting some of those.

My noise is more like a muffled rattle that seems to be coming from the right rear at 30 to 40 mph over a series of bumps e.g. broken pavment. The first thing I did was remove the cargo cover then stuffed foam rubber in various places including the gas filler door. No luck. Seems to be worse when it is cold out which would be consistent with a plastic part. Will definitely check out those shields.

AUDI A3 Question about the rear view mirror

I have an 07 3.2 with the auto dimming mirror. Im thinking of having installed in my car a Mito auto dimming mirror with Homelink. heres the link. httpwww.mitocorp.comflashhomeli...ingmirrors.htm I found a local installer and the price isnt too expensive but the installer asked me if the audi has a cam mount mirror. Does anyone know if the A3 has a cam mount for the mirror

Ive never heard that - Ive had Homelink on virtually every vehicle for maybe 10 years (and for me thats a lot of vehicles ) and through at laest 6 different garage doors. Simple to setup always works. That said dont spend hundreds to install it. You can buy just the unit itself on ebay and give it any simple power source in the headliner and youre done.

Quote ORIGINAL wntonsoup Ive never heard that - Ive had Homelink on virtually every vehicle for maybe 10 years (and for me thats a lot of vehicles ) and through at laest 6 different garage doors. Simple to setup always works. That said dont spend hundreds to install it. You can buy just the unit itself on ebay and give it any simple power source in the headliner and youre done. Yea Homelink works on

My original doorgate opener uses the dip switch technology. Its a two button remote with the code set by two 10-dip switch blocks. Any thoughts as to whether the Homelink will be compatible with my gate system and garage door system

I cant fathom spending that much money to just avoid having a regular garage door opener installed. Maybe you would be able to live with the aesthetics of a keychain garage door opener

AUDI A3 A3 75K Service Info & DIY

75K Recommended Maintenance for your A3 audi is Check Tires Check Fluids Lubricate Wipers and Change Oil. But your not a typical A3 Owner now are you... I work with a wrench in my hand all day and have done plenty of DIY before on my cars. So I have purchased Genuine audi Parts from the Dealership. 1. Fuel Filter 2. Plugs (Gapped to 32 but 30 will work) 3. Coil Packs 4. Front and rear Oxygen Sensors

AUDI A3 II 8P 2010 Audi A3 review

Heres a new review on the 2010 audi A3 with details on performance features and history as well as a photo gallery. A brand new generation of audis premium compact the A3 will be offered at the end of 2010. This car is intended to become the most attractive vehicle in the segment and will be offered in at least three different body types. The first new A3 to go in production will be a 3-door sports


Im tired of reading the same description for our A3 section The audi A3 is the lower priced sibling of the A4 offering a sporty feel with a station wagons versatility I propose that we write a better description for our vehicle. Im tired of being compared to an A4 when I personally think our cars are much more appealing. List your suggestions and we can take a poll to decide on the best. Then Ill bug

I need to put down all thoughts and work through the best wording to fit in our description. Any wordsmiths The audi A3 is a sporty compact wagon offering cutting edge engineering and the ability to carry up to 5 passengers and cargo The A3 is sporty compact wagon offering the perfect mixture of performance design and versatility The audi A3 is a fun sporty compact wagon. 2) The audi A3 is a premium

AUDI A3 Seriously shopping ... used A3

I started out looking for a VW GTI and I really do like that car. Right now I am driving a 1999 BMW 323i and it is an excellent ride. I had a 1999 audi A4 before that and love it except for the auto transmission. I have never owned a car newer than 1999 model year and I am proud of that. But this is my year to buy a new (used) car and first I thought a 4-door GTI. I dont need 4-doors but I want 4-doors

AUDI A3 2.0T Maintenance Intervals

Ive searched the forums and looked through the audi maintenance book to determine maintenance intervals and there are some items that are not mentioned or maybe theyre typically done with something else. Im sure Bentley has this info but dont have one yet for my recently purchased CPO A3 with 26K. So heres the list as I understand it and Id appreciate help filling in the blanks or correcting any errors.

I only have the info up to 55k. Vehicle 2006 audi A3 At 5000 Mi (8000 Km) 3.2L 2.0L Turbo Engine Oil Oil Filter Change the oil and replace oil filter. (Caution 2006 audi models use only engine oil conforming to VW 502.00 specifications). Windshield Wiper and Washer Headlight washer Check adjustment and function check fluid level and add if necessary. Tires and Spare Wheel Check for wear and damage.

AUDI A3 II 8P 2009 a3

Hey guys Im new to the forum. Purchased a used 2009 A3 about 2 weeks ago w51k mi. Its in great condition. This is my first car in 14 years as Ive owned 2 trucks over this time. Gas mileage is now doubled. I really like the car. It did have a leak after 1 week and the dealer fixed it(AC high pressure switch). Also had a Curt hitch installed for a bike rack and the shop killed one of my rear brake light

AUDI A3 II 8P 2009 2.0 Quattro is officially official

I think I may bite now and finally get an A3. httpwww.autoblog.com20080424a...h-u-s-in-fall

Why does the back of the 2-door A3 look so cheap Why doesnt audi just use the same rear configuration of the 4-door

Quote ORIGINAL ScareGlower Why does the back of the 2-door A3 look so cheap Why doesnt audi just use the same rear configuration of the 4-door Personally I really like it. Especially now with the 2009 has decent rear tail lights. Having seen S3s in person I must say the 2 door look is aggressive not cheap I think the back is different because the proportions (if not the dimensions) on the 2 door are

AUDI A3 II 8P Wify finally got her new a3 07 s-line

Hi Guys I just bought a 2007 A3 2.0t S-line. Color is ocean blue pearl. I have been over in the A6 forum for the past years and I still drive it but my wife was hooked on this new car. So long story short I continue to drive my 2002 a6 4.2 and she is now driving the a3 2.0t s-line. Car feels and sounds solid so far but I will take a more thorough look on the weekend when I get it. Dealer kept the car

AUDI A3 Is the BMW 1 Series an A3 Competitor

So I was checking out my usual news sites and saw that pricing for the new BMW 1 series has been announced at it starts at 35k. I know this is way off topic but there are a handful of cars out there that I see as alternatives to the A3 and the Beemer is one of them. But at 35k for the stripped down version (52000 when you max it out with options) I dont see how anyone looking for a premium compact would go for this when the A3 2.0 and 3.2 are out there. Just my two cents.

Yes here in Taiwan they are competitors. Before I bought my A3 2.0TDI I drove the BMW 120i and 120d (d is a diesel version). Both are 5 door hatches. The price difference between the A3 diesel and the BMW diesel is about 14000 but if you compare the diesel audi to the gasoline BMW the price difference is around 3500. In my opinion very different cars. The rear-wheel drive on the beemer is nice but

AUDI A3 Considering A3 Purchase

Hello All 1.)How does the A3s cargo space compare withthe 4-door GTI s cargo space with the [ul][]rear seat up[]rear seat folded [ul]2.) How does the A3s reliability compare with the GTIs 3.) How does audi dealer service compare with VW dealer service 4.) Has audi improved the active head restraints (AHR) for 2008 from an IIHS rating of acceptable to good 5.) A limited-slip differential (LSD) is optional

AUDI A3 Help Needed Connecting Aftermarket Stereo.

Im getting seriously frustrated after purchasing a 1997 audi A3 with an aftermarket stereo installed. Basically theres an audi sub-woofer in the boot (in the left hand opening) and speakers in both of the rear door panels (not actually doors as its a 3dr model) but none of it is hooked up. Ive presumed that the rear speakers and subwoofer are self-amplified so Ive tried EVERY possible combination wiring

AUDI A3 Possible A3 Purchase .

The wife and I are stopping down at an audi Dealer tomorrow to check out an 07 Ibis White 2.0 premium it has 10k miles options wise .. Standard dealer crap This 2007 audi A3 4dr 2.0T SUV features a 2.0L L4 DIR DOHC Turbo 4 cyl Gasoline engine. It is equipped with a 6 speed tiptronic transmission. The vehicle is Ibis White with a Black Leather interior. It is offered with the remaining extended warranty.

AUDI A3 Has anyone checked out the new Volvo C30

Just checked it out on MSN. Pricing will be mid 20s and they are expecting between 6 and 8 thousand to be imported. Nota bad looking car but Im not sure how I feel about all of the glass on the hatchdoor... [IMG]localupfiles4141730CEDC13D10F48B880D958FD02487D53.jpg[IMG] [IMG]localupfiles4141774BE58A728FB4517A3855FDB9A7E9356.jpg[IMG]

Base model 1.0s start at 23 2.0 sports start at 27. Typicalstickers are 27 and 31 respectively. ive driven both - heres the lowdown High points - killer AC strong flexible engine (with the manual trans) good seats and ergonomics attention-grabbing styling and graphic adds. Nice but not exceptional driving dynamics. RadioCD systems better than audis. Low points - Geartronic is a typical slushbox the

AUDI A3 A3 standard sound system

How can I remove the small base speaker from the luggage are of the car without loosing the sound from rear door speakers If I disconnect the sub I loose the sound from the rear speakers in the car. Why does this happen I have a standard (not Bose) system. The car is a 1997 audi A3. any advice would be great Thanks

HONDA FIT Focal Access (603mm) for Audi A3 2004 Audi Concert 2004. Will they fit

Will Focal Access 130 A1 525 603mm (depth) fit audi A3 2004 (3-doors) The guy in the shop also supplied with adapter rings which says A3 1996 on the package. I am worried about the depth I read somewhere they should be below 50mm is that correct Do I need different spacer rings Also I have audi Concert unit in the dash with none-bose subwoofer in the back which I just found out. Should I consider upgrade the sub element and disconnect the rear speakers

AUDI A3 A3 basic clocks cluster..can it be upgraded

Hi Guys Just recently bought an A3 2007 1.9 diesel sportback. Its not on the log book as an se model but yet it has the walnut around the gear stick take me home lights and self dimming rear mirror and rain sensing wipers . I had a 2004 A3 was the same spec and was SE. The funny thing is on this model much to my amazement the lcd console or computer in the centre of the clkosk doesnt exist its only

AUDI A3 II 8P Top 10 Luxury Cars Driven by Women - ForbesAuto

Per article . 2. audi A3 Primary driver 53.41% female Total respondents 8040 This entry-level audi nails the practicalityluxury combo Four doors and a rear hatch make it practical while the slick organic form and well-crafted interior keep it sophisticated. Its small and nimble with a gutsy turbocharged four-cylinder or potent V6 to keep the adrenaline up. 1 BMW Z4 2. audi A3 3. Volvo

AUDI A3 My first mod.. a stereo

My setup will be similar to the link below. I really like the audi Emblem cutout for the amp ventilation. MAccar in City of Industry has my car now and they will have it ready next Wednesday. They say they can replicate the audi ring symbol for the ventilation holes but its not cheap(400). I am told that 9855 (500 color) head unit isnt available. So I got an 9885. I dont know if it can change colors.

AUDI A3 Privacy Screens

Does anyone know if audi offers these privacy screens on any of their US models These are black fabric screens located onin the rear doors that you can pull up and shade the rear seats. They are on Euro models and I was hoping to be able to order them on my new A3 when I get back to the US next year.

AUDI A3 window water leaks anyone

new a3 owner here here... decided to get an a3 bc of this forum after a year of deliberation. thanks to all has anyone experienced water condensation and leaking into the rear windows i was washing my car on a hot day in n. california and i noticed water condensing on the inside of the car on one of the rear windows towards the bottom. when i rolled down the rear windows and rolled back up i noticed

wetness when i roll the windows down and back up--after its been in rain of course. i took it to the dealer. they took apart the door (i actually saw the taken-apart panel) and noticed a gap that would be enough to allow water to seep in. they finally reprod the issue but didnt know if it was a manufacture-wide issue. they had a regional specialist look at it on mon and then they had 5 audi

Example offers of car parts audi a3 rear door

  • AUDI A3 5 DOOR PASSENGER SIDE REAR DOOR WINDOW WINDER TO FIT 2001 TILL 2003 - Birmingham,United Kingdom (30.00 GBP)
  • AUDI A3 REAR DOOR Car Speaker Adaptor Pod Ring - London,United Kingdom (9.95 GBP)
  • Audi A3 8L Door in Ming Blue LZ5L Off 5 Door - Passenger Side Rear - Leicester,United Kingdom (29.99 GBP)
  • Audi A3 8L Door in Ming Blue LZ5L Off 5 Door - Driver Side Rear - Leicester,United Kingdom (29.99 GBP)
  • Audi A3 (3 Door) & A3 Cab - Mudflap Set (Front & Rear) - Belfast,United Kingdom (56.09 GBP)
  • NEW GENUINE AUDI A3 4 DOOR LEFT REAR DOOR WINDOW GLASS - 8L4 845 205 - Crewe,United Kingdom (20.00 GBP)
  • 2006 Audi A3 5 Door Sline Nearside Rear Passenger Door Black Used - Leeds,United Kingdom (80.00 GBP)

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