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AUDI A3 leaking radiator in my A3 Faulty clips

First off I do love my car but I do have my doubts on how long it will last... My most recent problem is a leaking radiator at 65000 miles. Its being fixed under my audi 100000 mile warrentee( certified used had 15000 miles at purchase). I seem to remember that there are possibly faulty harness clips that can rub and slow punchure the radiator from my model year but I cannot seem to find the technical

Its being replaced under warrentee thank God anybody else with radiator problems

update Inskip replaced the radiator and replaced poorly designed wireharness clips (2006 model year) that rub and punchure radiator take care all

FYI radiators are generally considered a 100K part on BMWs (the plastic filler necks get brittle and crack). I havent looked at my audis radiator for that kind of weakness but Id plan on replacement at that interval. 65K does seem early regardless anda failure due to wire harness clips would certainly seem to be a warranty issue. meg123 What was the indication of problems with your camshaft (presumably both of them) and cam runners

camshaft wear started as a ticking noise at about 18000 and slowly became louder till it was replaced at 28000 miles. From what I can remember it was to cam that the high pressure fuel pump runs off of the orginally designed cam was not strong enough and wore prematurely it was an early production 2006 model year issue for A3s and A4s

AUDI A3 II 8P 2009 Audi A3 Radiator replacement

2.0L TFSI engine to be exact. Automatic transmission. Anyone have tips on changing out the radiator I think its just the radiator but will find out tomorrow. Hope no hoses or any other components are also damaged. Ive seen general videos on radiator replacements and it looks pretty simple but any thing I should know specifically about audis to make go smoother. It appears you just remove those three

Anyone Someone has had to have done this work on an A3 or similar model with a 2.0L. Does anyone have the audi A3 repair manual for 2009 that they could send me the instructions for the radiator assemblydisassembly. It would save me 90 and I would really appreciate it.

If you plan on doing the work you should just get the manual. You also should get a VAG. Good luck on your journey

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AUDI A3 Audi A3 radiator fan and on dash thermostat troubles. Help

Hi everyone I have a bit of a problem with my 2004 audi A3 1600. The thermostat reads 0 and the radiator fans blow very loud and fast. From outside the car it sounds like a plane To get around the problem I have to drive the car for 10 minutes or until I know it must have warmed up. I turn the car off then back on again. The car then registers its hot - the thermostat registers at 90 degrees and the

AUDI A3 Radiator Replacement

Anybody else ever have a radiator leak with their A3 While on a driving vacation in the Canadian Rockies my coolant warning (big flashing thermometer symbol in the central display) came on when the expansion tank level dropped. The temperature gauge never moved from dead center since the coolant never dropped that far and I was thankful for the early warning. I topped off the tank but it was low again

AUDI A3 II 8P Radiator Fan on 07 2.0 TDI A3 removed from top or bottom

While Im here my radiator fan packed in and I need to switch it out. Haynes Manual says it comes out either the top or bottom depending on model but I dont have access to a repair bay so if its not the top Ill get a garage to do it. Anyone happen to know if it comes out the top or bottom in a 2007 A3 2.0 TDI Save me hoking around to find out.

Not sure what extra plumbing (or less) the TDI may have. I pulled my radiator fan shroud & fans out the bottom of my A3. Looked like too tight a fit to come out the top. I had the car on ramps and it barely came out with a slight tilt to the rear. If the car had been any lower to the ground it would not have come out.

cheers Ill bear that in mind. Also another stupid noob question - the FA3 50A resistor for the fans is located in the engine fusebox according to Haynes manual but I cant see the row of FAx resistors there just the big bunch of FCx ones. Ive a feeling the FAx and FBx sets are hidden underneath but what tool do you need to loosen the plastic board housing the FCx resistors ie the allen key type bolts except theyre shaped for something more like a 6 sided star screwdriver

Torx maybe Have not found any on my audi but then again I havent really taken many parts off. My motorcycle has a nice mixture of metric bolts Allen and Torx fasteners. edit Now that I think about it I have found Torx heads on some audi parts.

Torx they were cheers. Keep the protective under tray on too. Seems I have to take out the air filter first so another noob question - the plastic clipclamp with two protruding fingers that holds the MAF sensor to the big accordion air hose - what is it called and how do you remove it And is it reusable or do I have to fit a new one

AUDI A3 Radiator Leak - caused by fan shroud

Has anyone experienced a problem with the clip that retains the fan electronics wearing a hole in the radiator My 06 3.2l just went out of warranty (52K) and sprung a leak. It turns out the clip that retains the electrical harness for the fan is too close to the radiator and slowly wore a hole in it. It is on the bottom of the radiator near the middle. There are no service bulletins on it but Im wondering if it will start showing up more or if my occurrence was a fluke.

I had a slow radiator leak at 38K miles (discovered while on vacation) but never heard what was the specific cause. It was repaired under warranty by the dealer in Calgary. I later mentined this to my home dealer and the service rep said that there had been a history of radiator leaks on A3s.

I was facing the same problem but it was taken care by my local dealer. u may try the same.

AUDI A3 ECON Light Stays On Blows Hot Air

Air Conditioning problem 2006 audi A3 4 cyl Two Wheel Drive Automatic 96000 miles Recently the AC will stop working and the ECON (Automatically turns off AC Compressor for audi) button lights up. I can not de-select it. The only solution is to turn the car offon and start again. 1. The problem has gotten worse the hotter out it has gotten. 2. As long as the car is in motion it does not happen but sitting

AUDI A3 Audi A3 problems

Bonjour Just come a cross this site thought i would create a post to see if anyone could help me with my problem. I got a R reg audi A3 1.6 Sport i had a leak with the radiator. I bought myself a radiator online as i thought it was just a simple remove the old and in with the new..... That part was simple and the new radiator is in place all piping and electrics plugged back in but the car will not

Ok simple fix to that dead battery think i might of shorted something out in the process. car is starting up. now my 2nd problem to the radiator change i have put water on but its not filtering to the radiator the bottom pipe seems to have water but the top just gets really hot. i have left the car on for about 1015mins to heat the thermostat up but no joy water is still not getting to the radiator hmm

AUDI A3 Audi A3 water circulation problems

Help Work at a garage and had an audi A3 in today. Water circulation problems. Engine runs at a steady halfway temp. Runs and ticks over fine. Heat through the heaters. radiator stone cold and pipe from thermostat housing to bottom of radiator stone cold. Fitted new water pump new thermostat housing plus switches and new radiator but still the same problem. Got to go back to it tomorrow morning and wondering if anyones got ideas Cheers

AUDI A3 adding antifreeze A-3

I had a low coolant warning this morning. I have Prestone that is 5050. Is this acceptable

Wonderful that the dealer will do it but when my 2006 A3 developed a radiator leak in Banff (nearest dealer is in Calgary 80 miles away) I needed something NOW Prestone 5050 was available at the local gas station and is described as compatible with all other coolant colors. The Calgary dealer replaced my radiator under warranty and of course refilled with audi coolant. BTW my dealer service advisor

AUDI A3 New A3 owner - Problems

Hi every one just been and bought an audi A3 SE 1997 R reg with 107500 miles this morning test drove it did all the usual checks climate control worked lights windows suspension checked for white mayonnaise subastance on oil cap nothing wrong the only problem was that the gear was missed and when you started the car you had to move the key slightly back for the electrics(window wipers ABS lights etc)

AUDI A3 2.0T Maintenance Intervals

Ive searched the forums and looked through the audi maintenance book to determine maintenance intervals and there are some items that are not mentioned or maybe theyre typically done with something else. Im sure Bentley has this info but dont have one yet for my recently purchased CPO A3 with 26K. So heres the list as I understand it and Id appreciate help filling in the blanks or correcting any errors.

AUDI A3 II 8P 2006 A3 leaking cooland - RESOLVED

Hey Guys Id posted before about leaking coolant from my A3. Also saw lots of others despairing that they might have a blown head gasket or cracked cylinder. Just got back from the mechanic and I have good news - my radiator had just been chipped and corroded by rocks from the road. Id had it pressure tested by two mechanics both just said radiator leaks needs replacement without telling me where the

AUDI A3 I 8L Alarm wont shut off after I install new battery (Audi a3 2006)

Hello everyone I just bought a new battery from the dealership for my audi a3 (2006). Problem is when I connect it the car alarm goes off. The moment i make contact with the electrodes and the battery is connected the alarm goes off like crazy (one steady tone of the horn). The radiator fan (i think) also goes off. Anyone have any idea what I can do

AUDI A3 Just bought a A3 1.9TDi AND WTF

Hi guys I just bought a audi A3 TDi (man it feels gud to say that as my first car) and went to pick it up from just past manchester today. As I was proper excited to drive it I got knocked back to the passenger seat GRRR whilst my dad drove all the way back. It didnt have petrol in it and a flat tyre but i went to see it on friday and when we put the deposit down it wasnt with a flat tyre god knows

AUDI A3 A3 Coolant Problem

Hello I wonder if anyone can give me some pointers advice please Basically Ive recently bought a second hand audi A3 (51 plate - 66000 miles) and its been running fine for the last couple of months although there was a coolant leak when I bought it so this was fixed as it was due to some problem with the radiator or pump or something (apologies but Im not technical as far as cars are concerned) Anyway

Not sure what a 51 plate is so no idea what year your car is. My 2006 A3 developed a radiator leak in the middle of a vacation trip. The dealer in Calgary Canada fixed it under warranty and helped me get a rental car for the two days that it took to fly in the new radiator and make the repairs. They never mentioned an apparent cause but I have heard of other A3s with radiator leaks due to faulty hose

2nd that youve been told wrong. like said them bubbles need to come out and the only way is up and out. on my a3 there is a bleed screw at the bottom of the radiator hose. also have a look at the other hoses there maybe one on there. on previous cars there normally on the matrix hose going through the bulkhead. hope that helps a bit

Hi I have an 2002 audi A3 1.8Trecently I have noticed a gurgling sound like a boiling kettle at the top of the engine when it is switched off.After driving for about 20km at 100k then stopping and switching off the enginethe noise occurstop of the engine is hot(temp gauge never goes above 90 c)the lower radiator hose remains cold.Any suggestions ( thermostat was replaced about 6 months ago) jammed shut may be

AUDI A3 A3 Cooling Fan

The cooling fan on my 1998 A3 sezed up and burnt out yesterday. As Im looking to sell the car very soon Id rather not buy a new part. Therfore I took a trip to the local Scrap Heap where I found a number of A3s unfortuantly they all either had no radiator or had the dual fan assembly. Upon inspection the Larger of the fans on the dual would fit the mounting points on my single fan radiator and the

AUDI A3 Coolant Leaks only on Long Trips

2006 A3 2.0T Fwd Hi Guys Im having major coolant leaks on long trips (4 hours) and am hoping to shed some light on it. I drive boston-DC frequently in the summertime and if I fill coolant to max when departing after 4-6 hours it will be low enough that the Low Coolant alarm flashes and I have to stop and refill. 1. I use 5050 water and the suggested audis pink coolant got it from autozone 2. This does

AUDI A3 Blacking out grill and side marker lights.

Ok so today i decided to black out my grill and those ugly yellow bumper lights. I bought a can of satin black spray paint and matte clear and also lens tint for the side markers. I ended up painting everything while still on the car and just taped the car off real good. It actually turned out pretty nice and saved myself about 270 bucks. So if anyone is thinking of doing this just be sure you take

saved myself about 270 bucks. So if anyone is thinking of doing this just be sure you take your time and tape the car off real good or you will get over spray all over your pretty A3. Eventually i will probably buy a after market grill because i want a badge less one but this works for now. I did leave the chrome ring unpainted because i didnt know how the paint would take to it but the chrome audi

AUDI A3 Removing the engine cover

Posted this a week ago in the audi Tech - General Tech but got no response. Will try it here. Weather has been crappy and the motorcycle has been taking up time. May get back to the car this week. Thinking of maybe using a broken broom handle as a lever and small flat stick to spread force over a larger area on a corner and just forcing the cover up but still hoping for an actual proper way the get

AUDI A3 Air box

Just removed air box to fit new radiator and when I refitted the air box I noticed a tube on the bottom on the air box does it just sit there or plugs on to something it a audi a3 2 ltd tdi 2006 Thanks

AUDI A3 II 8P opinionhelp 2007 audi vs...

Hello everyone. Im new here to the forums and wanted to get your opinion... since most of you are already audi A3 owners. Im considering purchasing a 2007 audi A3 2.0T w DSG (maybe the 3.2). I am also considering a 2008 Subaru WRX. Im doing my research now in deciding which car to get. Those of you that own one of these cars can you tell me what you like about it What do you love about the car What

What do I likelove about my A3 Perfect size and configuration as a small wagon (really helps with insurance too Investigate this for all the cars youre considering). Great combination of performance and gas mileage. Purchased as a CPO that has paid for its extra cost on several occasions. And my color combination (see sig - only available in 2006 AFAIK ) is exactly what I wanted. It is still a very

AUDI A3 I 8L where is my intercooler im i knoob yes i know

i know its really stupid but im just wonderin where my intercooler is bc in my old gti it was in the left fender and was wonderin if it is in the same place and if so can get more cold air to it by cutting my fog light cover its just like a plastic bit that has nothing to do with the housing of the fog lights

On the U.S. 2.0T it should be in the center directly in front of the radiator. See this pic on APRs site their intercooler sits in the stock location httpwww.goapr.comaudiproductsabout_mkv_fmic.html Also the S3 intercooler which is supposedly a direct replacement for the stock A3 intercooler httpoempl.usindex.phpmain_page...roducts_id435

AUDI A3 II 8P 2006 A3 issues

Hi. I just picked up a used 06 A3 2.0T with 65K miles on the clock. Service history is unknown but the car seems to be in good shape. What are some of the standard (or non standard) issues that are common in these models that I should be looking for What if any things should I do in terms of preventing any known issues I have heard the trans control modules are iffy. Anyone have that experience What

system which has gone through a number of revisions. There are after-market systems that address this but I havent seen data that says they truly solve the problem. Be sure to use synthetic VW 502 approved oil (Mobil 1 0W-40 and Castrol 5W-40 are two readily available examples) and change it every 5-6000 miles. The DSG fluid and filter should be changed every 35K. Heres an excellent listing of A3

AUDI A3 II 8P audi a3 2004 alarm problem

Hello there i am wondering if anyone can help me with my audi a3 20041 night last week i locked the car up at night and the alarm kept going off through the night. The first time it went off i unlocked the car and made sure that all the windows and doors were shut properly then locked the car up like normal then about 15 mins later it went back off again so then i unlocked it and locked it back up

I have the same problem when I park my audi in the sun and lock it - I read in one of the posts that the siren(s) are located on the sides of the radiator. If you figure it our pls let me know

AUDI A3 II 8P 2006 A3 2.0T - loud tapping noise (video link inside) warranty help

I recently bought a 2006 A3 2.0T build date is 0605. The car is from Arizona but I live in NJ I never brought it to the dealer here. Original warranty expires 123109. It has 31000 miles on it. 1) Is this noise normal 2) What is it 3) If its not normal Will it be covered under the warranty I have a feeling the dealership will try to avoid the repair it since the warranty will expire soon and the check

Your noise is absolutely normal. The 2.0T engine has very high compression and with direct injection it sounds like a diesel engine at idle which is what youre hearing. Above idle that noise should disappear. BTW youre missing the small cover on the air intake behind the radiator. That part is easily lost but will result in drawing in hot air from the engine compartment rather than cooler outside air. See 3 in the link below httpforums.vwvortex.comzerothreadid3366758 If you havent found it already this is an excellent source for A3 tips and DIY

AUDI A3 I 8L 1998 A3 1.8 Overheating

Hi there This is my first post here and im hoping you can help. A small while ago my A3 started seriously overheating whilst driving - shooting up to pretty much the max (130C). After taking it to the local garage ive had the radiator Thermostat and water pump replaced - the water pumps impellor had gone. Unfortunately this has not completely cured the problem. Using the 49c trick on the Air Con unit

AUDI A3 A3 3.2 Check Engine Light on again

I picked up a 2006 A3 3.2 Quattro DSG with 67000km for my wife last month. Aside from the somewhat squeaky suspension and rough DSG take off the car was fine until last week when the check engine light came on. So I took it in to my local dealership for service as it is still under warranty (not for long). I was told the O2 sensor was faulty and the service advisor recommended against from driving

Quote Originally Posted by flew66 I asked for a loaner and the service advisor gave me an 2009 A6 3.0T loaner for the weekend Not bad for customer service I thought lol. I just dropped off my A3 to get a new radiator (was leaking) and got a 2010 A4 with only 2k on the clock as the loaner for the weekend I think theyre trying to tempt me to upgrade.

AUDI A3 III 8V 2012 A3 How do you adjust these fcking head lights

I would rate my automotive knowledge above average. I changed the timing belt and clutch on my 2006 VW BRM in my parents driveway a few years ago. I swapped a couple Chevys and built one from scratch minus the machine work.... So I feel about damn stupid here but I cannot adjust the head lights on my A3. I bought a Ross-Tech cable and found the adjust feature but in learn mode I am forced to manually

Im still learning audi terms but I guess its the Xenon range with LEDs. The bolts I speak of are directly behind the head lights close to the radiator. Seems like a couple turns and theyre out. I wondered if I had the wrong ones.

Quote Originally Posted by nmdenn2 Im still learning audi terms but I guess its the Xenon range with LEDs. The bolts I speak of are directly behind the head lights close to the radiator. Seems like a couple turns and theyre out. I wondered if I had the wrong ones. Nope worries man Always a learning curve going to new manufacturers. If you arent 100% take a picture and post it up and Ill let you know.

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