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audi a3 clutch I 8L
audi a3 clutch I 8L

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AUDI A3 Audi a3 clutch trouble

Hi I have a audi a3 1.9tdi It has 38 thou on clock. Problem is that when the clutch is held half way down it makes a vibration noise it sort of comes from the exhaust and the clutch feels a little vibratty but nothing major anyone else had this problem Also a week a go I have out 10pond of petrol into the car then filled it with 60 worth of diesel and since then I have kept it filled with diesel and

Ive recently bought a 2011 2.0TDI 138BHP StopStart with 22k on the clock. Generally very pleased with it but worried about a faint vibration on the clutch pedal - only like a tickle under your foot (no noise at all) just as the pedal is released. Can simulate it by very lightly depressing pedal at tickover irrespective of gear (or neutral). Dealer says Its normal but I work at an auction site and have

I am a new owner of an A3 so im sorry this post wont help much but i do want to say if that one dealer you bought the car to didnt want to take fault why dont you just try another audi dealership. Make sure you dont tell them you went somewhere else first and then compare what they say. I have done that in the past with previous cars and sometimes it just takes that right service rep or mechanic to

AUDI A3 Help - Possible Clutch Issue

Hoping someone can help I just purchased my first audi (used 2006 A3 2.0T 6sp Manual 21K miles) after driving Hondas for the past 21 years (CRXs Prelude 2dr Accord). First noticed this problem when I tried to put the car into Reverse - basically I had to force the shifter into Reverse - way harder than seemed normal. There are times I couldnt get it into Reverse but if I put it in 1st gear - rolled

Ive had this happen to me in both my VW and A3... what you can do is shift into the gear position but dont force it all the way then ease off the clutch it will pop into gear

Thanks Chef & Dawinger for the replies CHEF What is VAG I know the other work around is to always keep the clutch engaged - goes into 1st no problems then -- but Im still concerned that there is something wrong and if its not addressed I coule do some other damage. I guess the good news tho is that at least its documented at the dealer & Imhappy that I didnt get a ton of responses saying yea

Been a proud owner in the VAG family for years from yearly VW hatchbacks to my A3 when computers starting getting involved with engine and transmission this problem has occurred. Its actually a prevention that the designed to prevent you from destroying the gears. If the car has had its clutch engaged and is still rolling it wont let you shift into 1st. (It will with force -BAD) Its a great to prevent

Hi 4RINGSROD - I am only having this problem when the car is completely stopped. Not rolling at all.So Im sitting at a light - clutch is disengaged & car is in Neutral. When I engage the clutch & go to put the car in 1st - occasionally - thats when I have to force it into 1st. Im not rolling tho. I will try Chefs advice by going into 2nd and then into 1st and see if this makes it easier.

View Clutch pressure plate for AUDI A3

AUDI A3 Clutch cylinder problem

Hello fellow audi-drivers This is about a 2005 8P A3 16 gasoline with 130000km on the clock Problems started as follows all of a sudden the clutch engages much closer to the floorboard(after doing about 150km of motorway without shifting) entering gear became harder and harder. I started bleeding the air from the clutch system(manualybut done the right way). Fluid was being pumped out of the system

I once had an issue with a VW (BoraJetta) clutch cylinder but it broke apart completely and shifting was very very hard so hard I had to stop completely... Now I have DSG

AUDI A3 audi a3 clutch bleeding help plzzzz

hi i have an 04 a3 sport the clutch peddle got stuck down had to call AA to tow me home. He told me that it was the clutch master cylinder i have replaced this today been on 3 hours trying to bleed the clutch with no joy Is there a certain way to bleed the clutch or is it the same as bleeding the brakes as i cant seem to get anything on the clutch pedal. Any help would be much appreciated Many Thanks

Unhook input clutch master cylinder hose fr reservoir and connect syringe pre filled w dot4 50 ml via adapter hose. Unhook distal clutch line from T tube bleeder connector to reduce resistance and therefore pressure needed and submerged it in glass jar filled halfway with dot4. Push plunger to syringe bleed master until all bubbles gone. Refill syringe if needed but clamp hose first to prevent air

AUDI A3 Clutch problem

Anyone had problems with the clutch slipping on audi A3 TDI whilst accelerating in higher gears. Mine recently seemed to slip whilst accelerating in 4th gear. Wondering if this is a common problem and whether it means the clutch is on its way out.

Doesnt surprise me. After all the torque that your engine makes its weakest point is the clutch. I had a 1.9L TDI that I had to replace the clutch after 60k miles due to my mods. Just a chip threw it over the edge. Upgrade the clutch and you wont have the problem again. Cheers

AUDI A3 Master clutch valve help

Hello sorry if this is not through right place for this. Im new to this so please move into correct place. Im having a problem identifying a part I need. Basically it started when my 2003 audi a3 desiel clutch pedal became very soft and then eventually went completely. Bleed the system and it worked again but got worse over time. Took it to mechanic and he pulled a part out which he called the clutch

Moved this to the A3 section for you. Should be able to get the help you need in here

AUDI A3 I 8L What is needed to change my 2000 A3 1.8T gearbox and clutch to VR6 parts

Ive learnt that guys are taking the VR6 gears out and using them in the A3s gearbox as well as using the VR6 clutch and pressure plate with a 2.0 16V GTI flywheel. Does anyone know if there is any other parts or any special info needed

Hmmm...not any thread that I remember in the A3 section. I changed out a 10lb flywheel with a VR6 clutch and pressure plate on my 1.9 TDI and it worked great. Much better clamping power it spooled a little quicker and the clutch was a lot lighter. The downside was the chattering after replacing the dual mass flywheel. I dont know if you can keep the same flywheel and just replace the clutch and pressure

AUDI A3 Is Euro spec A3 clutch the same as US

I was hoping someone would know If a clutch kit for an American spec 1.8t A4 will work for a Euro spec 99 A3 1.8t. I am an American living in Italy and figured maybe I could save some money buying one from the states. I have a mechanic checking into it for me here but with the exchange rate and taxes over here it might be cheaper to have one shipped from the states. Thanks

AUDI A3 Clutch Upgrade

I was just doing my daily day dreaming looking at all the upgrades from AWE APR etc. especially the new stage III from APR. After looking at the kit for the countless time I noticed it didnt mention anything about the stock clutch. Would it be able to handle the power gains IMO I would expect some serious slippage from the clutchflywheel but thats coming from an S4 background where the clutch is one

Does the GTI and A3 share the same tranny

Quote ORIGINAL burnt toast Does the GTI and A3 share the same tranny Well I havent physically compared part nos but all reason and logic says yes since the A3 and GTI are the same car mechanically. If it were DSG then it would be different because the GTI has launch control.

Quote ORIGINAL Woodhead2k So in other words chef your clutch is holding yourstage II setup My clutch is just fine. Im not sure that youd need a clutch upgrade right away with the stage III kit Im probably in the low 300s for torque and I think they dial back the torque in the programing with the big turbo upgrade. It is around 330-340 ftlbs I think My plan was to upgrade the clutch when I was putting

Well APR just got back to me and they said the OEM clutch wont last that long with that kind of power and they recommended For A3s they only have the 1.8 5-speed but they do have the GTI 2.0 not sure if theyre interchangeable.

AUDI A3 Help with clutch issues ..PLEASE

Hii drive a 2003 A3 2.0 tdi...a few weeks ago my clutch pedal was staying down after motorway travelling and i had to turn off the engine and pump the local garage told me this was the slave cylinder which he replaced along with the clutch (my car has done 100000 miles)...when he gave it me back i then found that it was very hard to get into 1st and reverse gears and also the car would move

Hello No solution from me in afraid but just had my A3 TDi back from a clutch replacement. Same problem here after a bit of gentle forcing manage to engage reverse gear enough to park it out of the way. With the clutch dipped selecting the forward gears are very clicky and generate a low humming noise. Have contacted a mobile mechanic to see what he thinks. Have you had any joy with yours

AUDI A3 Clutch catching on something

I didnt have much luck on other forums. Maybe someone here knows what is going on... About where my clutch starts to catch there is a noticeable clunk like something has slipped or was caught and then freed up. It is not very audible at all. But is definitely felt in the pedal and letting the clutch out is not smooth and has this catch feeling when I let it out in first or in neutral. It is just a

I had a similar thing happen to an old 1.6 A3 quite a few years ago. After a few weeks the clutch failed and I had to replace it. You should take it to a dealer or garage they will at least be able to feel the clutch pedal and understand your problem.

AUDI A3 Clutch pedal giving me problem

well this is a bit weird but maybe i have boney feet thin soled shoes andor drive in LA traffic any case my clutch pedal is hurting the sole of my foot occasionally. does anyone know of a replacement pedal that might be larger -- i feel the stock one is so little. i was looking at this set httpwww.dubtuning.comshopawe-tu...a3-p-1133.html im pretty sure no one makes larger clutch pedals..although the accelerator pedal in this kit is larger. any input would be much appreciated

AUDI A3 The South Bend Clutch Catalog by AWE Tuning

AWE Tuning has chosen South Bend as one of the premium brands to align itself with when it comes to performance componentry. After all what good is all that power if you can&8217t get it reliably to the wheels And to get things shifting in the right direction we&8217ll start this catalog off with some free shipping. See what South Bend can do for your A3 right here and take advantage of some good ole

AUDI A3 Depress Clutch to Start Beep on startup

Hi Guys Just purchased my own A3 after being wowed by the company fleet ones. Not sure if this is an issue or not but with the fleet cars you need to depress the clutch to start the car. With mine you dont. I also sometimes get a beep on start up. Its usually when i put the key in and start up straight away. The beep happens every now and again when the engine is cold or at running temp. There are

AUDI A3 clutch help

easiestbest way to know when clutch is on its way out a3 1.8T

AUDI A3 Squeaky Clutch Pedal

20k miles now on my 06 A3 6 sp manual. clutch is beginning to squeak. I can feel it in my foot and hear it now as well. Is there an easy DIY fix for this Will WD40 somewhere do the trick Someone knowledgeable pls respond. I want that silky feel back.

AUDI A3 Gurgling when engaging clutch

Hello fellows i just posted two topics in a row... butta Im really really worried about this one. Almost every time i grind the clutch a little when launching the car it gives me a really lousy gurgling sound coming from either the clutch or the engine... Since im no car technician i cant really tell what is up with this. But every time this happens it feels like the car is creaming and it definitely hurts me too... [] So please enlighten me guys What could this problem possibly be

to assist in the actual physical shifting(not with the clutch but the gear selection). it would make for smoother easy shifting. i think older a4 manual gearboxes used hydraulic assist but im not sure if they still use the system or if its somthing new or totally different. With the chip... it kind of depends on your dealership. im between Tampa and Boston and my dealership in tampa (reeves audi)

AUDI A3 Heavy Stop.Go traffic - dsg clutch wear

I had to sit in some long think escape from nyc mostly-stopped traffic the other day and I got to thinking about the fact that the DSG tanny is always somewhat engaged. let your foot off the brake theres always a little driveline torque avail. to start pulling you forward - meaning one of the 2 clutches is always dragging a little. Versus a manual where when you are sitting - either you are postholeing

When you let your foot off the brake the DSG automatically adjusts clutchthrottle position in order to give you the sensation of an automatic. There is no driveline torque being held back when youre stopped. If you stop on a hill let off your brake RIGHT before you come to a stop and youll roll backwards. Its because once the car comes almost to a stop the DSG puts the clutch in all the way. Then like

It puts the clutch in when youre about to come to a stop (5mph)... so you dont stall obviously. The DSG goes the EXACT same things your left foot would do... it even feathers the clutch when you floor it off the line... itll stick to about 2000 or 3000 revs and when the clutch is all the way out then it climbs. Its like a semi-launch control. Think of the DSG as a Japanese guy with his excellent pedalwork. Hes perfect

When the traffic is very hard or in a stop light I always put in in N but I always try to get in back in D before I start moving again so I dont rush the clutch to engage and start moving like giving the clutch a little time to engage before using the throttle. What do you think is there really a clutch wearing Am I doing the rigth thing or im overreacting

Quote ORIGINAL wntonsoup Im not concerned about stop-n-go. Im interested personally in coasting - I also own a hybrid and really get a lot of benefit throwing her in neutral as I coast down a hill. My 2.0T A3 - DSG - seems to keep the car in gear when coasting (albeit 6th gear). Wish there were a neutral mode that didnt make me worry about longevity and warranty issues I wish they put a proper 6-speed gearbox in the A3 3.2 quattro so I wouldnt have to have any of these implications

AUDI A3 Erratic clutch after mechatronic replacement

So I took my A3 in to get the mechatronicDSG replacement. Immediately after leaving the dealership I had problems getting the car to move smoothly from a stop. It feels like someone that is learning stick is driving. Under light throttle from a stop the car will lurch back and forth as I slowly give more throttle. Then sometimes if Im stopped and then I take my foot off the break (no gas) to let it

My experience after Mechatronics replacement matches bbbobbs - very smooth clutch engagement in soft throttle situations (where youd feather a manual clutch). 15K so far on the new Mechatronics and it still feels great.

AUDI A3 Clutch is soft

Anyone know how much it will cost for the clutch replacement in 06 2.0T manual A38P - Dallas USA Thanks

AUDI A3 Clutch pedal wont come back up

hiya can anyone help me I pressed my clutch pedal in and the pedal wouldnt come back up I have tried pulling it up but it wont stay up its also quite a resistance when you are trying to pull it back up. What will be the problem please

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