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AUDI A3 A3 Misfire Camshaft follower Catalytic Converter

First time poster interested in the educated opinions of the crowd here. I have an 06 A3 with close to 95K miles. The car ran beautifully for the first 6 years70k miles then began throwing misfire codes that seem to plague so many owners. This coincided with the end of my complimentary dealer maintenance so I took the car to my independent mechanic. Through them we tried the typical troubleshooting

AUDI A3 EPC and Traction light comes on..

Hi everyone. Im new to this forum. Sold GTI V and bought A3 2.0T S-Line a month ago. Car has done 120000 km. Please assist there are many experts on these forums and Im in need for expert advise. During the first week I noticed the car stutters when Im in a high gear WOT on low rpms.. (In example 5th gear 2800 rpm WOT).. Almost as if it missfires.. I took the car for complete 76mm stainless system

AUDI A3 II 8P New User-Used 2006 2.0T with 81263 miles

I recently found a 2006 A3 with 81263 miles on it. I have been doing my research and am fairly certain that I want to buy it after the car passes a vehicle inspection at my local audi dealer. I was looking on here to see if there were any reports about A3s with that many miles but cant find anything. So is there anything I should be concerned about moving forward besides the timing belt and water pump.

while braking is common for aftermarket pads so if you are needing replacement get a good brand of full ceramic Pads (Hawk Akebono or others)with your next brake job. It makes a big difference in the dust. Make sure the AC blows nice and cold and is not noisy as the 06-07s had very suspect AC compressors. Nothing really to do about it but if it hasnt blown by now it should probably be good. My audi

AUDI A3 Faulty Fault codes

My 2006 A3 2.0T just had a 75000 mi service a couple of months ago. All systems were OK. This week the Check Engine light came on and the dealer told me the Fault Code (P000A Intake camshaft position slow response) indicated a potentially serious problem. They want 2800 to explore for a problem with the High Pressure Fuel Pump. If a problem is discovered it will require another 700 to repair. I took

AUDI B7 under 5 seconds

Hello everyone Im new to the forums and am also a new owner of a beautiful black 2006 S4. I absolutely love the car. Ive been reading around and just have a pretty simple question. What would it take to get my car to do 0-60 in under 5 seconds I know that the RS4 and the S4 use the same engine so what exactly sets it apart Thanks

S4 and RS4 dont use the same engine they actually have alot of differences they just share the same displacement. The s4 has 40 valves the rs4 and s5 have 32 valves compression ratio is vastly different These come from the audi 4.2-liter V8 FSI Engine Self-study Program its S5 motor vs RS4 but theres even more differences between RS4 and s4 The main technical differences between the base Q7S5 engine

AUDI Headers on B7

Ive seen a few posts that mention headers on these V8s. Ive got an 2005.5 avant with AWE cat back and was debating headers. The big concern is cabin noise. Are they much louder inside. Worth the noise I do lots of 6-7hrs drives and would hate to take away from the refinement of the inside of the car. I am also going to look at the engine internals- pistons cams etc to try to get some similar numbers to rs4....maybe Im dreaming

Due to a modified camshaft drive reduction ratio the camshaft adjuster has 25 teeth for the chain drive as opposed to 30 teeth in the basic engine. In the more highly stressed high-revving engine an additional oil-air heat exchanger is used to minimize the oil temperature even at high engine load. This additional heat exchanger is operated in parallel with the heat exchanger via a thermostat. audi

catalytic converters four heated oxygen sensors monitoring pre- and post catalyst exhaust gasses dimensions length 652 millimetres (25.7 in) width 648 millimetres (25.5 in) height 666 millimetres (26.2 in) mass 152 kilograms (335 lb) ID codes DIN-rated motive power & torque outputs applications BPJ 125 kilowatts (170 PS 168 bhp) 4300 rpm 280 newton metres (207 ftlbf) 1800-4200 rpm &8212 audi

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