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AUDI A3 Another Audi A3 Blower Fan Issue - Please Help

Hi I have been reading this forum for quite some time now but have recently run into a problem with my blower fan on my 1997 audi A3 and need help It started making a whirring noise almost as if the fans were touching plastic but also worked perfectly on occasion. Now it often doesnt work at all sometimes works with the noise and other times works 100%. After researching I have read that it may be

AUDI A3 Interior Fan Blower just stopped working

Hey Guys I have a 2007 audi A3 2.0T. The other day after my car was out in the sun for a while I noticed that the blower for my AC wasnt working. I can turn it up to max but no air comes out of the vents. WhereWhat can I inspect I assume there would be a fuse and perhaps the fan itself. Thanks for your help Alex

fuse panel is on the side panel next to the steering wheel. you have to pry that open and look in the owners manual to see which fuse it is. Otherwise the fan blower could be defective which is behind the glove compartment. Some people say the resistor array could have gone bad and changed that. When my went dead I took some time to troubleshoot it and eventually was going to remove the glove compartment

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AUDI A3 Blower fan not working

My 06 audi A3 2.0T FWD 96K decided not to blow any air out the vents this cold morning. No fan noise what so ever. Air conditioning doesnt blow either. All controls are functioning as normal. Checked the fuses and I cant find anything...not even sure which fuse it is. Could it be a resistor Or just the fan itself Any ideas as to where I should look or find these in my A3 Thanks in advance.

AUDI A3 loud interior

Hi guys I have an audi a3 on an s registration... recently noticed that when I turn the blower on it starts to get louder and louder as I increase the power on it it gets louder as it goes higher.... sounding like I am going to take off... Does it on cold air... hot air... and air con please help me... Danny

AUDI A3 A3 Cabin blower issues

Recently I have come across an intermittent problem with the blowers in my car I regularly do 5 hour commutes and the air con in the car just isnt working properly it will work ok for 10-20 minutes and then there is just no pressure coming from the vents at all. if I switch the system off completely for 20minutes and switch back on it works fine but again only for 10-20 minutes I am sure I can still

AUDI Climate control display features COOL

Changing Degree Temperature Display Press and hold the recirculation button. Then press the temperature up () button to switch between degrees Celsius & Fahrenheit on the Climate Control Temperature and Instrument Panel Outside Temperature displays. Accessing On-Board Diagnostic codes Press and hold the recirculation button. Then press the manual flow control up arrow. You should see a 1c. Press

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