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audi a3 belt pulley II 8P
audi a3 belt pulley II 8P

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AUDI A3 ECS Tuning A3 2.0T Timing Belt Kits

ECS Tuning Ultimate Timing belt kits have long been a favorite with repair pros and motorists. With premium components gathered from the most respected names in parts our Ultimate kits combine convenience and peace of mind. Now you can get this complete service solution with a lightweight quick-spool underdrive crank pulley available in black or silver. The underdrive kit even includes a special length

AUDI A3 Neuspeed Power Pulley

Ok so really... what is this good for. The product description is a bunch of marketing fluff. httpwww.namotorsports.netdetail...._cdNS62.02.65 Are there any real gains from this

By using a smaller pulley on the crank the engine turns the pulleys on the alternator water pump and AC slower. The Neuspeed pulley may also be lighter in weight than the stock pulley which will put less demand on the engine. In theory the smaller pulley may free up a few horsepower by reducing the drag on the crank I dont have this on my A3 so Im not sure how noticeable it is. Keep in mind that by

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AUDI A3 2.0T Timing Belt Replacement

My 2006 A3 just ticked over 70k miles and the factory manual calls for replacing the timing belt at around 75k miles. The stealership quoted me about 1500 for this some time ago but since I really dont trust them I thought Id check here to see what others paid. Also any DIYers experience with parts. I checked out parts and am getting wildly varying prices from as little as 42 for a Gates timing belt

I just got a quote today from an independent German auto mechanic approximately 1000 for parts and labor. Im going to go with this guy. The mechanics guide says it will take 3 hours. I would do it myself but I dont a garage to leave the car for a couple days (I figure it takes me 2 to 5 times as long as a pro.) In addition to the water pump make sure to replace the tensioner assembly not just the pulleys.

AUDI A3 Audi A3 electrical problem

Hi I have a problem with my audi A3 sport and want to know if anyone else has experianced these problems or knows of what could be causing them I seam to have a serious drain on my battery and after 24 hours of not being started it will not start unless i use my battery booster I have had all the usuall checks carried out and have had two new batterys fitted and nothing has worked I have been told

Hi there All things that can possibly go wrong with a car has gone wrong with mine.. I purchased a 2004 audi A3 2.0 Fsi ambition about 4 years ago and since then its been nothing but a horrific nightmare The first problem started on 38 kms where i had to replace the aircon compresor (about R15000-)... luckely it was still under warrenty. Then at 46kms my electric fan gave in (even with the ignition

AUDI A3 II 8P Check-Valve failure - 06 20.T

Weve only had the car back for a couple of weeks after being in service for 2 weeks due to an AC failure and now another issue. Dealer says that the crankcase check-valve failed resulting in a loud squeeling noise coming from the engine. Has anyone had this problem and also does anyone have any engine schematics for the 20.T I would like to get a better understanding of this problem. Thanks

the problem she held the phone to the engine bay and the squeel sounded like a slipping belt but since she drove it right to the dealer (she was only a few miles away) I couldnt see for myself. Chef We actually did just have the entire AC replaced I really hope it doesnt go out again. On another forum just commented that when ours failed we showed the dealer a magazine article whose long term A3

AUDI A3 A3 leaking engine coolant AC causing loud fan noise from engine

Hello chaps I am hoping you can help me get some insight into this problem so I have some knowledge before getting ripped off by a garage. I recently purchased a 53 plate (2004) audi A3 2.0 TDI 140bhp. The car drives a dream but I noticed when I have the air conditioning on a loud fan noise comes from the car. Additionally the coolant warning came on today and sure enough the engine coolant has leaked.

a fan is the more air it is moving...) Secondly the leak could be from any of the coolant tubes or seals for them. That involves a lot of looking and searching for it. In my knowledge there is no other way for finding the leak other than putting a type of powder on all the coolant pipes and checking for runoff on the pipes afterward (that was just an idea to help.) Finally i am just another audi

AUDI A3 Idle fluctuates when AC is on

Hi All I recently got my throttle body cleaned and my air conditioning recharged and now when I switch on the air conditioning the idle revs start to fluctuate massively for the full duration of the air conditioning being on. There is also a strange noise coming from the bonnet when the AC is on. When I opened the bonnet it looked like some kind of belt pulley not quite functioning properly and the

From experience (not with audis but in general) when you switch the AC on it will drop the revs a little because the engine now has to drive the AC unit. Sounds like the pulley you say is turning sporadically is for the AC and if its turning on and off it could be making the revs jump about. With the engine off check if the pulley is loose and that the belt is tight. Sorry cant be much more help.

AUDI A3 II 8P 06 Audi A3 clickingticking engine noise...Help

Hey So I just bought a 2006 audi A3 2.0T. Ive owned a couple audis in the past and Ive never heard this sound before. It has about 47k miles on it and runs pretty smooth except I noticed a noise when I got the car home. Sounds like a clicking or ticking noise coming from the cam belt but Im not really sure. Ive read that the 2.0T engine has very high compression so this noise may be normal but it doesnt

So I did a little bit more research and it seems like it could be either the alternator pulley or a cam belt It just sounds like a very clickyloud idle. Anybody know

AUDI A3 Alternator rattle

I have a loud intermittent rattle coming from around the alternator when on tickover. Im sure its the alternator theres nothing else in that area and the noise goes away completely if I remove the drive belt. Ive taken the alternator off and the bearings seem fine. The only possible source I can find is a bit of end float in the alternator drive pulley. This pulley contains a device rather like a bicycle

AUDI Failing Allroads Support Group

The pattern is quite clear to me. We really love our Allroads. Unfortunately our Allroads walk all over us. audi should be bludgeoned for producing such an irresponsibly expensive vehicle. To have put 20000 down on a vehicle paid 550mo for 51 months and find myself with a vehicle worth 7600 while owing 5000 turns my stomache. So what do we do Do we dump them and chaulk it up as a life lesson Do we

Quote Originally Posted by mctavish11 Dont have my ar anymore so you guys can have fun dealing with this clown I find your quote interesting at the bottom of your page A3 after I finish college... . This sums up quite a bit of all the crap you read about allroads falling apart. What is a kid in college or even younger doing driving a high perf. german car Could you really afford to maintain any car

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  • Audi A3 A4 VW Golf Mk 5 Touran Timing Belt Tensioner Pulley - Keswick,United Kingdom (19.99 GBP)
  • SNR Deflection Guide Pulley V-Ribbed Belt AUDI A3 1.9 TDI 09/1996 - 07/2001 - United Kingdom (28.00 GBP)
  • SNR Tensioner Pulley V-Ribbed Belt AUDI A3 Sportback 2.0 TFSI quattro 09/2004 - - United Kingdom (46.40 GBP)
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