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MERCEDES BENZ 124 124 Volvo guy here - want to jump to the Merc ship - can you please advise

Hi. Dual 940 household here and I almost pulled the trigger on a 98 S90 a couple days ago. But...a pretty knowledgeable guy on our volvo forum suggested to me that before I stay with the volvo I should really consider the W124 MB models. As hes a mechanic had great things to say about the W124s. So after doing tons of Internet research this morning Ive come to the conclusion that the W124 MB models

joints bushings...(). He says that these tend to be the common points of concern- since they have been cared for I felt safe with the purchase. There are numerous odds and ends that he threw in because they were in the shop stockshelf (and we are friends). On the otherhand my 1987 740 wagon never needed engine or tranny work (250000)...4 quarts oil in 4 quarts out. No leaks- ever. My 1995 850 volvo-

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS E III 211 Fuel Consumption Computer - Accuracy

Perhaps this should have been posted in the General section - feel free to move it if so Something that has bothered me for a few vehicles now... Through the years Ive had digital fuel consumption computer functions in my volvo 850 Turbo two Jettas a Passat and now my E320. Without exception theyve all been shall we say optimistic about my fuel economy when I compare to actual litres added to the

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MERCEDES BENZ 124 124 94 E320 sedan

Heyy I just purchased a used(mint) condition 94 Mercedes E320 sedan for 2500k and has 125k on it came with fresh tires 4 snow tires factory rims and fresh tred on those as well...buttt being a 94 theirs something wrong 1) ac doesnt work he replaced the blower motor still doesnt work but fan works perfectly fine 2)rear passenger window got stuck 34 way up motor sounds perfect goes down but gets stuck

been replaced If not youll be laying out another 1200 -. Besides the 4 items you listed how does the car run As suggested you need to do a bunch of homework before yanking parts and spending money on things that may not be an issue. Jayare Yeah i can hear the fuel pumps hissing at me haha didnt know there were two is it similar to o2 sensors that one goes bad but the others fine (I had a 96 volvo

MERCEDES BENZ SL 107 280SL K-Jet and Ignition conversion to Megasquirt write up

This write-up will describe how I changed the old Bosch K-Jet fuel system on my 280SL -85 to a modern EFI-system and it will probably also work on the older Bosch D-Jet system. I will try to cover as much as possible regarding our engines when it comes to different options and installations but in the end anyone planning to build and installing a MegaSquirt EFI system will require that you do some

AUDI A8 new a8 owner

I have posted about the car in the welcome forums. bassically I am getting the car very cheap but it has some issues to it. The trans has been rebuilt according to the previous owner. Zthe car was an attempted theft the column is broken open and the ignition is damaged. The previous owner also said it had some ecu issues and the car does not want to start. What I need to know is Will I have to purchase

the mounting bracket. The center arm rests are also missing so I am looking for some replacements the car has tan interior so If anyone has any for sale or sees any let me know I have resealed the ECUs with some silicone and also popped a drain hole into the ECU tray hopefully that will keep any future ECU issues remedied. I bought a brand new Battery to spec for the car the previous owner put a volvo

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 turbo cinq video

Hi guys a few people have asked for a video so here it is. Sadly this isnt running full boost and the methonal injection is turned off (roughly 140bhp140lbsf) this way i could maintain traction rather than watching clocks dancing about etc. the run is a 30-90 test run which actualy starts half way though due to traffic running high boost knocks a second off this time with 165bhp157lbsf 15psi. YouTube-

will be some more work soon on the bottom end for reliability such as rods and pistons here is a little refresher on the basic engine spec for people who are curious - 1242cc punto 75 engine 8.51 CR Garrett GT1752 Hybrid turbo 0.47 ar turbine and 0.53 ar compressor Punto GT intercooler Water Methonal injection MPI on boost spi off boost fueling setup on mpi manifold Aquamist MF2 injector driver volvo

BMW SERIES 3 E90 E91 E92 E93 K&N Filters

Is anybody using K&N filter in their E90-93 Part 33-2332. I am planning on getting one for my 328. If yes do you notice any HP increase or gas milage

K&N is a asset to performance only when the OEM set up is restricting or if other mods have been make to increase the need for more air flow. I had a K&N drop in on my 96 volvo 850 turbo along with a boost controller larger turbo high flow exhaust system(turbo back) high volume fuel pump high volume fuel injectors etc. I need more CFM that I could get with the paper filter. I could hear the turbo spool

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 1242 turbo tuning

on the turbo car a peugoet 34mm throttle body has been fitted and i want to no why this item is fitted and not the 40mm body i want (and hope to fit) but dont no if anything has been changed on the manifold etc to fit the french item has anyone heard of a turbo with a peugeot body on it also the rs2000 or coupe turbo fuel pumpwhen fitted what will have to be the next step and how do i go about the

BMW SERIES 5 E39 No start problem

I need some help here. I needed to leave this morning and the car did not start. The starter would turn the engine over but it would not fire the engine. Thought I might have a weak battery. Charged the battery and same thing. I was quite stubborn and hold the key in the start position for quite long - the engine turned over but did not start at all. (could I have drowned the cylinders with gas) Thought

BTW look at this E39 flooded - will not start description from 2007 on another forum Am having a similar issue with my 1999 E39 as I have with my previous car (volvo 850 T5). Car was started and then switched off several times without driving and now when you try to start it just keeps turning and does not fire correctly. On my old car the exact same issue happened. You can smell the petrol (gas).

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