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PONTIAC GTO rear ended on thanksgiving...........

got rear ended by a pontiac grand am on thanksgiving now my trunk wont close and the lady says she has insurance but.... no insurance card hmmm hopefully everything works out Jaymz

That truly stinks Sorry you have to suffer for someone elses lack of attention to driving. My wife & I have been rear ended more times than I can remember (not on broke-back mountain). Once the car was about three weeks old. Once I was rear ended on a highway. That one put me through the windshield. My volvo 850 was rear ended on three separate occasions I really struggle to understand why these accidents

Quote Originally Posted by Wing_Nut That truly stinks Sorry you have to suffer for someone elses lack of attention to driving. My wife & I have been rear ended more times than I can remember (not on broke-back mountain). Once the car was about three weeks old. Once I was rear ended on a highway. That one put me through the windshield. My volvo 850 was rear ended on three separate occasions I really


Article I found by Bill Watson Its natural that with a group like Turbobricks the talk commonly turns to power output. Even though the intent is good the talk is just that - talk - and sometimes we all wish we could get free dyno time to see just what kind of power our cars are really making. I would suggest that the most accurate CHEAP method out there is a trip to your local quarter mile dragstrip

View Complete rear for VOLVO 850

MERCEDES BENZ 124 124 94 E320 sedan

Heyy I just purchased a used(mint) condition 94 Mercedes E320 sedan for 2500k and has 125k on it came with fresh tires 4 snow tires factory rims and fresh tred on those as well...buttt being a 94 theirs something wrong 1) ac doesnt work he replaced the blower motor still doesnt work but fan works perfectly fine 2)rear passenger window got stuck 34 way up motor sounds perfect goes down but gets stuck

been replaced If not youll be laying out another 1200 -. Besides the 4 items you listed how does the car run As suggested you need to do a bunch of homework before yanking parts and spending money on things that may not be an issue. Jayare Yeah i can hear the fuel pumps hissing at me haha didnt know there were two is it similar to o2 sensors that one goes bad but the others fine (I had a 96 volvo

BMW SERIES 5 F10 F11 535i probably only has 300 hp300 tq

This is a follow up to the other thread that discussed how underrated (if any) the hp and tq are on the 535i. I bit the bullet and paid 12 for the NxGTR sim software. You can read about the software here I wanted to see if the 8 speed transmission made as big of a difference as I thought it would when compared against the 6 speed of other vehicles used to guess the 535is true hp.

0.10 g when the tires start spinning. THE HP FORMULA Heres the formula to use to calculate HP Net HP Weight in pounds (Speed in MPH228.4)3 As an example Car & Driver tested the 744 Turbo in their June 1990 issue. The car weighed 3081 lb. without the driver.. the race weight was 3231 lb. The car ran a 15.7 second quarter at 86 mph. Lets plug it in to the formula HP 3231 (86228.4)3 HP 172 Net volvo

PONTIAC GTO I Im going to cry

Yeah so today was an extremely bad day for me... and Im so about to cry right now. Earlier I was just out for a Sunday drive with my parents and fiance and we were just out cruising around in my goat having a nice time. When we stopped for dinner I dropped them all off at the restraunt we were to eat at so they could go ahead and order and whatnot. While they were doing that I was out making a bank

Very sorry to hear about the death of your Goat. As others have already said at least you werent seriously injured. This sort of accident simply amazes me. My wife and I have been rear ended no less than seven times. Three times in my volvo 850. Three times in my wifes Acura. And once in a mid-eighties Chrysler. I know exactly what its like to watch the movie unfolding in your rear view mirror when

FORD F150 Killed a Tundra

Ever since seeing the Tundra commercial on TV (the one where the Tundra pases an F150 towing a boat) Ive been looking for a Tundra. Today with my wife driving we found one. He was behind us and I had my wife pull over and let him pull along side. We nudged it and on the second nudge he hit it. He got his rear bumper to our front bumper befor my wife nailed it. Within 100 yards we had him by 3 truck

has 10x better build quality than a Expo or Tahoe keep one for about 3 years. Id lay money this one wont rattle like the Expo or drop trannys like the Tahoe. See here is the rub this board is full of people with the same problems over and over piston slap head oil leaks trannys so its not uncommon. If you dont believe that spend some time at your local dealers service department. We also own volvos

JEEP CHEROKEE XJ VJZs Daily Driver 1998 XJ Project Thread

The Story From a young age I always wanted a Jeep. At the time a green on tan YJ Sahara which then progressed into a TJ Sahara of same color scheme. Over the past few years I have owned a few Jeeps. One Comanche 4x4 a YJ and now two XJs. I never used to like the Cherokee. I always thought of it as a nice SUV but not my taste. That all changed when I had a guy want to trade me his 2001 Limited for my

FIAT PUNTO I 176C 176L Mk1 Tourer

I was looking at getting a mk1 and modifying it into some sort of tourer for travelling. What i was thinking of doing was getting a really cheap one and then just totally revamping it - complete engine transplant (no idea what yet though need more power any ideas) - remove the rear seats so i have loads of space in the back for whatever - suspension brakes - hench tyres basically i was wondering if

Im with mike here completely the wrong base car for this. A Grand Tourer should have a degree of refinement which the mk1 lacks almost completely. If you take the back seats out youll barely hear the engine over the rear suspension noise. As for tough and durable... well they are durable in the respect that there is not much to go wrong but to meet your specification will require much custom fabrication. A old volvo 850 estate would be a better base vehicle for this.

BMW SERIES 5 E39 E39 540i low compression

Hi guys Im in the middle of what I thought it would be a valve cover gasket replacement and a few other relatively simple maintenance jobs but the deeper I go the worse it becomes. First I noticed leaks from the head gaskets (yet to be confirmed). Yesterday I measured cylinder compression and it turned out evenly low in all cylinders at about 130psi as opposed to 170-203psi per spec (Ive seen a post

or downshifting significantly without rev-matching. Compared to those activities this is just an excuse to breathe freely Ive personally done this on 3 cars in various states. I cant say I got any distinct satisfaction out of it but it didnt harm anything either. None of the cars experienced any visible smoke at any time coming out the rear. The only car i had expected a difference in was a 95 volvo

MERCEDES BENZ 124 124 Why did you get a 124

Thought this would be fun for all what made you purchase a 124 where or whom did you buy it from how much did you pay for your 124 how much do you have into it so far who works on it you or a repair shopdealer My son JM decided thats what he wanted to drive at age 20so he found one on ebay 1992 300e white and grey 119k in September 2011 and got it four 3300 3730 by the time it was delivered . probably

1st W124 1990 300E 2.6. The Panzer. 8 years ago I wanted a bigger car to replace my daily driver vintage BMW 2002. Was initially looking at E30 BMWs and volvo 850s. Of course at some point the thought of a W201 entered my mind and when I started looking at those the W124s were not that much more 500 or so. So I started looking at E34s and W124s and settled on a clean 90 300E 2.6. 3600. I had already

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