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VOLKSWAGEN JETTA 99.5 Engine Speed (Crank) Sensor

Well.......this is my second related post.........but I have more specifics. I replaced a failing Engine speed (Crank) sensor on my 2.0 jetta which corrected the problem but aweek later the car wouldnt start. After running through all the electrical diagnostics I found that the replacement failed as well. The replacement I used was an aftermarket at 12 the Im skeptical. Im also wondering

VOLKSWAGEN JETTA Speedometer error and warranty

I recently observed that my GPS (new) says that I am going about 10% slower than my speedometer indicates. If this is consistently true with VWs as the responses I got on the Vortex forum indicate then it would also follow that the odometer has a similar error and that MPG calculations would be off by a similar factor. The kicker though is that if the odometer registers a mile for roughly every .91

Quote ORIGINAL SwedishGP your trip computer should be calculating in the vehicle and not from a gps sattelite. there is a delay in info from the sattellite. the odometer reads from vehicles sensors not the gps True enough but if there are calibration errors they would be consistent throughout that data chain. Im pretty sure the satellites are calibrated and the delay is insignificant when traveling at a steady speed. So far as distances are concerned the GPS is a lot more accurate.

VOLKSWAGEN JETTA Can a wheel speed sensor cause the transmission not to shift

I have a 2001 jetta 2.0 with an automatic transmission. Three times now my check engine light has came on and my transmission will not shift. The first two times it happened the shop couldnt figure out what it was and just cleared my codes and sent me on my way telling me that they were false codes. Now its at a different shop and they are telling me that I need new tires and brakes. They are saying

Its unlikely the ABS sensors are effecting the transmission but with these computer controlled systems anything is possible. You really need to find someone with VAG-COMVCDS to do an Autoscan to find what the error number were if you cant remember them Any fool can clear error codes the trick is to fix them so they dont come back

VOLKSWAGEN JETTA Jetta error codess

i realise this is a little off topic but since i have given up trying to figure out how to make my own thread i am here. I have a 2000 jetta 2.0 and i have replaced fuel pump fuel filter ignition coil pack plugs wires mass air sensor and vaccum lines. But my problem still remains. When the engine is cool it will start and it runs strong. But once it warms up it will die and will not start back up until

I dont know why you find it difficult to make a new post just go to the jettaBORA section and click on the black New Thread button top left VAG Error Code 16706 EOBD II Error Code P0322 Fault Location Crankshaft Position (CKP) SensorEngine speed (RPM) Sensor (G28) - No Signal Possible Cause Malfunction Indicator Lamp (MIL)(K83) active. Engine shuts off. Engine doesnt start. speedometer inoperative.


Hey everyone this is my first port. I just got a 2003 jetta 2.0 5 speed with just under 100000 miles. I have done some reading on forums. I know the water pump and timing belt often go bad. How can i tell if they have been replacest or if there is anything else that i have to look out for. Also my engine light is on and the place i got it from said it was a o2 sensor. Is there any comin sensors that


Ok so about a year ago I bought 95 volkswagen jetta GL. Its a 5 speed 4 cylinder 2.0 liter. When I bought it it had about 103000 miles and It was like 1800 dollars so I snagged it because Im a full time college student who commutes and Im broke as a joke. Its not in bad shape and it runs pretty much without fail. However recently its been having some major idle issues. For example I will be driving

VOLKSWAGEN JETTA oilheat problem in creeping traffic

Ive got an 88 jetta Slalom fresh oil change and running fine aside from a few little idiosyncrasies which need diagnosing and tuning up. After being stuck in very slow traffic (about 30 minutes to move about 10 blocks - during which there seemed to be nothing unusual happening) I finally got onto the highway and as soon as I got up to third gear the oil pressure light and buzzer came on for a few seconds

VOLKSWAGEN JETTA Temp light flashing and check engine light on

I have a 94 jetta 2.0. My car stumbles on acceleration and wont maintain the speed limit without jerkin me around. It only does it between 1500 and 3000 rpms. Unless i floor it and haul its fine. But tryin to cruise is a no go. Ive repalced my egr valce my iac valve and my coolant temp sensors the 2 prong and 4 prong. My plugs and wires have been replaced also. What the hell is wrong with my car.

VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT B5 P0321 code but it runs finereplaced 2 crank sensors and no change

I know this keeps repeating but I am stumped. When I bought the b5.5 2004 1.8t it had the celcheck engine light on. After getting it vagd I replaced the crank speed sensor. The cel never came back and runs great except for the feeling of motor holding back (like its governed) and wont let me into 45th gear during a pedal to the floor. If i gradually throttle it shifts fine.. The check engine returned

on engine speed load and user interactionrequest. Additionally a lot of people report having odd shifting issues occur when the coolant temperature sensor for the ECM (one on the lower radiator hose) goes bad or starts to go bad. You might check down there and see if you have the newer green top CTS because the blackblue ones failed a lot (I know its an 04 but its worth checking out.) 01 jetta

VOLKSWAGEN JETTA 1999.5 Jetta Bunch of codes

Hi guys I have had a CEL on my jetta for a while. I have noticed that if runs rough for the first 10 minutes after it rains. I check the codes at my brothers house and got a tonne of codes. P1128 PO172 PO440 PO134 PO300. I was surprised at how many. It is a 2.0 jetta AEG. I was thinking of changing the coil pack plugs and wires to start. Any ideas This ad is not displayed to registered members. Register your free account today and become a member on volkswagen Forum

Welcome to the forum. VAG Error Code 17536 EOBD II Error Code P1128 Fault Location Long Term Fuel Trim Entire speedLoad Range Bank 1 - System too Lean Possible Cause Malfunction Indicator Lamp (MIL)(K83) active. Mass Air Flow (MAF) Sensor faulty. Oxygen Sensor Control faulty. Oxygen Sensor(s) faulty. Fuel pressurepump. Fuel Injector(s) faulty. Intakeexhaust leak. Secondary air injection (AIR) system.

VOLKSWAGEN JETTA A few issues with my 95 Jetta

Ive had my jetta about a year and a half now and it has 140000 miles on it. In the past couple months its developed several strange issues. I dont think any of them are really serious but they are really annoying. I dont know much about cars but I can usually do my own work as long as I know whats wrong. Issue 1 It makes an annoying buzzing noise anytime the engine is running between 2600 and 2800

As far as the noise goes get under the hood and rev the trottle body and do some listening. I dont know too much about MKIIIs but Im pretty sure there is only one oil sensor Ive never heard of two sensors. It could just be going off because the oil is thick when its cold in turn sending a low pressure reading to the ecu. What weight of oil do you use Id suggest 5W-40. Id check your speed sensor connection

VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT B6 Speedometer problem

Hi 1st post for this lurker. I have a 08 Lux with 1500 miles. I notice the speedometer reads 3 mph faster than the speed I am going. Dealer is looking at it next week. They tell me they have been seeing quite a few 08s with this problem but VW allows a 7% error rate and if it is within that allowance no fix is available. Anyone else with this problem Any known fix Thanks.

My 06 Passat 2.0T reads 2 mph higher than what my gps and roadside speed sensors show me at. My previous car a jetta read 4 mph higher Ive used at least three different brands of GPSs and they all tell me the same thing. I read somewhere that it happens with other car manufacturers also and they claim that they do that to skew performance numbers such as your 0-60 run or your fuel economy while still maintaining the legal tolerance. Just what I heard...

VOLKSWAGEN JETTA my tranny has a mind of its own

Hi So i think my car has a mind of its own. Since I bought the car 2 months ago this transmission would only go into third gear when its in drive. If i manually put it in 1st or 2nd it would go into them but as soon as i put it into drive it would go to 3rd and stay there. It would even red line without shifting into 4th. I wouldnt down shift either. Well about 1 week ago the car just started working

My sons 2001 2.0 AEG engine with FDF auto tranny was doing the same things. Basically youre in emergency running mode or limp mode when the car will only drive in 3rd gear with the shifter in D. After finding a reputable European repair shop and having them drain fluid replace filter and selonoids we had a VSS vehicle speed sensor error code. Basically this is an electronic sensor that sends signals

VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT B5 1.8t troubleshooting guide

so not sure if its been posted before but i found this pretty informative troubleshooting guide. credit goes to enginerd over at Elitedubs _____ 1.8T Troubleshooting Guide. We have all seen the common problems that these cars develop and often know right away what symptom what problem. Rather than answer all of these posts I though a troubleshooting guide was in order. Ill get this started with the

BMW SERIES 3 E46 Looking at purchasing 1999 323i

Hi I presently own a VW jetta 2.0 GLS (Yes I know what a performance machine). I am looking at a 1999 BMW 323i. The specs are as follows Mileage 78000 miles Color Bluish Gray (Dark Blue Metallic) Interior Tan Leather Transmission 5 speed manual Options Sport Package. Now I am fairly capable of driving a manual as I have driven several vehicles with them (I presently have an autotragic). However I am

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