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VOLKSWAGEN JETTA Rear Window Problem

I just replaced the window regulator and motor on the right rear of a 97 jetta. The window still will not move. I checked the switch and the regulator and motor by connecting then to the left window and they both seem to work fine. It must be something electrical. Is there a fuse specifically for the right rear window Any other suggestions Thanks. This ad is not displayed to registered members. Register your free account today and become a member on volkswagen Forum

Theres no specific fuse it must be a bad wire or ground. get a test light or a multimeter and check all the harnesses for power.

Nice job on the Bentley manual. Its the real deal. Yes the wiring diagrams are confusing it just takes some studying. What youll want to look for are the power wires in each of the harnesses.Just because youve got power to the switch doesnt mean its working. Pull the harness from the window regulator (motor)and find the wire that leads from the switch to the regulator and push the switch and see if

I actually checked both the switch and regulator by hooking them up to the other window. They both worked fine. How do you identify the power wires

You just have to follow page by page the power wire eventually leading to the unit. There must be a short or your window control module which is behind the instrument panel is bad. It is part of the comfort module. Theres a wiring diagram for that.

VOLKSWAGEN JETTA fixed rear window installation

I had my 00 jetta broken into on the weekend. Nothing taken except there was a broken window left on the ground and in the back seat. I got the replacement for the rear passenger fixed triangular window. Has anyone experience with installing these How difficult is it Should I take on the task myself or go to professionals Are there any tips that would make it easier Thanks million everyone Matthew

My 01 jetta had same thing happened to its front passenger window and I lost my SONY MP3CD player. I bought the glass and had a friend helped me take off the inner panel and slided the new glass into the door but its very difficult to reach the bolts that tighten the rubber clips that hold the bottom of the glass plus theres broken glass left inside the rubber clips so the new glass can not sit into

Its a pain to do after things like this happen. This is the situation now though. I removed the door panelandpeeled out the rubbersill.The window divider bar that divides the two rear windows aparthas to moved or removedbeforeI can slide in the new window I found a screw thatholds the bottom of thatdivider barin place but it seems firmly attached at the top aswell butImsure how.KnowwhatstepsIm missing Thanks Matthew

Find a repair manual and refer to the instructions I prefer the red-cover one (dont remember if its from Chilton). Try your local library. Sorry can not provide more help on this.

The metal pannel seems to be riveted together and doesnt easly remove from the door

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when i go to open my rear windows with the buttons on the driver side sometimes the rear driver side window wont open...sometimes when it does roll down and i dont roll it down all the way and i use the button to roll it down starts to roll up...sometimes it wont even roll down at all. yesterday the rear passenger side started to do the same thing. the windows roll down fine using their own

i have this same problem on an 08. i can go two weeks without a problem and out of nowhere it will roll in the direction it feels or half way up and suddenly down again. I think the panel got wet and this is whats causing it. this started after the car hit its 1 month b-day

i hade a seal come loose on the front pass window that caused the same thing (sorta). when i rolled it down it would bind up and it would roll back up and visa-versa depending on when it cought. but it was the front with the auto roll up and down. now thay have a safty so u dont kill the moter but i dont know if its just the fronts or if its allthe windows. somthing to look at anyway.

VOLKSWAGEN GOLF power window kit is available for golfjetta

Newbie to list but have owned my share of liquid cooled VWs. Dont know if this has been mentioned before but there is a custom fit power window kit for Golfsjettas from A1Electric for 500 or less. Details at httpwww.a1electric.comgolf.htm . I installed the 4 door kit in a few days - it is straightforward although a bit involved. The instuctions had the motor wiring reversed so I had to cutswitchsplice

VOLKSWAGEN JETTA IV Rear door panel - 99 Jetta

Anyone here know how I go about removing and replacing the rear door panel on a 99 jetta My electric window is frozen in the down position and I need to get in there and fix it. Thanks This ad is not displayed to registered members. Register your free account today and become a member on volkswagen Forum

Quote Originally Posted by johnarensberg Anyone here know how I go about removing and replacing the rear door panel on a 99 jetta My electric window is frozen in the down position and I need to get in there and fix it. Thanks I just pulled the front driver door panel on my 1999 jetta GL. Since you have power windows and I have manual you actually have a little less to deal with. There should be three

VOLKSWAGEN JETTA 14 window installation

My 00 jetta IV got broken into and now im installing the 14 window on the rear door. Do I need to remove the roll down window to get it in place Its a manual window. Is it difficult to remove I got the bridge peice loose by removing two screws and can slide it to the side a little. The window doesnt easly fit into place tho. Can anyone help with suggestions Thanks Matthew This ad is not displayed to registered members. Register your free account today and become a member on volkswagen Forum

VOLKSWAGEN JETTA Removing window glass

Does anyone know how to remove the rear window glass in the doors of a 2003 jetta Any help would be great. This ad is not displayed to registered members. Register your free account today and become a member on volkswagen Forum


Have a 06 jetta TDI and the rear drivers side door has lost all its power no power locks no window lights on buttons out . Almost like a wire is undone anyone have this problem before Where might the wire be unhooked I guess This ad is not displayed to registered members. Register your free account today and become a member on volkswagen Forum

VOLKSWAGEN JETTA Power windows quit working.

My power windows quit working my passenger and both rear windows. Also my sun roof quit working and when i used to lock my car it would chirp now it dont. I have changed out fuses in the past and it has fixed the problem. I checked all my fuses today and all seem to be fine. I checked the fuse box under the hood and noticed a 40 amp fuse was out. What gives. This ad is not displayed to registered members. Register your free account today and become a member on volkswagen Forum

VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT B5 Rear window wtf....

ok so a few days ago i started hearing a stange sound coming from the back sounds like metal streaching....very strange shit...only on the way down too...the other window is starting to do the same but is not as loud.

Be prepared for the window to roll down and stay down. Sounds to me like signs of the dreaded window regulator problem experienced by nearly all modern VWs. My 04 jetta was supposedly fixed. Less than 12 months later Im hearing a noise similar to the one you describe when I roll down my rear passenger side window Good thing is most if not all dealers know of this problem and will typically fix it under warranty no questions asked.

VOLKSWAGEN JETTA IV 99 GLS 2.0 - Rear View Mirror

The rear view mirror that I currently have installed is a POS. Definitely not the original. It tends to be somewhat loose and move around if I hit a bump or anything like that. Anywhere in particular I should go to get another one I saw an auto-dimming one but 104 for a mirror No thanks. Also how to removeinstall Thanks This ad is not displayed to registered members. Register your free account today and become a member on volkswagen Forum

hold on you said it was after market . i missed that. thare mite b a set scruw on the bottom of the brace with a button that is glued to the window. if not it comes off like i said before.

VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT B5 Rear Window Regulator Clip

Alright the other day while it was snowing my left rear window fell in after I tried to roll it down. Ive had to deal with this situation on all of my windows except for this one so I guess it was only a matter of time. After removing the door panel and peering behind I saw that the plastic clip had broken at the bottom and caused the cables to come loose and entangle. I untangled the cables and have

Originally Posted by 2xB5 I just wrapped a cable tie around it that was over 2 years ago. I did that with my jetta. Stainless wire wrapped around the original broken piece. Lasted for years. I sold the car hell it still may be doing the job.

VOLKSWAGEN JETTA V Jetta TDI 2010 - Radio Not Working.

We bought a jetta which had rebuilt title we thought we got a pretty good deal until all the misc things started coming up. WV jetta 2010 TDI The car had hail damage and the rear window was replaced. We are not able to get the reception for the radio. The SiriusXM work fine and finds all its stations but with radio we cant find anything. There are few wires haning in the back coming out of the roof

VOLKSWAGEN JETTA IV 1999 Jetta Wolfsburg electrical problem

Intermittently my jetta has an issue with several electrical items that will not work. When it occurs the wipers washers interior fan and maybe other circuits(rear window defogger) do not work. I can drive off and 5 mins later (without restarting the engine) they will work ok. I had a similar issue with my 98 jetta and I think the problem was found to be a worn out ignition switch. I have jiggled the


So Ive noticed theres some knowledgable people here so I could use some advice. MY CAR 1987 jetta Carat automatic 1.8L something engine (i know how specific). Oh and its rebuilt (salvaged and rebuilt in 1996) 168 000km (yes i triple check the odometer readings in the history). Only a few small spots of surface rust and the top coat is chipping on the hood. Brand new battery brakes and headlights and

VOLKSWAGEN JETTA malfunctioning jetta...

so Im dealing with my girlfriends 98 jetta k2 and all 99 problems it has. Im just curious if anyone is familiar with any of the problems and what the potential cause might be. 1. seat warmers dont work 2. radio doesnt work (wont turn on) 3. one center console light doesnt work 4. left headlight doesnt work (doesnt get voltage bulb is fine) 5. left rear window doesnt work (is currently stuck in the

VOLKSWAGEN JETTA Vibration Ticking sound in door

Hey guys i just bought a 2007 jetta Wolfsburg a month ago. Only like 800 miles on it now and the second day i had it . . .at like 50 miles i started hearing a tickingclicking small metal vibration in the upper corner of the driver door. Thought maybe it is in the airbag in the bar between the front and back door but when i put my ear to it i dont hear it from in there. Sounds definately like a metal


Hello everyone I am quite new to this forum but i come bearing a few questions to help me enjoy my new car. The jetta that I am purchasing has 2 big problems that i want to know how to take care of without too much expense. The first of which is that the car goes through quite quickly this is due to an oil leak near the right bearing. Now when i took a look at the bearing it looked as though a bolt

Is that bearing on the rear or front does it look like a medium sized hole About your windows start by checking the fuses... There might also be a relay for that. I will check in alldata about that window relay.

car from the guy that is selling it and on our driveway which is almost white as snowthere is no oil so i assume that has been taken care of. Now back to the more important matter the windows cant have a blown fuse because today i discovered that the rear passenger window works but the thing that controls and holds it is broken I feel i can probably go to a junk yard and find one off a wrecked jetta

VOLKSWAGEN JETTA mk2 jetta wiper and heating

hey i have a 91 jetta gl 1.8L and every now and then the wipers and the climate control wont work (wipers blower rear window defrost).. i noticed that one of the relays was loose and sometimes when i pushed in on it the problem would go away the other day the same problem occured again and the pushing in on the relay dident do anything i took the relay off put it back in again and still no difference.


i have a 96 jetta glx the other day i started having power problems i have no power to -driver side door window all the other windows work fine -driver side door speaker -mirrors -moon roof -door lock botton -rear defrost i took the door apart and the wires look fine...any feed back would help This ad is not displayed to registered members. Register your free account today and become a member on volkswagen Forum

VOLKSWAGEN JETTA V Any Benefit from 2009 Sportwagen Roof Edge Spoiler

Hi Im getting ready to order a 2009 jetta SportWagen TDI and one of the options Im considering is the Roof Edge Spoiler. My question is does the roof edge spoiler really help the aerodynamics Or does it just add downforce not a bad thing. What I dont want is to create drag to look cool think of those huge aftermarket rear wings that just create a lot of drag and reduce top speed. My daily driver is

The Spoiler does the trick of keeping your rear hatch window from getting covered with dirt I own a 2004 jetta Wagon and bought a Spoiler 2 years after always getting covered with road dust and dirt. The drag point comes across the top of the wagon and down the back. I do alot of highway travel and can wash the car go down the highway 10 miles or so and if there is ANY construction or dusty conditions

Quote ORIGINAL toledotom The Spoiler does the trick of keeping your rear hatch window from getting covered with dirt I had not thought about the dirt on the rear window. I do not want some silly wing just for looks but a clean rear window is a good thing. I will get the roof edge spoiler. The Merkurs spoiler does not really deliver any downforce. It is a shame downforce would be helpful in the XR4Ti


hey all. i own an 02 jetta 2.0L 5spd. occasionally when i start up i can hear a clicking coming from the enginetranny. the clicking stops with the clutch disengaged. engaged in neutral it comes back. rpm doesnt matter clicking speeds up with revs. it also does this when in reverse clutch engaged butthere is no noise while driving in any othergear. dont know much about the vws this is my first. if anyone

VOLKSWAGEN GOLF Help Rear Defroster and Rear Defroster Switch not working - neither is alarm system

Just bought a 1997 Golf GL - Nice car all around. Except for a couple of ridiculous problems that the shop didnt find during the pre-sale inspection (glad I paid for that). 1. rear-Defroster (in rear window) is not working. The 1st thing that I noticed was that the green light behind the switch didnt come on when the headlights were turned on. Secondly the orange light didnt turn on when the button


Hi i found 2000 VW jetta got 160 KM on it and its manual what i want to know before go and buy it is it actully 2000 jettas have bad engines or is there anything usually wrong with them This ad is not displayed to registered members. Register your free account today and become a member on volkswagen Forum

Hello. I would stay away from 2000 jettas. I have a 2000 VR6 and although I love the look and its fun to drive it has been a maintenance nightmare. I have 90000 and Ive had to replace the 02 sensor twice a year every year replaced coil pack replaced serpentine belt twice replaced mass airflow sensor twice fuel pump relay bad all window clips replaced replaced numerous burned-out lights (some mulitple

VOLKSWAGEN JETTA 96 jetta give it gas and it dies

I am giving this a chance to see if I can get some help restoring this 96 jetta GLS. I bought it for a dollar. Luckily it runs or I should say it idles. This brings up the first problem. When you depress the accelerator it chokes out and dies. I dont know if its the MAF sensor the fuel filter pump injectors. Maybe someone else had this problem. Another issue that I am having is the alarm. The freakn

how is the fuel check the intake boot i am geting a 96 friday for 250 all it needs is a rear window regulator

Quote ORIGINAL Jrailer how is the fuel check the intake boot i am geting a 96 friday for 250 all it needs is a rear window regulator The fuel is old. I had it up to 5500 RPM smoked like a cigar. The rpms surge and putter. I have to replace the Charcoal canister. There is a broken line on it. When you say the intake boot are you talking about the air intake. I know that the transmission needs an overhaul

VOLKSWAGEN JETTA Water in Floor Board

I have a 97 jetta TDI. It has recently started to get water in the drivers side rear floor board when it rains. I can not find where it is coming from. Anybody help This ad is not displayed to registered members. Register your free account today and become a member on volkswagen Forum

I had the same problem in my 1989 jetta GL. VW dealer replaced the weatherstripping around the rear drivers side window and the problem was solved immediately. There has been no further leaking. Hope this helps.

VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT B5 Window rolluprolldown audi style without autowindowalientechvolkswindow

Hi I cant find anything about it here on the forums so I decided to post this information here. A while ago some clever geniuses in germany discovered that you can modify the software of the central convinience control module so that it works like it does in Audi cars for ages and it does in the newer VW. Press and hold the open button on your keyfob and the windows roll down Press and hold the close

VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT B5 Passat Window Regulator Fix

After my passenger window fell into the door I learned that the OEM window clips use plastic pieces that age and get brittle. I dont mine spending money on a new regulator (cant buy the clip seperately) but the OEM plastic pieces are truely JUNK. Searching around I found VW offers metal pieces to retrofit jettaGolf doors however the regulator on those uses a double ended cable. Then I found that Audi

VOLKSWAGEN JETTA I im junking my 97 jetta how much should i ask for

97 jetta jazz - it has some body damage (trunk back bumper from being rear ended and left front panel from being side swiped - crazy texas drivers) when you turn on the AC the engine dies (shop said it was the compressor i think - said the age of the car and the price of the repair means that itd be better to move on) and its sat for 2 months so the battery is dead. theres some internal issues (headliner

i just spent 250 on 96 with no problems other than the rear window regs. are shot

VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT B5 window wont stay up

it was real cold the other day and i accidently pushed the up position on the passenger side window which was already all the way up and i heard a pop sound and the window started to slide down so i pushed it up and taped it in place for now before i pull the door panel any suggestions as to what might be broken inside also how do i get that door panel off is there a write up somewhere i did some searching but im still lost thanks for any and all help ....

I followed the jetta line regulator tutorial until I needed the triple star bit. I have a few wacky bits but not that. Ill have to get it tomorrow along with perhaps the replacement line regulator unless somebody knows a ghetto way to repair the retaining clips (not duct tape). The front retaining clip was loose and I was able to angle that side of the window out of the slit to unscrew it. The rear


Good day all- 2000 VR6 175k miles drives great. CEL came on and the only code present P1136 Long Term Fuel Trim Add. Fuel B1 System Too Lean. I have scoured this forum for a concise meaning of the code description and really cant figure out the definition. I am new to OBD auto systems but I have extensive auto experience with older VWs. As a starting point I would like some confirmation on my diagnosis

Mass Air Flow (MAF) Sensor Checking NOTE Use only gold-plated terminals when servicing terminals in harness connector of Mass Air Flow (MAF) sensor. Recommended special tools and equipment VAG1526 multimeter or VAG1715 multimeter VAG1594 connector test kit Wiring diagram Test requirements The respective fuses of Mass Air Flow (MAF) Sensor -G70- must be OK. Fuel Pump (FP) Relay -J17- must be OK check

VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT B6 2008 Passat horrible with windows open

Ok so Ive owned many cars before and the 2008 Passat which we have owned since day one is the most annoying ever whenever you have the windows open whether all the way down or just a tiny bit. Its extremely loud and it gets very very windy inside the car and its as if there are 40 MPH gusty winds outside when there is only 4MPH winds. I mean even at very low speeds I cant enjoy having my windows rolled

First thing I noticed when I drove the car home from the dealer. I love using the tilt feature on the Sunroof on my jetta all I had to do was crack the rears about 2 and it would provide a perfect flow. No matter what I do in the Passat its a noisy windy situation.

VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT B5 Info forum update

as most of you know we need to update the info forum. got write ups or good linkspost them up in this thread and i will get it updated. here are my years on here bookmarks enjoy and when ya see a n00bjust give them this link lol big thank you to the people who took the time to make these and if you have a problem with me having it here just let me know. parts links Daniel Stern Lighting Consultancy


I saw this on VWFIXX.COM and thought it might help people with some of the finer details they didnt know Apparently my passat comes with 170BHP standard and a K03S Turbo Im happy if thats true according to my engine code AWM 1.8T Discussion Forum Engine Code AWD Displacement 1.8L (1781cc) Cylinders 4 Valves per cylinder 5 Bore diameter 81.0 mm (3.19 in.) Stroke 86.4 mm (3.40 in.) Compression Ratio

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  • WeatherTech Custom Fit Rear Side Window Deflectors for Volkswagen Jetta Sedan - Germany (80.53 GBP)
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