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VOLKSWAGEN JETTA IV 99 VW Jetta Rattling from rear of car issue

For going on 8 months now I have noticed in the rear of my jetta there is a knockingrattling sound that seems to have gotten worse as the weather has gotten colder. Ive taken it to the mechanic several times and theyve repaired numerous heat shields beneath the car but the source of this sound has evaded them every time I take it in. It will be easier if I present whats happening as points. -The noise

VOLKSWAGEN JETTA IV Rear End Noise 99 12 Jetta GLS

Hi folks. This is my first post. My question is in my jetta there is a noise that comes from the rear especially when its cold out andor there are a few extra things in the trunk. Hard to describe it but its sort of like a low pitched squeakgrindingvibrating noise. It happens mostly when Im going uphill or when the car is on a hilly road. Could it be the rear springsstrutsshocks Any other nuggets Thanks

So when weight is applied to the rear theres noise Sounds like a suspension problemto me unless of course your trunk is gonna fall off. Since that wont gonna put money on the rear suspension

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VOLKSWAGEN JETTA IV 2002 Jetta clunk sounds...

Well my wife and I just purchased a 2002 jetta 4 cylinder turbo yesterday. I gotta say...this is one NICE car. A couple things concern us though. One thing I have never heard from a car is a loud thunk sound when travelling at high speed and applying the break quickly. Ive discovered that it is in fact the rear breaks hitting the rotors really fast. I checked the manual and it states that it has some

VOLKSWAGEN JETTA IV 98 Jetta GT - air conditioner low idle stalls

So Ive had quite a debacle with my 98 jetta GT over the last few weeks. Its got about 146k miles on it. Has been in great shape (except for a cruise control with a mind of its own) Ill start you all out with the history over the last few months Car was running great but would nearly stall during or after rainy days. Replaced the distributor and rotor and everything was fine. About a month ago I noticed

VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT B6 Jetta is to Toyota Corolla as Passat is to (Blank)

What existing car model would you compare the Passat to Having seen the new jettas on the road I dont see much difference between it and the Toyotal Corolla (not a good thing). I understand that VW and other german car makers are changing their designs to appeal to upmarket Asian buyers (esp. BMW) but concerned that they have commoditized the brand rather than continue with a fresh and differentiated

a new rear suspesion that requires new packaging and possibly added weight. The old torsion beam rear axle was simpler and easier to package. VWs since the introduction of the RabbitGolf have used the rear torsion beam axle and that has been since 1974 I for one have been waiting to see true independent suspension on a FWD VW for many years. So if the passat looks like and infiniti M45 and the jetta

VOLKSWAGEN JETTA tuning help and other questions please help

here are the specs of my car... all the pics are here... https924.photobucket.comalbumsa...GLIstartall 60000 miles on body 15000 miles on engine ENGINE APR stage 3 programming 1.8L bored out to a 2.0L JE pistons (compression lowered to 8.51 to handle high boost application) pauter rods eurospec crankshaft (knife edged & percision balanced) garrett GT2871R dual ball bearing turbo forge 007 DV bahn brenner

VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT B5 Am I doing something wrong Suspension Question

Now that I finally have this question in the CORRECT section of the forum.. I might just get the answer Im in need of. I bought some KYB upper shock mounts for the rear of my B5.5. Im going to be running some FX Streetline coil-overs and I thought that I would replace all the bushings to assure the best quality ride possible. But heres the problem. These KYB mounts not only look 100% different from

Do the KYB mounts fit your Passat They look an awful lot like the upper rear mounts for a MkIV GTi or jetta. But then again the rear suspensions on these cars is very similar to the fwd Passats. Any comparison shots of the two parts I bought KYB shocks once for my old MkIII jetta. They were fine for a while but shot in less an a year.


Hey guys so i havent seen any aftermarket suspension parts for the 07 passats yet. First of all do they make them yet and if so where is a good place to buy them. I mean for sway bars mounts control arms etc. not springs. has anyone done any or have any recommendations thanks

Originally Posted by RedWolfsburg Hey guys so i havent seen any aftermarket suspension parts for the 07 passats yet. First of all do they make them yet and if so where is a good place to buy them. I mean for sway bars mounts control arms etc. not springs. has anyone done any or have any recommendations thanks The rear swaybar is the same as the Mk V jettaRabbitwhatever. So you have the upgrade right


I am going to install some new suspension goodies on my 07 2.0t 6 speed manual variant. I am looking for a good DIY wpics. I really want to do it myself. Help me out if you can. Michael

Just an update. I did the install and hours later did the removal. I broke the myth on a variant I think. MKV stuff is NOT a direct swap. Even though curb weight on the jetta and passat are not much different the rear springs were to low even on the highest setting. I machined a spacer to raise the perch but after installing it. I thought to myself if something goes wrong and I injure my family or

VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT B5 Info forum update

as most of you know we need to update the info forum. got write ups or good linkspost them up in this thread and i will get it updated. here are my years on here bookmarks enjoy and when ya see a n00bjust give them this link lol big thank you to the people who took the time to make these and if you have a problem with me having it here just let me know. parts links Daniel Stern Lighting Consultancy


Hey Gang I have taken the liberty of compiling a list of terms that we commonly see in the world of volkswagenAudi Group or volkswagen Aktiengesellschaft (VAG) cars. Most of these terms include those that are VAG™s own internal names andor wording jargon that comes from popular sites like ClubB5 (CB5) and Passat World etc. as well as general car terms that we use for cars other than those made by VAG.

VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT B5 GLOSSARY - Explanation of VAG terminology and abbreviations by FastLane

Compiled and written by Mark M (FastLane) Most Common VAGB5 Abbreviations and Terms. 1.8T 1.8L Turbocharged Engine One of the many designations of different engines used in VAG cars. However the 1.8T is the base engine in the Passat the V6 (not VR6) and W8 are optional engines in the North American markets. Elsewhere there are 1.9L Diesels (See TDI) and 2.0 four cylinder versions as well just to name

VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT B5 Information-Forum Index (Before you search look here)

VAG-COM Locators httpwww.frappr.comvagcomlocator Parts Parts Sources -Crew217 Some PR can be interesting.. -Nenad 1.8t FMIC Install - DIY 500 -Rusty DIY write up PCV valves 1.8t - Spirare 2 oil leaks foundfixed cloggedcracked PCV valves (pics) -vwfool2000 Simple pre-cat oxygen sensor how-to A.K.A. heated 02 sensor -Colin 1.8T Timing Belt Replacement - Revised

VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT B5 Information-Forum Index (Before you search look here)

VAG-COM Locators httpwww.frappr.comvagcomlocator Parts Parts Sources -Crew217 Some PR can be interesting.. -Nenad 1.8t FMIC Install - DIY 500 -Rusty DIY write up PCV valves 1.8t - Spirare 2 oil leaks foundfixed cloggedcracked PCV valves (pics) -vwfool2000 Simple pre-cat oxygen sensor how-to A.K.A. heated 02 sensor -Colin 1.8T Timing Belt Replacement - Revised

VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT B6 New CD Article on the B6

I just saw this in the June 2005 Car and Driver on the magazine rack. It gives the B6 pretty positive comments but finishes with a slightly inappropriate jab at VW. CD Article volkswagen Passat Bigger smoother and more comfortable but still a VW. BY JUERGEN ZOELLTER PHOTOGRAPHY BY ACHIM HARTMANN June 2005 There is no brand worldwide that is more complex than the volkswagen brand says VWs chief designer

VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT B6 So many questions Please help New to vw & passat

Hello Passat Forum Passat WORLD I bought a 2006 B6 for my wife. Its our Very 1st VW EVER The more I drive the car the more I love it I have been going on here and looking around. The more I look the more questions I have. I have seen some incredible modifications. I want to start with simple things I have a couple of questions hopefully you guys with more expirience can solve or help me with this.

Vag-com is a very powerful and useful too to have for your passat. I would highly recommend getting one. You will also need it to enable the fog lights if you want them to be controlled the same as when they were OEM Some modifications i would recommend 1.) A chip tune by far this is one of the best performance mods you can do. Gain 50 HP over stock and increase Performance Software - 2006-2008 volkswagen

VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT B6 Do B6 lowering springs fit onto a CC

I still have no clue if they do. Ive been searching for suspension for the CC and cant find anything for it out yet. Was wondering if the B6 suspension can be put onto a CC with no issues

target audience of the rich and estabilshed folk just doesnt fit the bill. Now on the gti thats a different story. that IS a sports car and people are HIGHLY expected in market volumes to desire a lower ride height. also again about the pq46 sharing the mkv suspension components the spring perches... no.... the ENTIRE rear subframe assembly is teh same exact part numbers as on the mkv golfjetta

VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT B6 Want a B6 but the options are tough

I have been exclusively a VW owner since I got my license. Recently my wife traded her 2003 24v VR6 GLI in for a Highlander because she was pregnant with booger 2. Now we both regret it. We would have gotten a Touareg but they were too expensive. Now the B6 comes out and were in love... until trying to sort the options. I have a sinking feeling that the car we want isnt configurable. First we wanted

no where near happy with options. I want the 3.6 its supposed to be a SICK engine. The tip-tronic tranny is NOT a VW tip anymore they are coming from the Mitsubishi plant in Japan. They are supposed to be a cost saver to get more Passats sold at cheaper price. Has anybody seen the list price for a 3.6 LOADED Passat Cheaper than a loaded B5.5 was a couple years. Honestly I would go with a new GLI jetta.

VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT B6 The Net York Times talks about VW styling...

Heres an excerpt from Thursday September 16 New York Times talknig about the new jetta styling. What they say is also true for the new Passat. Undoubtedly this jetta is more mature than any of the four generations that preceded it - both bigger and more luxurious - but it also lacks much of what made the previous version so attractive. While the last jetta was a ho-hum mechanical package the finely

most popular Passat model in the USA in terms of sales and enthusiast following. Now in defense of the B6 VW has returned to the transverse layout first started with the B3 Passat to take advantage of the newly added independent rear suspension . Remember the torsion beam it has been in use since the introduction of the rabbit back in 1974. This is part of the reason why the PQ46 and the markV jetta

VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT B6 An idea of how the new passat will drive

I have just driven the new jetta and a 2.0t A4 Audi. Based on that I have an idea as to how the new Passat may drive. The new suspension in the jetta is great mainly due to the new rear. It road and handled well. The Audi I drive has sport syspension. With our winter ravaged roads here in MD it was harsh. Might feel different on a warm summer day with repaved roads. Both cars had the six speed triptronic.

VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT B6 Boston Globe 2006 GLI Review - Compares favorably with new Passat

Boston Globe 2006 GLI Review This jetta is bigger than past jettas and quite spacious most noticeable in the rear. Thats partly why I asked last week if some might pass on the bigger Passat in favor of the jetta with the hot engine at a few thousand less.

Originally Posted by FL PASSAT DRIVER I was just wondering the other day if it would be crazy to go for the GLI over the new Passat. I spent the day w the new Passat in July but I just didnt come away all that impressed. The one thing that scares me is the reliability of the GLI vs. B6. Ive owned both a 00 jetta VR6 and now an 03 Passat 1.8T. The Passat has had much fewer problems than the stack of

VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT B6 Short Review My thoughts on the B6

Stopped in on Saturday with Ian and took a B6 out for a spin. Pros 2.0T - Very nice motor with nice power delivery. No noticeable lag. Cabin noise - Not much at all. No turbo noise engine subdued when cruising. Interior - Plenty of room. Added thigh support in both front and rear seats is nice. Leatherette had a nice feel to it. Seats seemed well bolstered for not being sport seats. No door pins for

VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT B5 Information-Forum Index (Before you search look here)

Please vist for the most up-to-Date write ups VAG-COM Locators httpwww.frappr.comvagcomlocator Parts Parts Sources -Crew217 Some PR can be interesting.. -Nenad 1.8t ICM Maintenance Idea - AEBs only -jjs1978 FMIC Install - DIY 500 -Rusty DIY write up PCV valves 1.8t - Spirare 2 oil leaks foundfixed cloggedcracked PCV valves (pics)

and rotor replacementA-a4passata6 TiresWheels A hrefhttpwww.passatworld.comforumsshowthread.phpt176887 target_blankMille Mille ˜Brilliant Silver™ “ Finally a Perfect MatchA - ControlDude Manuals -1.8T by abamoura A hrefhttp1.8t.orgtabamouramanualaeb.atwengine.pdf target_blankAEBATW Engine ManualA A hrefhttp1.8t.orgtabamouramanualaaa_afp_2_8.pdf target_blankV6 Engine ManualA I think this is for jettas


After doing some searching and a call from my favorite VW Service Advisor I decided to snag a 3.6L 4Motion Passat. Black on Black the only way to go Im getting used to VWs Navigation System and Sirius Radio isnt that bad. Why VAG decided against using touch-screens is beyond me but the Dynaudio sounds pretty good and the NAVTEQ DVD is up-to-date The ride isnt as floaty as the stock B5.5 but you know

I have the 3.6 4Mo with the Spt2 package BBS 18x8 VZs with 23540-18 Pirelli Pzero Neros and H&Rs. My BBS are ET37 or 38 and I get rubbing on big dips in the rear no spacers are required. I recommend 18x8 et40 max for anyone doing springs and 18s. I will be adding the VW suspension limiters (bump stops) and modifying the spring seats to raise the rear about 12. Too low imo for practical driving but the progressive springs handle great. I want to be able to carry people in back without dragging my ass end. The sport package also gives you much better Sachs dampers than the Lux which is a better match for the H&Rs and larger diameter sway bars. Will probably upgrade to bilsteins ifwhen they ever become available. Aftermarket selection for this car sucks. Heres a few pics of my B64MO from another MkV thread at Vortex. I VAGGed this guys jetta for him to activate his rear fog. httpforums.vwvortex.comzerothreadid2822592


Been studying my new B6 every time i read something about the bland styling or lack of styling etc. If i had to use a word to describe it would be refined or understated. I remember when the B5 came out in 97 and it was a VERY different car from the standards of the day - Accord Camry and Maxima. Anyone notice that by 2002 there were so many passat look a likes in the marketplace. To me owning a B5

of interest seems to be the new corporated taillight that exibit such Japanese inspired look. To many of us european car fans that are used to german designed (boring looking) taillight that are merely there for purpose of function. I do agree with GLXs comment of the B5 had a lure to it buy being a mechanical clone to the A4. But I dont think that in anyway VW lessened the passat by using the jettas

VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT B5 Need advice on upgrades for my new 1.8T wagon

Hello all Ive been lurking for years finally created an account and really enjoy the site. Thanks to all for the great info Ive owned a few VWs over the years but finally found myself a really nice ride. 2005 1.8t B5.5 wagon 45k miles tint all the way around lo-pro tires and ffactory premium wheels all records for maintenance. My wagon isnt going to get a lot of miles on it and so I want to do a few

Audi TT 225HP diverter valve due to the fact its only 49.95 compared to two hundred. Look into getting an exhaust itll allow some better air flow and give you a nice tone at the same time. Leave the stock air box alone. Most new people think they need to add some crazy AEM type cold air intake not realizing the factory air box is actually plenty sufficient for these engines. Id look into OEM MKV jetta

VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT B6 3.6 Sport Package Passat

This model is going to have paddle shifters on the 3 spoke steering wheel. Is it a DSG transmission

Originally Posted by BelfastPassat P33 Package 1 Sport Includes leather sport seats aluminum interior trim sport tuned suspension 3-spoke leather steering wheel with Tiptronic transmission shift controls leather shift knob automatic headlights with coming home feature foglights rain sensing windshield wipers heated front seats heated windshield washer nozzles environment lighting on exterior mirrors Climatronic dual zone climate control HomeLink remote transmitter auto-dimming interior rearview mirror 12-way power front seats 3-position memory driver seat and exterior mirrors manual sunshades for side and rear windows and storage net in trunk. NOT AVAILABLE with P32 P34. This is what say about the 3.6 httpwww.edmunds.comnew2006volk...on1&x97&y12 if you notice even on the DSG jettas its still called Tiptronic even though its DSG... so that dosent mean anything

VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT B7 Any past B5.5 owners How does the B7 compare

If you have owned a B5.5 1.8T in the past especially a manual one how would you compare it to your new B7 Handling ride noise acceleration just general driving feel roominess interior quality etc. What do you prefer over your old B5.5 and what do you miss Thanks.

I went with jetta GLI two months ago (Ive replaced my older car and still keeping B5.5 1.8T 5MT) Roughly the same size as B5.5 more rear legroom though (bigger size wasnt an absolute necessity) Roughly the same interior quality as B7 Passat 2.0T6MTsport suspension standard is sweet Electrical steering (not bad actually) Price still in mid 20s Little bit more road noise than B5.5 (probably due to stock tires) Would consider B7 if they offer 2.0T but it wont happen in the near future I think.

VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT B6 Would you buy a 2010 Passat now

I am considering buying a Passat. Now that the 2010 model is going to be the last model before the completely new model goes on sale. Would you buy a new Passat for 23269 That is a base model with no options. It has an MSRP of 27945 and Invoice of 26595. By next year my car will be the old body. Should I just wait for the new model

I just bought one much like the one you describe. Im pretty happy with it. This is a highly refined car the ultimate evolution of the model. It may not turn heads but it looks nice to me and is an exceptionally competent driver. Alternatively the competition is the CC at a cost which is higher or the new jetta decontented as it is with a more primitive rear suspension and fewer features -- unless you

VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT B6 05 or 08 that is the question....

I sold my 1998 1.8t a few months ago & regret it.... Looking at newer passats but reallly like the way my 98 handlerode. I also like that the 98 is pretty much an a4 seemed pretty solid. With that being said are the B6s built on an A4 platform or are they as I have heard changed & now a jettaGulf platform & if so how do they compare to anyone that has made the switch from B5 thanks for any input good & bad.

First post here so here goes... Ive had a B5 and now a B6 and the newer car is apparently based on the jettaGolf platform however thats not a bad thing. The Golf sportwagon is about the same size as a B5 (a tad smaller) but its very solid. The B6 comes with independant rear suspension something the fwd B5s didnt have and this is a huge improvement. the new platform is bigger more refined and incorporates a lot of niceities youd find on an Audi or W8. I couldnt be happier with my new B6.


Submitted by Bob Vernon ( The chip is a constant topic on the VWvortex and forums quite a phenomena The stock 1.8T is running with a light pressure turbo. I believe it runs at a little over 7psi. With the small turbo this reduces turbo lag and enables the turbo to spool up at very low RPMs hence the remarkably low beginning of the torque curve (as low as


I have decided to hide in the B6 forum from now on. I went wandering this evening through other discussions and was meeting to much hostility towards my car I love my car and couldnt be much as I loved my B5 Passat. Why so much hostility Someone has to own the B6s just like someone had to own the B5.5s when they came out. I thought this forum was for Passat owners and not just B5B5.5s

change so I always keep that in mind and keep an open mind. I am guilty of giving negative first impression comments of the B6 but I still welcome the changes. I dont see anything that would not make the b6 lure drivers of other makes away from there current brand if they are looking for a large car with a 4 cylinder that has decent power and options. Most people have thing to say about the new jetta

VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT B5 I want to Lift my Wagon 1-2

I want to lift my Wagon at least 1 but not more than 2. Is there anyplace to add some spacers Tower tops anything (cheaper the better) I have always wanted to lift it for ground clearance in NJ and get slightly larger tires for my steelies but have been delaying because I wasnt sure how to lift it. I know its odd and maybe a little silly but will maybe look a little like an Allroad maybe... Thanks

PZ for the front do you mean add an oem lower perch on top of the perch thats already there If so would it be better to flip the bottom perch then put another on top of it For the rear would the spacer plates or Coil perches go above or below the spring suspension isnt something Im too knowledgeable of. Thanks Oil Dripper I used to own a MK4 jetta and someone sold a Dune Buggy Coilover kit it was just too much .

Originally Posted by GetSmurfed PZ for the front do you mean add an oem lower perch on top of the perch thats already there If so would it be better to flip the bottom perch then put another on top of it For the rear would the spacer plates or Coil perches go above or below the spring suspension isnt something Im too knowledgeable of. Thanks Oil Dripper I used to own a MK4 jetta and someone sold a

VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT B6 18x8 Velos alloy wheels

I found a brochure in the november edition of European Car magazine. The Brochure titled And now for something completely different. It is an accessory brochure for the B6 passat it has pictures of the 18x8 inch Velos wheels and the 17x7.5 inch Akiros wheels. The part numbers are listed so if you want a particular items you can have the dealer order them for you. The thing that jumped out at me was

the hoodwindowrear deck line is above the wheel arches. Makes the 18s look small. Car does not have the agressive stance doesnt look low slung. Better get used to the look because its not just the new Passat. Its called Cowl Height laws... as is the big nose for pedestrian impact. Metal protects better than glass against SUVs crashing into the side so you get high window-sills. Chrysler 300 VW jetta


Hey there B5ers. Long time no post. Formerly my wagon httppassatworld.comforumsshowth...755post947755 It is now much less beautiful. Even worse it is not running or running well. I need the help of a fellow B5er who could scan the thing and help figure out the issue. I am not with it. It is with a family member who doesnt have much money to work with. Supposedly it will start but runs rough. Then I hear it wont start. Let me help

etc etc. Owned it since 85. Paint (Midnight blue) is polished through and touched up w dk blue lacquer. Semi gloss black hood (Fighter style) Straight w a few dings (30 years).. I was going to strip it this summer but ended up stripping and epoxy priming the Alfa GTV instead.. Interior is ready for a fresh donor but its a solid honest car. Inspection ran out when I went back to VWs (91 NA jetta

VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT B5 What size spacer will I need.....Vision Vs on a B5 4 Mo

This is for all you stance freaks...Im looking to put a set of Vision Vs (17x7 et 54) from a MK5 jetta on my B5 4Mo Wagon. It will require spacers (I bolted them up and they rub suspension front and rear). I will be doing control arms and H&Rs (1.2ish drop). Hellaflush is not an option poke isnt gonna happen either lookin for suggestion on spacer size front and rear. Pics are always sweet to look at if you got em

VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT B5 Fuel pump access in 2003 wagon

Ive been thinking about replacing the fuel pump in my 2003 passat wagon. 1.8T FWD. Couple of questions. 1. Is the access spot to the top of the pump the same as it is in the sedan Ive read through the procedure at it looks like they did that work on a sedan. Was just wondering if its under the rear seat for the wagon as well or somewhere in the cargo area 2. Once the fuel pump is out will

a4s as the rear suspension is completely different. The access cover for our pumps is on the passenger side in the trunk just behind the back seat. Pull up the trunk carpet and youll see a black access panel with 3 phillips head screws. Open that up and then it should be the same procedure as the a4 for removalinstall. Just a rumor I heard from the guys at 034- you may or may not have a mk4 (gtijetta)

NISSAN I Drive A Versa Because I CHOOSE To

When we went shopping for a new car this time around we researched and test drove more vehicles than for any previous transportation Ive owned. The vehicle I had coming off lease was a turbocharged 2003 Chrysler PT Dream Cruiser (a VERY rare model and a blast to drive). Every vehicle was test driven a night in the country to evaluate headlight effectiveness and interior visibility. Some vehicles have

each side and it is impossible to activate both elements simultaneously for any length of time without burning up the bulb. However the reflector is designed in such a way that they offer pretty decent vision (even illumination as well as light out to the sides) on low beam which is the way we drive about 95% of the time anyway. My bet is that the jetta will have superior lighting. Certainly the volkswagen

MERCEDES BENZ SLK R170 OT Worlds Fastest Production Car

From yesterdays Wall Street Journal - you probably need an online subscription to read the article online and see the pictures. Million-Dollar Baby Worlds Most Expensive Car VW Will Start Selling Costly Bugatti in the U.S. Zero to 62 in 2.5 Seconds By STEPHEN POWER Staff Reporter of THE WALL STREET JOURNAL December 14 2005 Page D1 After seven years of false starts a 1 million car billed as the worlds


Its that time again Vote and dont forget to crawl this Do NOT post until you see all 10 entries thanks

birt birth of an off road demon that had been itching to escape for years. I drive this jeep to work every day as well as haul the groceries on the weekend. I can clean it up for a night on the town or get down and dirty in the mud and rocks at play time. cvisinho Chris Visinho Username cvisinho I acquired this jeep about 1.5 yrs ago and I blame it all on my old part time YJ. I was always into volkswagens

AUDI A4 B5 Drag race or Auto X

Alright guys and girls this thread is more or less me thinking out loud and wanting to get some of your thoughts Ok here is where I am I want to race simple and easy. Ricky Bobby said it perfect when he said I wanna go fast. So here is what Ive been tossing around either Drag or Auto X. Now the great thing about Audi is the handling which is good in both I have 1 local 18 strip and Norwalk Raceway

emissions compliant - High-flow catalytic converters (no test pipes) - must be within 6 inches of factory location - Engine computers (PCMECU) reprogrammed - Shifter kits - Accessory drive pulleys - Motor mounts (non-metallic) - Boost controllers are NOT allowed (manual electronic ECU-based or otherwise) - Example of included cars Audi A4 1.8T and TT (non-quattro) Mazda 323 GT and GTX (AWD) volkswagen

NISSAN MAXIMA Project 5th gen build

Okay nicoclub I am new to the maxima chassis but im getting really familiar with them. I was never really a 4 door type of guy considering I had a 240sx(rust bucket) & a 1g Eclipse GSX(fast but muchoooo problems) I am an 18 yr kid who learned to be patient & to take time to get things right on the 1st time. With that being said I sold my gsx to get a better reliable daily driver & ive heard great

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