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volkswagen jetta fog lamps V
volkswagen jetta fog lamps V

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VOLKSWAGEN JETTA V Question about Fog lights in Jetta 2008

What light bulbs are for the jetta 2008 fog lights cuz soon I am getting fog lights kit from factory on my jetta 2008 from Dealship but I wanted to get upgraded light bulbs to buy before they put them on I know the head lights are h7s but does anyone know for fog lights This ad is not displayed to registered members. Register your free account today and become a member on volkswagen Forum

Ihave a 2006 jetta and mine didnt come equipped. I will also try to install them. The factory ones are located bellow the bumper on the right & left sides. The grill tim that holds thefog lamp assemblies will also have to bought. Then youll need the head light switch which has the position for the fog lamps when turned-on. Thats easy and Im assuming like most vehicle when they are assembled the

VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT B6 Just ordered the Projector Fog lamps

Cant wait till they come. I decided to get them through cheaper price than Shipping wasnt too bad either. Only problem is I am very impatient and I have to wait 14-20 business days.

Originally Posted by bedlamfirm714 cwiii- when you get them please do a DIY...on the install of the fogs as well as the switch. i think this is definitly the next mod for me and wonder how easy it will be. Me and my dad did this on his 03 jetta the only thing that is a pain in the ass is the wiring and running wires through the car. I will try and put something together for you. I will notify the forum when I actually receive them.

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VOLKSWAGEN JETTA V 2007 jetta 2.5 lots of issues

I have a 2007 jetta 2.5 with 54k miles on it and right after it went out of warranty things went to hell. Here are the issues as of right now. 1)starts then stalls within 2 seconds.(new issue as of today) 2)has no reverse lights but bulbs are good and fuses are good. 3) airbag light in dash came on and passenger airbag off light is always on now. 4) the ac was working fine then just stopped blowing

VOLKSWAGEN JETTA 94 jetta headlights

Just curious if anyone has put in euro style headlights in their jettas I just added some white light fog lamps to brighten things up and am very happy about the brightness. Now I am considering changing out the actual dingy yellow headlights for some that look simiular to BMW lights I found on eBay. Theyre going to run just under 200. Anyone find any better deals Please let me know. Thanks Opie This

VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT B6 My alpha driver expereince

I was a passat alpha driver had the car this past weekend and I took it out to summit point for a touring lap. Basically you drive the course at highway speeds (no faster than 65mph really) and got a good feel for the car as well as on the 120 mile round trip. The car is deceptively fast i thought i was doing 60mph on the way to SP but found my self doing 80 while I would prefer a manual the automatic

a Sports Suspension option in the 2007 Passat 2.0T so it will be even faster and handle better. I too found it to be quick and the power delivery was seemless and linear no turbo lag and power was always there at the ready. The Tip when shifted manually felt better than the B5.5s Tip. The car was more fun to drive and handled and braked better. I find that this Passat even looks more like the jetta


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birt birth of an off road demon that had been itching to escape for years. I drive this jeep to work every day as well as haul the groceries on the weekend. I can clean it up for a night on the town or get down and dirty in the mud and rocks at play time. cvisinho Chris Visinho Username cvisinho I acquired this jeep about 1.5 yrs ago and I blame it all on my old part time YJ. I was always into volkswagens

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  • BRAND NEW VOLKSWAGEN JETTA 2006-9/2011 FRONT FOG LIGHTS / FOG LAMPS 1 PAIR - Doncaster,United Kingdom (87.38 GBP)
  • VOLKSWAGEN GOLF MK5 V JETTA 2003-2009 Fog lights with lense lamps foglights - Latvia (76.00 GBP)

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