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VOLKSWAGEN JETTA V 2006 Jetta Engine Screeching Sound

I have a 2006 2.5 jetta. Today I was driving at about 45 miles an hour and I heard a loud screeching sound. At first I wasnt sure it was coming rom the car but it is coming from the engine compartment. The engine light went on. I pulled the vehicle over in a parking lot shut it off and popped the hood. When I restarted it the car started revving itself. The engine seems to be idling a little rough.

To edit your signature click on User CP (Control Panel) on the left of the bar up above. On the left it says Edit Your Details click on it and type in the Location Where you live then click Save Changes at the bottom. The on the left you will see Edit Signature just click on it and type in your vehicle details. You can click Preview Signature just to see what it looks like then click Save Signature job done. AutoZone dont lend you a laptop they just plug there equipment in and run a scan.

VOLKSWAGEN JETTA IV 98 Jetta GT - air conditioner low idle stalls

So Ive had quite a debacle with my 98 jetta GT over the last few weeks. Its got about 146k miles on it. Has been in great shape (except for a cruise control with a mind of its own) Ill start you all out with the history over the last few months Car was running great but would nearly stall during or after rainy days. Replaced the distributor and rotor and everything was fine. About a month ago I noticed



Hi Im new to this forum I see there are alot of smart people here. My qyestion is that I have a 2001 VW jetta VR6 The check engine light has come on had It scanned and the code was PO411 (Secondary Air Injection System Incorrect Flow) on the DTC Pending (Codes)said ( No Faults Detected) the problem is when I clear it it goes for a week or so and comes back on.. In my State New hampshire if you have

VOLKSWAGEN JETTA IV 2004 Jetta GLS throwing codes P0102 and P0420

Check engine light came on yesterday on my 2004 jetta GLS originally thought it might be because my daughter put Reg. unleaded in it and did not tighten the gas cap but took it to Autozone today and it threw codes P0102 and P0420..........the Autozone guy said that there is a good possibility that both codes are being thrown for one reason (maybe a loose line) Any help appreciated This ad is not displayed

wouldnt know because you would be used to the light always being on. Also replacing the cat with a cheap oem replacement or generic from the local autoparts store will not cut it. By law they do not have to function as efficiently as the factory cat and your check engine light will will eventually come back on and put you right back where you started. I just replaced the one on my girlfriends 03 jetta

VOLKSWAGEN JETTA 2011 Jetta fuse schematic needed

The manual is missing this important information. The cigarette light receptacle does not work does anyone know the fuse location This ad is not displayed to registered members. Register your free account today and become a member on volkswagen Forum

Welcome to the forum. There are alot of models of jetta and you don t say which one you have. Well according to Autodata jetta (05-11) 20D TDI CR 2008-11 engine code CBDB the cigarette lighter fuse is F42 (20amp) 6th row down and 3rd fuse from the left in the fascia fuse box inside the car down the side of the dashboard where the door shuts. Now if the 2011 jetta is anything like a 2010 Golf they

VOLKSWAGEN JETTA 95 vw jetta air conditioning problem..& maybe in need of a new ignition coil

Need to find air conditioning drain floor board is getting wet on both passenger side and driversside...if anyone canguide me in the right direction i would appreciate it thanks...(yes i have looked under the hood..and no luck) Also my engine has beenmissing under load I have already replaced plug wires and spark plugs with original equipment....but I think I may need a new ignition coil

VOLKSWAGEN JETTA V Hesitating between a TDI Wagon and a Toyota Prius V

Good day all. 2 days ago I test drove a Prius V and Im very psyched about it. I really like all the gadgets. However after reading a bit on the net there are still some concerns that are making me lean towards the VW TDI Wagon. Some say the Toyota is very loud when at high RPMs (when loaded or passing on the highway). How are the Volks diesel engines in these conditions We go camping a lot so well

VOLKSWAGEN JETTA Transmission Swap

Will a transmission from a 96 passat vr6 with the 2.8L engine work with a 99 jetta vr6 with the 2.8l engine This ad is not displayed to registered members. Register your free account today and become a member on volkswagen Forum

If you have some experience and the equipment. Then it shouldnt be that hard. Here are the instructions... Transmission removinginstalling Removing remove left and right axle shaft nuts remove both front wheels disconnect battery ground cable disconnect speedometer cable at transmission install engine support bridge 1O-222A remove left rear transmission mount and support (arrows) remove upper enginetransmission


Good day all- 2000 VR6 175k miles drives great. CEL came on and the only code present P1136 Long Term Fuel Trim Add. Fuel B1 System Too Lean. I have scoured this forum for a concise meaning of the code description and really cant figure out the definition. I am new to OBD auto systems but I have extensive auto experience with older VWs. As a starting point I would like some confirmation on my diagnosis

Mass Air Flow (MAF) Sensor Checking NOTE Use only gold-plated terminals when servicing terminals in harness connector of Mass Air Flow (MAF) sensor. Recommended special tools and equipment VAG1526 multimeter or VAG1715 multimeter VAG1594 connector test kit Wiring diagram Test requirements The respective fuses of Mass Air Flow (MAF) Sensor -G70- must be OK. Fuel Pump (FP) Relay -J17- must be OK check


The problem I have happens on very few occassions (usually when Ive turned on and off my car various times). When I turn the key it hesitates and doesnt turn on once I press the gas pedal it starts making deep low gurgling noises and then a cloud of smoke comes out of the back. We are starting to think it has something to do with the fuel not getting to the engine. Weve been working with a horrible

loose the mechanic he is just guessing and costing you money If it does start and run you are getting gas. I would look at the charging system battery and altenator you say it happens when you turn the car on and off lots this drains the battery fast and dosent have time to recharge in between runs.check battery connections for corrosion.go somewhere that will test your charging system with the propper

VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT B6 2011 VW Passat Unveiled

Here are some few pics. Find more here httpwww.autoblog.comphotosvolks...assat3415667 Quite frankly this is a jettas big brother. I was hoping for a more subtle design but that L-shaped LED is horrible. The entire car almost look like Chevy Malibu...a bit boxy. New features descriptions (lifted from press release) ----------------------------------------------------- 4.2 litre per 100 km fuel economy

VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT B6 So many questions Please help New to vw & passat

Hello Passat Forum Passat WORLD I bought a 2006 B6 for my wife. Its our Very 1st VW EVER The more I drive the car the more I love it I have been going on here and looking around. The more I look the more questions I have. I have seen some incredible modifications. I want to start with simple things I have a couple of questions hopefully you guys with more expirience can solve or help me with this.

Vag-com is a very powerful and useful too to have for your passat. I would highly recommend getting one. You will also need it to enable the fog lights if you want them to be controlled the same as when they were OEM Some modifications i would recommend 1.) A chip tune by far this is one of the best performance mods you can do. Gain 50 HP over stock and increase Performance Software - 2006-2008 volkswagen

VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT B5 1.8t to TDI conversion

Hello all first time poster never heard of the site before today. Any advise out there for me before I go all out on my conversion project Ive just picked up an 03 Passat GLS 18t (chipped and dropped already ) a 01 130PD TDI from a German Audi A4 an ECU from an 04 Golfjetta TDI and a wiring harness for the same AVF TDI. Any general advise before I actually tear down the gasser I have looked into Ontario

pump or find out if the gasser one will be compatible with diesel. I am planning on using the gasser tank with the diesel pump. Other key items include a transmission. I was originally going to try to swap some gears in my 5 speed transmission but with the high cost of gears it is cheaper to buy a used 6 speed designed for the tdi. Also you will probably want the euro cluster. I dont know if the jettagolf


I really want to get a Passat. Ive wanted one for years and I keeping ending up with other station wagons (two Volvos and an Audi currently). But now I really want something with very good mileage and very low emissions. So Im considering a Honda Insight or a jetta TDI. But what Id really like is a Passat Diesel. Is such a thing coming to the US anytime soon

ya ok torque is a way bigger on diesel engine.....I agree but theres still no TDI available here for a B6 Passat.....and I did not want a jetta instead especially that they both are similar in price with about the same equipment.....(jetta Confortline TDI vs Passat Trendline 2.0T).

VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT B6 DSG vs Tiptronic OR DSG is Tiptronic

hey folks I started a new thread (probably annoying to some) because I did not find a straight answer on the forum. Possibly my search skills suck and I will leave google alone for a sec and rather get your opinion. So I just read an article about PQ46 (according to the author B6 is a wrong term to use) and on the right-hand panel it lists available gear boxes 5-speed manual 6-speed manual 6-speed

I think you are right. All DSG Passats that I have seen were on the european roads. It is unfortunate that Passats are somewhat limited in terms of options and equipment on the U.S. market. I would love to see B6s with TDI engines. It is beyond me why VW came out with TDI jetta Wagens in the U.S. market and no Passats. Oh well nothing we can do about it ...

VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT B5 Cold Air Intake Battery

What Cold air intake can i use for my 2002 GLX 4Motion 2.8l V6 I would like a short ram because i have a heavy foot and dont want water to get in my engine. I was thinking if I can search for 2001 Audi A4 2.8L Air Intakes they would work for my car. Please help Also Optima Yellow top batteries which one works best for my car. Please help this is my first car. So I would like as much info as i can.

recently and the belt looked like it was new...i even asked the mechanic and he said it didnt need replacing...ive already done my oil change right after i bought the car...(ive had the car only for 2 months) i was wondering whats your thoughts on an engine flush i was thinking about it for the next oil change...i used mobile 1 5w30 fully syn. do you have a recomendation on oil my friend has a jetta

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