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TOYOTA YARIS Can the Yaris handle 6psi with stock ECU injectors and fuel pump

If the yaris can handle the 6psi of boost i will be able to build the cheapest and simplest supercharger kit on the market today and be able to sell it to anyone who wants one. if its just a matter of upgrading the fuel pump and using some slightly bigger injectors and letting the ECU do the rest. then i think i could really pull this off. the kit would comprise of a supercharger(duh) an intake pipe

Quote Originally Posted by Nexus1155 Ughhhh since no one asked this yet.... What model supercharger how do you plan on using a BOV and why would you need one Youre leaving alot to imagination and I hope you can provide some solid good answers ) Ive been planning on making a turbo kit for a while but its been all talk and research research research until Im starting to pull a few strings and get things

Quote Originally Posted by scape call me ignorant but ive never heard a SC using a bov wouldnt that defeat the purpose of the SC superchargers generally use bypass valves or butterfly valves. i wouldnt a BOV on a stock ecud car especially if the bov is located between the MAF and throttlebody. you arent delivering metered air to the engine its being vented to atmosphere.

Quote Id like to tell you what model supercharger but I wont. All I can tell you about the supercharger I have in mind its a maintenance-free unit. No oil required. The BOV will be located on the one and only piping that goes from the supercharger to the throttle body. I would use a BOV to prevent any boost from putting a strain on the impeller and for those who love the sound. Im looking to run as

TOYOTA YARIS pics of fuel pump assembly

anyone have some pics or video of prying off the fuel tank filtersender unit cap assembly in the back seat that is glued on.. I need to see some detailed pics on whats in there step by step...

So this is located directly under the rear seat in the 07 hatch models right

Quote Originally Posted by PHXDEMON So this is located directly under the rear seat in the 07 hatch models right Correct.

CT Scott is not entirely correct. The Part on the bottom of the fuel pumpfilter assembly is just the screen to keep big pieces out of the pump. The actual filter is above the screen and is the part that the pump is housed in. Here is the procedure for replacing this. I didnt change the screen just the filter itself. Change fuel filter 2007 toyota yaris Posted 11-05-2012 at 0202 PM by Microbuzz There


How often should I change the fuel filter on my 2007 yaris Thanks.

Quote Originally Posted by Pavel Olavich I dont think you have to drop the tank....just take the back seat out and then its very easy access. Since the tank doesnt have to be dropped this maintenence is fairly easy to do. yes there should be an access panel underneah the rear seat cushion. this is where the fuel pump and level unit is located. not really a big deal to change but if you dont seal it

Quote Originally Posted by jamielm Hi there Apologies for bringing up an old thread but I thought that it would be better than creating another thread. I have a 2003 yaris (only recently purchased) and unfortunately ran out of fuel. I was on my way to the Petrol Station after purchasing the car and prematurely broke down. Since then I have been having some issues when trying to start up the car (on

TOYOTA YARIS Yaris Fuel Cutoff Switch Possible

I use to own a Honda Civic and due to high theft rates in my area I have been looking around for some cheap car security measures. I had done a cheap fuel cutoff switch install on my civic and hid the switch. I was wondering for the electric weiring gurus if its possible to do the same on my yaris. The reason why I bring it up is because I saw a pic on another thread of where the fuel pump was located

TOYOTA YARIS Low fuel light

As you all know in the Manual for the 2007 yaris when you need to fill up your tank the last bar on the gauge will start to blink. As you drive futher the bar is spose to flash faster indicating that you need to fill up ASAP I decided to do an experiment and see how fast it would blink. Right when the last bar started to blink I hit 360 miles I figured that I had at least another 40 in the tank. But

if u read that little book that came with your new car it would inform you that the last bar in fuel level display starts blinking slowly at 1st and speeds up the blinking the lower your fuel level gets.. SOO when its blinking like a Cop on yer ass for speeding your about to run out of fuel ... also bad things can happen if you run out of fuel some of which are not what is talked about below NOW heres

TOYOTA YARIS YARIS FAQ (frequently asked questions)

This will be an open sticky so that people can add to it. However please make sure there are no duplicates of answers. If there are any questions you do not find answers here a good bet is to check the manual that came with your car Where is the DriversOwner Manual located In the passenger glovebox Do all Yarii come stock with an tachometer No the USDM yaris doesnt have the Tachometer as standard option.

320lbs) Automatic 1073kg (2365lbs) 5DR RS Manual 1059kg (2335lbs) Automatic 1082kg (2385lbs) I have a manual yaris but it wont start why All modern cars with manual transmission have a safety switch that is connected to the clutch. In order to start a manual car you need to fully depress the clutch and while in the depressed position turn the ignition on. What bulbs are used in the yaris 2007 toyota

TOYOTA YARIS Car shuts off when AC turned on...

Hi My fiance owns a 2007 yaris 4-door. It has been a perfect car since she purchased it new at the end of 2006. However recently she purchased a Mini Cooper and the yaris was being driven part-time by her 17 year old son. The car stopped running one day a month or so ago. We had the car towed to our home and I began troubleshooting as I am an avionics and European car technician by trade. What I found

There is a fuel filter this is from another thread Quote CT Scott is not entirely correct. The Part on the bottom of the fuel pumpfilter assembly is just the screen to keep big pieces out of the pump. The actual filter is above the screen and is the part that the pump is housed in. Here is the procedure for replacing this. I didnt change the screen just the filter itself. Change fuel filter 2007 toyota

Hi Absolutely Red Thanks for the input however I have had the pump assembly out a couple of times during all of this. I have replaced the sending unit and checked everything over. I do however want to order the fuel filter but there seems to be quite a few on-line shops selling it. I found the part at Rock Auto for 22.99. I hope it is the correct part. I am also still having the P171 codes so havent

TOYOTA YARIS 2009 Yaris starting issue -need help

Hi I have a 2009 yaris with automatic and about 15k miles. It just started having starting problems this week. When I got off work Friday the engine wouldnt start I thought the battery is done so I got a jump and the engine started. The next day I changed the battery but after letting the car sit for 4 hours the car would not start again. Since I had a new battery I just kept cranking the engine and

you purchased the gas from and they will have to pay for the labor if it can be proven. Did this a few times at lexus. Dealer will call up the place you got the gas and they will have to pay for the parts and labor. There is no fuel filter to replace. The filter is located ON the fuel pump in the tank. Quote My car is still under warranty but I dont think it covers towing or loaner car. All the toyotaCare

TOYOTA YARIS Blitz SC being installed this Saturday

My brother will help me install the supercharger tomorrow. Ill try to take pictures along the way. Wish me luck.

fuel from spraying out under pressure when you disconnect something later on that I have not read yet. (1) Locate and remove the fuse box panel under dash. (It is located under the dash on the driver&8217s side). Locate and remove fuel pump relay. It is the blue relay on the right hand side above the fuses Guess what That blue relay isnt it After an hour of searching for the relay and calling toyota

TOYOTA YARIS 100K check up question

So recently my yaris just got 100K. I was wondering what are some of the things I should check on. I am going to change the spark plugs cabin filter. The intake is new and I changed the oil and oil filter. Is there anything major I should check. Also I went 30 miles on 1 bar of gas and I was driving like I usually do. Tires are fully inflated if anyone has any ideas about that it would be much appreciated.

Yes do that as well. Im at 99873 miles and will be at 100k in a day or so. Make sure to get the GENUINE AFT fluid from toyota. The automatic yaris cant use the stuff you get at autozone. Also replace the transmission filter. Dont get that from the dealer (Its about 85) I got mine at autozone for less than 19. Make sure with plugs to get the iridium plugs. No need to replace the fuel filter unless you

TOYOTA YARIS How many MPB (miles per bar)

Seems to me that I get lots of miles with my first bar a little fewer with the next and so on until those last few bars before the last one starts blinking for a fill-up go sluuuuuurp GONE You too Also since inflating my tires to the CORRECT pressure Im so far doing much better on my first bar over 60 miles this tank and still it hasnt disappeared.

fuel vapor. If you put more liquid into the canister it will shorten its life... by how much Unknown to me but if youre keeping your car dont you not want to spend about 300 for a canister until you really have to My car is covered bumper-to-bumper for 7 years75K miles (excluding typical maintenance items carpet etc...) but thats beside the point. If topping off tanks flooded charcoal canisters toyota

TOYOTA YARIS Hard start in the morning 2008 Yaris CE

Hi This is my first toyota and I already have a problem Its a 4 doors 2008 toyota yaris CE VVTI 1.5L automatic with 56K miles. Its cold here below freezing point. Everymorning my car is hard to start. I engine crank normally but I have to crank for like 10 sec on order to get it start. I replaced the spark plugs and air filter without any improvement. I checked with a scaner for fault code Nothing.

Quote Originally Posted by volks_r_us Yeah that was my guess is this a common issue on this car I have to replace the fuel pump I dont think it is common but one or two one here have mentioned a similar issue. You would really need to do some troubleshooting with measuring fuel pressure to determine if the fuel pump needed to be replaced. It could also be that the fuel filter is plugged enough to make starting difficult. That is only a 37 part but is located within the tank.

TOYOTA YARIS Help with supercharger install.

I got a supercharger yay Installed it without too much trouble thank to the translated manual and LtNoogies help. But I did face 1 huge problem that is preventing me from driving. The pulley supplied is not spinning. This is the pulley that acts as the tensioner. Or when it does spin it makes a really loud grind kind of whine sound. Really really loud. I tested the pulley out when its tightened without

httpblitzperformancesales.comtec...scionxb-xa.pdf step 39 - Locate the main fuse box under the hood. Remove the fuel pump Relay (listed as AM2) It is located in the engine compartment on the drivers side shock tower. Replace the 15A fuse with the supplied 20A fuse. Hopefully this will be your biggest problem good luck with everything

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